100 Doors: Escape from Work

100 Doors: Escape from Work
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Release date
1 March 2022
Steam reviews score
66 (12 votes)

This escape logic puzzle game takes you to the most beautiful company in the world. Just when you’re busy looking around, you find out that you can’t leave. Beautiful offices don’t look so beautiful when you’re locked inside! Solve the puzzles, find the keys to all of the doors & escape from work!

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100 Doors: Escape from Work system requirements


  • OS: 7 SP1+, 8, 10
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHZ
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics or GPU with at least 512 MB of VRAM
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Windows PC
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That Fellow, Christian
That Fellow, C…

The good: Okayish
The bad: inconsistent interaction paradigms, broken puzzles that have to be skipped because even the hints don't work, no ability to be anything but exclusive full screen, rooms require annoying panning, some puzzles require you to click exactly on a thing hidden-object style.

Lady Imraith
Lady Imraith

Again another really fun escape doors game from Peeksel games. These are colourful brain teasers for a more relaxed game play with a cup of you favourite drink and a biscuit. Its chill and I loved each pesky conundrum posed as I progressed through all 140 levels. I did it in stages and spent over 9 hours opening the doors. You can easily involve friends and share your screen with them if you need a helping hand. Excellent value for money with steam achievements as an added plus


Awesome! Great graphics and pretty cool puzzles.
Real gem for everyone who's into these kind of games.

VaGina Boob
VaGina Boob

I played the first one (escape from school) that was free, and was excited for all the rest to go live, but this one would not save on my current room, so when I would do 25 rooms at a time, and I would come back it only saved up to room 3, each time. So that was a bit of a hassle to the point I stopped playing. I think the game is cute and I loved streaming the first one but until the save is fixed I cant and wont play this or others.. So hopefully soon!


Let's call this an escape-room lite game. That said, I appreciate puzzle games. It is one thing to make a game, and quite another to require puzzle designers on the team.

This is a easy filler game, where you can do 10's on rooms in a sessions - because most of them are not difficult. Which really leads to the main two points for this game. #1 pacing was very inconsistent. #2 visual cues where totally inconsistent.

I was expecting a progressively more difficult structure as you got to higher rooms. But this is not the case, and some rooms feel like they are one puzzle deep. Whereas others where more involved like a traditional escape room.

On the visual cues. Well, you do a lot of clicking just to find out what is interactable. We are here to solve puzzles, not to pixel hunt.

Still - solid effort and an inexpensive game which yields enjoyment.


Game is nice, but no graphics settings with a game that is unnecessarily system demanding, im sorry but not worth it.


100 Doors: Escape from Work is a tricky game, very nice and sometimes difficult!
If you are looking for a puzzle game, that's for you!


There are actually 100 rooms to work through! Keeps you thinking the whole time. Couple of puzzles were sort of moon logic. The keyboard puzzle left me asking for my only hint and had to skip it. Nice game that I enjoyed.