A hut

A hut
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Release date
25 October 2022
Steam reviews score
78 (282 votes)
76 (26 votes)

"A Hut" is a game that mix sex and farming, in this fantastic world, you and she make loves all the days, getting rich, collect more women, building your own family, pass through seasons one after another.

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A hut system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
  • Processor: 1.7+ GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX9 Support, 2GB GPU RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX9.0c compatible


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this is an unfinished game . you can gather all the wood on the map and can not build a singal thing where as every other farming game you get stone and wood and you can build everything.
the pictures can not be from the full game because from what i was trying to do i cant even build a a farming plot to grow stuff let alone cook or gather anything besides wood.
if they added all the missing fetchers to the game they clam are in this game it might be an interesting game but not worth any more then $5 because of how hard it is and how much is missing in the game


I though the game was a lot of fun. It reminded me of that old game on Facebook called Farmville. It is one of those simple games where one can spend several hours. Hopefully, the developer will get all the bugs worked out.


***UPDATE*** At 2.4 hours, I logged in, and the game loads but after that it quits responding. I've done what I can on my end, so I don't know if there is a bug in the code or something from the latest update. I'm NOT a patient person, so if I can't play the game tomorrow (11/10/2022) this review will change from thumbs-up to thumbs-down. Mainly because several members of the community are experiencing OTHER issues after recent updates.

***11/10/2022 UPDATE***
I can't say if yesterday's issue was the result of an update that the dev pushed, or Microsoft, so I'm not blaming or hating on the dev here. However, today, the game would run perfectly well, but my save had been corrupted badly enough by whatever happened that the game didn't even recognize that I had a game. Complete wipe. At least it was only 2.4 hours. lol

I started a new game, and played about 6 or so hours this morning, and I am well past the point that I was in the original game without issue.

Although, playing six hours revealed a different problem to me. Without controller support, I have NO INTEREST in chasing these stupid little elves around with a fucking mouse. The hit boxes on the crafting objects is so large that it's hard to pick up the creations, and the hit box on the elves is so small that I have to chase them halfway across the map to interact with them.

There's no real reason beyond laziness that there isn't controller support. And before ANYONE suggests that I enable Steam's controller support, let me just tell you, "do the world a favor, and slit your own throat!" lol

I know it's kind of mean to say it's lazy to not have it in here, but it's true. The dev worked their ass off on this game, but cut ONE corner that boggles the mind. Anyway, it's staying installed, but it won't end up being the black hole of my time that I had anticipated.

It's still a thumbs-up for now, but BUYER BEWARE!!!

Obviously I'm SUPER early in this game, and it seems like it will be a LONG game. Also, obviously, the comparison will be made that this is a perverted 'Stardew Valley'. I can't say whether this game will be as good as Stardew farming content wise, but it has a certain charm right off the bat. And for some reason, I want to say that the art kind of reminds me of 'Don't Starve' even though I think that I spent less than 5 minutes fucking around in that game. But the art wasn't my issue.

And 'Stardew Valley' and 'Don't Starve' seem to be decent comparisons to this game as doing the things that I needed to get the basics of the farm running left me nearly starving. The mechanics aren't explained super clearly, so I was waiting on the game to tutorialize me a little, but the game was just waiting on me to unlock what I needed. And starving to death is possible (I think) the stat management screen tutorial that I read suggested that it is. Whether that's permadeath or reset the day death I don't know. ***Reload last save death, NOT permadeath (It only makes sense, but I didn't want to say it until I knew for sure)***

But survival games can be fun if they are balanced well. Most aren't is the problem.

And for what it's worth, I had fun across the 88 minutes of gameplay. The ONLY thing that I haven't liked about the game so far is that it isn't really controller compatible. And that's a pretty small gripe, even for me, much less MOST other PC gamers.

The sex scenes are 2D not animated, but I've only seen 2 of them, and one was a pretty rare "fetish" across the porn games I've played. So...maybe a fairly depraved mind made this, and that IS a compliment! The scenes themselves are long. Almost too long I would say, but I'm not masturbating to them, so maybe they are just the right length, who am I to say?

They are kind of standard 2D hentai in that the girl is prominently featured, the dude is a disembodied dick, and the text box covers most of the best action!

Unlike in 'Littlewood' even the basic axe in this game provides SOME offensive capabilities, so wandering the world isn't a suicide mission that is R-n-G dependent!

The text is well written for what little I have seen. I haven't noticed any egregious spelling or grammatical errors. So...unless the dev had a stroke mid way through development this looks like a highly polished farming/life sim with (possibly) light survival elements.

As always, if this game takes a nosedive, I will update this review with anything relevant good or bad. If the premise of this game sounds good to you, you probably won't be disappointed by this game.


Okay... I bought this game on a "Hmm, I wonder how bad this will get? And, will it be funny haha or hoho?"

Well, I played this game for three hours, it has some fun bits to it, I do love the level of automation with the elves collecting stuff from the fields, the work bench, and food processing. If I could disable the porn part of the game I would give this a thumbs up. However, you can't. It's still fun to play and has a good core game play mechanic.

I'm not saying "Give it a pass" but more of a "Give it some time and this may develop into an awesome game".


Elf Sex Farm is the result of an interesting idea, but is poorly executed. The characters and scenery are literally cardboard cutouts. The tutorials in this game are underwhelming and add to the confusion on how to control the game. The sex scenes have no animation, and the story is uninspired. The overall design and aesthetics is lacklustre.

A missed chance, because Harvest Moon with the added bonus of sex sounds like a great idea.


This game is too basic.

The game is simply way too basic. The mechanics have no depth, it's just as straightfoward as it could possibly get, and because of this the gameplay becomes a repetition cycle with no margin for other decisions.
Quests are all the same and extremely generic:
-Make X number of a specific food.
-Get Y number of coins.

The game has ZERO exploration. The map is a perfect square. Your house is on the middle and on the axis extremities there are buildings like "the commerce", "the forest".

It has no customizations. So far I haven't seen a single option to customize my character. He is just a bland dude with black shirt and emo hair.

No variety of any kind. There's 2 types of wild animals, rabbits you kill for food, wolves attack you but they drop fur; that's it.

H scenes are very bland and uninspiring. It's only worth if you've never seen any hentai ever, because it's the most vanilla shit I've seen in my whole life. All sex scenes resumes to average big titty anime girl taking taking the cock from different perspectives. There are some exceptions, but they're mostly mediocre.

Art is mediocre.

Music is probably stock audio, uninspiring as it can get.


Look, if you came for the sex, forget it. The images are static and there is no animation. You will end up seeing the same images over and over. There is an excessive amount of dialogue (but thankfully you can skip it). It is not intuitive in the least bit but you can figure things out through trial and error. Once you get the hang of how things work....it can be fun. IF you can catch this one sale, it does have some charm as a farming simulator. I played for almost two hours at first and was finally getting the hang of everything and I was murdered by wolves (for the 5th time). Games like harvest moon have zero combat. This has combat (but you really have to work at aiming your attacks). I would give this 3/5 as a farming simulator. 2/5 as a dating game. Overall, if you can pay half price, get it.


unpolished survival farmville with tits. if you're looking for an H game dont bother. if you're looking for a farming sim with starcraft 1 user interface then still dont buy it cause its too expensive for what it is.

pros: the girls you have on your farm are sort of helpful if you buy like 10 of them. its pretty warped.

cons: very unintuitive. poor graphics. no one picks up the dang milk. they eat too much. you cant make your own seeds so you have to keep buying them. no hotkeys like dont starve. right clicking on tools does not equip them. there is no automatic pawn milking so you have to manually milk each girl like 4 times a day. the combat feels like having a thumb war with chop stick. there's never enough water. you cant set detailed orders for the pawns.

overall its a pretty hard no.


Elf Sex Farm
A game described by some as "fun", but I think the majority of others would say otherwise.
Ignore the "Very Positive" rating on the store page, this game is incredibly confusing due to the very lax tutorial. The tutorial basically is a "Do this to make that" but completely ignores other aspects required into making what you want. I found myself looking into crafting recipes which it said I unlocked but wasn't able to find until I had a specific item resulting in my time being wasted whilst being confused on what to do. The tutorial itself is explained in the simplest forms of arrows pointing to different things with very broken English explaining it in one-word details.

The game looks terrible, It looks like the early development phase of Hollow Knight. The CG's are no different. Bland, unappetizing, and all around just not nice to look at.

Personally, I think the game is creative to attempt to turn Don't Starve into a hentai game. truthfully I genuinely would like to see a better development team try to do the same too. However, this developer was unable to do it well enough. ESPECIALLY for the price it's asking.


Elf Sex Farm is a very good adult game! The production team knows what the audience needs! I recommend everyone to try it out~


The game's graphics are rather hardcore, but I can live with that. After entering the game, there are quite a few tempting storyline and CG, but what I didn't expect is that I became obsessed with farming, nothing like this to get people hooked.

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