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Release date
24 August 2023
Steam reviews score
88 (38 824 votes)

A new action game based on the concept of the ARMORED CORE series that uses the knowledge gained from FromSoftware's recent action game development.

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ARMORED CORE™ VI FIRES OF RUBICON™ system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8600K or AMD Ryzen 3 3300X
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, 4 GB or AMD Radeon RX 480, 4 GB or Intel Arc A380, 6 GB
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 65 GB available space
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Everything except for the major Boss fights is amazing and I get to use my main AC "Decepticon" for 90% of the gameplay. But those damn Dark Souls bosses that require you to be in an AC specifically built for that one fight is a downer. I'm an AC player not a Dark Souls, Mech fights are cool but one way slaughters are not, and crazy customization is great but not when you can't see YOUR AC, in the final cut scenes.
TLDR: Love the game for everything EXCEPT the bosses.

Prototype - Zero
Prototype - Zero

Just beat the game for the first time and first completion in had became best friends with the "Restart from checkpoint" and "Assembly" button. One of the best things about this VERSION of armored core is finding a build that improves upon a battle you could not beat the first 9 times you attempt it. Satisfying.


A super fun game. Very much recommended, even if you didn't like past Fromsoft games. If you got filtered by the first boss, give it another go and play more aggressively this time. Hell, that applies to any boss I've faced so far honestly.

Don't be afraid to completely change your build. Nothing is permanent. You get 100% of the initial cost for selling items so the game heavily encourages experimentation to find the best way to deal with your current situation. Chances are the build you settle on wont be a one size fits all build. Different bosses are strong and weak to different things.

Pastor Jerome
Pastor Jerome

I've never played an AC game before this. And after 30 hours and 2 playthroughs I have to say this. DO play this game if you enjoy a solid challenge with satisfying payout as you feel yourself become more in tune with your mech. DON'T expect success with one build to rule them all. And most of all remember that you are a Raven. Resolute, undefeatable and ever adapting and will soar above the scorched lands no matter what may come your way.


Finally finished the game and got the first ending today. Still need to finish it 2 more times to get all mission and the ending. It's a good mech game with great movement. Many mech game either too rigid or too floaty. AC6 get right in the middle. The story quite good, with distinguished character just from voice alone. Weapon variety quite good, every weapon can be used on every mission easily. But effectively, you need to consider for weapon range, weight, energy consumption, damage type and ammo reserve. It's fun to make many build in this game. Sadly, for bosses certain weapon are more effective than others.


This game reach the highs of AC: IV For Answer for me, it even have you kill everyone except coral waifu "Ayre" in the 3rd ending much like AC: IV FA. 30 Hour game and it's fun all the way through.
Movement and game play wise this is somewhere near the AC: III and AC: V but with Sekiro stagger mechanic, of all the hour and time i spent it doesn't let up and the bosses are satisfying to beat although the whole grandiose and telegraph moves of the bosses is very much a souls game boss... Where's white glint when you need one.


As a newcomer to the Armored Core franchise, AC6 has provided an amazing welcome into the franchise.

The combat is filled with feedback and is intensely satisfying, and movement is both fluid and weighty (depending on build). The selection of weapons and parts are great - not too many, nor too little (although, I do wish we had some gun-arms). Difficulty peaks and troughs, providing great highs in the challenges that arise from the less intense missions scattered throughout. Sound design is also top-tier, with weapons feeling punchy and distinct from one another, despite their number.

The story, while not the main focus for many, is also great. It starts quite disjointed, and you are left asking many questions, but as the story develops and you undertake multiple runs, everything slots into place and you finally get a satisfying full view of the story as it happens around you.

AC6 is a stellar game, and I can't wait to dive into the previous releases. Here I come AC4A!


As a long-time armored core fan, this game definitely lives up to the expectations set upon it.

The story and its paths are simple, but effective in its storytelling. The game play feels amazing, and the customization feels fun to play around with.
I see some people that have no idea what Armored Core IS have some difficulty at first but then gradually start to understand. This game is about high speed mech battles where, although you don't need one, it's better to go in with some kind of plan. Having a good build matters, but you also need to have the skills to back up the play-style of that build. There will always be some kind of weakness you have to make up for, even if that weakness is only being mediocre at everything.

The game is a 9/10, with zero hesitation. However, the game goes down one point for me for one single reason:

Having a boss that moves and attacks like a dark souls boss, all while having them fly around like you're fighting the Elden Beast but way more annoying was NOT a good idea. That thing is not a mech. Does not move like a mech, does not attack like a mech. That thing is just a chrome-painted and faster Dancer of the Boreal Valley. But not as difficult, just more frustrating to fight. This thing thematically and mechanically does not belong here.

But yeah, the game is almost perfect. That being said, (other than that one boss) this is not Dark Souls. Don't assume that if you like those games, you'll like this. Come into it with a fresh perspective based something that predates it, being brought into a new era.

Hunter Silves
Hunter Silves

After 45 hours, I beat the game with all endings and found all the collectibles.

Those 45 hours felt like nothing. The story keeps getting better with each playthrough (additional missions unlock for your first 2 new game plus cycles) and the customization and combat are just *chef's kiss*. Absolutely fantastic game. Don't listen to those that gave up on the first boss, the game is about persistence and overcoming obstacles by learning from failure, like all Fromsoft titles.

Don't sleep on this one from all the bad reviews out there. "it's too easy" while looking up the community agreed upon
"meta" builds, "it's too hard" while only giving a boss 30 minutes before quitting. Pick what weapons you think look cool or fun, and swap it up as you find the weaknesses in your build or to adapt to a boss.

Nearly any build type will work as well. My first ending was heavyweight with huge guns, NG+ I swapped to a mediumweight build for extra mobility and a melee weapon to keep my big guns but still be in weight for a smaller frame, and I rounded out NG++ with a lightweight build that severely limited my weapons loadout but made me addicted to the speed and how fun fine-tuning how much firepower I could bring with me on such small legs.

TL;DR: Good game.


Played at least 8 hours of this game. Worked fine. But now it just continues to crash.
This began to happen when I got Balteus. Some how I managed to get past him without crashing ONCE.
Trying to do arena missions now crash me when I come in contact with the enemy AC.
I'm frustrated I can not refund this game since I've already played 8 hours of it and that's past the limit of being refundable.
I now payed for a game that is unplayable for me and I do not know how to fix it. I tried guides on how to fix the crashes but the game still crashes the same way, there is no improvements.

Hoping there will be a patch for the game to fix this because not being to play a game I payed full price for is extremely annoying.


After 100 hours and a solid completionist run, I finally decided to weigh in on the game. It's good, everyone with a sane mind knows it's good. It is most definitely a departure from the Blood Souls: Elden Rings Die Twice that From Software have been making for the past decade. Even though it's bound to take people off guard like Sekiro, I believe that this is the best playing game From has released in years.

When I say that it is going to surprise you like Sekiro I do not mean that they are similar at all. From Software's audience has gotten very used to how From makes their games. It's difficult, requires a level of patience, pattern exploitation, and management of it's RPG mechanics to defeat increasingly imposing challenges, and if you're really unlucky an invader in his underwear with a big stick paints the floor with your crusty ashen blood. The reason that Armoured Core filters out so many players via "Attack The Watchpoint" is because a lot of people were expecting Souls, and were absolutely hammered with an omni-directional missile barrage because they were under the misconception that quick boosting would give them I-frames. Armoured Core plays so radically different that From's usual audience was completely blindsided by otherwise simple skill checks like the helicopter. If you aren't chasing it down, assault boosting into feral sword slashes, and firing your missiles every opportunity you get the helicopter makes sure you at least get the memo.

The gameplay is still being explored, people are finding out how to exploit and deal with the Zimmermans, and it's unlikely that a stable meta will surface soon. It is however guaranteed that the wheelchair, shotguns, and massive stagger will be very prevalent. Just note that Unga is strong and range is weak, missiles especially unless you can output a biblical volume of fire. If it can stagger easy and punish hard, it's probably a solid build for PvP and PvE. Outside of a few bad match ups that require either skill, thought, or a change in strategy, you are likely to be able to force your way through. It's a bit of a shame, since I wanted to try a long range build at a few points only to get massacred by G4 Volta without much damage done to him... twice. (I used a long range lightweight and a missile tetrapod, both failed.) The stagger system is a massive point of contention, since it has an inescapable gravity pulling all aspects of the game into it. The reason tank builds are quite powerful is because they take a lot to stagger, they aren't staggered for very long, and they usually come equipped with heavy weapons that stagger easily. Thanks to assault boost they can rush down lightweights trying to keep their distance as well. Then there is the reverse jointed legs which are pain to even equip.

If you can't tell, I do really like this game, it's just painful to see such an otherwise creative game struggling with such a core design flaw. The game is great, but it could be perfect. It was this damn close to being the best game I've ever played, but it falling just short puts me in indescribable pain.

Speaking of which the story is good as well, and the gameplay is integral in this. The new missions in NG+ and NG++ are absolutely gold. Some of them are even difficult in ways that make it hard to justify bringing in a stagger build, which I didn't think was possible at the time. I hope they never suffer from Scarlet Brainrot and nerf the mission, because missing out on the one time I was forced to hang up the speedy shotgun build in favour of a new strategy was almost euphoric. Each one adds new context to the world and the organizations that hire you, and each one is very different in objectives and optimal strategies. The story is also trying to hurt you, which I like for some reason. Even in the good ending, you lose something irreplaceable and extremely precocious to you after you just got him back. The pain only works because of amazing characterization in the brief interactions you have with them, everything from voice acting to their mech and combat style is telling you a lot about who they are. You get more information in the data logs in true From Software storytelling fashion, and it reveals information early if you pay attention. Knowing only makes it more painful. I love it, almost half as much as I love Rusty. Michigan gets some great characterization and dialogue too, he reaches unexpected depths to his character and you get to see just how much his subordinates look up to him. Their banter is always top tier, and that makes the Redguns the best corpo AC squad in the game.

In summary: Mechs? Cool! Gameplay? Wacky! Characters? Would die for them! Pain? Yes. Rusty? I want to marry that man! Armoured Core dating sim when? It better be soon or From will meet their soon to be deceased god in person!


Coming from someone who has never played a FromSoft title before (AC Souls or otherwise), I was expecting crushing difficulty. But instead I found a happy little stroll through the flower fields of Rubicon, and while I want to be upset at how easy this game is, I can't be too hard.
The plot is a shocking mirror image of real life where within you give the middle finger to corpos and the gov't for your own best interests.
Game is excellent mechanically, plays like it's a 2023 game, with mechanics and systems that make sense for a game made this year, and a level of customization that puts MechWarrior to shame.

My one big knock to this game is how bare-bones and secondary MP feels to the game. With little to no proper matchmaking or lobby balance, only very basic settings, and a heavily solved meta. Still a good time though especially with some friends or styling on some randoms. Overall though, very much not a 2023 experience on the MP front, I've played GameCube games from 20 years ago with better MP functionality.

7.5/10 experience, would recommend.

Make sure to hug your Rusty tight every night, maybe a peck on the cheek every now and then.

Tiny Rooseveld
Tiny Rooseveld

Never Played an Armored Core Game before. Had no idea what the game was about beforehand and went in with no expectations. I came out with it being my favorite thing I played all year. It's bite sized mission based game play with extremely tight controls. This game sells the power fantasy of being a 10 meter high super powered mecha that can go through everything extremely well and I didn't even know that I was into that sort of thing beforehand. Highly recommend for people who like challenging action games that run and play like a dream.


This game hits all the right buttons. Customizing your mech is so addicting, the combat hella fun and the story is great. And also NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! In a time where game companies are after your wallet. FromSoftware is busy making great games and growing their fanbase by making awesome games like this!


I have a lot of fun! This is truly an Armored Core experience with lots of struggle and hardship until you find your favourite weapon set. And then you find another, and another as you experiment! Don't let the meta define your playstyle, there's a lot of hidden build that's damn good but undiscovered.


As a big FromSoftware fan I was interested in this when it first got announced but having never played an armored core game before I wasn't sure it would be my sort of thing. I decided to go for it and am so glad I did. It took me a little while to get used to the movement, the mech building and having to adapt to each mission but once I picked it up it got so addictive. I find myself going back on missions just to try out a completely different build each time and I've not even completed my first playthrough yet. I also love the fact you can buy parts and just sell them again for the same amount if you dont get on with them which definitely gives you way more flexibilty to try everything out.

This will definitely be up there as one of my favourites for a while. FromSoftware you never disappoint!


Tl,dr: Game is good with amazing movement system and controls, more than a power fantasy than a challenge, PVP is the best part, but right know is not really supported, hope they patch something in.
8/10 for anyone, 9/10 for xxG4M3rZxx

Writing the review after all the endings (no spoilers) and working my way on S ranking all missions:

I bought the game day one, after hearing first time about Armored Core last december, because I always wanted a mecha game like this one, and I didn't know it kinda already existed; plus, it was made by FromSoftware, so it was a win/win, right?

I mean, yes.
My main complaint is that after "cracking the code" and learning the game and what works and what doesn't, I do feel like the game can become ""too easy"".
And I am not talking about the different leg types or "broken" weapons that make the game easy: because after you learn to pilot an AC, you just become unstoppable, doesn't matter the weapons you have, any build is extremely deadly, only the nonAC bosses may still present a challenge, and even then, after a couple of tries they may seems too easy to beat.
For reference, i struggled A LOT on the first boss and A *LOT* on the one at the end of the first chapter, then there was the one at the end of second chapter, still hard, but manageable.
After that everything started to become a lot easier, trying new builds, being comfortable piloting the AC and what not, and I think it was "too easy" for what I was expecting from a FromSoftware game.
I loved sekiro, and after beating the game multiple times, the game still felt challenging and fun with the parry system: here, I think by the time you are halfway through the game you become too powerful for your own good.


I liked it.
After taking the game more as a power fantasy, rather than die 100 times before you learn the pattern, I enjoyed it a lot.

The core gameplay of you controlling the AC is fenomenal, the freedom you have to zip around and shoot all kind of weapons is what makes the game fun first, before killing enemies.

PVP is surely where the game shines most, because even though you can kinda "break" all the enemies AI by cheesing them or straight up being better, a 1v1 with another player with that kind of controls, makes for duels that are awesome to play and look at.
The PVP structure is rather lackluster right now, with 1v1 or 3v3, which would be fine, but the only way to play, is to make a custom room and wait, or hoping to find someone who did it first.

That said, I feel like the game is a strong 8/10, waiting for next DLC or AC7.


Amazing game,
AC's are ridiculously fun and the mech combat is addictive. Each weapon and part feels unique and tailored to different builds for people that want to get the most out of their AC... choosing generators and fire control system to best compliment your loadout while fitting within the energy and weight requirements of the core that you built is a minigame in itself and you can spend hours tweaking fits for PVP or for the campaign. The story line is compelling enough for me to make me want to play through again making different choices next time,
Overall a must have for mech fans.


Sick game. Just on the grinding-to-100% phase now. Clocked about 60 hours to full story completion but you could definitely do it faster - or slower. Completely sick game, looking forward to more of this.


Gained all achievements so I am inclined to say I am very biased when I say this but, BEST MECH GAME EVER. 10/10

You can build your very own mecha waifu or husbando with the most ballin set of weapons from across Rubicon and use it to obliterate the things you don't like, some examples ranging from capitalist corporate nobles to hippie liberal freedom fighters and gun loving loud mouths as well as space police. Lots of things to fill with bullets, lasers, plasma, a variety of melee weapons, and much much more!

If you plan to buy this or already have and reading this, my hint/tip to you is the best defense in this game is hyper offense and make those borrowed wings your very own, Raven~


great game, don't believe the salty dicks that got filtered. this game is amazing, just don't give up. there are many many approaches to every mission. with no penalty for selling your equipment. so your free to try whatever build you want. believe me, a solution exists. some are even a little "too good"..


"way too biased. just be honest and admit it :) most positive review are comes from the title and developer itself. can you imagine how ugly and red the review would be if this game were to be released by let's say EA? lol. exactly. it would bleed so much it won't survive the 1st week."


Honestly, this game is one of the most BIASED game i've ever played, it's sad..

Try DAEMON X MACHINE OR M.A.S.S Builder. Those mech games somehow provides better experience, with the latter one potentially are miles ahead of this game - if advertised correctly. M.A.S.S Builder is better in terms of most things - it's more "complete" and provides you better satisfaction. and i definitely had a better time blasting mech on DAEMON X MACHINA. the campaign, the content, the story somehow are just better than this game.

If i had to rank the three of them it would be like this - with gaming experience and satisfaction as main scoring factor:

2. M.A.S.S Builder
3. AC 6

I DO NOT RECOMMEND this game at all at it's full price. it's way behind what it should be. end game content are basically pointless PVP. zero ranking amd rewarding system. there are just nothing to drive players to play - except hardcore fans or those who are badly biased.

1. runs well - i ran it both on my high end gaming pc with 4090 and working laptop with 2060. surprisingly it ran just fine on the latter one
2. this game is good for i would say 30-75 hours to sink. maybe 100 if you really want to go deeper. i don't recommend it above 50 hours at all. even 35 hours of my playtime feels like forever to be honest.
3. I'm sure you've read enough on other people's review for the pros. so this will be all from me.

1. it's 2023. this game is somehow felt too generic, boring, repetitive once you hit 30 or maybe 50 hours in.
2. loot. my bad, i was hoping loot, tier and grading system here. it's bad to not see a color on your gear. it's all grey - meh.
3. once again. zero to none end game content. beating campaign 3 times honestly can be done under 50 hours.
4. nothing drive you to log and play this game once you get to the end game.
5. way too biased. just be honest and admit it :) most positive review are comes from the title and developer itself. can you imagine how ugly and red the review would be if this game were to be released by let's say EA? lol. exactly. it would bleed so much it won't survive the 1st week.

I hope my review are useful, have a good one dear fellow gamers!


I never played an Armored Core game before and 60 hours in, this is an amazing experience. Imagine Need For Speed but with Gundams! The story may seem off at first, but I feel like that is From Software's style. As you progress and put together pieces the motivations of the characters and the world building gets more and more intense with each play through. The gameplay is superb, and snappy, the graphics may not seem perfect, but they draw up the world perfectly, and the mechs all look amazing. The amount of customization along with the excellent mission structure makes this a game you do not want to miss out on. Definitely became a new fan of the series.

Fabian Everyman
Fabian Everyman

I'm so very bored of plinking away at invincible things

FromSoft have decided that even if you know what you're doing at a boss and are good at it, you should still be doing it for an hour, for some reason. It's boring and hurts the trigger fingers more than it is challenging

Bosses also inherently boring and unoriginal. Being bull-rushed by a giant thing in a small room so you jump over it then plink at it is most of them, and that also means most of them have the invincible and taking an hour each problem

Oh, and the camera issues endemic to From games constitutes a glitch and the game should have been panned by critics as not in a playable state because of it alone. Especially because the issue is all the more stark when From refuse to stop putting you in tiny closets where the camera issues punish you for needing your eyes to function. From know that the camera issues are there, they've been told constantly with every game since Dark Souls, but they refuse to either fix it or design spaces so that it isn't an issue, which would rightly get any other developer review bombed.


If youre a mecha fan and not familiar with the AC series, theres no way u wont like this game.
The customization is just awesome (ive spend more time customizing my AC the actually playing xd)
Also, a lot of times when ure thinking "okay okay, this mission was chill", BAM! super op boss comes out of nowhere and reality checks you out of the window (balteus pls)
Did i say this is a mech game??



Take this from a man who finished all three endings. This is peak mecha action, and if you want something in that ballpark, get this game. Also word of advice, New Game Plus adds new missions, so it would be worth playing a second time, and a third, if you want more added stuff in NG++. 9/10.


Was skeptical at first as I'm new to mech games in general but Fromsoftware just don't know how to make a bad game! Incredibly fun and immersive, the customisation is unmatched and the challenges are rewarding to overcome