Astro Colony

Astro Colony
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Release date
7 November 2022
Steam reviews score
82 (1 489 votes)
60 (38 votes)

Explore endless Universe and create the most efficient constellation of colonies. Build conveyor systems to automate production. Take care of Astronauts and their needs! Establish new colonies as part of intergalactic simulation.

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Astro Colony system requirements



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: i3
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATi 7770, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 8 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: It runs smoothly on most PC that are not older than 2012 - during tests it was ok even on laptop with Nvidia 920M (2GB of VRAM and 4GB of RAM in system).


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Needs some bug fixing and some elements feel difficult to achieve progression wise as the balance isn't quite there for resources needed.Happily most of the bugs are graphics related glitches like objects shaking continuously for no apparent reason when you have a planetoid or player getting stuck.There is something wrong with the graphics modes as i generally run 1440p yet the only option for 1440p is an odd 5k resolution, the nearest to 1440p is a bizarre 2650x1400 which as far as i'm aware is not a standard resolution, could it be a ui bug and it's actually mean't to be 2560x1440?? It doesn't appear to alter the graphical value in any way onscreen changing from 1080p to any other one.
These are fairly minor issues for as other people have described a "don't start playing late" game, Have succumbed to the just 10 more mins only to realise i really should get some sleep!


Rough starting out but in the end it's pretty fun. It is early, needs some polish (there is almost no sound for instance). If you like this sort of thing this is worthy, not the best but definitely not the worst.


Astro Colony feels like a mixture of Space Engineers, Raft and Factorio. Its a very unique take on the automatization/survival genre in a good way. I play since day one of early access and i can say the dev provides ALOT of updates, sometimes multiple per day. The improvements of game alone in the first two weeks are insane! Graphic is ok-ish, gameplay is straight forward and i cant wait where this little gem is going within the next year! Even for an EA title, it has my full recommendation!


I was so please to find that this game is so polished for and early access. The controls are a little wonky, but that is very fixable. I never thought I would like a factory game but now I find them very interesting, if they are like this one, who'd of thought. At times there is so much to do that your brain is in a whirl, but then you get it together and back on track. The hand mining is so soothing it's weird but i am very thankful for the Auto miners and Robots. and there is still So much I have yet to try. Looking forward to more.


Its relaxing and challenging at the same time, still a fun type of game and makes you think of how you'll build your factory on a platform in the middle of space. With so little supplies coming in from rocks you gather, and the islands that you might be able to pull toward your "ship"..


Think of this as a simple or rudimentary Space Engineers or Empyrion. It is never going to be either of those.... just a simple version of those with some twists.

I can't give it a negative, steam workshop will probably keep this game interesting through development. The simplicity part has me slightly intrigued when you don't need the depth/physics of other games.


For a few years, I've wanted to see a game that's essentially "Raft but in space"
Endlessly wandering an abyss of stars with your personally built space platform, gathering resources from asteroids and planets is its own reward. Add in device automation and stargate travel, and you've got the makings of grand adventures. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes as the game updates and improves, and the developer is ridiculously active in improving the game.


For a single developer this is a great game and the sheer amount of daily updates it's getting atm is impressive to say the least. The community worries for Tefel's health in getting enough sleep.

Anyway onto the game, it's an easy learning curve with factory production in mind, but in it's early state not everything is mineable and some things like quartz you have to manually mine (at the time of writing this review). So fully automating is not really an option atm. Still it's fun to play and gets a big thumbs up from me.


It feels similar enough to the other games in this family, but different enough that keeps me coming back.

It is early access, and it does feel like that sometimes, but that has not stopped me from wanting to play any time I can. I can't wait to see where it goes as it is more developed.


As of today the game is still in much early access and unfinished. But the community and the developer response is super great. Even in its infancy state this game is so much more enjoyable than a lot of completed games out there and have great potential beyond.


This is not a bad game. However a few technical decisions are very arguable. I did not like 2 key moments from the very beginning and these are the main reasons of refund / negative review (I am ready to change it later on).

1. UX issue with exiting "building mode". The only way to stop showing you the blueprint of the building is to change it to some different tool (which player is not familiar with yet, because he/she just started the game)
2. No options to destroy the building in the beginning. As I understand, I should "research it". I am sorry, but this is automation game. Game about space planning and logistics. Destroying the objects is crucial game mechanic. No need to put it under research tree...

Offtopic about early access games (not related(!!!) to this particular game):
May be I am a boomer, but when indie developer / game studio asks me to pay 20 euro for the early access game, I will consider it as a game. More and more games with "early access" label remind me an intentionally created opportunity for developer's later excuse.


You like it if you like Satisfactory with Bugs, has a space theme / Not as much tech not good methods for Digging Dirt, there are several issues with your space colony ejecting you into space mid flight, not able to land your mini space ship, seems to have lot of worthless machines or unexplained what machines are for like ( SIGNAL / RECEIVER / DIFF FOOD / STAR-GATE ). There is some great things like being able to fly your colony from mini planet to planet and unexplained but found out later you can fly a docked planet with you. There are several good things with seemingly unlimited construction and colony wise. Overall needs work on end game and what your actually doing like what's happening the ROBOT TUTORIAL is annoying as F## being it obscures your view and could easily be inside a special starting machine or something not as a floating robot that hovers around you. Tutorial doesn't help at all just says generic stuff like build this NO SHIT but difficult things at end like signals, how or what they do is unknown. Same with Star-gate extra. Your spider robots / humans have pathing issues. But overall fun game your mostly figuring out it all on your own. I rather have that tutorial inside a window I can close than pop up all time. He's basically a MODERN CLIPPY in WORD


Poorly optimized. Co-op doesn't work properly: character can stuck in 45 degrees position, character sometimes can fly away from the platform when the platform is moving (yes, you can see, how you friend is flying in another direction, the opposite of the platform moving direction), connection is the worst (crushes without any specific error code) and so on. Logic is missing completely in technological tree. Devs, how so sheeps are on the same level with black holes gates? How it is possible that arithmetic is developed after androids? Also, how so that you can literally go through asteroids? Collision in this game still doesn't work. C'mon guys, this game has potential. Just make this last squeeze. For now, I won't recommend this game. Just fix this game.


~~Warning~~ Adictive.

This is the type of game where you look away from the screen and 10h just disappeared and you are wondering why your stomach hurts.
It is an Alpha and full of bugs, yes. But there is nothing game-breaking that ruin the game so far. Despite there being close to no story, the game is wonderful to play and easy. Some game mechanics make you stop and think "that's smart, why hasn't this been used before".
You might need some time to get used to the shortcuts and I personally change the crafting menu to right-click.

The only big game-bugg-problem I have at the moment is that the robots constantly get stuck and you might need to delete them and craft new ones. BUT, the game is constantly updated by the devs. Bugs are being fixed every day. Oh, and if you die it is game over. But that's why we have save files. Breathing is for weak people.

positive things in the game

    • Really good idea
    • Beginner friendly
    • A builder-lovers dream
    • It is space
    • There is room for SO MUCH LORE if the Devs take the chance
    • it. is. space. farming

Current drawbacks that might gets fixed

    Animals don't move and the pigs give me nightmares
    • No Lore/story in the game Yet
    • Building things through walls are an option and it feels like cheating
    • Humans eat too little and this too feels like cheating.
    • There is no warning sound when your oxygen is about to run out and this has caused my death too many times. Yes, I am stupid.


The controls are hazardous to my health and in no way intuitive. Why not contain loads of options in a popup wheel or use some scrolling function. Other crafting games don't have this much of a problem, even Factorio is much better in that regard. Until this ailment is alleviated, I cannot recommend this product to children or adults aged 2 years or older.
Babies do get a load of fun from flying rocks in the empty abyss of space.


Solid start for an early access game. I have seen and played worse. The bot that is supposed to help is a rotten pain in the a$$. There has to be a better way to give tips than that.
Some items need greater explanation, for now it's trial and error to figure much of the game out. Seems like it's another one man creation game. Which is fine and we will see where it goes.

Just know that in multiplayer if one person exits the game it kicks everyone out of the game. So you all play together or don't, no middle ground.

I look forward to what might be created as an end product. It's not a waste for $20 bucks.


So far I think this game is pretty good. I have had some annoyances with it, but most are fairly minor and many were fixed promptly. I saw a few people complaining about optimization, my PC is about 3 years old (beefy, but not top...i9, 64gb memory, 1660Ti) and the game runs very smoothly for me with zero lag and lightning quick loads, saves, movement, etc. The game needs fine tuning, adjustments, etc but is very playable as it is. Only actual problems I have had revolve around the bots, everything else has been working for me. I have restarted a few times as I find new and/or better ways to do things, so progression is not as far as others but each restart has brought me further along and a few of the problems I have had were of my own doing. So, could use some attention on some detail work, but it is early access still.

The Unwoken
The Unwoken

It's early access so it is in development. You may have to restart the game numerous times, or not. If you can put up with that then give it a try when it's on sale. Otherwise wait until the baby is born.


Wonderful game. This is my preferred genera and I have spent many hours playing this delightful game. Please keep improving it so I, and others, can come back and play it again and again.

Doesn't crash - Single player only played.
Music is good - Please add more depth to the tracks.
Slight Quality of Life upgrades needed.
Logic blocks are fun to use and optimization is satisfying.

You might get frustrated and save and quit for a bit. Chances are tomorrow you will try again and figure it out.


I think it's pretty cool! It has it's quirks but fun gameplay and I like the idea of attaching various biomes to your "base" and particularly enjoy finding a pretty floating island and putting my "home" there.

Olong Johnson
Olong Johnson

As of yet, this game is completely lacking in two departments; Progression incentive and sound effects (Seriously, it's SO quiet.....)

Now that that's off my chest - BUY THIS GAME!!!

It's like satisfactory meets raft, but instead of drifting the ocean, you're drifting through the galaxy figuring out how to effectively mine various resources for crafting tree progression, and occasionally marooning your starving workers on a random planetoid.

I'm REALLY looking forward to some story, or even progression checkpoints. The little robot dude, as much as I hated him, at least gave me a reason to build stuff. Sadly, he lost interest in me about half way through the crafting tree....

Either way, this one's got a TON of potential.

Krul Tsepeshi
Krul Tsepeshi

Overall a great game and this is only the start. It's another promising factory/optimization simulator type game but with a lot of aspects of survival games (building and design, no hazards really at this time (environment only no NPC hazards).

From the looks the creator is keeping posts and actually giving updates/fixes regularly and if this continues a great game (on top of already being good) will come.

QOL updates need to happen and more fleshing out of the environment with bug fixes, but for the stage it's in it's far better than I expected.


Never write reviews but these Devs are extremely dedicated and deserve success, updating daily, active with community. Game is an amazing space factory/automation/building game with gigantic potential, if you enjoy the space theme dont even hesitate, buy and try it


Pretty cool concept and decent execution. It OK to buy right now and you can get a decent amount of fun out of it, but given a few updates and some good polish this might be a really great game. Have not had the chance to play this with friends, but i think that friends would make this a much more fun experience.


Try Astro Colony they said, it will be fun they said..... after 100 hours and I haven't even left the starting location....
Not a bad thing, just having too much fun with the building side of things, I will move out eventually haha.

So far I have loved every aspect of this game, there's no major grind, only what you need to do to research the techs, easy peasy.
The tech support is fantastic (big up to the amazing developer/s), the player base I've discovered via discord are all friendly and helpful too.

Don't be put off by the Early Access tag, it's got a ton to do already, and dev's are always adding and fixing almost every bug you can throw at them (just beware of the wandering rovers, they like to roll off the side of the colony when you're not watching them, silly gooses).


This game as it is in EA has quite good amount of content for the beginning. I think it needs some more things for the end game and a little more tutorials (i.e. how to use logic blocks). There are/were some bugs during my play time, but devs are very actively patching them. The Discord community is growing pretty fast and devs are extremely engaged there. This game has a lot of potential to be a great “Excel” game.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I highly recommend it.


The game is nice so far. Its premise reminds me a lot of Minecraft Skybox, where you start with next to nothing and eventually build up. Gameplay is solid and the atmosphere is relaxing. As far as content goes, it's a little light but that makes sense for an early game. I'm definitely looking forward to updates that build on the already present mechanics. The story seems ... light. There's not really a direct incentive to build and research, and to be honest a lot of my early time was spent just floating along and collecting resources. That in itself is a good experience, but I get the feeling it's not what the developer was going for.

I will say, the only real bug I've found is with the carrier drones. They don't seem to function at all, and I had to restart the game a couple of times because of them. Miner drones work perfectly tho.


What a monumental surprise, since satisfactory that i wanted another game that gave me a similar feel and this one is different but with the same feel, played 5 hours in a day and a half wich is something i usualy don't do any more, and what the game allready has in early acess is very good.
It starts grindy but you can get a hang of it pretty fast and i really feel this game will be a fantastic find, i never heard of it until yesterday, was doing my usual "games like satisfactory" search and got luky basically.
Give it a go if you like games with automation, base bulding and open world, you will not regret it :)


I want to start off by stating that this game is very much in early access. There are some bugs and things that just aren't explained very well, but do not let that put you off. This game doesn't quite have the depth of other factory games yet but it has amazing potential. I can honestly see Astro Colony being one of the big factory games people talk about in a few years alongside the likes of Factorio and Satisfactory. Yes, the game has bugs and some other problems, but the developer has been releasing so many fixes and improvements. Every day when I go back to my computer, I see that there was an update.

Give Astro Colony a go. If you've played Satisfactory before, this should feel pretty similar though different enough to warrant purchasing.


It's funny how every positive and negative review right now says the same thing, and I agree with them.

This game has potential. Saying that a game has potential is also saying that a game is still in a somewhat primitive state.

However, when I recommend something, I have to make a value judgement: is this game worth buying for its current asking price?

My current recommendation is no. While you can see the game shine through in really unexpected areas (I actually think this might be one of the best 3d building placement I've seen recently), it also horribly lacks in areas that are key for the genre (selecting existing areas sucks, for one).

The tutorial is lacking, the controls are unintuitive, the bots that fulfil logistics will get stuck on each other (dev, seriously, make them fly or something or it's always going to be a huge pain), automating a large-scale base to work without conveyors is a nightmare, the construction menus suck, there are no logistics chests (factorio-style) so the bots will go grab resources from places they will get stuck on... The list goes on.

Like I said before, I do think this game has potential and I do think it will get better over time. I will probably update this review in the future to reflect what it looks like later down the line.

For now, I would recommend the following miscellaneous changes to the game:

1) For the build menu, group what you can construct by theme (this is already somewhat the case) and put those things inside of submenus (this is already the case) but actually put icons and tooltips explaining what the submenu is for. Random numbers do not help anyone, least of all new players. If you need an example, just go look at how prison architect organized its actions.

2) For logistics bots, make them only get items from logistics chests, and even go one step further and make them only deliver to logistics chests and make players rig the builds together. While you're at it, do not limit the amount of bots assigned to a task by default and make the experience of changing how many bots are assigned smoother. Making bots deliver coal to 50 different buildings without restricting their count is basically why I stopped playing.

3) This game happens in space, but the game moves like 3d Raft. This doesn't make any sense and really took the wind out of my space sails when I started playing. At the very least make the default movement mechanic the booster one, and then unlock tech to add magnetic boots or something to walk somewhat normally. It would also be much better if we can walk and build upside down or sideways, though I understand if the game systems are already too far along to modify that.

4) Logistics bots (that's what they're called in factorio and I already forgot what they're called here) need to stop getting stuck on each other. Make them noclip, make them climb over each other or just scrap the "ground" bots and make them fly, right now it straight up is not fun how little control we have over them and how they immediately get stuck when there is too much pathing going on even when you make corridors 5 units wide.

5) The whole mechanic about dragging rocks out of the sky is a lot of fun but man does it need some more polish. Seeing these massive rocks shatter the second they touch my ship and seeing them just all over the place and noclip just cheapens what could be a fun experience. My recommendation would be making these bad boys much sparser, much larger, making them worth 5x the resources and have the building that drags them be larger and more expensive. Then you could think about making them damage the ship if they impact it, and adding shielding or turrets that could deal with potentially dangerous rocks before they impact you. Right now they just feel like floating pngs.

6) The tech tree is a bit of a mess but I assume that's just a product of early access so I won't really get into it.
All in all, I'd say get this game for $5 in its current state or maybe $10 once some QOL improvements are made.

Unamused Hamster
Unamused Hamster

I consider this like a
City Building/The SIMS because of the people you hire to run science as well as other things,
combined with The Sims because you have to take care of your colonists needs,
combined with Space Engineers because of the Space Aspect,
combined with Satisfactory because of the Factory setup like nature,
combined with farming simulator because of the animal raising breeding and farming,
combined with A very small and insignificant portion of Minecraft, just the digging aspect but FAR MORE advanced than Minecraft has ever been,
combined with ARK survival evolved because of the survival aspect, but without all the fighting, dino's and other player needs.

ITS LITERALLY in my opinion NEXT GEN GAMING. I foresee this game to be HUGE and to set a new precedence in the gaming industry. In my opinion there is no rating high enough that can describe my pleasure with this game.Even tho this game is 100% in basic form right now, IT CAN AND WILL GO FAR and I believe farther than any game has ever gone before.

HOWEVER, I do have 2 small current issues, but its so minor its not even funny as it doesn't take away from the joy I have as I am sure it will be available later.

That issue is that I would like to start a multiplayer by myself after setting the amount of players I can have that way My only friend I play with can come and go as he pleases while I still get to play. Right now I cant actually start a game without him and if he leaves the game it saves and kicks me out even tho I'm the host.

The other thing is, I also have the issue with the fact that I can set crafting amounts. Example, I want you to craft this amount and only this amount at all times. Would even like it coded so it takes the storage boxes into consideration that is part of the same conveyor system because it would just make things SO MUCH EASIER crafting wise.

Just a little disappointed in this type of setup setup is all BUT does NOT change my opinion AT ALL..

BUT like I said, I am sure this will not be a issue in future updates.

I CAN'T WAIT to see what kind of BASE GAME and possible DLC content there will be as this is a game that is LITERALLY right up my ally and I foresee myself spending just as many hours playing as I do ARK if not MORE which currently is over 4,000 hours.

My Star Rating:
∞ ⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Space, automation, factory, colony building. What else do I need? After ~60 hours I getting better and better. Continuous updates, the developer listens to the gamers and this is add more extra. Definitely worth it.


So far so good, but plenty of bugs to fix. I.E:
Hydrogen just deleting itself from the warehouse
phasing through the floor when opening any UI without the jetpack on.
splitter filter and blocker etc. not functioning properly, or at all.
being launched away by asteroid if in a UI
these are the bugs i have experienced so far, will edit review as time moves forward.


Great game for what it is. I couldn't imagine making an entire game by myself, so props to the dev for being able to make all of this on his own. Most of the game works as it should and it is really fun. There are a few minor glitches and bugs as to be expected with an early access title. I am looking forward to seeing what this game is like once it has its full release out of early access. At my time of writing this I've played for 70 hours already and have multiple games going with different friends. If you like games like Satisfactory and Raft then you will likely enjoy this game that feels like a combination of the 2 games except you are in space.


Five finger low Punch
Five finger lo…

Sofar a fun game, the only thing right now that REALLY bothers me, is that i can travel 3,16 LY in less then 20 sec... which means im way faster then light with my jetpack (you my want to use another unit for distances :D)


I like the game, but I primarily play games like this with coop multiplayer. It had two obvious bugs that were apparent when playing. First is that asteroids only really follow the host, OK fine can deal with that.

However, the other bug is players share research points but not research. And when other players leave they lose all their research. Unplayable multiplayer coop as of writing this review. Will come back to this game when its fixed.


So what do i like in games and does this game have it?
Spacegame = Check
Factory game= Check
Mining game= Check
Colony game = Check
Survival game = Check
Researching in games = Check
BaseBuilding game= Check
Defense by building tower vs some sort of enemy(aliens?) attackers = hope later !
Tradeing in game = no but meybe later?
Can turn that mobile platform into a star ship= (All building blocks are there so free to do that now) but be able to leave for another star system would be nice :)
Game feel like it have quailty over it? mean many details in the machines and enviorment ect ect.. = CHECK .. feel very good to play...

Naga, Synth Naga, Robo Snek
Naga, Synth Na…

At it's current state, I cannot recommend the game. Despite having sunk a few hours into it already, it became clear how... shallow the game was content wise. A lot of stuff is just effectively oriented around waiting.

There's a ton of issues with the logistics system, and mining automation as well. Drones are their own little nightmare to work with, since they constantly break.

I understand this is EA, but alot of the game is just.... waiting for resources, so you can feed those resources to maybe unlock something that you have no need to use, other than to unlock the next thing.

Tech tree seems expansive at first, but then you can quickly see, that it's big, because it's multiple steps to unlock a chain for one resource. 1 tech for ore, 1 tech for processing, 1 for plates, etc.

It wants to be a colony builder, and a factory game... but, colony builder lacks any sort of goal aside "Get Pop high, who have very little to do job-wise".

The idea that you can dock to small planetoids is great, and one of the more fun things you can play with... like chaining island to island to island.... but that's where the faults come really into play.

Your 'starter station' has no weight to it. Adding planetoids or expanding your base does not require more thrusters to move it.
Drones are a logistical nightmare. For me, they've only ever gone anywhere that is directly connected to the place they were built at for starters. Pathing, micromanagement, and so on with drones means you have to restart your game every few minutes, just to check if something is not working/inaccesible, or if the game decided to stop it from working for no reason.
Station connections do not share power. Items stored on one segment, are inaccessible by drones in another.
You are forced to build a central factory in effect, to get most efficiency out of anything, rather than building small factories all over the place on planetoids.
Mining drones mine ONLY on the segment they are built on. You have to select one resource at a time for them to mine.
Drills (small and large) do not harvest anything outside dirt/stone/quartz, which are voxel/ground blocks.
Ore is not a ground/voxel block, but a world Item (Like a rock that lays atop the ground).

There is just so many decisions that make no sense from my point of view, on why the game was made how it is. There's stuff much better out there that nails it, like Factorio and Satisfactory to name 2 off the top.
You have to work around game design here, not work with it. There is very little freedom in how something can be built or done.


Still very new to me , but so far its great. This game is actually so much fun. I have really been enjoying the mechanics and building aspect. Like someone stated below its like Satisfactory and Raft met in the open space. I will update again after more hours have been enjoyed.

To the Dev Team I am very excited to see what you have up your sleeve.

Amazing sound track


Game might be good fun some day, right now it feels like demo still containing bugs that should not be in a game released.(even as an early access title)

Some annoying stuff which might ruin your station:

-Belts that refuse to move items (see comments below for possible fix)
-Big asteroids that you can grapple can also be grappled so that it won't move into a dockable state and just float INSIDE your base.
-The helperbot turns itself on and floats inside your face.

Bare in mind that these bugs turned me away from the game for now, I wasn't able to get very far.
I requested a refund. (refund denied because I spent too long trying to bugfix..)


if you buy this game and planned to play online, keep in mind the other person cant do anything. you share your tech points but only one person can use those tech point. the other person cant learn anything on there own enless you want to learn it twice. you should share your tech tree or have separate points. not even playable like that in muliplayer.

Pruple Fox
Pruple Fox

its a buggy game no doubt about that but it is also an alpha release while you can speed run the tech tree it is a great game and even with a maxed out tech tree im still learning new things about this game i cant wait to see how this game grows over time.


So uh, in its current state I cannot recommend it.

The game has 2-player co-op, even though that's a bit of a stretch to call it co-op.
The major issues?
Terrible hand-holdy tutorial.
No shared progress.
You can jump infinitely through space.
You have constant gravity, unilaterally.
Annoying sound design.
Using the tools feel terrible.
The game doesn't tell you how to cancel build mode.

All in all, 1/10 terrible in its current state.


I had never played a game like Satisfactory or Factorio , so I wasn't sure if this would be for me. The infinite, procedural world was a big lure. I watched a few streamers play, but just couldn't decide whether to buy this or not. I read the reviews and had the same issue.

I decided to just give it a go.

I put 12 hours in before I took a break. I can't compare it to other factory type games as I never played any before. I enjoyed laying out the ship, trying to make things neat, practicing cable managment. I haven't tried the multiplayer, so I can't say anything good or bad about that. I'm sure it will improve in that aspect.

I would hope there will be some dangers, enemies or something in the future. If it turns out there won't be, I still wouldn't regret buying or playing this.

The game ran smoothly, no complaints.


OOF CANNOT RECOMMEND AS IS. This needs A LOT of polish and work. There is no reason for the amount of having to click an axe and then open a menu and then well you get the idea. It becomes tedious. Does this game have potential YES. But not enough for me to recommend at this time. I will continue to play and update review as i go along.


Absolutely great building/strategy game with lots of potential.
The mechanics are comparable to similar games like Satisfactory or Factorio.
The gameplay is really fun, being in endless space with very little limitations on how much to expand.
The community is very kind and helpful, especially on the game's discord.
The game does have its bugs, yeah. But after all, its in early access, and a solo dev game.
Im confident they will be fixed til the release, and the game will be as good as Satisfactory.


Very early yet, so there are random lock-ups and some game mechanics that stop working but nothing a restart doesn't fix. I think this game has some potential - especially if you like logistics style games that make you think about building/ puzzling out factories and supply automation with a space age twist.

The Fox
The Fox

Another early access game yes ,but this one does what it says on the tin . I don't write a lot of reviews but I think this game is worth one . I followed it for years hoping it would be the same as videos and pictures I had seen and it IS , if you like this sort of game or like the look of videos then I would say buy it it is worth the money . There are a few small bugs but they are getting fixed when found and I haven't found any game breaking ones yet . I really hope it gets the support it deserves and keeps getting updated and I am going to take a chance and say I think it will get finished and be a hit with players .


I feel if they can fix the bug crashes in single player it is well worth the price point. As is i feel like its a Beta Game and i'm not being paid find all the problems.

Crash when getting additional people.
Crash when visiting some planatiods.
Path finding of bots is almost worthless in every way on everything.

These are MAJOR problems in playing the game. As you have to have all these things to make it playable. HOPEFULLY, they will fix these soon and the game will be worthwhile purchase!


So far, I'm really liking this game. I had fairly high expectations, and it's been delivering so far. It is Early Access, so keep that in mind. There are some things that need polishing, but the game itself runs well....Very well considering what it's trying to do.

The developer's road map also indicates some significant content to be coming down the road, and I'm glad I picked it up early to watch the development. It has been well worth every penny.

Now, a word of caution: there have been comments made about the "gravity" in the game, and people made the poor choice of not even trying the game because of these comments. Frankly, this is rather foolish...this is a game in space. It's a factory game where you instantly drop a factory piece on the floor, and robots and people work for you without questioning their existence or have any failures at their have to suspend disbelief for many things to enjoy any game, so please do so here and pick this one up! You will enjoy it.


If you have played Factorio, Satisfactory, and or Space engineers. And enjoyed these games then. I think you found this game fun. There is no combat currently but there are dangers to deal with. While yes it is still in EA status. Bugs are being worked out daily. What I saw on day one was out of this world and no crashing. Now I will admit I am more of a solo player person so I did not hit the bugs being seen in MP. My point is this for a day 1 EA not to crash for single player and I dropped 18 hours into it that day.

My 1st though of the start was oh it is space engineers the way it should have been.


Started out liking the game, warts and all. Then I noticed that every day my game performance gets progressively worse. First it was slightly lower fps and stuttering, then it got worse, and today it's literally unplayable because of 10-30 second stutters. Same problems when I start a new game.

And it's not a hardware problem. This is happening with a 3090 and 64gb ram.


EN : Very nice game ! And very addictive.
Feels like a mix beetween Minecraft, Havendock and Astroneer.
Downside : The tutorial is really irritating. It's a small bot that's always in your face. So I play without this help bot, so many functions are pretty hard to understand. I have to look at the Steam forum pretty often.
This is an Early Access game, so patience patience.
And the Dev is nice and keeps in touch with the community.

FR : Jeu très sympa ! Très addictif. Il est en grande partie traduit en français.
C'est une sorte de mix entre Mincraft, havendock et Astroneer.
Le truc pas cool : Il y a une sorte de petit robot-aide qui fait office de tutoriel. Mais il est continuellement dans ton champ de vision et devient vite super agaçant. Donc je l'ai désactivé, mais du coup je dois deviner la plupart des fonctions par moi-même et c'est souvent pas intuitif du tout. Heureusement, on peut compter sur la Communauté du Forum qui est sympa.
De plus, le développeur reste en contact et répond souvent aux questions ou aux remarques.

Dee Bradley Baker
Dee Bradley Baker

This game is goofy. It's buggy as hell. A lot of functionality straight up doesn't exist. Rovers on 50 ft wide planetoids? Why? Astronauts need to eat... some time? They get stuck? Sucks to be you!
Hastily thrown together, not optimized, NO design consistency (check the narrated intro and weirdly lifelike astronauts vs the creepy bot that has a semi-smirk, and not in the cheeky, oh-this-is-fun kind of way, just a weird, 'this dev doesn't know any design principles and bought a bunch of stock things' kind of way. A serious lack of imagination, as everything here has been done before or better in Factorio or Satisfactory.

You get used to resources just kind of floating at you. Resources are infinite, but you still have to fly around getting... the same... resources...?!

Tech tree is essentially an annoyance as you can simply auto-collect rocks from the aforementioned infinite resources and take a nap up until mid-game, so why was that even there? Nothing is balanced, so now we have a multi-year iterative patch-fest to look forward to instead of a coherent plan.

I would pay all of the dollars to see just one meaningful top-down diagram of resource management balancing intent or setting up kind of gaming treadmill - surprise, there isn't one . Total plan was 'factorio has, I will haz and throw shaders on!' and that's *pretty much it*. Except simpler. And creepier (again, the weird deathless-but-still sleepy/hungry? astronauts with way too many shiny face pixels) It's like someone took your favorite meal and shrink-wrapped it in mylar, and then scribbled some spelling mistakes on it. Also, it disconnects your internet if you leave it on in the background for some reason, and progressively bogs down your PC memory (sweet sweet coding sKIllZ)

Sure, it's pretty-ish. Sure you can voxel at things in space. Please, however, don't support this - indie dev or not. Why work on something for years and not even be an adult and have a fucking written down /plan/ for how your game should work? Read a book. Learn. It's not hard.


It's like if Raft and Minecraft decided to have a factory game together and is strangely immature.

I've played my share of factory games - Satisfactory, Factorio, even got my money's worth out of Captain of Industry, and I have never had such an annoying time just trying to power a couple machines. Who thought placing power lines voxel-block by voxel-block was a good idea? And then make said power lines restrict movement.

UI looks polished but is all over the place in functionality. I still don't know what the proper key is to cancel construction - I have to switch to the deconstruction wand thing. Hotbar is so small that they had to page it via your function keys just to allow a decent number of spots.

Machine recipe chain is messed up from the way machines work, so smelters end up making your iron rods from iron plates instead of your constructors because it causes problems otherwise. Fluids don't work unless there's a storage block in the system. Machines consume normal amounts of power even while idle, which is annoying when you're starting out and hand feeding coal to your generators every other minute. Machines are also glitchy about consuming two cycles of materials starting up.

Soundtrack is like they bought a license to the Epic Trailers Pack and just slapped that crap in. Music is going like there's fleets tearing into each other in the distance or you're soaring over a hill in your Warthog to lay down some hot lead, but no, it's just you, your space raft, and a bunch of floating rocks randomly spawning into and out of existence.

There might be a decent game in here once you automate all the basics and get to the mid game - running your belts, power and fluids finicky voxel-block by voxel-block - but I don't think I'm ever going to get that far. The Minecraft weightless and impactless mining animation annoys me that much, nevermind all the other weirdness and UI issues. Or the tutorial bot shoving walls of surprisingly useless text up into your grill, following you around every step of the way until you figure out how to turn him off and that he's so worthless you should have turned him off almost immediately.

Game's a system resource hog that crashed on me once too.