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Release date
5 October 2022
Steam reviews score
52 (48 votes)

Bibots is a top-down shooter rogue lite set in a futuristic world. Play as Tayar, an explorer in control of a nervy robot and clear rooms filled with monsters, powers and secrets to unveil. Die, try and repeat until you face your world’s final threat.

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Bibots system requirements


  • OS: Win 7,8,10 32/64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i5+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
  • Storage: 1000 MB available space


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Windows PC
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I'd like to give a mixed review, as it's clear there is something good here, hiding underneath a few poor design decisions. But seeing as I didn't really enjoy the first 15-20 minutes of playing the game at all, I'll go with a negative review for now, until things are hopefully patched and improved.

Some things the game needs to improve on:
- Huge difficulty spike after the tutorial ends. The first room of your first run after the tutorial will almost 100% kill you, as the change in difficulty is so unexpected and unfair
- Weapons are boring and same-ish. They're usually just variations on firing speed and amount of bullets, and not even visualized much differently from each other. It's never really fun to find a new gun
- Too many weapon and grenade drops. It feels like there are like 5x too many weapons and grenades to choose from. You end up recycling everything, as there's no point in switching from one weak gun to another
- Bibot is super overpowered, but can almost never be used
- >< Please add an option to reduce it or even turn it off
- Text animations are annoyingly slow. The effect is nice, but I really just want to read the text. The animation for text appearing could easily be 2x or 3x faster
- Less enemy waves, especially in early rooms. Having 2-3 enemy waves in *every* room just gets tiresome fast. You need better pacing, so the action can build up properly
- I'm playing on 1920x1080, and the text is way too small. Should be like 1.5 or 2x bigger. I have good eyes and can read everything, but it's a chore

I hope the game keeps getting updates, because I can see it turning into something good one day. If it was Early Access, I would have high hopes. For now, and in its current state, this will be a hard pass for me though.


Damn, This game is hard. I finally beat the first boss because my bibot was lèvel 10 and I got lucky with a level 28 gun.
Second boss is insane,but I'm not surprised.
Game is enjoyable even though sometimes I wanted to throw my steam deck out the window.
I do like the combination with the chips,guns and leveling system.

It's a decent little game for 10 euros.


I beat the game within 30 minutes on my 2nd run.
There are no upgrades you can buy after a run.
No base to build.
No new abilities or guns to unlock.
It is way too easy and small for the current price. This game isn't worth 3 euro's as it is now.
Until there are unlockables or new game+, don't buy it unless you have money to spare.
The gameplay is honestly very good, but I refuse to rate a game with such low replayability with a good score.


Nice art and OST, the game is nervous, demanding and has juicy feedback. Some balancing issues, but the developers are listening and fixing it all quickly.


I don't know, I bought this game due to it having it's similarities to Gungeon. But it plays rather odd. Most weapons feel the same, does the same damage and mostly offers nothing new. Abilities was okay, but not enough to carry it. The weapons shoot extremely slowly for the most part and the highest "variation" they offer is bad aim and spread shots.

The "Lite" part of rogue-lite is almost non-existant. You do level up your robot after each run, but they are so seldom used since building up the meter takes forever. I played about 4 hours and I think I used the bot maybe 5 times. On top of that when you summon the bot it lasts maybe 10 seconds anyway.

Since the Bibot is the only thing that seems to grow stronger each run and you rarely use it, every run kinda becomes the same. The boss I encountered (and beat) on the first level was extremely spongy, if I had a bad upgrade drops I could look forward to a 3-4 minute fight to take him down.

I reserve the possibility that I simply sucked too much at the game to truly enjoy it, but if you are looking at this game... Just buy/play Enter the Gungeon instead. The thing this offers over Gungeon is perhaps higher and less rewarding difficulty, more roguelike and less roguelite.


TLDR: I felt poor and weak every single run and it never got better.

I feel like this game could be tons of fun but it needs balancing, a lot of it. I've done a handful of runs and failed every one of them, didn't even beat the first boss. The videos on the page make it look like a fast pace bullet hell with crazy nonsense builds you try to make but its so hard to that, every run I felt like I had no resources to do anything.

Every time I found the shop only once did I have enough money to do anything in it because the price of things is insane for how much money you actually get, it feels like a anti-piracy thing, 500 to upgrade a weapon when you only have 2 maybe 3 hundred after exploring every room. The first boss is a bullet sponge since its hard to up your dps since upgrading is too expensive, I fear what kind of HP late game bosses will have.

The thing that sets this game apart from other bullet roguelikes is the bot transforming, I never did it outside of the tutorial, to transform you need to fill up a meter that fills painfully slow, I was only able to fill it in one run because of a passive that sped up the fill rate, Another reviewer pointed out that it doesn't last long enough for how long it takes to fill.

Outside of balancing the biggest thing I don't like is there's no "Passives" shop (except for your bots but I never get to use it so who cares) like "better/more weapons at start" or "increased bot charge rate" things that passively make you stronger each run.

American Dung Beetle.
American Dung …

On a "surface" level this rogue-lite seems pretty okay*, I don't have any issues with the mechanics, but I do have a problem with balancing and the difficulty progression, the game being too hard or too easy because of poor design on the loot scaling, which normally I think is worthless feedback because you can always complain about balancing, but having finished the game, and the game being a rogue-lite which to me means "replay value", there are some design features that do not work in my eyes. And to be fair, it kinda depends on what guns you find, and your personal experience, but I am like, not that motivated to play it after the first few runs. Small note, I almost refunded the game because of the grain filter in the tutorial, but they don't use it during the actual run.

I think the gameplay is really good when comes to all the gun mutators and upgrades, no issues with the movement and I-frames from me, that said, I think it lacks in terms of "rogue-lite philosophy", not actually giving me a good reason to replay the game. Some people think it's hard, I think it's too easy, I need some loop mods or something else at the end. It goes a little bit deeper than that... Now, to finish the game, you have to beat 3 stages with individual boss fights, followed by several unique boss fights back to back. What I find very odd is that, there are so many upgrades that should help you deal with mobs, like all kinds of AOE effects and whatnot, but the hardest stretch of the game are the boss fights, and the bosses are somewhat immune to a lot of the gimmicks in this game.

And then the game has just math problems. You rely a lot on getting a good gun, most of them are very slow at damaging the bosses. The currency system is all over the place, it's hard to purchase anything at the shop, or even just find something good in it. There is pretty much no actual progress between the runs, you can upgrade your robot which is like a super attack, but otherwise you play with what you got, nothing for beating the game.

This game very much reminds me of Dungeon Core in terms of map features and rogue-lite elements, on that note, give yourself a cookie if you played Dungeon Core because it's at 29 reviews and nobody cares about it. For the most part, cookie-cutter design, it works, it has some risk-reward elements, you can teleport on the map, use shops, and look for chests, very much your standard rogue-lite experience. I like that the game has some extra layer of depth on it, such as using your energy meter to turn into a robot or get extra shields, having both primary and secondary weapons.


(+) I had no issues with the actual gameplay, I think the gunplay and movement are perfectly fine, aside from the first boss glitching out on me. I would say the best thing about the game is having a good variety of bullet mods, you always get some weird modifier, not just passives.

(+) Overall I think the map features are decent, you can find all kinds of events and rooms with unique elements. I probably would lower the store prices by default a bit, you really don't get many chances to actually buy or upgrade things.

(+) There are enough different layers in the game to make it a bit more complicated, you can level up, turn into a robot or use the energy for shields. Aside from constantly changing your main gun, there are a ton of sub-weapons too.


The "Progression" - now, I don't like progression in this genre, but if you do it, you might as well do it well. It seems you just upgrading your ultimate attack (the robot) and in a long run it's not a big deal, yea it helps with bosses, but it's not really progression. Maybe one generic tree for the character, just don't do like passive things, something more creative, more mods and active effects.

NoMobusAutomatus - I just made it up, it means you created most of your AOE upgrades to deal with regular enemies, but you didn't have enough stages or mob spam in the game to accommodate that. Yea you can get a ton of cool upgrades that cover the entire ***** screen, but for what, you just fight lots of bosses back to back, the few stages you do play don't have that many enemies or spam in them to really feel like you made that progress. What you should do, between those 5 boss fights, try to fit another 2 very hard stages, I mean double the number of enemies, triple if you want because you get all these upgrades that don't have anything to do. For all I care, color swap the other stages and just make it much harder, it's just not rewarding to have a strong build right now.

You could also add some types of difficulty modifiers and such. After you beat the game, say now there are 50% more mobs, and you can turn it on and off, and make like 10 of those back to back, that way if someone like me beats your game in 2 tries, I am like okay the game was too easy, but now I can just ramp it up to where it feels better. Just a thought.

Some Balance nitpicks - I think the 5% heal on dodge is toxic for the game, it just kidna puts you into a loop of healing yourself wherever you feel like it. I feel like the energy might be going up a little too fast, but maybe you could instead limit the amount of shield you could have to 5, cuz I had that crap halfway across the monitor. Maybe decrease the store prices a bit by default, it's kinda hard to buy anything to be honest, maybe -100 across the board for expensive items.

The first boss is super glitchy* and gets stuck all the time. Maybe remove that grain from the tutorial, it makes a terrible first impression.

Overall Thoughts: 7/10

I think this is a rogue-lite that has a good design but has very poor planning, if that makes sense. It's kinda fun to play it, but what exactly I am playing for, I am not really sure, the difficulty ramp is just not there, once you beat it, it's kinda whatever. So yea more than anything, I would say mix a few VERY HARD stages between those 5 boss fights (they should have a ton of mobs) so you can actually motivate the player to make those AOE builds. Either that or, just add some loop difficulty mods after completion. Would need some work, but salvageable.

Niche, obscure and underrated games: 

It pains me to leave a negative review as I saw the trailer months ago and was VERY excited to play a new Enter the Gungeon. If anything the immediate comparison hurts this game as it doesn't come close imo.

There a few things that stick out for me:

The music seems very generic and really took me out of the game. It's just laid on top and doesn't seem a part of the experience
Item collision is annoying when you have to push a gun you don't want through a corridor.
The guns are poor and lack variety - sniper rifles are utter toilet.
Immediate damage on hitting your own fire is another annoyance. A burn meter would be handy.
I don't think I even got to use the Bibot ability because it charges so slow.
I'm sure it gets easier with practice but the first boss seemed ridiculous at first glance. Tanky and doubles up when he's about to die.

Wouldn't be so upset with this on a EA release, but it's disappointing from a 1.0


The game is not like 10/10 but its still fun enough to keep me playing still need to get more gameplay to actualy get a review but so far im having fun.

Also i did a video on it cuz why not


There is honestly nothing that makes me want to keep playing.

You felt extremely weak from the beginning with no sense of progression. Guns are unaccurate and was having the hardest time ever trying to play with a controller. Your character starts at level 1 every run. When you get a level you get a powerup rather than getting powerup every room cleared. You gain level about every 4 rooms which is very challenging on its own.

Here is some footage of my attempts:

Bibots Sucks
Bibots Sucks

*******UPDATED REVIEW********


I Have played thousands of hours on Gungeon and Isaac (on different platforms) and was looking very forward to this game.

This game has the potential to be good ( not as good as Gungeon) once they fix it up.

- Guns feel Meh and all the same (apart from some rares)

Guns have been changed, however still dont feel very different, mainly innacurate and slow, only really pick up fast firing guns. starting pistol DPS got reduced by half, slow guns are just horrible

- Snipers are absolutely trash! 10 damage for like 5 seconds? how did that even get past beta

Snipers still feel really under powered for how slow they are, would not pick one up again even a legendary one.

- I literally changed my bindings to my preferred bindings before playing the game and it wouldn't automatically transfer to the game so I had to restart the game and revert settings, you cant even change controls in game

Still cant change any control settings while playing

- First floor is really difficult especially those monsters that charge you and when 2 spawn in 1 room you will be hit once or twice, also the contact damage from those guys that chase you is stupid and getting caught on random objects around the room is pretty common and frustrating

First floor boss is quite difficult, ended up beating the boss first time after update, ended up beating the entire game and also only got hit once on the 4th floor, didnt get hit by the final boss so not sure why the first boss is so difficult.

- There is no cool down on selling items so I would want to swap but mix up my buttons and accidentally sell an item instead of picking it up.

This is still frustrating, should have some small cool down on it.

- 1st boss has a lot of different attacks (not complaining as much mainly for new to franchise people coming in and playing) and has a lot of health and if you don't have Bibot you probably wont beat it, I don't want to have to be forced to use Bibot to beat every boss.

bosses still have too much health, always feel under powered so bosses just feel boring bullet sponges

- Fire damage is bullshit, take that out or at least let us dodge out of it.

this has been fixed and is better (thank you)

- Store prices are so high, can only buy 1 item a store usually.

Store prices may have been adjusted, still not quite right

- Chance to upgrade gun is bullshit, spent 1000 credits on 80% chance to upgrade a slot on my gun and it failed, this is a stupid concept that made me not want to play anymore.

This is still not a good mechanic, this shouldnt be in the game, spending all your hard earned money to upgrade your weapon shouldnt have a negative effect

I've played 3.5 hours and probably wont play again until the reviews get better.

Played over 8 hours now, beat the game, game feels empty, apart from upgrading Bibots which is dis interesting I feel like I have nothing to unlock or work towards, Probably wont play again for a while, wouldnt reccomend this game.

Wanted to add that the animation to gain a shield takes too long, I have done it a few times with enemies in the room and have been hit while doing it, unsure if this is meant to be a mechanic to stop you getting shield in the middle of a boss fight but feels like it takes too long to gain a shield.

Installing chips onto your weapons feels really buggy on mine and my friends game, had to repeatedly stuff around on that screen for too long and was frustrating, needs patching.

Still dissapointed in the game as I wanted another Gungeon rival game and the visuals look brilliant (props to your animation team) but the rest of the game falls short in most areas, has some good ideas but doesnt deliver on replayability or enjoyment.

Still Severely disappointed.


A great first game from the new indie french studio Square Squid !

- I really like the art direction
- Game feel is on point
- A lot of juice and feedback
- Many perks and weapons associations that vastly change the way you play
- The devs are friendly and responsive
- Hard but not unfair
- Very low price tag

- Currencies can be a bit confusing at first
- The menuing could be improved a bit

Can't wait for my next run !