Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous 2
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Release date
24 August 2023
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92 (7 546 votes)
88 (298 votes)

The Penitent One awakens as Blasphemous 2 joins him once again in an endless struggle against The Miracle. Dive into a perilous new world filled with mysteries and secrets to discover, and tear your way through monstrous foes that stand between you and your quest to end the cycle one and for all. 

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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: TBC
  • Graphics: TBC


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A good amount of quality of life improvements from the first. My only complaint is that there isn't a button to drop from ledges, you have to press down and jump which works but doesn't fell as good as a dedicated button.

Archer Man
Archer Man

Blasphemous took a bit different direction form first game, but it's still an atmospheric and enjoyable experience. Cutscenes are amazing by the way. And the protagonist is even more badass than before.


TL:DR Game was okay - easier than the 1st, which was a shame. Still good fun, but not as good as the Original.

Couldn't wait to play the sequel to one of my favorite games of all-time
Even pre-ordered, because I had complete faith in the devs

Wasn't "dissatisfied" with what we got, but I can only wish it matched my hopes

The game excelled in offering more movement, fluid weapon-swapping, and interesting abilities along with situations where those abilities could really shine. You feel strong by the end-game... perhaps a bit too strong.

I gotta say, it was very disappointing that once I found double-jump, the majority of the penance was over. I walked through a few more areas, beat a few bosses without much effort, and after one speed bump towards the very end, finished the game 100%

Had great NPCs and world-design. Could have use more varied execution animations. Music was again, top-tier.

Wish it had been more difficult. Wish the devs hadn't listened so attentively to the masses of folks who didn't fall in love with their first creation. Hoping DLC solves some of these issues.

Will play again after DLC comes out; maybe things will be different


One of the best games I have played all year. Love the story and the creative art that's in the game. The game-play is smooth visuals and music are great. ANY fan of Castlelvania games would LOVE this.


For those who aren't comparing it to the first: it's an amazing game. Top marks all around, with the only flaw being that contact damage is too high. I regularly listen to the soundtrack, and the artsyle is as good as it's ever been.

For those who are comparing it to the first: the combat is faster, more complex, and with a higher power level, at the cost of being much easier. And by complex, I mean the player is able to switch between three weapons, equip two spells (as opposed to one and a preset spell), and has access to the new 'Altarpiece of Favors' system, alongside everything from the first game. Blasphemous 2 loses the somewhat grounded combat of the first game in exchange for something that's a bit more standard, but still excellent. The soundtrack is perhaps easier to listen to, but not nearly as atmospheric. The world also felt much less oppressive than the original Custodia.


The Game Kitchen's evolution as a developer is evident in the sequel to Blasphemous. The rough edges have mostly been polished off though it does at times feel like the magic of the first game has partially been lost.


Blasphemous 2 is a direct upgrade to its predecessor in a few ways, the visual style is smoother, combat is more interesting than in previous innstallment and there's now multiple weapons to utilize throughout progression.
Spikes no longer kills you instantly and the new altarpiece system let you customize the penitent one to suit your style of play.

Only cons I will list is that this game is relatively shorter than its predecessor and the fact the boss encounters of this game doesn't manage to deliver the same sort of challenge that came with Blasphemous, nor are they as memorable and there is a really absurd difficulty ramp-up at the end of the game that don't really blend in with the lack of challenge from the previous ones.

The game seem to currently not have a interesting NG+ mechanic as the previous game so currently hoping for future dlc for the game.


I was not a fan of the first Blasphemous. The art and music were incredible, but it leaned too heavily into platforming without giving enough tools to make it interesting, and I didn't care much for the boss fights either.

Yet after seeing that Blasphemous 2 added several things I wanted from a 'vania I decided to give it a try, and ended up loving it. Did two playthroughs (the second so I could test out the weapon I used the least in the first playthrough, namely dual wielding the rapier and dagger) and find myself satisfied. Same great art and music with so much more interesting mechanics.


Blasphemous has been one of those games where I pick up another playthrough at least once every year. I've played the first game when it was early in development and loved everything about it, including later changes and the DLCs.
I had high expectations for Blasphemous 2 and wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I was a bit nervous seeing die-hard fans giving this one a negative review saying all of the fun parts of the first game have been removed but personally I have to disagree,

The things Blasphemous 2 did better, imo:
- less convoluted quest lines with NPCs, adding a quest marker
- MORE unique NPCs, really love the sisters, the lady that upgrades our Flasks and the Tribute transport
- much bigger map with distinctive areas and nice soundtrack (although I liked the first OST a tad more)
- a more dynamic gameplay with different weapon choices and more thrilling platforming
- map markers
- addition of altar pieces to alter and match your playstyle

What I personally miss in Blasphemous 2:
- the pixel art cutscenes - i don't mind the animated cartoon style that much but, for me, the pixel art belongs to Blasphemous
- some level designs (Sunken Cathedral, Severed Tower) were a tad too linear
- personally the plattforming could have been more difficult for me
- more collectibles (really missed the chance to collect bones and bring them back to the city)

All in all, Blasphemous 2 has been a great experience. I really love it as a prequel to the first one and I think I will have fun replaying both games individually. Personally, I don't like to think that the second game HAS to be an improval to the first one. Let's just say it's a different game that picked up the story and vibe of the first one and tried something different. For me, this is and was a lot of fun as a big fan of the franchise and genre. 10/10 would recommened Blasphemous 2 to people who loved and to people who hated the first game since it's similar but different in a lot of gameplay ascpects.


The sequel to one of my favorite games could not be better than this.
The art has improved a lot, the music is a masterpiece, the gameplay feels much more fluid and fast paced compared to the first game.
The ambients don't feel big and empty, they're dense of puzzles to solve with the help of 3 weapons, you can choose only one at the start, and that decision will drastically change the way you navigate into the map, and i find that awesome aswell, makes everyone's experience different.
Great game i recommend to every fan of metroidvanias.


Bigger and bolder, but necessarily better, Blasphemous 2 iterates on the gameplay that made the first title such a sleeper hit. There are now three weapons to vary your play style, a more robust upgrade system, and finally no more spike pits! On the downside, the Saturday Morning Cartoon animated cutscenes are a significant backwards step from the pixel art of the first, and the overall creepy alt-Catholic Spanish vibes have been tone downed somewhat, probably for the sake of accessibility. However, this is a definite recommend for fans of the first game.


Compare to the previous game, this game is improved in a lot of way.

Graphic -
Graphic is mostly the same as the prequel and I think theres's some improvement but not very obvious. Classic 2D platform graphic.

The gameplay is expand a lot, on the first game it only have one sword, and we got three diffferent type of weapon. and can suit different playstyle, also the combination of weapons to traves and open gates are really a creative mechanic. I do enjoy it. the movement also feels more smooth and more flashy. Really good improvement imo.

Area and Map design
The map design is same as last game, make sense but I feel less complicated, the first game's map is so complicated is kinda hard to know where am i and where to go. so that's a improvement to me. overall the Areas are well designed, especially the mirror city, really a rare design and it's pretty creative. the last area feels really long with no shortcuts, that's kinda annoying, but overall is pretty good.

Boss design and Enemy placement
The enemy placement are pretty good, some rooms have some crap enemy placement, like two giants with others. that feels pretty unfair and not fun. But overall is pretty decent.
Now the Boss design, oh man where do i start it. it is complicated, I would say most of bosses are well designed, but have some outliners. one of example of a good design boss are the final boss(eviteno), very comfort area, not mob summoning, just sword vs sword, very fair and reasonable fight. I would give the final 2 boss fight a 10/10. but some bosses like odon and benedict are just the opposite, one is summon mob in mid of fight and all have contact damage, other is platforming during the fight and half of the time she is at a place where you can't hit her. so mostly is well done but some bosses are annoying.

TBH I barely understand what is the first game even saying, but the second game's story is way clear and have no problem to understand. i would say is an improvement to me.

Overall i give this game a 8.2 out of 10, mainly the bad boss, some shit enemy placement and contact damage. but greatly improved than the previous game. buy it on a 20% sale is fair to me.


Blasphemous 2 is a sequel done right. It takes everything that made the first game great and expanded upon it heavily. I played through the entirety of the first game before diving into the sequel and my only real complaints regarding the original were the options for mobility and the lack of weapon variety. These issues are masterfully answered by the new weapons presented in the sequel, which both broaden the means in which you can engage combat as well as providing new means of traversal. The interconnected map is excellently tied together and while there is a range of variety I found no bosses in the game to be poorly designed. Just like the first game the setting is gripping and dripping with personality. I absolutely devoured this game when it came out, I just could not stop playing it. Blasphemous 2 is a master class not only as a modern Metroidvania but what sequels should aspire to be.


The graphics are beautiful, the sound design is crisp, the combat and exploration are fun and the music is amazing as ever. Only complaints are that the story could have been better and a few bugs.

Its not as good as the first, but i still enjoyed the game.


Better than the first game on every aspect. The music is great, the aesthetic is immersive, the puzzles are hard, combat is satisfying, the Spanish dub is the best thing that could happen to this game. I had to drop two other great games just to hurry and play this one. Overall, amazing experience.


First half is outstanding, one of the best designed and assembled 'vanias I've ever played. Take the heavy hitter when you start, the other weapons are useless; other than that, everything delighted me. Beautiful art, immersive music, fascinating (if vague) story. Back half, after Odon, is an absurdly punishing nightmare of speedbumps designed to stretch out the gameplay. If you're the kind of person who never finishes games, grab this; the first 4-6 hours are wonderful and I adored them, so you'll have fond memories.

When you hit Odon though, just give up. It's not worth eighty deaths just to see the back half of the game, which clearly got less testing - I ran into multiple egregious bugs, including one that I'm pretty sure killed Yerma despite me doing nothing to cause that. The bizarre Yerma fetch quest in question is also obvious padding - this character is clearly an 'easy mode,' so why is there a puzzle attached to 'easy mode' that you can silently fail, by doing something that isn't indicated in-game, killing the NPC? Huh?

There's no story, no interesting themes after Odon, just pointless slog through poorly designed levels (there's at least one backtrack path you can open up that's literally useless; it's easier to just go the normal route) and eventually it dumps you into a miserable gauntlet they clearly made in one weekend of crunch and never playtested. It's full of spikes, new enemies that constantly teleport and two-shot you, pixel-perfect jumping puzzles, devil-may-cry locked-door monster arenas *with holes in the floor you can get knocked into,* and zero saves. If you make the tiniest mistake you do it all over from scratch.

Seriously, everything after Odon is tangibly designed to prevent reviewers from calling this "wonderful, if short." They preferred "huge letdown and still pretty short" I guess. Is there a GOTY award for "worst disappointment"? If so, it gets my stamp of approval.


I mean, did you like Blasphemous 1? well here you have more of it but vastly improved...the mechanics, the combat, the exploration, the lore, the art, all of that is here but turned up to 11. Not even half way through and having a blast.

Alex "We Play Tomorrow" Taco
Alex "We …

Played this game straight after blasphemous 1, and had a blast with it. (currently on the very last boss, completing it soon)

There could be some patches that will fix some of the minor bugs that i played it in, however you could play this game and complete it with very few problems i'm sure.

I do not found this game incredibly difficult, because i like to grind.. I have OCD for incomplete things, such as maps, collectibles, trying to 100% achievement in one run is not possible i think? Since there's 2 possible endings. And i don't really want to replay the game until a DLC comes out or something new gameplay wise.

Bosses in this game, pretty cool, i think the second to last boss is probably one of the coolest fights i've ever been (dying a lot of times tho)

Worth the price? Yes.


Any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven.

So long have I waited, yet I am not satistified.
Game is not polished, not completed on current update. Keybord controls has a lot of issues & delays. unplayable unlike the original. Need much work, countered 4-5 major bugs (such as, vanished in 2 seperate boss area, unfinished Q animations and founts, no audio after cinematic, et cetera)

Game itself is enormous. I admire every aspect of the design ideas which are new and found them successful nonetheless it's too cheesy- wayoveeeersimple. Need variety. Kinda disturbed by new weapons except Veredicto.

Anyway, just buy it any other time. I suggest you to wait updates, skins etc... Do not buy it just now.


To the point
A marked improvement over Blasphemous 1

Good Stuff
- The spritework in game continues to deliver on the quality from 1 with the backgrounds to the NPCs and enemies, everything looks fantastic and bizarre
- The 3 weapons are very distinct and feel great to use, the option to start with your choice feels very fresh
- The combat is great and effected heavily by the aforementioned weapons, each playstyle is very distinct and keeps combat engaging
- The bosses are all centerpieces and really fantastic fights with a few exceptions and one distinct difficulty spike right at the end.
- The altar customization, which are first seemed kind of unnecessary and dumb, really open up in the midgame and you can make multiple builds that are all viable focusing on your preferred playstyle.

Bad Stuff
- Unskippable boss dialogue ( which really only effects one boss but it's still annoying to listen to the same 30 second blurb on repeat)
- This entry feels like it toned down the difficult greatly from the first as I was able to one-shot most of the bosses
- The map needs more icons for special NPCs who are in weird places outside the main hub
- Lots of palette swap older enemies from the last game to go with the admittedly cool new ones
- The story, which felt much stronger in 1, is largely absent here. There is a narrative but it feels like none of it is interconnected much.
- Ditched the pixel art cutscenes for something like looks like it was made in Flash by an AI.
- Finding the Miracle damned cherubs


Two Bosses Odon and Eviterno took the fun out of the game for me. I love a challenge but these two fights are beyond garbage.

The cut scenes/dialogue not being skippable in them makes you rage even harder. I also found some gated mob fights were harder than some of the bosses.

The only fun parts really were the exploration, using the different weapons for different puzzles and side quests. I usually find my fun in doing the 100% achievements but I'm quitting at Eviterno after hours of trying. Ruined the game.


Game has obvious audio issues among others that most people won't find until well after 2 hours into the game, and Steam of course will decline a refund. I'm sure these issues are easily fixable, which makes it seem like they're deliberately left there for this reason. Getting in touch with dev team hasn't helped anything either, and they claim they're helpless when it comes to offering a refund or any assistance, only promises that your issue has been forwarded to the team, whether they're already aware or not.


Blasphemous 2 emerges as a triumphant sequel, enhancing every aspect of its predecessor to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. The shift towards a purer Metroidvania style is a welcome change, although a touch more originality in gameplay and ability design would have been appreciated. Despite this, the game doesn't falter in execution, offering a well-balanced challenge and a more accessible experience than the first installment. The narrative continues to intrigue, weaving a cryptic yet fascinating tale that demands attention. Gameplay-wise, the transition to a more agile protagonist with precise controls and new abilities significantly enhances both combat and exploration. The level design showcases greater variety and creativity, moving away from the linear corridors of the past to offer distinct regions with unique mechanics. Weapon variety adds a refreshing dynamic to combat and exploration, each with unique properties and uses. The enemy roster is more diverse, and boss battles are a highlight, featuring intricate patterns and phases that capitalize on the protagonist's improved mobility. Graphically, the game is a feast for the eyes, with reimagined characters, detailed environments, and an art direction that beautifully pays homage to Andalusian culture. The soundtrack, once again composed by Carlos Viola, is exceptional, with catchy, flamenco-inspired tunes that perfectly complement the game's atmosphere.


Amazing atmosphere, amazing lore, amazing game feel. The resonances add so much cool depth to each of the weapons, I found myself making builds even after I 100%ed the game. I only wish they had included the Requiem Aeternam achievement from Blasphemous 1, since I ended up doing the bosses without flasks as an added challenge.

Waiting for the DLCs!


More Blasphemous, more refined than the first, more forgiving while still frustratingly challenging. More polished level design and traversal, non-linear progression structure. Skip the superstitious mumbo-jumbo, practice parrying/dodging/weapon switching/spell-casting. Bosses still feel repetitive. Wonderful art direction.



First impressions after beating it--While I have to say, that this is a sturdy and solid follow up to the first game, it is noticeably easier. This could be the addition of ability upgrades in this game, or it could be the content in general. It could also be, that when I played through the first game, there was a lot of DLC that had been added over the years.

Whatever the case: that difference in difficulty might determine how much you enjoy this sequel, relative from the first game.

Personally, I'm a little bummed that it wasn't challenging enough. I remember feeling like a champ when I finally beat some of the bosses in the first game (Isidora comes to mind). The last boss here was a TOTAL pushover. It took me two tries, and then it was over. The platforming also felt a lot easier. To clarify: the platforming in this game FEELS great, but I think the challenge was less present. Some of the most fun I had in the first game were the timed platforming challenges. Here, they're noticeably absent.

All that in mind: it's still a fantastic game. It makes a lot of improvements on the first, and comes out the gates swinging. If you were a fan of the first, you'll most likely enjoy it as well. I just wish I had gotten more of a catharsis out of beating it, like I had before.


A huge step up from the first entry, which is already a solid game. All the jankyness that was present in the first game and made it more unfair than it should is gone, and what's left is a really enjoyable Metroidvania.


I absolutely loved the first game, and the sequel did not disappoint. The visual style is beautiful, the music and ambient sounds are on point. The bosses probably could have been a little harder, but I would buy it full price again. If you enjoy metroidvania games, I would highly recommend both Blasphemous games.


For me this game is an ok successor of the first game considering the thematic, NPCs and area exploration.
Some parts are even better - for example the weapons system.

But the main 2 problems which broke my immersion are:
1. cutscenes which are not pixelated - to me this feels really disenganging since everything else is pixelated
2. bosses are much easier up until a certain one where the power spike instantly goes up for a lot. That generally wouldn't be a problem since I could learn the patterns and become better. BUT in that fight there are two unskippable cutscenes which take approximately 15 and 30 seconds - so combining that with the boss difficulty makes it not worth for me to continue playing, even though I'm near the very ending of the game

Biggus Nickus
Biggus Nickus

So gave this game a negative review.
It's a good game, but it's just barely on a level with the predecessor:

Many enemieshave been re-used from game 1
Many enemies come in 3 varieties with basically the same moveset.
No really hidden areas that are completely misable, everything is very basic.
Quests are obscure but not realla noteworthy.
No real memorable bosses compared to part one.

Everything is watered down: Every area feels the same, enemies are very predictable,
Think of Dark souls 2 when you played only Dark souls 1 before - it has nice improvements, but the whole world itself feels like a washed-out version of what it should be