Boo Party

Boo Party
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Release date
24 October 2022
Steam reviews score
94 (18 votes)

Are ghosts and monsters real? Explore a haunted mansion, find items, take photos, and prove once and for all that they are REAL and SEXY.

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Boo Party system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: 1.2ghz
  • Memory: 4 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512mb Video Memory
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


Recommended requirements are not yet specified.
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Windows PC
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A porn game with the same old school feel of Frank's Adventure and Foto Flash. You play as a guy that needs to find proof of the paranormal and have them "analyzed" by a scientist. As is tradition the pics are of lovely ladies and they all just happen to be monster chicks so a big bonus there! All of the pics are Playboy tasteful and if you want you can censor/tone down the pics to the extent that you want if you essentially want a SFW version. There are several mini-games (as is tradition) that range from great to ball breaking but with a recent update you can just skip them if that's really not what you feel like doing so there's really no way you shouldn't be able beat the game. For everything this game offers I couldn't have been happier paying $7 for it and would say that I'd have paid $10 for it. I want more games like this!

Don C
Don C

Fantastic gameplay and soundtrack, it's fun to wander around the mansion and talk to all the characters. The mini-games can be frustrating, but there's a skip option right in the options menu if you get frustrated. It reminds me a lot of the old Frank's Adventure series by Mausland. Very enjoyable.


The music is great. The sprite art is nice.

However, there are a lot of problems with this game. The mansion shouldn't completely open after the first girl. All of the items are spread too far out and it's difficult to keep track of all the rooms. A progressive unlocking of the mansion would have helped with learning the layout. The mini games are also poorly tuned. The one in the casino has sluggish controls. The gym set of mini games are too fast. I don't think losing to minigames repeatedly is a fun experience. Was there even playtesting for this?

Eebie Abby Obie
Eebie Abby Obie

This is a really fun and lighthearted exploration game, with some fun little puzzles and item collection. The characters are really charming, and the pixel art is really well done. It really feels like a throwback to games like Maniac Mansion and the like. It also features some mini-games, which were surprisingly challenging. I'm four hours into it so far and haven't completed it yet, but I've really enjoyed my time with it so far!

Song B. Lev
Song B. Lev

Enjoyable title that goes beyond just being a scavenger hunt. Fun sprites, music, and overall just a very cheerful vibe. Nothing overly explicit; if you've seen an R-Rated 80's comedy, you will be fine here.
One word of caution: what makes this beyond a scavenger hunt are the mini-games. They are action-based and may take you more than a few tries to get through.


Boo Party is a lot of fun. Basically the game play is, you walk around, read the witty dialogue, do errands, collects items, and get pictures. There are a few mini games sprinkled around in the game as well. The music is a banger, however there are only 4 songs I believe. Worry not though, each song is worth listening to and you won't get tired of the sound, at least I didn't. The pixel art is all so charming and the characters are very amusing. The artwork of the nude ladies is high quality, however, this game isn't for fapping, it's more a lewd comedy. Think something like Leisure Suit Larry.
If that all sounds like something of interest to you, I say play the game, it's fun.


This little game is pretty fun / funny and well made actually,

. . . was certain that Mario and Peach would finally have a kid, mom's hair color and dad's nose (and perversion too : )

More seriously, having fun with it - you need, for what I've played, to bring items to some ghosts / monsters in the mansion in order to make the adventure advance, and it can be tricky because the house is huge and there are a lot of "people" to talk to. The music is cringe and repetitive but suits well the overall fun vibe of the game, recalling some 16-bit era soundtracks. Graphics have a good retro look to them.

More than just a pretext to show lewd pics, this game is really charming - better than all additioned Luigi's Mansion, tremble Nintendo!! ^^"


This game has personality. Gotta love it when an adult game tries to stick out from the cookie cutter bunch. Loved all the interactions. The art was the only thing that left more to be desired. I'm more of an anime thicc waifu kind of guy.

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