CAT Interstellar: Recast

CAT Interstellar: Recast
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Release date
4 February 2022
Steam reviews score
93 (29 votes)

A short story inspired by Robert Heinlein's:The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. The first iteration in a fight for Android freedom.

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CAT Interstellar: Recast system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: 3 GHz Quad-Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1070 - 1080p@30fps
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
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CAT Interstellar: Recast

+ Good graphics
+ Nice landscapes
+ Atmospheric music
+ DOG control is okay
+ Lift and break ability
+ All the places that are not in claustrophobic corridors or caves

- Hard to hear androids
- Awkward cat control
- A lot of bugs
- Quite unstable with framerate issues
- Gets a bit monotonous to explore the same looking corridors and caves in some levels

Total Score: 6/10

Vovalia The Bluehaired
Vovalia The Bl…

This is essentially the same CAT Interstellar game but on Unreal Engine 5 with different textures and lighting. Back in the day I was very sceptical about the original and rated it negatively cause it seemed like some engine test or tech demo and not like a finished game. And I would rate this remaster the same if it was not for the next episode which is promised to be released some time in the future. I'm also quite amazed that the developer still works on this project and releases updates cause such small projects usually end up abandoned and forgotten.

So, I think this time I will give this game a positive rating, provided that we get a finished story in the future with the new episode(s). Nevertheless, 5$ for this game is too much in my opinion, so unless you really want to support the developer I recommend to purchase it with at least a 50% discount.

If you wonder what was my initial opinion on this game, here it is:

Frankly, I have strange feelings about this game. Seems like a nice indie that went all the pass from greenlight, through early access and up to complete release but at the same time seems like some crap. The developer warns that game is short, so I thought that it would be something like walking simulator with cats and space setting, but I got something strange…

No need to discuss every element in details, so in short: graphics – usual Unreal Engine 4, though if you leave the story path and decide to explore locations, you are likely to meet textures from the year of 2005. Gameplay – in this case it consists not of walking but rather hovering above the ground, though it changes nothing. Atmosphere – meh, so-so, you don’t feel like you are in space or on Mars. Music – also strange, youtube has an OST video, though I had only one composition playing during the whole game which is not even in this soundtrack.

As for the plot… Well, things are not simple at all… It seems like the developers had a complete 3-hour story and they could fit only one hour of it into the game, so they, without much thinking, just squeezed the first hour of it and released this as a complete game. The result is that the game ends when the actual interesting events start to take place. And if this was only the first episode I would compliment the game and start to wait for the continuation, but no! It is presented as a finished product, which it doesn’t seem at all. Plus, there is a nice twist at the end of the game, but in fact you are distracted from the main story and made to observe this twist, so the impression from it becomes something like: “Oh, okay…”

And it seems like I should give a negative rate to this game, and that’s actually right. But, however, the game has its pros too, the major one I consider the voiceover. Yeah, indie game, made in garage with the budget of two sandwiches has great voiceover and sound effects. I don’t know what’s the soundtrack lying on youtube but both it and the melody I had during the game are nice. The global story is also interesting but too little time is dedicated.

So, in the end we get a weak and unfinished game with decent potential. If the developers somehow will make a continuation they may create really interesting and decent game. As for now, it feels like a ripped out chunk of some story or its first episode, but not like a finished game at all.

P.S. I can’t get why the game is entitled CAT Interstellar, cause whole game we are playing as a robot named DOG and we are gonna play as kitty only at the end of the game. So, from this point of view, even the declared feline in the tittle is in very small amounts here, so buying game only to see these cute furry creatures in space also has no point.


Familiar to us CAT Interstellar from the developer Ionized Games, five years later - received an update!
The guys completely transferred the entire history of the game to a new game engine - unreal engine 5. Therefore, the visual style of the game has become many times more beautiful and realistic!
Thanks to Lumen, you will be able to see the right rays of light in the caves, plunge into darkness - if you forget to use your flashlight and enjoy the sands of Mars, under the scorching rays of the Sun!


    • + Graphics
    • + Achievements
    • + There is an in-game camera
    • + Ability to switch multiple game display modes (developer mode)


    • - Too light in some rooms, with minimal light sources.
    • - Lots of places where the player can get stuck in textures/rocks
    • - Too dark caves - lost many details of the environment
    • - The developer didn't think to give a discount to players who own the original game. Or offer the opportunity to "upgrade" - at a discount. Sadly.
    • - The game is fully consistent with the original version. So in fact you are buying a copy of an already existing game in your library (If you are the owner of CAT Interstellar 2017)

Pretty nice, short story of androids and a bot - during the terraforming of Mars. The game completely coincides with the original - the changes were made only visually.
However, you can find missing replicas that they forgot to voice.
Separately, I note the last level with the cat - the character moves terribly, and using the jump is a rather problematic task.
I recommend this project to those who want to look at Unreal Engine 5 and see if your computer can handle games on it.
The rest is a one-time game, literally for an hour and a half.


I really enjoyed this game. It looked great and ran good. Make sure to try to talk to all of the androids because their dialog is the best selling point of this game but you have to go out of your way to interact with all of them. Overall for $1 or less on sale this is worth a play through. If you want to see some game play you can check out my video below.


Get indie gem that is being pretty heavily upgraded. The first one was really interesting so I can't imagine how far they'll take this new one with the upgraded graphics and environments.


Nice update to a very cool short story! Nice visuals and great voice acting kept me engaged and eager to see what was around the next corner. Well done!


I love games that immerse you in the environment and this game does exactly that. The general dialogue gives you bits and pieces of information about the world without force feeding it. The progression of the story makes sense and the pacing isn't too difficult. Basically, you are an innocent little robot who is tasked to solve simple problems. However, by the end you are involved in so much more. This is well worth checking out!


Well worth the price. For such a small dev team, I'm impressed with all of the content. A very immersive space sci-fi game to take your mind away from all of the issues here on earth. A very interesting story line with great visuals and funny voice lines. I hear there's even a cat Easter egg in there somewhere.. Must have space sci-fi game for the price!


I got the original a while back and really enjoyed it. Turns out I enjoy this one too :)
Highly recommend exploring the surface area. There's a lot of detail in this game that's easy to overlook.


Amazing environments
Good Controls
Voice Acting is good
Developers are very responsive

It's short, like really short.

Overall, It's definitely worth the price if you like scifi games.


I only got through Chapter 3 but I was really impressed with the atmosphere in the game. I love the dialog and jokes the androids make with each other.


Like the original version, love the tech and lighting of this game.
It's a really solid walking sim with voice-acting and story.
I did have to drastically lower my graphics settings for the Recast version, seems my GTX 970 won't cut it for Unreal 5 games.


I am a big fan of the original cat interstellar, and I was excited to see the changes that occurred as it transitioned to UE5. if you like interactive short stories, you will like this game!


CAT-i review → Copy pAsTe ⭐[h]⭐[e]⭐[r]⭐[e]⭐: Refashioned = +0.5🌟 for 'unreal' DOG VII 👍


if you ever have read science fiction you should try this game.


Totally got my review wrong before. It is annoying there is no save in levels but they are fairly small and look so amazing. Totally recommend this game.


Very short but really entertaining. Fully recommended.


A short walking floating dog simulator, CAT Interstellar: Recast is inspired by the novel 'The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress' by Robert A. Heinlein.

Updated from the 2017 release CAT Interstellar, the new visuals and effects are wonderful but I'm left disappointed by the lack of the story continuation. There are some light puzzle elements, mostly exploration. The voice acting is great and effort has gone into giving NPCs a little bit of character. The game has the foundations of an interesting world being created but at the moment is somewhat hollow, with many questions unresolved.


I enjoyed playing the original CAT Interstellar that was released back in 2017, because I'm, 'sort of' obsessed with Mars. My desktop wallpapers feature images taken from various Mars missions and I tend to buy any game, or movie that features Mars. Also, the reference to Heinleins The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which was one of the first books I ever read cover to cover in almost one sitting (after my English Literature teacher initially read another of Heinleins books during our last class of the week on a Friday afternoonS, called Space Cadet); I became obessed with Science Fiction (and later Science Fantasy) books; that have had a lasting impression over my life with respect to loving anything to do with space, space travel and other planets and moons.

I loved his books, so seeing a reference in the introduction to this game saying that the book inspired this short five chapter story was basically a done deal for me; thankfully I wasn't disappointed in the original and love this Recast version, especially as the graphic has had a big ovehaul and looks so much better than the original. (see the two images I've linked too below, both taken from the same spot):

CAT Interstellar:

CAT Interstellar Recast

Also, it was 90% off when I purchased it :)

What I loved about the original; which is reflected in this remake was the ability to explore the surface of Mars. As others have mentioned, there is little to the actualy story, or for that matter, any meaningful game play, with just several tasks to complete like find some droids that disappeared down the mines and grab their data feeds; or, find the green house as well as a few others, all of which give you an achievent. Just starting one of the chapters will give you an achievement as well. Personally I thought the latter achievements just for starting a chapter were too easy; so, would you really call them achievments? I wouldn't

Also, there is little if nothing of Heinleins story reflected in this game; that said, I just loved wandering around the surface in the original game, so it was a forgone connclusion that I'd buy this remake eventually, especially as it was on a 90% off deal at the time of purchase (I bought the original for full price); and I will be buying the next iteration of this game CAT Interstellar: Episode II which is supposedly inspired by one of Heinleins other books that I read after A Moon is a Harsh Misteress, namely Starship Trooper ( I even purchased 'The Yes Album' by Yes when it was released in 1971 because one of the tracks was named Starship Trooper). Anyway, I digress too much.

If you enjoy walking sim's, or just plain exploring alien landscapes or like me you love anything to do with Mars, you can't go wrong with this reasonably priced sim' It is rather short, but for the money I paid, ( a fraction of the cost of a cup of coffee) it's a winner.

My only negative's are the view of Mars from the sky lift platform. The surface from above is very indistinct and could be so much better; otherwise graphically the game is excellent. Also, as already mentioned above the achievements are way too easy to earn and in my opinion make a mockery of the achievement scheme run by Steam

p.s. I didn't quite get the reference to A Frozen New York until the end scenes.


it was nice to relive a game from a few years ago

Cold Deck? ...
Cold Deck? ...

A short chilling exploration-focused walking simulator that has surprisingly good voice acting but doesn't tell much of a story.

If you enjoy walking around performing mostly meaningless tasks and being fed small pieces of information about the world, CAT Interstellar: Recast fills that gap. A game like this can't be too long, but I wish it went a bit deeper in the world building and story. I did like it, though.

It doesn't perform greatly, don't underestimate the system requirements.


It's simple and harmless and fun in a very basic sense... not unlike my dog. This game would be great for young kids 5 ,6, maybe 7.