Chop Goblins

Chop Goblins
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Release date
2 January 2023
Steam reviews score
98 (1 187 votes)
97 (70 votes)

Pursue the malevolent Chop Goblins through time, and foil them with devastating weapons, in this bite-sized FPS from the creator of DUSK, Iron Lung, and Squirrel Stapler

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Chop Goblins system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Processor: x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Graphics: DX10, DX11, DX12 capable.
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Sound Card: Built in
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A bite sized shooter that just doesn't offer enough interesting to justify spending an hour on versus almost any other shooter. The game is extremely basic to a fault. It's hard to talk badly about it because it's so unassuming, but I can't say I'd honestly recommend this game to anyone except for fans of the developer.


Great little game, it's probably a perfect "bite-size" distillation of it's genre, it's got a decent amount of replayable content too, in achievement hunting, finding secrets in levels, getting higher score etc, I almost want to try speedrunning with this game. My only gripe is I wish it had some more interesting movement mechanic, but I don't think the kinda crazy movement tricks is what this game goes for; great shooter though, at the price I'd say you could at least get 5 hours of fun out of it if not more; despite the game only really taking 30 minutes to an hour to beat.
Plus if not you, who will stop the chop goblins?


This game speaks to me on a personal level.

I don't usually play short games. They're either a teaser for something more, a thought experiment or someone messing around in an engine of their choosing. The ideas in them are usually not fully realized or fleshed out, so they leave something to be desired. While that's completely valid from an artistic/creative standpoint, I come out of the experience unsatisfied.

That's where Chop Goblins (or any of David's short games, really) comes in. I clocked in at 40 minutes and the whole thing felt complete. It has a simple premise and executes that really well. There are also a few things in it that would warrant a replays for some people. (Such as parrying projectiles instead of using the guns, not taking any damage or simply speedrunning it.)

David could play it safe. He could announce the next DUSK or something in a similiar vein and gain immediate attention. Instead, he gives us little slices into his creative vision with projects like Squirrel Stapler and Chop Goblins. (Iron Lung is also there, but it's closer to David's other projects in terms of tone.)

Thank you David, for giving us these fun and somewhat bizarre experiences.

10/10, would chop goblins again.


Fun little shooter. Feels good, doesn't overstay its welcome. Doesn't allow rebinding the few controls it has and forces you to have "e" as your use key like a filthy degenerate though. 0/10 great game, don't play it.

Silica gel pack
Silica gel pack

The latest and most lore heavy addition to the Szymanskiverse, Chop Goblins oozes quality.
Usually I can get through a scary experience by reminding myself "it's just a game" but Chop Goblins is a truly immersive and frightening game that doesn't let up.
At LEAST 85% of all the goblins WERE choppy.


As someone else in the review section said, at first glance this looks like a shovelware, but in reality it's a very cute satirical game that made me audibly laugh a couple of times. Pretty simple mechanics and gameplay, but it still has Szymanski's charm and level design, which means there are quite a few secrets to find in every level. It's a very short game, and that's exactly what it's advertised as, so that's not a problem.

I also want to point out how funny it is to me specifically that the female goblins are called Goblinda and attack by insulting you, since a dear friend of mine is a tiny woman with a very strong attitude and she's called Linda


Writing this review after getting all achievements. Very fun, simple mechanics and art style but very effective. There are 5 stages and several difficulties to play, even a new game plus. Lots of secrets to find and hunting the achievements are even fun to go after. I would certainly recommend this for 5 bucks, its worth every penny.


Every weapon feels satisfying, the keyboard controls are superb, and the levels are all very well made. This game is if you took Serious Sam's Aesthetic(with quite a bit of Dusk ofc), but have an enemy layout more on par with the original Quake. It's not about the amount of enemies, it's their design and placement which is the challenge of murdering your way pass these goblins. And the levels you fight them in loop and feel very satisfying to explore.

The goblins and story are adorable :> I enjoy the intermission story bits and (like Descent) tips on a new enemy. I also enjoyed and will continue enjoying returning to this game. It's simple, but with it's scoring system, streamlined controls and pacing encourages returning players to be much more aggressive and faster as they blast through Goblins.

If you love First Person Shooters, this is 100% worth your 5 dollars.


Decent little old school fps. it's pretty short (one playthrough 30-60 min) but also cheap.
Is is perfect? No. It lacks quick saves or any saving at all which is especially annoying on highest difficulty because you die pretty quickly there and if you die you have to restart the level again. So yeah, have fun dying at a boss fight then having to restart the level from the beginning. Also not being able to jump feels weird here. For some reason the game is also lacking an enemy and secret counter.

Dead Gaiko
Dead Gaiko

A quality retro shooter. Short, with only 5 levels, but intelligently designed within a straight forward framework. Buy the game.

Additional notes:

- Played the entire game using a Gamecube controller. Worked really well.
- I have developed a soft spot for the Chop Goblins and secretly wish them well.
- Where is the cheese?


10 bruhs out of 10

David cements his reputation as the Gordon Ramsey of boomer shooters even further with Chop Goblins.

What starts as a very basic gameplay vibe begins to emerge depth, albeit nothing mind-blowing but much more than you would expect from a game that costs around 5 bucks. If you like any old school FPS, youll settle right in. What I really like about this whimsical game is it allows David to let his creativity run wild and Ive heard this called the Dai Katana Remaster lmaooo, but yes, the environments are pretty darn atmospheric for such basic graphics.

The weapons you acquire ramp up til you get the games equivalent of the BFG, and baby it works great for clearing out Chop Goblins, I am a HUGE Dusk fan, so keep that in mind in my praise, but remember... if you like retro FPS and "boomer shooters" and maybe youre curious and youre looking to dip your toes in the world of Davids imagination... this is a great place to start.

10 Chops out of 10


This is a game you'll want to play if you want to just have fun shooting things. You can finish the game in maybe less than an hour if you don't care about exploration and in a few hours if you want to explore, find secrets and get all the achievements and I think for the price it's all I could ask.

The game, like others have pointed out, it's like what if Gremlins was an FPS? It starts in 1984 and from there it jumps to different places and times. The game doesn't take itself seriously and neither should you, which is not to say the gameplay is not taken seriously because the game plays great.

I only had one bug and it was a couple of times I died and I couldn't get back to the main menu, but other than that it's just a great experience if you want to have fun. I can say I chuckled at the goblins and their one liners and when the big goblins came out saying the same things, I laughed because it was so silly but it works!

So yeah, highly recommended.


I'll be real -- I haven't played any of David's other games, though I've heard an insane amount about them. I follow him on twitter, however, and as a result, I picked up this gem of a game. I mean seriously, it's like a big, beautiful, green crystal that glows. It rocks. It minerals. Good lord.

Boomer shooter, retro shooter, blah blah, whatever. Chop Goblins is fun as hell, and reminded me that more people need to focus on microprojects like this one, that just bleed passion and creativity. It's simple, it's packed with content, and it's FUN. It feels like a game, where many indie and big-budget titles feel like chores.

Pick up this big green gem, and support a creator who rocks unequivocally. Or throw it at his head in the form of a review or something, I don't know.


You want to blow through a throwback shooter campaign in an afternoon try this one out the groundwork is solid, the guns are punchy and the music is catchy

As one other guy said this may be the closest we have been to a gremlins fps

Princess BeefBurger!
Princess BeefBurger!

This game is worth every penny,there are goblins who like to chop and you can actually shoot them! And its really fun! A short game but dang a very enjoyable one.
I desire more Chop Goblins,Chop Goblins 2 Please.

Let me Be a Chop Goblin!
110/10 Grimy Gobin Goodness!

Chief Keef2689
Chief Keef2689

0/10 Could not find the cheese

But no seriously this game was a blast. Takes only about 45 minutes to play and the story makes so sense whatsoever. Yet the gameplay is so much fun. Think of it as short of a mini DLC spin off of Dusk. A great lunchbreak Steam Deck game.


Fun and short little game, but lets you shoot plenty of goblins in different forms. It´s very goofy an all the right ways. Just wish it had a jumping since I try to jump things by reflex only to remember I can´t.

The game is very short, so keep that in mind when buying it (took me a bit less then 2 hours to beat, but I also cannot aim, so I assume other people can do it faster). Fortunately it´s very cheap, so I absolutely think it´s worth the money.


A silly Serious Sam type game that doesn't outstay its welcome.

Great SFX and music
Lots of exploration and secrets to be found
Good level design in general
Every level is its own environment which keeps it fresh
Just enough weapons and enemy types

Limited options menu, no audio options or changeable settings once ingame (have to return to main menu to change anything)
Very basic gameplay. You shoot things and occasionally deflect projectiles from 1 enemy type
Maybe a little too expensive... I realise being DuskDev comes with clout and the game isn't pricey but seems too much for what it is.


DISCLAIMER: This is a full review, and NOT a first impressions review

Chop Goblins is a game developed and published by David Szymanski

The game offers some nice graphics and a nice aesthetic, although some ugly glitches here and there, it is pleasant all the same

The game does suffer with some repetitiveness at certain areas of the game but a fun game nonetheless

Chop Goblins overall, however, is a fun game to play, yet sometimes repetitive and it does get boring if being played for a long time, but is a good short FPS action game to play in short bursts!


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