Click Quest 3D

Click Quest 3D
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Release date
6 August 2021
Steam reviews score
48 (29 votes)

“CLICK QUEST 3D” is the new Click Quest, with 5 beautiful naked girls in different poses. With awesome 3D animation, this is a must play!

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Click Quest 3D system requirements


  • OS: WINDOWS® 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 Series or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 500 Series or AMD Radeon™ HD6000 Series (VRAM 1GB) or better
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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Windows PC
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    Game Name: Click Quest 3D
    Original Release: 2021-08-06
    Genre Tags: Casual, Clicker, NSFW, Nudity
    Estimated Playtime (Campaign): 30-45 minutes
    100% Achievements Playtime: 30-45 minutes
    DLC Required for 100% Achievements: No
    Multiplayer Aspect: None
    Replayability: None
    Recommended To: Achievement Hunters, Adults
    Adult Content Info: Animated Pictures, Nudity, All Females, Some Naughty Time
    Requires a patch for Adult Content: No


Click Quest 3D is a Casual Clicker game with Nudity. It is the second game in the Click Quest series.

There is no setup story for the game. The game is a generic clicker game with no away game mechanics. The game does have some buy mechanics that seem to help gain you more income over time, but only while the game is on and being played. Once a scene has been encountered it is displayed in a gallery mode on the main menu. Each scene contains 2 deviations in the animation totaling 28 animations to unlock in the gallery. The art style is 3D realistic with a slight anime feel.

The game is not complicated at all. Play time is ~30 minutes - 45 minutes to get all achievements and complete all puzzles. The game has 5 girls, each with multiple scenes each totaling 14 levels to click through.

There is NO replayability on this game as there is no end game mechanics, no map metrics to try to beat, and no engrossing story to return to. I recommend this game to anyone that is an achievement hunter, or likes access to adult content; but only when the game is on sale.


TL;DR: A clicker that isn't so much a clicker as it is a gallery for some short 3D animation loops.
+ Models are mostly good
+ Although not sure if it's intentional, the low-FPS claymation style to the animations is kinda neat
+ Some decent range to sexual acts
- Loops are very short and move faster as you click for some reason
- The hair on the models doesn't look the greatest
- A short "clicker" title that ends abruptly and doesn't let you continue with it
- Repetitive body type, basically the same model with some minor differences
- Upgrades aren't thematically aligned with the game and you can't even earn 10 of each

A clicker game featuring 28 short animation loops, Click Quest 3D is a goal-based clicker, asking you to reach a certain threshold before automatically progressing to the next scene. As you unlock scenes, they are also added to the gallery from the main menu so that you may enjoy them at your leisure. As you click and upgrade, you will also come across stars that give you a boost in money, anywhere from $100 to $1000 at most. You can also commonly come across the rainbow stars, which will send about a dozen stars at you for you to collect.

As for the lewds, you've got a good amount of lewd content in the form of short loops (maybe 3 seconds or so in length), which play in a sort of low-FPS claymation style, increasing in speed as you click, even to the point of getting kind of ridiculous-looking. The boobs during these animations have little-to-no jiggle physics, which at times given the scene and angle can look really weird. The models look relatively fine aside from the hair, except that when the blue-haired girl shows her boobs, they just clip outside of her clothing, which also doesn't look very good. I assume this is a bug, as the store page doesn't show this issue.

In terms of the actual sexual content that you do get, you get handjobs, thighjobs, cowgirl, masturbation, blowjobs, and anal. There is definitely a massive emphasis on boobs, so if you're a boob guy, it's catered a bit more towards you. Oddly enough there's no boobjob despite that, so it's a little surprising. Scene 11 features blowjob content but with emphasis on the teeth, it was an automatic "NOPE" from me. Worked very hard to get to the next scene just to avoid skin-to-shlong contact.

The 5 girls that you encounter are all relatively the same in terms of their body type, just slim and with big breasts. I'm reasonably sure that the breast size remains consistent throughout each girl as well, so really the biggest difference is going to be their hair style and eye/hair color, and maybe a slightly different shade of skin color. The hair on these girls does tend to look a little rigid, looking more like a solid lego hair piece than actual hair. Otherwise, the models look fine and if you really just like the conventionally-attractive body type, you'll enjoy what's present.

In terms of gameplay, you get 6 things to upgrade as you click. The first is a clicker, which makes sense, it upgrades your clicking ability. The rest are unimportant. It's just symbols that have no relevance or theme: heart, lightning, fire, mountains, stars... your powers combined, I am Captain Clicker! They don't really fit the theme of the game and you don't even earn enough points in the game to unlock 10 of each upgrade. At some point, around Scene 9, the game actually stopped letting me buy clicker upgrades altogether, even though I only had 10.

The bonus stars in the game which award you $100 - $1000 stars, quickly become useless. They are useful for, at most, the first few minutes of the game, but they do not scale with your money earned per second, nor do they scale with the amount of money you currently have, meaning they're mostly just an on-screen annoyance rather than a bonus.

Upon completing the final scene of the game, you're just booted back to the main menu. If you try to continue your game, you're met with the same result. There is no endless mode, which is extremely disappointing for a clicker game, which should be about slow progression and small rewards, and you don't even earn enough points to unlock 10 of each upgrade.

I would say that in terms of a clicker, this game falls flat. It's a short


It's a clicker game that have 30 minutes of content. It's worth it's asking price though, if you like the 3D models style.

It ends abruptly though, it would be nice a little extra work from the dev for an endgame / bonus.

IMO is a good improvement from the previous game.


Adult clicker game. Get enough of the auto-clickers, and you can just let the game play itself out...


The idea is there but the game seems to be rushed to be created which sucks cause this could have been a good one.


dare i say. not even worth the 1.99 i got this for.


The animations are supposed to be seductive and sexy, but it honestly looks like they're all having a seizure.


By buying this good clicker, you can make your arms muscular, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Купив этот хороший кликер,вы сможете сделать ваши руки мускулистыми,как у Арнольда Шварценеггера.


Easy achievements (20 minutes), bad game.


Ugly UI,
Ugly characters,
Ugly CG,
Ugly animation,
Ugly game.


What can i say about this? Same as Click Quest but a little longer and better art.
Very simple game, the art is ok i guess, you click the screen you get boobs.
Easy and fast achievements. (Steam still learning about the game, so no display for profile)