Craft Craft Craft!

Craft Craft Craft!
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Release date
21 July 2021
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73 (23 votes)

Craft Craft Craft! As the name suggests, you produce items and sell them to other kingdoms, whether in our own city and develop our army and fight with other countries and villages.

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A quality craft game that I enjoyed very much while playing. I liked the craft system and the battle system very much. Only when fighting with very powerful cities, the fight could be a little faster. It is a very nice game as it is. I want the second one of this game to come out and I am waiting for the producer.


Provides a large variety of craftable items with a decent progression system. Unfortunately, I lost all my progress crafting t2 Pickaxes while unable to sell them due to lack of experience. Navigating all the menus can feel a little clunky when switching between crafting, production, and selling. Other than those design issues, the game seems to offer a ton of content -of which I couldn't experience due to a bug.


There is a cap (5k) on how much you can buy at once but not how much you can sell. I got bored quickly once I got into the millions due to the buy cap.

You mostly just buy, process, craft, sell, repeat with lots and lots of clicking in between

I'll note that you can't use an auto clicker since it's disabled for this game somehow. This just makes the game tedious and super boring as you're constantly having to manually click your millions at 5k at a time. I don't know about the rest of the game, never got that far, just too much manual clicking to get there.


Really short clickfest with no real blacksmithing experience or adventure. It's a good proof of concept to show someone has programming skills and deserves a junior role on a bigger development team, but not really anything more.


This game is fun and pretty easy to play. You will wear the button out on your mouse pretty quick buying materials and selling finished items. I have two gpu's and this is the game I'm playing.


edit: Changed the review from bad to good, because the dev makes an effort and its a cheap game, not some $30 title. It's not going to magically be a good game, but I guess its decent for the money. A neutral options still doesnt exists, so Id rather not review bomb this game. You can read my previously negative review below.

Bad menu controls, no QoL. The music reminds me of another game, pretty sure its not original. Aside from this the gameplay is just VERY poorly balanced. I craft 100 T1 swords and make 100 mastery. I craft 100 T2 axes and make 100 matery. The profit is the almost same too. This is just clicking for the sake of clicking, higher tiers have no benefit.

edit after dev answer:

Sounds good, the number one thing that was annoying me: when you enter the craft menu for example you can go back with ESC. But you cannot go back to the world map with ESC. I think left click should advance menus and right click should go back one menu. Would make switching between processing mats and crafting, or crafting and buying MUCH faster. Its also much more annoying atm because the "back to world map" button sometimes is in the right bottom corner and sometimes in the left bottom corner for me.

The number two most annoying thing: I had to process material to then craft something with it. Since most crafts require 2-4 processed mats sometimes the amount didnt fit most of the time. For example if i processed 300 T2 wood and 300 T2 ores, id process 100 of them at once 3 times each. Then Id go into the craft menu and the mats would be good for 150 T2 axes. But the amount would still be set to 100, so to craft them all Id have to shift click the amount 5 times just to go back to 50 to craft the last batch. But I guess a craft all button would fix this. Instead of a craft all button it would be enough to just let the amount overflow. E.g. you can craft 55.5 items (since it shows how many you can craft) and you choose to craft 100 it should just craft the 55 items.

And I guess a craft/process all button would make processing mats quite redundent, since its just one more click and theres no benefit to NOT processing mats. At least none that I can see.

Two more things I forgot to mention:
- The "X" button on some menus doesnt work. It vanishes and the menu doesnt close.


I have to admit that i didn't expected much, but this is a surprising nice not-so-little-game.

Its a relaxing click-and-craft game with more depth than i expected for this price.

Nice nostalgic vibes, pleasant music, absolutly worth its money and good for some hours of simple, yet fun gameplay.

ü #rustysaloon
ü #rustysaloon

After the tutorial you will learn everything about game. You can do trades, craft weapons and sell them or you can build an army with them. War system is simple, trading is not my thing so I build my army and now I am trying to conquer the other cities. Good game to pass the time.


EDIT: The game was patched pretty quickly after the original review which seemed to address a lot of the issues I mentioned. Here's the new review as of October 6, 2021.

I wish I could give a neutral response but I guess this will draw more attention. I got my money's worth in time investment. Still some execution issues but the dev patched it soon after the first review so there's hope for it getting better.

100% completion within 2.5 hours. It was actually quicker since the recipes which you can unlock are super easy to get but I was able to see the whole game after this amount of time. This was my first playthrough on Easy. After the patch I was able to do a run through on Easy and then Hard with a combined time of 1.9 hours for both of those.

If you want easy achievements play on Easy, you'll accumulate rank and money quicker that way. The game feels a little too Easy to me but maybe that's because Hard mode felt more like a natural progression.

Noticeable differences between difficulties(might be more but I didn't notice it):
Hard Mode: Villages have more power, Items sell for Less, Less mastery is rewarded per item, More mastery is needed for blueprint unlocks, Army element unlocks cost more, harder to progress through mastery ranks(might be tied to total mastery points)

Core Gameplay loop: Buy raw resource, turn into craft component, craft item, sell item, repeat.

7 Tiers of Raw Resources and Armor/Weapons with 4 Tiers of Tools. There are 5 different armors, 5 different weapons and 3 different tools. Crafting a weapon/armor 5,000 times will level it up to a max of level 3. Each level gets you an additional item per craft so a level 3 item is 3x more profitable than a level 1 item. The tools feel a little lackluster because they only go to Tier 4 and they don't level up.

As of the update each Tier item has a better profit margin than the tier below it so if you're after cash you'll want to push tiers and there is no difference between selling prices in the same tier. You'll probably be looking for that item that only uses wood/cloth/ore because it's easier to mass produce. Still no incentive to craft multi resource items but maybe that'll change in the future. It's very easy to snowball your cash. Even on hard I was able to get all the starting capital by making Tier 2 Spears after spamming Tier 1 swords for mastery. It's so easy it makes the other mechanics in the game sort of moot.

Other mechanics:
Army: Make an army of T1-T7 units with 4 different unit types of the items you made. Use that army to conquer Tiered villages which will give you items every 5 minutes of that tier. You can level up the villages by spending gold and mastery points. After conquering the T1-T7 villages you can fight "Powerful Area" villages that just give gold. The major downside to all of this is every village shares the same timer. So even though there are multiple villages in the "Powerful Area", there's no point in capturing more than one. Just capture the one and upgrade it.

Related to the Army mechanic: Elemental upgrades in Blacksmith. So what I noticed is they boost the damage your army does to villages by a flat amount. At minimum it appears that value is 400, at max 4,500 with a crit doing double damage. This feels really underwhelming still. On Easy/Hard the max army is 1.12 Million strong(999 of each unit) but the hardest village you'll face is 120k, almost a tenth your strength.

To the dev: Instead of a fixed amount of damage, perhaps the damage your armies do could be a % of your total strength with the upgrades increasing that %?

Trading: You can trade with up to 7 towns. Each town is blocked until you reach a certain mastery level. Each has a limit of items they buy/sell. The limit is 1000 and is refreshed in real time. The items you can buy will be cheaper than your regular town, with the cheapest I saw was multiples of 4 while your normal prices are multiples of 10. They will also buy your crafted items. The best I saw was a T7 item for 1k vs the 320 regular sell price on Hard. The only issue is that 1,000 limit. At the end of hard just to get to the final town I crafted 250,000 T7 helms and 250,000 T7 swords. That's 2 million ore.

Note to dev: Please increase the buy cap more. I was frequently spam clicking even with the Shift key held down. It would also be super awesome to have a "Craft Max" on items like you have on the sell item/process resource.

The screenshots show some kind of quest mechanic. I didn't run into it so maybe it's a planned feature?

So yeah, it's a lot better than when I originally reviewed it but the Trade/Conquer mechanics still feel out of place/useless. For a natural feeling progression just play on Hard. I don't know about normal but easy is just... easy.


Super confusding interface....