Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense
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Release date
6 August 2021

The Ultimate Indie Tower Defense Game. Unique Maze mechanics in 18 different endless stages that gives way to infinite strategies. Make a custom team of 9 towers. With 11 different Types and 30 elementals. 46 Quintillion different combinations!! Infinite replayability!

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Cyber Defense system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel I3 3220
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7770
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Windows PC
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Honorable Pirate
Honorable Pirate

I've played a lot of Tower Defense games and this looks like a TD with a lot of depth. I've only played the first stage and after a few tries I managed to create a custom loadout and survived over 100 waves.
By getting the right combination you can get stun towers, armor piercing towers, etc.
I'm really impressed!
I still have a lot to explore and experiment.
A tip for the developer:
Currently the effect of RNG seems to be very popular among players like me who also like TDs.
Example is AutoChess and now there's a very nice new game mode in Warcraft 3 called Random Ability Tank Defense. I believe you can get a lot of inspiration from that game in case you'd like to add future updates.
My suggestion is maybe add a mode where you are dealt with different random scenarios, like random towers or enemies.
Also, I'm not sure if it's possible to upgrade towers individually. For example upgrade a Tower from level 1 to level 2. I really like that in TDs, as you get to prioritize which towers specifically you'd like to buff.
I know there are global upgrades like damage %, but not sure if there are individual tower upgrades.
Thank you for this AMAZEng game!

I'm The Guardian
I'm The Guardian

Honestly, a steal for the price. Haven't played it for long, but already charmed by the stylized design. There's a LOT of customization, more than I've seen in most tower defense games. Before you start a match, you have a set amount of resources; do you want to spend them upgrading them to one shot early opponents, at the cost of only having a small selection of towers available? Or do you want to have a number of slightly lower ranked tools, but more verity for the situation?
Either way, you can also improve your towers stats through the resources you collect during the game, so don't let the limitations at the beginning feel like you have to hold back.
Overall though, liking what I see so far!


Changing my review back to positive, as the developer fixed the issue. A lot of levels were unattainable, now they are.
So anyway, basic tower defense game, with some pros and some cons.
The biggest pro is that it works, far too many tower defense games on Steam are broken or incomplete. This one seems to be pretty solid.
The look is also a positive for me, though it will not be to everyone's tastes. It resembles the old vectrex games, for those who remember that.
The game has an interesting but limited array of foes. According to the developer, the spawner tailors the kind of attackers it generates to counter your defenses, and it does seem to have some effect.
In fact getting over 100 levels on any map isn't easy, they do get pretty strong eventually. My record was 110, and I guess that was beyond the games expected possible top level.
Controls work well, apparently you can sell towers at full price, and you can make changes while the game is paused, all good to have.
For players who like to make paths and mazes, that is what this game is all about, so bonus.
The cons for me are topped with a lack of strategic options, no player-controlled attacks that can be used when needed. Also it is odd that you do not upgrade towers individually, but en mass. Between these two, once you have completed your maze the game becomes oddly sterile, as there is no connection between where you spend your currency to improve things, and the map, it is just blanket improvements.

In general the game is pretty fun. You can have up to nine tower types eventually. All tower design is done before the level starts. The design is odd, in that you have three areas you can boost, strength, speed and range, and how you build these defines the 'element' or special power. It also makes the towers more expensive.

Not writing a guide here, I might write one up later, just giving you the basics. There is a learning curve, but not a steep one.

The bottom line is the game is a bit on the bland side, with almost no personality and zero story, but it all works, and works well. An easy thumbs up.


I left negative reviews in the past because the game originally had quite a few bugs and issues.

But, the developer continues to release patches and address issues that are discovered.

It's a fun tower defense game, I enjoy it quite a bit for the price.
Hope to see more features and maps come in the future, or for the game to be open for community mods and maps.


I asked for a refund on this.

* All the towers look the same, and the colors are similar enough that I can't tell the difference -- I'm mildly color-blind
* All tech and enemies are unlocked on the very first map, so you don't get to ramp up at all. To me, it just felt like there was nothing to keep me playing after the first (dull) map.
* The help/tutorial is clunky and full of typos.

This could be an OK game for either less money, or with a proper set of intro maps & tutorial.