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Release date
29 November 2022
Steam reviews score
84 (245 votes)
82 (17 votes)

《DEEPENING FIRE》 is a horizontal board scroll action game. You will challenge strong enemies in a lost kingdom. You can choose the best weapon, put on the armor that is most suitable for the environment, and use the inscription to kill each enemy with accurate operation.

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DEEPENING FIRE system requirements


  • OS: Windows® 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD FX-4350 / Intel® Core™ i3-3210
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ R7 260X (2GB VRAM) / NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750(2GB VRAM)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
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Got a few hours in it, and tried a couple character classes just to see how different they are, and....

It's really fun! Think Dead Cells but not as punch in the groin hard, and much more focused on block and parries than dodge rolling forever. Even better, the parries are fairly forgiving, and there are several brands you can equip that trigger off a parry. So, 5 magic missiles summoned free on each parry, or lighting your weapon on fire, or my fave: summoning a bird for awhile that will just maul anything that gets near you for a good amount of time.

So far, 3 hours in: Lovely game and totally worth the entry fee.


Huge Salt & Sanctuary vibes here. Pls Plss game Devs if you see this or other reviews WE NEED BETTER DODGING!! I'm loving the game so far but holy mother of gawd we can't dodge through enemies. This game has a dodge mechanic but it feels useless since it doesn't phase through enemies when their attacking you head on. tbh that's the BIGGEST problem so far, everything else feels fine.


Done well for what it is 7.5/10
This is a pretty solid title for early access. I'm 5 bosses in and haven't seen any metroidvania elements. I haven't gotten a base kit ability that wasn't with me at game's start. If you liked Salt and Sanctuary this is a game for you. Not as smooth as Vigil The longest night. I'm not finding it to be very difficult but I can see the difficulty spikes. This game is centered more around parry and strike than dodging and exploiting the opening. Parries are VERY forgiving, but your character is committed when that block button is pressed. If it isn't a parry that animation is locked for a full second after releasing the button. The lack of a map is annoying in a 2D title.


Sooo, this is my first review that I have ever done on Steam. I usually don't do game reviews, but I decided to do this one because I want to help the developer and the game: "Deepening Fire".

First off, let me just say this this is a well-polished, dungeon crawling RPG. It has a few rough edges, but it runs pretty well on my P.C. So, TWO thumbs-up to you, game developer!

>It runs pretty well on my PC. No lag and no freezing frame incidents.
>The leveling system and mechanics are pretty simplistic. Nothing really complicated or overexerted.
> Really cool world and enemy bosses. Each boss has a unique tie to the "realm" they are bounded in. I can tell that the game developer got A LOT of inspiration for the game from "Dark Souls".
>Cool NPCs. Not all of them play a HUGE role in the story, but that doesn't make them any least interesting.
> Getting burned. I actually like this mechanic. When your character hits a "Veracity" Level: 10, your character can get his skin burnt severely, leavening you all scarred and bloody, making you unable to wear you armor and having to rely only on your stats and your weapon to help you. This can happen in two ways: Getting burned by certain attacks from certain enemies or repeatedly dying for a certain amount of times. Really cool, puts more pressure on the player to take his/her actions seriously and be more mindful of certain attacks and actions.

> Info about the "Pasts" mechanic is pretty vague. I really don't understand this mechanic. I know that you can acquire certain rare "pasts" with how you level-up your character, and I know that you need a CERTAIN ITEM to lock those rare pasts into place with your character. I just wish I knew that ahead of time, you know? Like I got a cool past called: "DRAGON SLAYER". However, as soon as I leveled-up, I lost that title forever, with no info on how to get it back and what it did for me and my game character. I just wish and hope that there will be more info and data about this certain mechanic in the future and how it can help your character survive in "Deepening Fire".
> No maps. Yes, there is a detailed fast travel system in the game, and it is VERY helpful in getting me to places that I want to go. HOWEVER, I cannot tell you how many times in the 4 hours of game play I have with this game, that I got HOPELESSLY lost within the caverns and dungeons of this game. I just wish there was some sort of map mechanic at play here. At least to help players with not getting too lost within your dungeons and caverns.
> The wardrobe and clothing's stats are pretty simplistic and not really reliable to the character. For example, I received a cleric outfit from a silver chest after battling through a group of giant spiders and demons. Thought that it would have some pretty cool stats and help my charter in the long-run, correct? Well, turns out it only gave my a few stat points in my defense, which was good....but not great. I may sound greedy here, but it is a bit of a let down, I just wish that the outfits that you find in the actual dungeons and get after beating bosses would give you more of a leg-up in this game. Just food for thought.

Overall, "Deepening Fire" is a cool survival dungeon-crawling RPG! It has its flares and its flaws, but its really turning into a great piece of gaming. I cannot see what this game will look like in its final form, and I give my support and prayers to the game developer to making this a game that he/she will come to love and enjoy as well! Until the next review (if there is ever going to be another one), stay frosty out there ladies/gentlemen, and I wish you all the best!


I have only played for one hour, but so far this seems good. Your class changes based on what your highest attribute is, which can be kind of annoying. If vitality is your highest, the healing animation is much faster. If strength, you deal more poise/stagger damage. You can dash, even while airborne, but it doesn't seem to have iframes. This game is very heavily based on blocking. Each starting class has a unique firebrand which is activated when you parry(perfect block essentially). This is an equippable and does not change if your class changes, and you can acquire more later. The block mechanic seems to be the key to success. Firebrand strength scales with a stat called Pneuma. So far I have only used the heal over time firebrand because I wanted tankiness. Also, after parrying you deal an empowered dash attack. This game is a pretty good 2d soulslike but the lack of an iframe dodge is hard to wrap my head around.


If you liked salt&sanctuary, you are gonna enjoy this. Same sort of style and combat. Controls are nice and tight. Only thing that bothers me is I wish the dash /dodge had invincibility frames with some bosses. No way of getting on other side of certain bosses by jumping over them as to tall especially when they are attacking. Hopefully the developers can sort this out in a future update. Otherwise very enjoyable and a steal at this price.

Hagamus Maximus
Hagamus Maximus

Just wanted to post a quick positive review as I've now played the game for a few hours. I've enjoyed playing so far, but it's important to note that this game is very focused on parrying. If you really enjoy parrying, then you'll really like this game. If parrying is difficult for you or if you get bored with it after awhile, then this game might not be for you. Parrying in this game is blocking at exactly the right time.

I did make some suggestions on the Steam discussion boards that I think would allow for some broader gameplay options, and the main one is to allow dodging through enemies (i.e. there are currently no i-frames at all). Many of the more difficult enemies and all of the bosses that I've encountered so far are much larger than your character, so you cannot jump/dash over them and cannot dodge through them (or their attacks). This results in having to effectively parry their attacks or suffer the game over screen.

I will say that the game includes some unique upgrade systems that I've not seen before in the souls-like genre, and I definitely applaud the developer's creativity with the story, NPC's and overall feel of the game.

Regarding the performance, everything ran well for me at 1440p max settings on my i7 9600K / 2070 super / 32 GB Ram system, other than a few frozen screens after dying from the first couple of bosses. It only takes 20-30 seconds to get back into the game so it's not a big deal and I'm sure this will be fixed with a patch.

Considering the game was created by a solo Developer, I think it's quite an achievement and I am very happy to give this game a positive review.

Game on!



Deepening Fire Initial Thoughts - MV/Soulslike Steam EA

Minor Spoilers - Core Gameplay Mechanisms Explained

If you want to play this 100% blind, skip this. 

If you are curious about purchasing this game, this should hopefully help you. 

Deepening Fire is like S&S 1/2 meets Tails of Iron, with some HK thrown in for good measure. It is a level select-based MV/Soulslike style game with no stamina bar. You are required to fetch your soul if you die. Also, your main attack has an animation that can't be canceled out of. This applies to light & strong attacks (at least with the sword). There is also a parry mechanic that seems obligatory. If you land a perfect parry on an enemy, you are rewarded with a huge window to punish your opponent. An RPG level-up mechanism is included that also includes weight management for your armor. 

I have played through the tutorial area so far, and so far I am digging it. I got far enough to see that once you get through the tut area you will find a hub kind of like in S&S 2 where you can warp to different worlds. As this game is in EA it seems like we have access to the first 2 areas. However, there isn't really much hint of how many worlds will be released long term. 

Another thing I like is the Ark save/warp point system is reminiscent of the warp point system in Watcher Chronicles. The Arks seem to be scattered pretty generously, and you can warp from any Ark to any Ark you can access. 

I would say this is for MV/Soulslike fans of S&S 1/2, Tails of Iron, HK, Watcher Chronicles, Hunter X, etc.  

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