Dice vs Dice

Dice vs Dice
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Release date
25 August 2022
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78 (14 votes)

Roll, Roll, Roll. This is all you have and all you can. Fight the High Lord and his armies with your dice. Believe the luck you have or calculate the chances.

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Dice vs Dice system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel core i5-4210 1.7ghz
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400


Recommended requirements are not yet specified.
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Windows PC
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There is no strategy.
You have some base stats and you choose a character, then you walk through each stage until you die to the RNG. There is almost no strategy in the game besides deciding when to use a fountain to heal. On each stage you will learn to first search the whole place (which is annoying because of how slow you move) before starting to fight every enemy.

For some reason there's a progression system gating each character's base stats.
With no upgrades, you will likely die on the second stage (sometimes, even with the first stat upgrade, you can die to bad RNG on the first stage.)

In a recent run I was doing well, I found a house that offered to take one of my keys (the currency for upgrading characters out-of-game) it rolled dice and I got a 6 and it spat an item out. I did it again, rolled an 11, and the game crashed and I lost all progress.

I know the price is low but it should be even lower than it is, can't recommend this one.

tl;dr - slow pace, lack of agency, pre-run progression system requires you to grind runs you're guaranteed to fail in order to "level up" your characters.


Very Simple Rogue-like game, cute pixel art style, and simple combat. The idea is fun, but this is barely a skeleton of a game. And considering the pace of updates, i would recommend people spend money elsewhere.

Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange

This game looks promising. Visuals are cute and it has wonderful musics.
It is in early access, so there can be some minor bugs. But those don't effect the gameplay.
If you want cheap, fast-pased and fun game, this is for you.


Very cute pixel art, nice music.
Can't wait to see the rest of the story.


A promising game with cute pixel art style! Apparently the map will be enriched soon with more quests, mobs and buildings which would add more replayability to the game. Also, it would be nice if we could have more mechanics regarding our dice. Maybe a dice placement mechanic with different combos, or some other way to change the course of the combat without using our dice. Looking forward to the forthcoming updates. And lastly, beware the powerful centaurs!

Peli Pelaaja
Peli Pelaaja

I see a lot of potential in the game. I enjoy the dice throwing and having a ton of different upgrades. Couple ideas for improvement:

Making game playable with mouse.
Controller support.
Difficulty settings.

Run button to move faster.
Making the enemies walk around.
Wind animation to trees and plants.
Marine enemies on the edge of the sea.

Enemies turn to face you when fighting.
Attacking animations for enemies.

Dice ideas:
Upgrading a dice from D6 to D8.
Magic Shield that keeps the remaining shield for next turn.
Healing dice.
Poison dice that adds permanent turn damage for the current fight.


Dice vs Dice is cute little game with a lot of potential, the pixel art is charming and captivating, the mechanics are simple and fun, the music is great,

it truly has the potential to grow into something great!


Such a lovely game withe cute musics and animations.
It is a shame its not on mobile : (


Art is lovely if you are into pixels but there is barely any gameplay.

As it stands, it's just not worth the money, even as early access.


Very strange feeling when I play a game that uses my game assets :) It’s very hard for me to be objective, but I’ll try.
1) I really enjoyed the game’s design and story!
2) I really hope you spend a little more time on the design and balance of maps. ^^ Although I think it’s generation, hah!
3) Keep going. ;)


Hey there,
It's getting better with each update.
I think it will be perfect soon.
Great musics and graphics.


I like the game, quite a few bugs but for early access that's to be expected and completely fine. A few that I'd like to mention, or just feedback in general;

-Saving and reloading resets fountains, allowing healing after every fight
-Using the same method you can farm the first boss very quickly for infinite keys, a little game-breaking
-Not sure if it's a bug or not, but if you don't have a magic die the magic stat doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe remove the magic drops for characters who can't use them so that you don't get unhelpful loot
-Some items don't say anything or give stats when dropped [update: just noticed they give you an extra die]
-The places that give you loot in exchange for a key sometimes just crash the game
-You can continue leveling characters past "max" and it seems to have reset all stats to 0
-Saving a reloading after beating a boss makes the boss door unusable sometimes and won't become usable even when repeating
-Walk speed is atrocious, I did a little testing and double the current speed feels pretty nice. Just a QOL change

Overall, I love the game and there are a lot of enjoyable aspects, I just wanted to list some bugs in case the dev reads because I know it's sometimes hard to find every small bug/exploit.