Dungeon 100

Dungeon 100
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Release date
25 November 2022
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87 (1 011 votes)
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A diablo game that does not need to brush equipment and only focuses on skill sets.

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Dungeon 100 system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: 2.50GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: HD4400
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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fomo is the enemy
fomo is the enemy

Incredibly addictive game for people who like:
- Roguelikes
- Deckbuilders
- Figuring out synergies

The main problem is that the translation is bad and it's hard to understand skill descriptions / mechanics - but despite how janky the game is, it's an amazingly fun and deep game with insane build potential.


Super Fun Concept that is very much not completed or polished. It borrows the auto battler match set system with some unique summoning and combination mechanics. That said it pushed my 3070 to 75% for no reason and there is some minor speculation about crypto mining. That said I'd wait till its finished to purchase

Mister Awesomesauce
Mister Awesomesauce

This game has a lot of potential as an extremely casual idle game combined with the ability choices of a game like vampire survivors. It really isn't what i'd label a roguelike or roguelite though.

In it's current state there are features that need some real work for the game to last longer than a couple hours.

You don't really get any improvements like as in a roguelike. You go through the dungeon until you beat a boss on a level and then your character assumes the role as that dungeon boss. You are then locked out of that character class and have to start again as a different class and you have to beat your last character and move on to the next boss. When you beat that boss this character also replaces the boss and the cycle repeats.

The classes don't differ much. they get a minor bonus to their skill types but that's all.

I made a hunter character that blocks my level 50 in my dungeon that i couldn't get past not moatter what i tried. Until i created a summoner with summons that summon other summons that summon other summons etc etc.. This tanks the games framerates but i beat my level 50 toon. But now i have this summoner as my level 60 boss.

You see the problem here. You can't do anything to improve yourself aside from just making different skill choices and maybe some RNG. It's fun, it just hits a wall and stops.

I think this will get resolved with time. I can think of many ways to fix this. So yeah i got almost 8 hours out of a 12$ game and i'd say it was certainly worth it.


I would feel a lot better if this was $5 instead of $12, but, honestly, it's 100% worth the price of a movie.

This is clearly made by a single person as a passion project, but it's a pretty fun one if you enjoy auto battlers or roguelikes.


edit: So apparently the devs do listen to our responses, which is very good. I deleted my first point because the dev updated the game with the a new slider. Hopefully I will again soon.

I like the game, but giving it a negative review for now so the devs and improve on it.

A few suggestions:
1. Needs a separate slider for music and sound effect. There's only one track of music so I'd prefer to listen to my own, but I also want to hear the game effects too.
2. Allow us to keep our equipments by moving it into our hands. It makes no sense that we can only swap our hand to equipment, but not the other way around. If we bought that card, we should have the freedom to choose what to do with it.
3. The current economy can be bad. Upgrading from lvl 2 to 3 takes a long time, and that's if we skip a few rounds of buying cards. Maybe give us some ways to gain even just one extra coin in the fights as a RNG drop, like a coin we must spend or it disappears, or cards we can pick up from the ground that goes into our hands as a random drop (i.e. from a boss fight, like opening a lootbox). This would make the fights more interesting and more Diablo like.
4. There's no way to avoid dmg even with summons, since bosses tend to use large area attacks. Meaning that your summons can't draw attacks away from you because everything, including yourself, is inside the attack area. This is not a good design because the reason we have summons is so that they'd draw aggro from the caster, not to mention most of the summons don't live that long (dogs and doppelganger die in 6 secs?). IF we have to keep recasting summons, why not give summons cards a startup effect, like +10% dmg/shield for 3 secs after summon?
5. A lack of sound effects for spells. Another minor thing but buying and selling cards should have its own sound effect.
6. Maybe a personal choice, but I believe maybe some cards can have more than 2 effects? Like the Lighting Bolt should be Lightning, Projectile and Mage. This would make balancing our build more fun and allows us to mix and match more.

I'll update this review in the future. In the meanwhile, I see good potentials in this game and I hope the devs can keep working on this to make it better. This is by no means a negative review, but a hopeful one.


I think at it's core this could be a very fun game, however it's main gimmick is also it's main downfall. Every 15 floors you fight a boss and the first time you defeat a boss on any of those floors the character you currently have becomes the new boss. This means if you make a really strong build it's just super difficult or next to impossible to proceed with the other characters afterwards. It also incentivises you to not make good builds, but just kinda ok, barely good enough builds. Basically anytime you put a really strong build together and having fun you're worried you're putting a big obstacle in your way in the future.

tld;dr anti-fun main game mechanism in an otherwise good core setup for a fun game


I really like the idea and presentation here, but there's one design choice that just absolutely kills it for me. You have to fight your previous builds every 15 floors. If you happened on some really good combos early on, you're setting yourself up for failure on future runs. You can reset your save file, but then it becomes a game of making builds that are strong enough to get by, but not as strong as you can. That's just not fun.


The game is buggy as hell , I couldn't even get to be able to attack as the character decided it didnt want to move from spawn , and after it did decide to move a few meters , the mobs proceeded to be Neo from Matrix evading each and every hit my bozo of a character threw at them .


The game has a LOT of potential so much potential. However it NEEDS A LOOOOOOOOOT OF WORK

1. Cant read the cards properly, the text is going beneath the card and hidden behind "Cooldown seconds"
2. Some cards are not activating properly and the character is just hitting melee
3. The fact that i have to face my previous built-characters as boss is completely S T U P I D , it just means dont build too good build something trash that can survive and thats it. where is the challenge in this?
4. no indication if a certain skill is working properly or not with the cards that have activate left or right.

I really dont recommend it with this price that it has unless these cases have been resolved.


I like it so far. Yeah having to beat previous versions of yourself is difficult but it actually adds challenge to the game

Don't worry because there are lots of broken combos at the moment. It's difficult but not impossible to beat your max out builds

Just did a necromancer run where my rats spawned a myriad of dogs while shooting star beams down on my enemy for every pet I had alive. Basically turned a rat swarm into a pack of summoners/spell casters. Broken build? Yeah. However, I look forward to coming up with something that beats it


imo this game is not worth 12€ at all. It wasn't even that fun while I played it for little more than an hour. I think I saw every single card that exists, I got to floor 45 which is apparently farther than most other reviewers. Also getting any kind of combo going is actually super hard, I have no idea how the gameplay videos on the steampage are possible. I maxed out my card slots btw. The issue is the global cooldown, somehow it always messed with the other cards. A card has a cooldown of 2sec and yet none of the other cards trigger. At most I can really only ever get 3-4 cards to trigger before the cooldowns for 2 cards just start looping. I guess I dont get how this game is played but there isnt that much card variety, most spells are kinda the same.
Also on top of that, you kinda never want to experiment with another card during the run. Partly because of the cooldown issues, you slot a new card in and suddenly nothing works anymore because it's so hard to tell how the cooldowns interact with each other. Partly because there is no way to tell if a card is even going to be better. I dont know how much health I have, yet the card says each attack would deal 3% of my max health. Huh? How am I supposed to know if that is good? Also there are very few cards to increase health, it's basically super hard to get a build going.

I just went with 1 curse/warcry spell + 1 pretty basic missile/slam attack and then just add shield growth spells later which constantly keep me alive easily. Not because I wanted to, but the curse/warcry spells always have ~6sec cooldown and then you can do your basic missile slam which has 2sec or 0sec cooldown and the rest is auras. At most you can add a summon on the far left because those have ~10sec cooldowns so they dont interfere and still trigger correctly.

But my overall point is that this is definitely not worth 12€.
Also warning: this is btw an auto battler. They should really add that to the steam tags because I thought I was going to fight cool battles but you really just watch your little guy autobattle the same exact 3 types of tiny monster groups again and again. On every level, it's practically identical. Not that it matters, you cant do anything anyway. The bosses also seem to just be hp sponges, not sure where the hook here is supposed to be.
Basically: The core gameplay loop is not good enough, the cards dont combo well together, the shared global cooldown is weird and sometimes doesn't even make sense why the other spells dont procc when the ones on the left are actually on cooldown currently. Many card descriptions are also hard to comprehend whether the card is going to be any good. Most high tier cards sound kinda crappy if you think about them a little bit compared to the basic combo I got going. Not that you would ever try using them during a good run because you don't want to risk ruining your cooldown mix somehow and then you die for no good reason at all.

Btw I was able to easily beat my former self on every run, so that wasn't an issue for me at all. I have no idea how some people play this game for 10h+ hours. You are maxxed out on cards at some point, what else would you be buying or doing? there is nothing to do.


While the game has an interesting and novel concept, it actively works against itself.

Every time you reach a new 15 floor milestone, your run ends, and your current character becomes the boss that you must now kill to reach the next 15 floors.

The problems with this are two-fold: One, it disincentivizes powerful builds. If you get on a roll, rather than being able to enjoy the good run, you're worried that now you'll create an insurmountable gate preventing you from continuing further in the future. Second is that the game is class-based, but each time a character becomes a boss, that class is locked out.

Add on poor optimization, extremely rough translation, and poor formatting that makes some cards literally unreadable; Dungeon 100 is a novel pass.


Sadly i'm kinda hard stuck in this, because my previous build was too good and I can't kill it.. kinda sad rn...

Would only recommend, if they fix that, because IT IS really fun to build op builds, but there is no way to beat them yourself after...


My feelings are mixed, but lean positive.

I don't want to rate this game poorly, because I do recommend the game, but perhaps not right now.
The game has a lot of flaws, and I am uncertain just how much they are going to be polished.

Let me break this game down for you, for those who want to know and aren't sure on buying.

If you've played hearthstone battlegrounds, you're 80% of the way to knowing how the game works.

First things first, you pick a class. These classes all get a +1 to a single skill. What skill? I'll explain that when I get to cards.

Once you do that, you see a shop and you have 4 coins.
It takes 3 to buy a card, 1 to reroll, you can freeze the cards so the cards don't change by next wave if there's something you like and you can't afford.
Every time you beat a stage, the shop gains 1 exp and eventually levels up. You can also spend 4 coins to give it 4 exp (4 stages worth.)
Leveling up a shop gives you access to higher tier cards, more cards, gives you +1 more gold to spend for each level and gives you +1 more cards you can use.

Now, cards themselves have a function they do, and to explain that would be to explain every card so I won't. Just know it goes from as basic to a fireball that shoots a fireball, to as complex as "Passive buff which spawns a random card when you lose all of your shield"

Each card also has a left and right buff. For example: A lightning bolt card has Shaman and Electric
Each Buff has 3 tiers, requiring a certain amount of cards with that buff to hit the threshold before you gain benefits.
For example: Lightning has a buff at 2 4 7, At 2 you gain 1 additional bounce when something would bounce, at 4 you gain 3 and at 7 you gain 8 (I think).

Therefore, deckbuilding not only revolves around synergy with how they function but also what skills they bring to the table.

There's a lot more that's also either not explained well or was done so fast that I missed it, but from here you basically just mix and match your cards.

The game from here plays itself, using your cards from left to right. If a card on the left has a 0 second cooldown and the card on the right has a 5 second cooldown and you have no way of chaining these together, your character can and WILL spam the 0 second cooldown while ignoring the one on the right because the left card is always off cooldown.

Now, this sounds like a lot of fun, but here's where the gimmick comes in.

This game punishes you for having fun.

When you play a roguelike, and you get a god run, you feel good. It's supposed to feel good, your luck helped you out and you get far enough to possibly win!

NOT in this game, you don't.

The game itself has 100 floors. Every 15 levels, you fight a Dragon Boss. When you beat the Dragon boss, you die... and become the boss floor. This character then becomes LOCKED and you cannot play them anymore.

Also, when you reach stage 15 with your next character you no longer fight the basic boss that was there... but you fight your old build. The one you used to beat the previous boss. Exactly as you fought the previous boss. Once you beat your OLD BUILD can you move onto the next 15 floors to fight another dragon boss to die and become the boss for THAT floor.

So, if you had a god run and had a really overpowered build... you better hope you can do equal or better next time.

Because of this system you feel literally punished for winning, rather than exhilarated. This is a huge problem, because the other characters you get to play don't get stronger. You just have to be better and form a build that's strong enough to take on EVERY build you have created up until that point. Plus, you have to select which character you think could give you the best edge LAST because once you win with a class you can't do it again.

This. Is. Horrible.

It's a punishing system where you never gain anything. If this was a rogueLITE where you fell forward you'd feel like you could surpass your old OP build that you gained by sheer luck by simply chipping at stone. Here? You have to beat your old luck with new luck.

However... it's also kind of badass!

You literally see your old builds when you get to a boss and it feels amazing when you STOMP your old build. When you are doing so well that your old build that you did well with can do NOTHING to stop you.

The game also has amazing interactions to the point where it's almost like a wand in Noita. By simply moving a card one to the left or right, or swapping the place of two cards so one gains the benefit and the other doesn't, you can make your build go from functional to busted, or from godly powerful to literally can't play a single card. It's super interesting, and it allowed for a lot of replay value because there's a lot of different builds that work in very different ways.

TL;DR The game's main gimmick is beating your old build, and locking out the characters you beat the game with until you finish the whole thing. This is very cool, but also very punishing and feels like you're being spit on for doing well rather than congratulated and rewarded. While this can feel insulting, there's something about seeing your old character as a boss, and fighting that build you used to get there, and getting killed by it or killing it so hard that it never had time to pop off that feels like a reward in and of itself.

The translations are also bad, and the cards spill off the page a lot and some just don't make sense and it makes it hard to know how interactions work without testing it.

I feel like you can get your money's worth, but I feel like this game is worth more like 8 dollars; however, the difference between 8 and 12 is like 2 vending machines worth of soda so I'd say buy it if this type of game interest you. I lost a good couple of hours, but I also feel like the game needs to grow a bit more. It has a lot of potential, but you can feel its growing pains.



So I'm adventuring through this dungeon, staff in hand, and every second a rat is stumbling out of my dress to attack my enemies. But, those rats also have rats falling out of their fur, to attack as well. I suddenly summon 20 dogs around me, and as they start charging at my enemies I eat them turning in to a colossal demon. as the rats continue to fall I watch with glee as the monsters of the dungeon are slain.

I've heard of another adventurer who came this way, and it seems like he is up ahead. as I approach he seems to have been corrupted by the power of the dungeon. No worries, I'll summon some dogs and eat them to become a demon... ez pz...
suddenly he duplicates, there are four of him... they all have an aura of fire around them. My rats are exploding. Fire storms are blasting at me and burning my rats in the process. it's all over.

I really enjoy this game. it's got a fair number of ways you can choose to build, and I enjoy that you get to see builds going head to head. There are definitely issues with the design, and I've had to delete my save and start again to try out other builds, when one boss became too much of an obstacle to try and beat, but I enjoy the core gameplay.


This game is fun in the beginning, but you start to see the cracks after a few hours of playtime. There is a mechanic where when you beat the dungeon boss, the run is over and your current character is now the dungeon boss. This disincentives creating strong characters and combos because to progress you will now need to beat your former characters. Many of the characters are useless and just make it harder to get a good run. This makes progression trend even worse towards almost impossible odds as when you complete a run successfully, characters are removed from the available pool of characters to chose from.

I hope this game continues to improve as the core dungeon diving/auto-battler mechanics are fun, and some of the skill combos have impressive synergy.


The game cannot handle some of my build and became every laggy meanwhile my gpu and cpu not even 50%. They do not issue a refund because of this issue. Just very poor performance but i see potential if they use a different game engine.


Great game with a serious problem. Without access to the same classes again you can literally make an unkillable god-tier build that you can NEVER beat no matter what you do. You need a descaling mechanic for the bosses that are from our characters. Not much, maybe a 10% debuff to stats or something, but at this rate i can't beat the game with 3 of the classes because there is just no way to beat my last build. The only other note is the translations are font size on the cards need to be fixed. Even with these problems the game is a good 8/10. Hopefully if they fix these issues!


The whole fun of this kind of game is to find the best possible build. In this game you then have to fight against this optimized build. This just removes all fun from the game, and tbh. it just feels lazy. The developers should have made progressively more difficult bosses, preferably proceduraly generated, so progression feels natural. Instead you get a situation where every 15'th floor is almost impossible, and every other floor is a non issue.

Also the trading/upgrade screen is incredibly stupid. You get a set amount of coins (4+lvl), cards cost 3, upgrade cost 4, reroll 1. You can't save money, you can only freeze all cards.
This all means that in most situations you will be unable to use all until you are at least getting 7 income each turn (9 is max)

I think it's a great idea of a game, but execution falls flat at the moment.


In contrast to the top critical comments, I actually love the idea of having to try and out-whit my last build. I'm keeping a save for my first attempt to continue going back and trying to beat 3 broken bosses in a row(all toward floor 70). I keep saying and thinking "There's no way I'm going to be able to beat that" and then end up beating it after a few hours of tinkering and head scratching. It's fun, fast paced, and way too easy to lose a nights sleep to.

Can absolutely use some visual updates and there are a few cards that are meant to give you +1 to a class that some times don't trigger.
As generous as the possibilities seem to be with the imbue card, I wish some things worked a bit better. Like summoning a totem with the card to it's right within the 2-3 card range of imbue.

Can't wait to see how this game develops. Vampire Survivors felt like the best game I'd ever purchased for $3, this could join that same club at $5 but almost didn't pick up the game due to the price tag.

8.5/10 with room to move either direction


Fun, challenging, medium complexity experimentation. After beating the game, I think there's still plenty of builds I didn't try the first time around and could do a replay sometime.

It's easy to get overpowered and then it becomes impossible to defeat all your past characters. It's important to weaken these characters just before the dragon bosses, either by keeping weaker replacement cards in your hand til that time, or by re-arranging your cast order to make some of your cards unused. Leverage your Revives to make multiple attempts against the dragon bosses, slightly increasing your strength on each attempt. In the late game, keep in mind that you can put multiple copies of legendary high-tier cards in your build to get your synergies perfect and your Level extremely high.


Contrary to other reviews, the mechanic of becoming your own bosses is one of the things that's made this game so engaging for me - such a beautiful method of self- competition. Knowing that such characters as 'the fire bear' and 'the insane flying sword guy' await me at specific levels has been a lot of both the strategy and the narrative for me :)
If you like autobattlers, and super complicated build trees, I would highly recommend this game.


A nice time-waster for multitasking - only a mouse and left click are needed. There are no timers or fast reflexes, play at your own pace! However, I'd suggest using a PC stronger than their suggested toaster specs, as it struggles to hold 144 FPS on my decently specced Ryzen 5650/Nvidia 3070 setup.

Rules summary:

You start with 4 gold each room, with no banking/interest, spend it or lose it. Cards always cost 3g to buy and sell for 1g, regardless of their level or upgrade status. Once a card is put into play, it can only leave play through tripling (third card to your hand) or through selling. You can have a number of cards in play equal to your current starting gold, which goes up by one each time your player levels up. This exp meter is shown at the top center of the screen, goes up by 1/floor passively, and goes up by 4 each time you pay 4g with the arrow button in the shop. The ice button locks a shop in for next floor.

Get three of the same card and it'll upgrade, get three of that upgraded card to upgrade it a second time (max). When you put a single-upgraded card into play, you get a single bonus card selection consisting of three cards of your level+1 rarity or a basic version of the card you upgraded. When you put a double-upgraded card into play, its similar, but the cards to choose from come single-upgraded, and they too give a bonus if put into play.

Cards that you have in play contribute their rarity (star count) towards your character's raw stats, and the star count is doubled/tripled if upgraded once/twice.

Enemies on normal floors exist mainly to ensure that you're not overly greedy in ramping your exp up. Every 15 floors, fight a boss and if it was your first time killing that boss, your build becomes the new boss for that floor. This creates a scaling challenge where you know what's coming, but have to weave in tech cards for your build to make sure your newer runs can defeat all of the older bosses.

I haven't cleared my first full run yet, but I'm a few bosses deep and having fun. That's enough for a positive review, though I'll update if needed.


This is a pretty good game. Only problem is I beat the 15th level on my first run thinking I had a powerful build but on my second run I made a character that is absolutely broken and I know I'll never beat level 30 now. Good job there is a dungeon reset. I don't know if it has a huge amount of replay-ability but if you are looking for a decent solo player auto chess game with a difference this is pretty good as it has interesting potential builds.


Edit 2:
Wish (a lot of times) I had a "neutral" score.
Game is fun, but the issue mentioned below is pretty obnoxious.
Also the translation is not good enough. It's not even about the little funny typos, it's just that 75% of the time you don't have a single idea of what does synergize and what doesn't because keywords are beyond inconsistent.

Fixed it by changing OS region/format to Chinese, but that's a pretty dumb inconvenience that should be fixed.

Does not work.
Huge character, flickering screen, screen spammed with "miss".
Something is wrong with the game.


Auto-battler with Diablo-esque feel.

Definitely worth the money if you enjoy synergy based games.

Highly recommend. Still a new game so some glitches others complaining about that I haven't encountered, some translation issues, not gamebreaking.

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