Everdine - A Lost Girl's Tale

Everdine - A Lost Girl's Tale
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Release date
18 November 2022
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86 (15 votes)

Everdine finds herself lost in a forest of eternal twilight. Help her gather the needed ingredients to perform a magic ritual to escape before the dangers of these woods devour poor Everdine. ~ An atmospheric, fairy tale vibes RPG Maker horror adventure.

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Just beat Ending 1. This game has really beautiful art and I love the character designs. I feel like sometimes puzzles had too simple of solutions (like there was the whole cave maze of evil pixies, but I quickly found a way I could get straight to the red crystals with just a couple pauses). And some story things feel like guesswork; I only found a flashback because I forgot where an exit was an was wandering around aimlessly. It makes me hesitant to seek out the other endings when I have no idea where the pieces are. But I really liked the characters and the atmosphere, and I would like to return eventually to find the rest of the endings. A well-done indie game.


I'm not one usually for rpg maker games, but this one had a lot of love put into it!
Wonderful ambience, a lot of substance, good pacing
Music well placed, artstyle is unique, all in all well made game!

Just some minor critique, the footsteps frequency was a little tedious, would love an option to set less steps played per tile


The whole game is very cute. The advantage is, of course, the graphic style, which is very refined. The story itself is very interesting, but there are some holes in the plot.
Like where did this world come from, even before the hunter was in it. Maybe more flashbacks with the queen and her brother to explain their changing relationship. The idea of flashbacks was interesting, but I miss something like "going back in time" and experiencing it from a character's point of view. I'm also curious what will happen to this world after Everdin's departure, will the queen continue to drag people in and murder them? I miss some explanations about these things, of course the game is also sometimes about figuring out what's going on, but I think it would make the game even more interesting.
I also think that the game has a lot of potential to be developed even with some DLC.
I'm talking about the castle garden locations here, we have 4 gates there, of which we can only open one to get the achievement. Personally, I feel annoyed that I can't open the others and see what puzzles may be behind them. That alone makes me wonder why the other 3 gates are in the game. Especially the one at the bottom, which is basically a separate map that the creator wouldn't have to do. It feels like there's more to come, but the developer changed his mind, which makes me think the game is unfinished.
The achievements themselves are easy to collect if you're lucky. The endings are also easy to collect, personally it hurts me that there are 4 and they are all very similar, I think they could be expanded more.
But I rate the whole game very positively, it's fun to play and relax in your free time, it would be a plus to add some galleries for illustrations, because the graphics in this game are beautiful and during flashbacks the images pass too quickly, especially the one from the "fragments" achievement. I don't have time to assimilate what exactly I see, while I like to browse through pretty pictures. :C


I never played an RPG-Maker game before, thought those were all about grinding XP in turn-based battles, but apparently you can also tell beautiful stories with it. This is one of those, an eerie Fairy Tale with equally cute and haunting vibes, plus some rather light horror moments.
Has a nice philosophy, that you have a clear objective which you have to work towards, but everything else, learning about the world and it's sad background story, is up to you. Just be curious and keep your eyes open!
It even has multiple Endings: after my first playthrough I loaded a recent savegame and explored a little bit more, and got awarded another Ending.
Be prepared for some Chase Events, though, which can get you killed multiple times in the row, but once you got your route figured out, you shouldn't have much problem with them. The puzzle elements are light, but have some thought put into them, making you feel smart, once figuring out the solution.
Also nothing but positive things to say about the music and visual design (atmospheric Anime Style Intermission Screens); they are all very well done.


First, I would like to say the art and the atmosphere of the game. Each illustration, the sprite and the environment are all spectacular. Despite the nice maps, not many of the maps had much to do in them and then there are other that are too big. The plot revelations were interesting as well, but the lack of foreshadowing made the moment lack any punch. The gameplay loop is decent. You didn't reveal very much information about the characters so it was hard to form a connection with the character. This game started out promising but the lack of information really hinders my enjoyment of the game.


Everdine has great music and visuals. The gameplay for the most part is in line with other RPG Maker experiences, featuring a combination of puzzle solving and running for your life. I would say it's somewhat mislabeled as "Horror". It's not particularly scary, and I might better describe it as a thriller or fantasy adventure. In that role, I think it performs well. The game has a variety of interesting environments that mesh well with its visual aesthetic.

Its strengths being said, I think the game falls short of its potential towards the end. Most of the characters don't play into any of the endings. In fact, our main character and one other are pretty much the only ones with any direct influence on the endings. Many interesting characters are therefore left without satisfying resolutions, and we are left to wonder what became of them and how they reacted to the choices of our characters--particularly in Ending 4 which is the only ending that significantly deviates.

While adjusting the content towards the end would've made for a more satisfying experience, on the whole Everdine was enjoyable and worthwhile for any lover of story-based RPG Maker titles.


Plays similarly to the 2 other horror/puzzle RPG Maker games I've played, but definitely stands out with's it's great visuals, situational sound effects, and I like the small detail of the birds on the map that fly away when you approach them, and some other small gameplay features. I have yet to finish the game completely, but can definitely say it's worth it.

The only issues I've had is the fact that my computer is too trash to properly run this game, and the lack of a dialogue/cutscene skip button for when I die a lot in a certain spot.



This game was absolutely lovely, and a charming way to spend any amount of time. Whether solving puzzles, deciphering backstory through cleverly integrated environmental clues, or humming along to the subtle and haunting melodies of the forest, Everdine has it all.

As expected of this developer, the artwork is stunning, well executed, and does an amazing job pulling you into this fantastical world of magic and mystery. The concept is straight forward, though immersive enough to be thoroughly enjoyable. The characters are whimsical and fun, but an underlying feeling of tragedy and melancholy carries throughout, weaving itself seamlessly through the adventure as you continue on your way.

All in all, I enjoyed this game quite a bit, and while I personally preferred one particular ending, the fact that there are several is a great incentive to come back and relive the beauty of this game again. Wonderfully done, and flawlessly delivered. I personally can't wait to see what Starlit Castle comes out with next! :)

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