Flight 74

Flight 74
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Release date
26 August 2022
Steam reviews score
80 (15 votes)

Do you have what it takes to survive and become the ultimate pilot? Experience a new genre of VR Flight Simulator, exclusively for the Oculus Rift & Oculus Quest (with link cable). Run missions for the South American Cartel and prove your worthiness.

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Flight 74 system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel-i5-4590
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
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Windows PC
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Don't waste your money. No positives about this game at all.


For some unknown reason steam is not allowing me to post a review of this game so i will leave it here.

This game is very missleading when your reading about it.

- Realistic flight physics
- Interactive cockpit. Flip switches, press buttons, manipulate levers
- Incredible graphics and details that squeeze every ounce of VR power out of the Rift, Rift S, or Quest

The actual features
- Realistic flight physics - This game has basic flight physics. They are not realistic at all being as I am a pilot of 12 year i will say they are arcade style physics.

Interactive cockpit. Flip switches, press buttons, manipulate levers. There are 2 thinks you actually use your hands for, the yoke and the throttle and the throttle is janky. its not user friendly when sitting in a chair to increase or decrease throttle. all other switches which there are about 12, you look at and hit the A button on your contoller to activate.

Incredible graphics - Granted this is VR but still barebones basic graphics presented to you.

The game is very basic and very arcadey. Might make a good entry level flight sim for some but there is nothing special about this game.

To the Devs.

i wanted to like your game as i love flying in my free time when im not flying helicopters for work but your game and its discription are very misleading. MOve your switches to actrually be flipped with the hands not the eyes, fix your minimap to resemble and actual aviation map, and the screens for your flight instruments need a major overhaul.

At this time i did refund the game.


Considering this is currently on pre-release and the devs have posted their update schedule which includes many new missions and features, I think this flight sim has a lot of promise!

I’m already loving the freedom of the cockpit controls as it really feels like I’m flying the plane like I would in real life. I really like that ALL of the interactions in the cockpit are controlled by touch so I’m grabbing the control wheel, moving the throttle, flaps and landing gear and for good measure I’m even flicking the engine switches and pressing buttons!

I thought the game actually looked better at runtime than in the screenshots although in honesty there is some room for improvement there.

Also, the drama with the cartel is definitely an interesting and unique twist for this kind of game! I hope the devs continue to update this in the coming months! :)


The game is fun so far, but don't expect physics or controls to be realistic,

I flight planes in real life so I know what I can expect to feel like real, for a game like this I do not expect it to simulate all the complex physics that develop in real flight, this is more like an arcade game so that is fine,

also don't expect a G1000, check the screenshots of the cockpit,

it is currently in development so I'm sure many things will be improved along the way. Graphics are nice enough to be immersive and have fun.


So at a glance, this looks alright and I have some hopes for the future. But sadly at the moment it has issues with tracking, and missions at times I will clearly complete them but will still register as a fail for what I cannot discern is any good reason. No feedback as to why I failed whatsoever.


Firstly STEAM and this game need to update the compatible headsets. This have works on Quest 2 for sure... Most Rift games do... Second I'm rocking a 3080, and there are occasional studders. I can't max out the graphics. At very nearly max they aren't any MSF 2020. Some reviews talk about changing things with your eyes plus the "A" button. May be possible, but so far I've been able to touch everything I thought should be interactive. The controls feel somewhat arcade like. There is no rudder that I've found, and my guess is that auto-rudder equals arcade feeling video game. The grip button alone doesn't grab the yolk, you have to use the trigger and the grip, this is a bit tiring, and I don't know why they did it... Would have been nice to know before I crashed over and over because my hands went right through the yolk. They have you fly through hoops that don't appear very quickly leaving you on a timed mission with no idea where to go until you may already be going the wrong way... Overall the voice acting didn't bother me. It could be better, but what couldn't... Send y fine to me. The controls don't have some weird impossible to find and correct trim setting line X-plane 11 VR does and so the flight element while not fully realistic, at least is pleasant. The directions are down right bad on the bombing mission. When it says to use the targeting screen the GPS should immediately become a targeting screen. Also you can't skip the intro videos, so you can be 2 seconds from a fully complete mission 500 times and you will have to watch the mission videos 500 times... The timelines get really aggressive really fast, and I think this should be stepped a bit. Overall, despite everything listed above I'm having fun. This has me wondering if the voice in hearing is Chris Demarais, from BlackBoxDown or not... Anyway, I'd like to see this as it will be when finished. When done is like to see them make a game like the Android game Flight Simulator 2018, which simulates working your way up as an airline pilot... There are several games like that, but all of them pay to play on some level... It would be awesome to see a real publisher make a have like that in VR. Right now this is about as close as we get (at least natively having VR support). Also this did run reasonably well on my previous system with a 1660 super even though my 3080 doesn't like 100 percent trees... With that says 100 percent trees was a lot of trees lol. Over all fun game from a publisher I have extraordinarily high hopes from.


A very fun game with an interesting story and very good voice acting. The game is made in unreal engine but the graphics are actually good plus it runs also very well surprisingly as I am sitting with a budget gaming pc. The game-play is fun with some unique twists now and then and the design of the cockpit is very great also. For an early access game it very well done and is also cheap so I would defiantly recommend this game


Stunning game. I loved every single moment of this. Although this in it's pre release stage i absolutely love it. Infact it is one of my favourite vr games. From the immersion to the graphics it is superb. The handling is really well and i love the plot line to the campaign mode. The graphics are amazing for a pre release vr game. The texture of the sky, mountain, trees up above are amazing. I am not running on a high end pc (1650, ryzen 5) and my game ran perfectly. If you are looking for a flight, story, immersive vr game this is the game. Controls are really easy and i love how the cockpit is interactive.

I rate this game a 5/5 and is a must buy.


Rather then simulator, it feels more like a game with story to it. for an early access game it is well made with great detail of the cockpit. Also the voice acting is superb.


This is what VR is missing, especially the Oculus and Oculus store. It's a great and unique twist on flying planes. It makes use of VR stuff that you won't find in other flight games, VR or otherwise. My personal favorite is the handgun and sunglasses. The sunglasses actually work! The Mob storyline and twist is pretty cool. VR is made for flight games and this is one of the best, so far at least


Flight 74 has been quite enjoyable to play so far, not only do the missions require you to perform evasive manoeuvres and crazy tasks, but the whole game has been made to a high standard. The controls and feel for the game are excellent, there's a lot of haptic feedback in the controllers, and despite being mostly seated in the plane, I didn't once feel motion sick. This is a big plus for me as I was using an Oculus Quest 2 with a cable to play this game, and a lot of times I get motion sick easily from using the headset.

The only downside to this game is the graphics, however, I believe this to be down to the limited resolution of my headset and graphics settings to be on equivalent-to-medium. If I was able to run the game on full settings, I'm certain that it would look excellent (as can be seen in the game's screenshots).

I highly recommend anyone to try this game, it's a lot of fun and a unique VR experience for any age group.


There need to be more games like this for VR. It's a bit of GTA meets Flight Simulator. Ok, it's not quite as crazy as that, but it's close. I applaud the developers on the theme and story of the game, there's nothing quite like it. The objects in the cockpit are an awesome touch as well! I just unlocked the revolver, pretty cool.

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