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Forza Motorsport
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Release date
10 October 2023
Steam reviews score
38 (4 354 votes)
45 (1 011 votes)

Out-build the competition in the all-new career. Race your friends in adjudicated multiplayer events. Compete in over 500 cars on world-famous tracks with cutting edge AI, advanced physics, and tire and fuel strategy.

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Forza Motorsport system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 version 15063.0 or higher
  • Processor: TBD
  • Graphics: TBD
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Mid, the handling feels good but nothing remedies the fact that they use car upgrades as a way to make your playtime longer because you have to spend time instead of credits to upgrade them.

online is a shitshow most of the time and 70€ is a schizophrenic price to ask for a game that is Not built from the ground up as they said and most of the time is broken. Can't go 10 minutes without a bug

Will rebuy when it's on sale for 30€ or less, it just isn't worth more in this state


Yes its another forza game yes the car progression sucks but its something different and it makes you invest time into it. other than that if you can get around the fact its takes 3 hours for a car to get max level its a great game


Developers have continued to ignore the underlying issues with the game despite numerous attempts from their community to draw attention to them. These problems contribute to an overall product that is quite literally unplayable. Problems include missing or disappearing objects, track textures turning into black voids, the upgrade system tying you to cars for endless amounts of time, and the career mode not allowing you to play freely for a game you payed 70 (or more) dollars for. Turn 10 should be disgraced as this is the mark of the start of the death of the series.


I was really excited for this game and really wanted to love it but the whole time I have tried to play it since release has been an absolute and utter disappointment.
The game at its core has exciting elements, and some negative ones too but I have not had any decent, consistent gameplay out of it.
End result: requested a refund


So far its what i expected. havent had a forza motorsports since number 4 on the xbox 360. i love the tracks and cars. I do wish it was easier to upgrade your vehicals without having to grind the hell out of each one but i guess thats the way things are these days. Thats the one thing i would change

Tom Poopy
Tom Poopy

New formula allows for infinite replay ability of different tracks and racing setups. Currently lacking in number of race tracks when compared to older titles but am happy they are implementing tracks now!


As a longtime Forza Motorsport fan, I wouldn't recommend this title at its current price point. The racing itself is smooth, for the most part. However, the AI can be frustrating at times, running into you during turns unnecessarily. Additionally, the developers made the decision to lock car customization behind an individual car progression system, which really hinders the flexibility that previous Forza titles had. Instead of being able to purchase upgrades with earned cash, you have to spend hours racing individual cars to unlock specific upgrade parts. If you're interested in this game, I would recommend waiting until it goes on sale.


I had zero bugs for like 40 hours game play and I was like what's all the noise about.
Now every possible imaginable bug and crash is happening xD

Multiplayer is bumper cart, no one ever heard of breaks.
Start 12th out of 24.
Overtake 6 cars from side easily at the start as everyone crashes with each other on the first turn.
Then the guy behind you crashes into you, back to 12th. 1.5 seconds penalty to you for off track.
Then the guy in front of you doesn't like you overtaking him and bumps you off track, to 20th, 3 seconds penalty to you for off track.
Then the guy behind you crashes into you by mistake, he stops and lets you go, then the guy behind him crashes into you.
Now you are last. Well peace finally?
Nah the guy in front of you goes off track then crashes into you on the next turn.
Rinse and repeat.
S safety rating btw.


Oh and you get a 5 seconds penalty.


Where is my fps ? I have 4070 with i5-10600k and I have nearly 80 fps with blurry quality image on high settings without dlss. Xbox you need to so something with Turn 10 and PGG, they are wasting our money.

How my hands so very bad?
How my hands s…

Game is nice yes, i quite enjoyed it altho i was a bit hesitant to buy. But not being able to complete weekly tasks cause the game refuses to save my progress after severall tries? Thanks but i'll just stay at 22 hours until it is fixed. Back to FH5


This game is just so bad. Really no soul. If you want a simcade experience or a better racing experience in general look further.

1) Graphics are real bad. Even when maxed a game from 5 years ago looks better.
2) Graphics are bugged. Half of the time you drive on a non existing racetrack. Or your car interior is just gone.
3) Ray tracing is non existent.
4) Top of the line graphics cards can barely push 70-80 fps.
5) Sound is horrible. Sounds like vacuum cleaners.
6) Updates dont solve fundamental issues with the game.
7) AI is just bad. First place will drive off posting insane lap time untill you catch up and then you gain 1-2 seconds easy. They told us no rubber banding or "cheat ai". This is just not true.
8) From the ground up my ass. Car models are worse then before.
9) Game crashes are frequent.
10) Tire physics is non existent. They just took previous model and added more understeer in every car.
11) penalty system is a joke. You crash full on into somebody and no penalty. Slightly slide out of the lines 2 sec penalty. Ridiculous.
12) Multiplayer is just destruction derby. Not worth playing ever unless you like to run people of the road.

Take my advice and don't spent any money like i did. Worthtless game from a sadly to say now worhtless studio. Turn 10 should now better.

Whoever playtested this never played a game in their life. This is an alfa at best. Not finished. And probably will never be finished knowing microsoft publishing.

Stay away, be warned.

Dutch Mickey
Dutch Mickey

Fun if you enjoy a good track racing game. For sure more orientated for steering wheel set-ups, controller is more difficult. I personally never had any bugs even since beta, so make sure your PC is up to snuff and then you can enjoy the full racing experience.


This game is absolute trash, I can't get it to maintain 60 fps with a 3060ti, 32G ram, Ryzen 5 2600 OC to 3.95.
It settles down to less than 30 where the game is unplayable. I have updated drivers and nothing. All the hype for a kick in the nuts!!!


I really don't understand the negativity around this game. It's almost like COVID has turns us all into nihilistic, pretentious connoisseurs of every. This is an amazing game with every corner being an event with real presence. Breaking is fun. So much fun and who would say that about a racing game?! This is a game made with heart for the spectacle that's all around you. Ironically I don't feel limited by the game as it's handling physics are incredibly engaging. On even ground the only limitation is me.


Well, who thought it would be a good idea to give players street spec cars in a motorsport game ? Yea there is a bunch of race spec cars in the game but why we have more street spec cars than the race spec cars in a F***IN MOTORSPORT GAME ? It doesn't make ANY SENSEE ?!!?


I have owned & played EVERY Forza game. I also play iRacing, ACC & others with a Fanatec setup & a 4090.

This is their best yet. The physics, the online multiplayer, the graphics & cars are all top notch. Super enjoyable close racing! The most enjoyable racing game I now play.

I have experienced game-crashing bugs repeatedly since launch but it has reduced with every new patch that is released. I'm willing to overlook the bugs with this review as I can now see it will only be a matter of time before they have been ironed out.

If they keep focusing on improving the PC version this will continue to grow as a class-leader in many ways.


I'm recommending this game based on it being a sim-cade racer, there are obviously aspects that I don't like, such as the upgrade system, but overall I find myself really enjoying it when I play. Decent game 7/10


i have been waiting for another Forza and i had high hopes for this, but despite all the updates and new cars the graphics are lacking alot. i just got done with a race anf most of the track was gone and the assets were despawning and making the game unplayable. this needs to be fixed how can a AAA title game have so much problems.
Please fix the game


I like the game. It doesn't have what I wanted in terms of tracks, but what I have played is fun. I think it plays best on gamepad if you are wanting to just jump in and play. The wheel+pedals take a lot of tweaking for a good feel, but there are guides online to help you get started. The AI is quite fast even though its following all of the same rules as the player, but it does have some bad moves here and there when it tries to pass.

Multiplayer is where this game shines for me, even with some bad drivers here and there. The weekly rule sets are a good way to get me into cars I'd normally overlook. I had a ton of fun and ended up maxing out 3 different cars in the vintage Le Mans playlist this last week.

I can't recommend paying full price, but maybe at a discount. The optimization is poor and the progression can feel like a real drag when starting on a new car. I would say give it a try if you're looking into Game Pass.


===[ ¤ Graphics: ]===
? Potato
? Really bad
? Bad
? OK
? Good
X Great
? Beautiful
? Masterpiece

===[ ? Requirements: ]===
? 90' PC
? Minimum
? Medium
X Fast
? High end
? NASA computer

===[ ? Game time/length ]===
? Really short ( 0 - 2 hours )
? Short ( 2 - 8 hours )
? Medium ( 8 - 12 hours )
X Long ( 12 - 20 hours )
? Very long ( 20 - 30 hours )
? Epic ( 30+ hours )
? Endless

===[ ? Story] ===
X It doesn't have one
? Garbage
? Plain/Lack of depth
? Average
? Decent
? Great
? Fantastic

===[ § Bugs ]===
? Game itself is one big BUG
? Game-breaking bugs
? Lots of bugs
? Funny bugs
? Few Bugs
X No bugs I've encountered

===[??Appeal/Enjoyment value: ]===
? ZzZzZzZz
? Boring
? Decent
X Good fun
? Really fun!
? Extreme appeal & enjoyment!

==[ ? Steam Deck Playable: ]==
? Yes
? No
X Possible

===[ ? Others: ]===
Singleplayer: Yes
Local Co-Op: No
Online Co-Op: No
Multiplayer: Yes

NOTE: So far seems like most "Arcady" Forza games so can see if becoming boring after 20-30 hours
Keep in mind: Not played a huge amount
Opinion: Good fun game, I enjoy the new unlock "Mod" function and collection of cars but needs more tracks


I don't usually post user reviews, but in this case I thought I'd make an exception.

Comparing this game to Gran Turismo 7 feels so unfair, but it really does feel like Forza 8 was pushed out the door unfinished. The career mode is repetitive and bland in the extreme, the track selection is very limited, the AI is atrocious as it will stick rigidly to its racing line even if you happen to be in the way, and the performance on PC is diabolical, frequently crashing and with various visual bugs

The last straw came for me when I found out the new tours they've been adding piecemeal to the career mode are time-limited, meaning they exist to generate FOMO like a live service game.

This game is unfinished, unoptimised and unfun, not even worth half what it costs.


Still the best regular motorsport racing game there is (affordable). I'm shocked at the negative reviews. Repeat cars? Sure there is, yell about it when they take the classics out, too. Fewer tracks? An additional track has already been released, patience. Long time Forza racer, since Forza 2 and had been waiting a long time for this between all the Horizon crap. Seems a lot of complaints are based around not knowing how to drive and relying on others to provide a perfect multiplayer experience, people will crash however they want and there is nothing Turn 10 can do about that...pisses me off too, whatever! The tuning ability is still unbeatable and very life like. Try it on gamepass first if you can, if you understand cars you shouldn't be disappointed.


Forza is a wonderful game and i can not wait to see how this game grows.
The new physics are amazing and the cars and tracks look and sound great
this game is lacking content so hopefully the live service has big things planned

PROS: looks and feels amazing

sounds are great at times

my experience on NOT top of the line hardware has been relatively bug free

CONS: for a "built from the ground up" 3x as long development cycle game its lacking content big time
all the old bugs exist and are still not patched {sound in meet up lobbies} {visual bugs that have
been persistent for generations}

lack of features other forza games had [ wheel spacing,masking actually working in livery, multiple
body kits and rims, no drift hud

only 20 tracks

lots of drift and drag cars pulled from launch car list


Make the R33 GTR better. Also make it so the game just doesn't suck, nice FPS didn't know this was an AAA game. Just because you are S rank safety on online does not guarantee a clean race, people can't drive at all.


I'm amazed on how this game turned to be so bad. Coming from Sims like AC, ACC and the F1 Franchise, this game is light years away from these titles. I'll put aside the graphic issues (because they can be fixed and optimized in future patches), and focus more on the driving experience.

- Default FFB needs to be tuned depending on your wheel model, but the game seems to forget your last configuration and you have to reconfigure every time you open the game.
- The setup/tuning menu. Seems like the development team never did a research on how those inputs work. Brake bias is inverted, the tire pressure slider is not how is supposed to be (let's say from 15 psi to 30 psi, instead they have very low values, starting at 2,3 WTF). In the aero screen you have values from 0 to 120 (Porsche Cayman) but no units at all. Just a random slider that sometimes seems to do nothing.

- Most of the cars have tons of oversteer until you buy the correct parts (this may not be so bad, but when you want to do quick races, you have to own the car, otherwise the game won't let you do setups, and the grind is really annoying)

- Loading screens times and unnecessary cinematics, make this game feel like an arcade instead of a serious racing game (I wasn't expecting a harbored sim, but this waste of time really bothers me)

- Some tracks are weird and not properly traced the way they suppose to be.

- Matchmaking is horrendous and the adaptation AI they promise is not really that adaptation (or maybe the community is playing this badly)

Hope some issues get fixed and the developers hear us out, because this is not the content we deserve when buying a triple A game for more than $70 bucks.

Still, you can have some fun if you have friends around that know how to race (this is my case, and bought it only for that reason)

If I were you, I would expect for the game to be in a better state and maybe a good sale.


I'm going to preface this by saying that this is my second forza game ever, the first one being FH4. I can't say I know what Forza Motorsport is supposed to feel like, but I've played plenty of Gran Turismo games as well as more dedicated sims like ACC.

If you want a summary, don't buy this.

With that out of the way, here's some of the things that made themselves painfully present throughout my playtime and keep in mind this is my first review.

Performance is awful, with everything set to auto at 1080p and a 60fps performance target, the game struggles to reach 50fps on a system with a 3070, a 12600k and 32gb of RAM, cut that in half if recording with OBS. Stuttering is common and has cost me races despite being the only app running and being on an NVMe drive.

The game will crash, and it will do so often, returning to the pits after practice, leaving a race, entering a race, booting the game, closing the game or even on the last frame before crossing the finish line (this last one specifically has happened on at least 3 occasions).

Graphically, the game looks okay, not great, and certainly not good enough to justify its performance. Liveries, billboards, and the asphalt ahead of you look blurry even up-close despite manually setting texture and livery details to the highest setting out of curiosity. I'd go so far as to argue that it looks worse than ACC bar some of the weather effects that use volumetric fog. Note that ACC launched in 2018 and runs at 100+fps while recording on the same computer.

This game is the home of one of the most interesting graphical bugs I've seen in a modern title. Occasionally, the game will gradually start unloading parts of the track, every lap another chunk of the map is gone, buildings in the distance, the pits, your car's roof, the runoff area and even the tarmac itself. The only exception being the track limits indicators, which at least keep it playable after everything else is gone.

Wheel support might as well be nonexistent given how poor the default settings are. The front wheel drive starter car gave me nothing until I threw it at a kerb and went limp when I moved off the kerb. I went over the two-hour refund window trying to fix force feedback on a wheel listed on their PC compatibility list and it was still considerably worse than other racing games; I ended up giving up and opting to use a controller.

The game's blatant defects out of the way, how does it play when the planets line up and it becomes a playable experience?

Handling on a controller feels fine, the only noteworthy thing being that putting a tyre in the grass is a lot less forgiving than other games, it will pull you off track. I'm not sure how I feel about this, so I'll let you decide if it's better or worse.

Campaign races consist of two parts: a practice session with a few required laps and an optional lap time bonus (you can only skip practice by going out on track, pausing, and going to the exit menu, which is annoying) and the race itself. There's no qualifying, instead there's a menu that lets you choose your starting position and gives you estimated finishing position.
Restarting practice has you go through two cutscenes and two loading screens. This is agonizing if you're on the strictest rules because you don't get to rewind.
Overall there’s little variety in the campaign and what’s there just isn’t fun enough, it gets boring fast.

Even on maximum difficulty the game only spawns 3-5 competent AIs. I'm far from the fastest driver but can start last and catch up to the top 5 in the first lap. AIs will sometimes blow past a turn and nail themselves into a wall by themselves, I like seeing Ais make mistakes that feel human, but they do this on every lap, leading to lapped traffic on a 4-lap race.

The AI struggles quite hard when racing in packs, slowing to a crawl when there's more than 2 cars going into a turn, or god forbid 2 cars going side by side.
I'm fine with the AI being risk-averse but the slower AI still behaves like something out of Gran Turismo 5 brake checking you into a corner that should be flat.

The upgrade system is bizarre, parts don't cost credits, instead being unlocked by levelling up the car and costing "car points" (begging the game and community to stop abbreviating this) which are also tied to your car's level and are meant to stop people from just putting the best parts on the car. I don't like it and thankfully don't have to interact with it often outside of the campaign.

Multiplayer has spec races, open races, and Rivals. I've mostly stuck to spec races so that's what I'll talk about.

Spec races completely omit car progression and upgrades, you can enter a race with a car you don't own by renting it, the downsides to this being that you don't get xp to level it up and you can't tune it. This is not an issue unless you're at a track that needs drastic tune changes like La Sarthe with its Mulsanne straight.

I haven't seen any medium or long races show up in the calendar, so everything's been 4 laps or around 7-10 minutes, often less than the practice time.

The game seems to want to force tyre strategy into these shorter races by massively upping tyre deg. A set of hards will finish 4 laps around La Sarthe with severe degradation, even in shorter circuits softs are just enough to get you through the 3 qualifying laps before you start getting warnings for tyre degradation.

The penalty system was bound to disappoint, given what was promised before release, and it does. It's very inconsistent in when it'll punish a player. Sometimes blatant rammers don't get penalties, sometimes you get an avoidable contact penalty for bumping into a car that spun and was blocking most of the track.

If I haven't made myself clear, this is not a good product, don't buy it. I wish I could get my $80 back.


I refunded this game. I play on PC, and the graphics look horrible. Forza horizon 3 looks better (and that game is almost ten years old). Anything outside of the car looks blurry, and it looks like a grey filter is applied to everything. Not to mention that the game runs terribly as well. I have a 3070 and it is impossible for me to get smooth FPS at 1080p, even if I lower the settings (which makes the game look even worse). Buggy, dissapointing graphics, and bad optimization.

It was such a disappointment and absolutely not worth 100 dollars.


The game is great playing singleplayer but when going multiplayer where the meat on the bone would be, it's not possible because all players keep crashing the game and disconnecting like an amatuer piece of crap poop game from a developer in a 5th country.


First off, it's not awful. It's fun in single player but what really lets this game is the multiplayer. The community is literally without a brain. You can practice / qualify with absolutely blistering times, but the further up the pack you are, the more you get rammed.

Just not worth it imo.

E  G  G

Ive been buying and playing all of the Forza titles wither it be horizon or motorsport since Motorsport 3 and i can say without a shadow of doubt, this is the worst Forza title thats ever been released, it runs like garbage even on a 4090 while not even looking remotely as good as its competitor (Grand Turismo 7) the AI are incredibly stupid making illogical decisions wither it be just straight ramming you off the apex because you were in front of them or wrecking themselves out because they suddenly wanna keep 2 carlengths of distance from you is just plain stupid, the hype for this game was not justified at all and you should not buy it until they fix the problems with it (which i doubt will be fixed since they have not even acknowledged the performance and AI problems) or the game goes onsale for a heavy discount, 50-70% off is where i'd consider it worth the money in its current state.


Straight unoptimized hot garbage. None existent multi-core and multi-thread performance.
texture glitches, tracks will go wire-frame when racing fast. Poor online play, loaded with people
who ram and cause multi-collision events. It's not as good as Forza Motorsport 7,
or Forza Horizon 4 or 5. The aero-washing and losing 30% of you grip is really weird, I know in NASCAR

The aero is setup that all those involved in driving along in close proximity / drafting / towing that all cars involved gain an increase in speed, the opposite is happening here. Limited amount of tracks. lacks

The Bugatti Bolide and other high end "fastest" production cars. Needs pre-tuned profiles based on controller type. I do not wan't have to dial in a controller and then also dial in the car I am racing.

This game really needed an "open-world" for lobbies so you and your friends could meet up cigars & coffee style at a venue with gymkhanna styled obstacles and objectives and head out to the real world race track after you decided on an event.

After this and how Microsoft handled MSFS as well as how long it took to get co-op
in Halo : Infinite. Hope they don't drop the ball with Fable as well, That'd be the last straw.