Frauki's Adventure!

Frauki's Adventure!
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Release date
29 April 2021
Steam reviews score
73 (15 votes)

Frauki's Adventure is a challenging melee-combat platformer set in a large, interconnected world. Dodge, slash, stomp, and outplay a variety of intelligent and deadly Alien Robots. Discover shortcuts and find hidden upgrades. Challenging sword-fights and a sprawling, bizarre world await!

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Frauki's Adventure! system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
  • Memory: 300 MB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Fun enough game for a while but eventually the balancing kind of goes out the window and the last section is completely bugged. So the game is largely based on you getting locked inside challenge rooms and having to defeat all enemies for the doors to open. Well the last section something (me or an enemy) has fallen through the floor and since the doors backwards are locked you cannot get back/go back to fight that enemy and have to restart the attempt. And since the balancing stopped being fun, I'm gonna stop it here and finish the rest on youtube.

Pat the Bat
Pat the Bat

Some good concepts, but lacking in execution and polish.
Would be interested in what this team/person makes in the future.


I'm in love with this game. The controls feel great, the art style is right up my alley, and the music has a groove to it. There's a lot to learn and practice which keeps the game feeling fun and replayable.


I really wanted to give this game a chance and like it but alas I don't think I can recommend this game.

First off the lack of custom controls was frustrating and I ended up using reWasd to rebind my controls. For future reference, default keyboard controls for platformers are generally z jump x attack. Never never use space bar for jump.

The music frequently glitched in areas that used to have music but then no music. According to sound/music guy it's not a bug but it seems like one to me.

What you see in the demo contains pretty much ALL of the enemies in the game. Which is a huge turn off. Maybe 1 or 2 is missing max. There are 0 bosses in the game. Zero. Not even a last boss.

The way the game challenges you generally is to mash a bunch of trash mobs in the same room and make you kill them. But if you are also hit on the edge of the door, the knockback makes you teleport across the door. This happened to me two times. At the end of the game it introduces some slight additional mechanics to the trash mob fights but not really that much different except one room is almost impossible not to get hit and is a matter of face tanking and killing the mob.

The only soul like thing about the game is the healing pots take like 3 seconds to use and just the existence of a roll/dodge button which pretty much if that's the defining feature of a souls like game then most platformers could be considered souls like. Each enemy only has like one or two attacks which makes them very easy to kill once you know what those are. Seems like the users who tagged the game as souls like and the other reviewers claiming this is playing this type of game for the first time. Combat challenging? Not really because aforementioned each enemy is linear with 1 or 2 attacks with basically the same timing. The reason why the Dark Souls series is hard to most people is because you have to dodge attacks which require observation. There are slow and fast attacks mixed in so there are a lot of animations to keep track of. You don't have to do that in this game because the moment you see an animation you dodge because they instantly attack. It's really simple.

I did like that you don't really button mash to kill mobs because that gets you killed. But due to the lack of variation the combat is pretty lacking. I liked how every mob in the game had a different strategy to kill them. Non-button mashing combat should be a given in any decent game though.

The exploration was fun briefly but since there is a lack of interesting upgrades, lack of any real danger, any real bosses or exploration value there wasn't much incentive and fun after a while.

The game does not have any replay value. At the very least the way some games achieve replay value is through the achievements but it doesn't seem like there are any additional challenges either. No reward for finding all the optional exploration tokens other than the achievement which is lame.

Also, the credits was super awkward - developer should just delete the last section of it and not thank the player for playing 100 times and repeat the email over and over again with slowly disappearing and reappearing text.

If there were more enemy types or boss fights I might have been able to recommend this, but nope. Overall can't recommend this.


This game is really fun. The combat is feels great, especially once you start getting good at it, and the world is really immersive -- it feels more like exploring than just progressing. I'm not super far in yet, but unless it suddenly becomes trash in the later levels (and I'm kind of doubting it will), this game definitely deserves more attention.

I can't believe I found a game this good just by randomly checking out the new section of the store. I feel like I've found a real diamond in the rough.


Surprisingly good! A compact but charming world, not many enemy types but that's good to practice patterns, not many abilities but well-tuned timings to make every fight challenging. The pixel art felt a bit raw at first, but it blends well with the soundtrack and overall tone of the game. The animations are smooth, the hit-boxes are ok, I faced only few frustrating situations (1. the tanks, with their fast punch animation and recovery times, and 2. ghosting through doors and locking myself outside). I see potential for challenge runs.


This is without a doubt the most unpolished mini metroidvania I've played on steam. There's no difference in quality between this and free games on newgrounds aside from the lack of flash lag and the pixel graphics. Let's see...
- poor controller support
- no keyboard rebindings (you're going to have to use sharpkeys for this, similarly to how you get sun wukong vs robot to work)
- No support for resolutions other than 1080p or 720p
- no map
- clunky controls (although at least better than catmaze)
- and more

If this was for free or costed as much as sun wukong or less I would recommend it, but it costs more than sun wukong vs robot despite being of inferior quality to that game and as such this cannot be recommended.


I'm not completely done with this game (I just unlocked the funal area), but what so far I had a pretty good time with it. What really appreciate about this game is how well it manages to differentiate its enemies. There aren't a lot of different enemies overall, but each of them has their set of behaviours, that cleary distignuishes them from the rest and the game does a pretty good job at both introducing them step by step, as well as mixing different types together in later stages, to create more variable encounters.
The game also feels really nice to control and offers a bunch of different movement and combat options that help you not only to deal with the various encounters, but also make moving through the space interesting and varied.

A last thing i really appreciate is how well Frauki's Adventure manages to create an interconnected space that rarely forces you to backtrack for a long time. It's a bit unfortunate, that there's only one checkpoint so to speak, but you quickly get anywhere you need to be and it's to discover how areas of the game loop into one another.

As I said, I really enjoyed my time with it and if you're into combat-focused exploration games, i think you savely pick this one up.


I overall enjoyed Frauki's Adventure: good movement and combat fluidity, nice worldmap to discover, unique artstyle, great music tracks and audio design. There are few bugs here and there, and, for my taste, some sprites of the protagonist need some polish. The gameplay difficulty is quite easy at the beginning, but I found the last level to be quite challenging, maybe a bit too unforgiving.


cute little game, i was surprised by how weirdly charming it is! the animations are really nice and i like how this game makes you feel stronger just by learning attack patterns without it becoming tedious or frustrating. also, i love frauki's design, she's a very fun character both visually and personality-wise.


This game is pretty cool, very short but the fighting is engaging (the game doesn't really hold your hand and you'll have to figure out how to do things pretty much by yourself) and the writing is surprisingly good, especially the goddess'.
Definitely worth a playthrough!


Frauki’s Adventure is a great little Metroidvania adjacent game. It can be beaten in around 5 hours or less. You don’t get any mobility upgrades so while technically not a MV, it feels like one in every other way. Also note this is not an easy game. There are some brutally punishing paths you have to take if you want to finish it. It is mostly difficult combat though fyi. Almost souls-like in nature. Anyway, I enjoyed my time playing this and would highly recommend it.