From Fear

From Fear
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Release date
25 October 2023
Steam reviews score
51 (31 votes)

From Fear is a 1-4 player survival horror where you choose your fear. In this post-apocalyptic world, you must scavenge to survive with your deepest fear lurking in the shadows. Do not believe everything you see.

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From Fear system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 - 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 or AMD Equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
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From Fear is a great concept horror game! At the start you get the pick your "fear" in life. At this time the game has three options for that being round a clown, death (Skeleton Killer), and spiders. After trying all three I would say the best one would be the clown. The first session I played with my friend we did 3 hours. In that time we got 1 new map, the sound module, and a new character. While the resource grabbing in the game to get the new maps and modules can be a bit "grindy" to a point, it isn't that bad

The only suggestions I would give the devs for From Fear would be around making each killer/fear monster a bit different when it comes to how they interact when hunting. That being around being able to hear better if it's the clock/death killer. be faster if the clown, and be able to see a lot better if it's the spider (But can't hear that well).

The other suggestions I would give other than more maps would be the following:

New fears

Able to see what resources you've put into the bus throughout the course of the game

The ability to search the dropped loot box to pick out what resources you want to grab out of it instead of the whole box

A module that "pings" the crystals location, but also tells the fear/killer your direction

Other than that the game is great! Runs like butter, has very scary moments when being chased, the ambient screaming and weird sounds got a few jumps out of us, etc. Keep it up!


Has potential.

In a similar vein to games like Forsake, Forewarned, etc, there is a heavy focus on the gathering of loot. In this case, almost everything is something you can take. The resources you escape with go to unlocking other things (characters, maps, etc). I like the gameplay loop.

My main issue, so far, is that while the AI is aggressive during a hunt, there is absolutely nothing really scary about it. That could just be me, but ultimately was disappointed in that regard.


I enjoyed this game a lot. Choosing different fears to pursue you is a really interesting concept! I am excited for where this game can go. The game definitely feels incomplete, but it is highly enjoyable once you've got a handle on what to expect.

My thoughts:

While some small level of controller support is available, menu navigation is difficult and some of the essential controls/buttons are not mapped anywhere on the controller.

It is really difficult to beat the first level playing alone unless you know exactly where the gas canisters might spawn. Once you have some idea, it isn't too bad. I would suggest playing with others when possible. The second level offers many more alternative paths to try and get away/find the crystal if you're on your own.

I wish there was a way to stop being hunted without breaking a fear crystal, especially when playing alone. Hiding in some places doesn't do you any good as the thing you fear will patrol right around the area and you can't get out of your spot. Also after you start bleeding out, your chosen fear will loom around the area where you are. It really doesn't leave you a lot of chance to recover/get away.

I am also hopeful for some way to communicate with other players other than frantically swinging my flash light around, lol.

Overally I really enjoyed my time after I got the hang of it and I am excited for more levels/content to get added over time.


Was anticipating this game only to find it is very misleading, it states 1-4 players, i read that as, 1v4; therefore i decided to try it, first in the game, Everyones got private lobbies, not even one open public so i have to play the game solo, why is it able to be played solo? Oh ya, that's because this isn't a asymmetrical horror game, its a 4 player co op horror, like devour or phasmophobia.

Thanks for the Jesters guys! just being honest, bad advertising, i wishlisted this months ago in the hopes of a good asymmetrical horror game, this ain't it folks, guess i'll keep waiting.


I feel as if the description of this game is slightly misleading. I expected an open world survival game where you gather resources and build a base to survive while being hunted by your chosen fear. Unfortunately its just a game where you visit small levels, gather resources, and then sell them in a shop in the menu. At the same time as gathering your resources, you're being hunted by a poorly scripted NPC that's very difficult to avoid in certain environments. I'm hoping with future updates, certain features will be changed to make this a better experience.


All i can say is i enjoy Tbagging my friends as a toy helicopter whilst the game tries to scare me!

(p.s game needs to learn what spooks me faster than what i currently does)

should add in multiple enemies for bigger maps and more chaos


I would say i am not recommending. Save your money. The game is maybe worth 3.99. This needs to be a game if you choose to play with friends randomly and have nothing else to play


I really do like the gmae. It is fun to play with friends and we can have a good time. I think it still has a way to go, but it is stil early access. I have a play time of 10hours amnd you can get bored sometimes. 7hours from the demo.


Already pretty fun just lacking content, was to be expected since it was just released in early access. If you can read you'll get this is a coop and not vs game. I look forward to more updates.


Game is really fun! its what is described and its really fun to play! as for more content is still coming and the dev is really transparent about things; i dont see why not?! i have so much fun in it and can only recommend it to others. :)

How others thought that it was 1 vs4; no clue. description never mentioned that. sad, the reviews are false negative because of it.


okay i started playing with my boyfriend and this game has a good potentiel. Ok its an early access and not so many contents BUT its interesting and funny to play together. So i dont understand bad comments ... its easy to say bullshit when the game just release in early access and all ppl knows that we have to wait for some contents or updates!

Be patient please and stop crying, me i past good time playing !


Its saving grace is that it doesnt take 2 hours to realise how bad it is and you can get your money back


What an INCREDIBLE game! I played on the Demo when it first came out with some friends so much, that we could 100% without the killer touching us or even hunting us in the first place. When that got too easy, we made up our own rules like "No shutting doors" or "You must slam the door/turn on a radio to bring the killer to you every 2 minutes" so we could keep playing while we waited for new content.

That was a few months ago, fast forward to today, after some months away we came back to new game mechanics, new maps, new fears, new vehicle, new characters, and new ways to collect items, run/hide from the fear and even ways to get rid of the fear all together! Also A STORE!!!

We ended up playing for 4 hours on stream, and had such a blast! Though we do have some suggestions of how to make it harder for those who have played it for so long that the challenge is lost, and some ways that user experience for new players could be better, and even thought up some new fear ideas that would translate well into the game. This game is amazing and so worth every penny.

I will say I see some people who have reviewed the game saying the content is boring or that they grew bored after 12 minutes. I think with this game (like any co op game) it matters who you play with. If you are playing with people who you have easy fun with, work together or even just fuck around, you will have fun. This game not only is a fun challenge to play solo (with the killer chasing you as you try to find the gem) It is also a less challenging fun game with friends (Assuming you all get along).


~Use doors to your advantage! You can both block the fear from getting you by slowing it down (as it needs to open the door) and slam them to draw the killer to you

~The bus is your best friend, when being chased, get on it and close the door, it takes extra long and therefor you and your friends have more time to hunt the crystals

~There are hidden rooms and keys and puzzles in the map! Just be careful what you remove from the map, you might just remove something that you need for these rooms and the puzzle!

TLDR : 10/10 An amazingly fun game, where you and your friends play against an AI (fear) that is trying to attack you while you try and find all of the gas cans to escape. Maps filled with hidden rooms, locked doors and even a puzzle!