Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights
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Release date
21 October 2022
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70 (8 969 votes)
56 (1 199 votes)

Batman is dead. It is now up to the Batman Family - Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin - to protect Gotham City.

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Gotham Knights system requirements



  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-9600K (3.7 GHz) OR AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (3.60 GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OR AMD Radeon RX 590
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 45 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 1080p / 60fps / Low Quality Settings


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Major step down from Arkham Knight the combat system is all but terrible. In the game Arkham Knight the combat flowed together nicely and even included the environment such as walls the Gotham Knights completely threw the idea of a interactive and destructible environment away and replaced it with a rather stationary and obsolete form of non interactive environment the idea of the game and the 4 playable characters with their own unique upgrades is a good concept and I was excited for it but the online portion crashes and can have duplicate hero's in one lobby? why not allow one type of hero per lobby? If you want to play the online portion better be ready to verify the files integrity every time before you launch the game or it just crash every time you try to connect to an online server. While the graphics are obviously not the worst we have seen the civilians and cars are severely lacking in detail. like more effort they have taken the darkness out of Red Hood none of the character seem to carry any of their dark pasts with them and other than the death of Bruce. I wish I had not spent 60 dollars on this game I would price it at maybe 35 dollars being generous. While they did say it is not going to be like Arkham Knight for instance in the first "major mission" with Harley in the Prison you fight and knock out the same boss three times the godmother how do you walk away from not one not two but three ass beatings in the time frame of less than an hour..... not possible. The game desperately needs some SERIOUS optimization the frame rate will suddenly drop to 0 for no reason what so ever while riding the batcycle the frame rate will drop constantly for no reason I have monitored my system and there is no reason why the frames should be dropping to zero for no reason..... Character variation its like fighting the same goons over and over there isn't even a little variation on the npc's you fight the same godmother in the same outfit


I bought this game after reading all of the negative reviews. I played it and tried to stay under the two hour mark, so I could possibly return it. I let it sit for a week and came back to play my final 30 minutes. However, the game, action and story had me running around the city like lunatic kicking ass. This is not a perfect game due to some of quirky movement issues, but I'm having a blast right now. I've only been using Red Hood, so I can only imagine what will happen when I get the other bat family involved.

Right now if I had to rate it, I would give it about 7.8 - 8. I'm not experiencing the graphical issues, but If I was I could see that dropping a bit. I'm anxious to see what the free update for Heroic Assault has to offer.


Gotham city in this game is beautiful the aesthetics is different. The combat is perfect although it is different from the Arkham games, stealth is pretty good as well, there are different types of enemies like brutes and thugs that makes the combat a lot more challenging. Mobility is mid because parkour is not that great and mostly you rely on grappling from building to building when traveling, also the batcycle or motorcycle is not that fun to use since it moves slow but it is the fastest way to travel on the ground. Unlocking outfits and weapons is easy, you just have to play through the game and gain materials to craft it. If you ask me it's a 7/10 game its way more fun to play this with a friend.


I approached this game as its own entity without comparing it to the Rocksteady Arkham series, and during my 46 hours of gameplay I've kept an open mind. However, I've found this game to be painstakingly boring & repetitive.

I only experienced 1 system crash during my gameplay, and the only other glitches I remember are the occasional slow motion system stutters during fight scenes, and all the characters' hair being unfinished, and having that weird "Twilight" vampire glistening effect. Apart from that, the gameplay was pretty seamless.

It was an OK storyline... but that was it... just, ok... nothing spectacular, and fairly predictable at that. I tried to like this game... I REALLY tried, as I love the Batman franchise, but I can't help but feel this game was kind of taking it too far, in a Police Academy: Mission To Moscow way. I think we need a Rocksteady reboot, as it would have been interesting to see what they would have done differently with the game concept. What isn't broken doesn't need fixed.

If you're seriously contemplating buying this game, do yourself a favour & wait until it turns up in a sale when you can pick it up considerably cheaper, as it's very much all style, no content.


If you have never played the Arkham games, don't read batman comics, and are fine with mid-level mediocre game-play, then you MIGHT like this game. Movement is clunky combos are repetitive. Air traversal is nonexistent until you reach a certain point, and once unlocked its wildly unrealistic for most of the characters and is lackluster in comparison to the Arkham version of mobility. Also there are no skills to close the distance in combat. How does no one in the bat family have a grappling hook to use in combat, that's just unreal. Jason Todd gets ghost powers for god sake. Many liberties taken with this game and for a comic book fan, this did't do it for me.


Em Gotham Knights você controla os quatro pupilos do Batman logo após sua morte, continuando seu legado. A base do jogo é parecida com a da franquia Arkham, porém bem menos polida. A história é o grande ponto positivo, especialmente com um vilão que ainda não havia aparecido nos videogames e foi bem traduzido dos quadrinhos, na minha opinião. A construção dos personagens também é legal, bastante foco no emocional dos protagonistas, sozinhos no mundo e com a responsabilidade gigante que antes cabia ao homem-morcego. O combate apesar de repetitivo é divertido, cada um dos quatro heróis tem skills diferentes que variam um pouco o jogo. A cidade de Gotham em si não é tão legal quanto nos Arkham City e Knight, mas ainda assim é bonita e interessante. De pontos positivos é isso.

Performance péssima, movimentação do personagem travada e dificuldade de locomoção pela cidade (moto lenta e sem opção de glide com a capa), sistema de crafting de equipamentos completamente desnecessário e confuso e, por fim, falta de variedade de inimigos são os problemas mais chatos que vêm a mente. Vi bastante gente reclamando que o jogo exige grind mas eu fui avançando na main quest e fazendo algumas sides ao mesmo tempo e não precisei grindar em nenhum momento.

Vale a pena jogar? Acho que sim se você for fã da franquia do Batman, mas compre quando estiver em promoção e não vá esperando que esse seja o próximo passo na série Arkham, porque definitivamente Gotham Knights não está naquele nível.


Player complaints are valid.

I play for a few hours before i get the "stutter crash". Framrate dropps to fuck all and i have to restart the game. no quick fix.

The "Batcycle" is the vehicle used to travers the world, and it's crap. only thing that "makes it fast" is the sound effects and speed lines. Why are we going 50-60 when we have emergencies to get to?

Combos are repetitive as FUCK. Very basic fighter game, and the "special skillz" are just combo moves. Plenty of other games did it better. Regret getting as far as i have. I'll just get the story done I think and away this goes : /

Least Favorite Martian
Least Favorite…

I never review games, much less in depth, but I feel strongly about this one and I want to add in my two cents.

I like this game a lot. I always watched Arkham gameplay, and I can say for a fact that no, this is NOT an Arkham game, but it isn't trying to be one. If you go into the mindset with the knowledge that this game is its own thing, you'll be a lot more satisfied. I enjoy the story, the characters, and the general gameplay and size of the map. I've read the comics for a while, and grew up on my fair share of Batman content, and I can say that this interpretation of the characters is fine. It's no further off than any of the other interpretations of them.

That being said, yes I have encountered bugs (The game has only crashed on me once though. Not excusing that because it SHOULDNT crash at ALL.). and yes the framerate honestly does drop at times, but then again, I've never played a game where people didn't complain about low framerates at one point or another. Hell, I'm playing this on a laptop so I don't mind the sometimes lower framerates.

My thoughts? If you're on the fence, take a look at what it has to offer, and see if it's something you're open to playing. I overall recommend it. There's a lot of content in it (I'm still far from done) so you'll have plenty to do with the hours you put in.


After beating the game 2x (new game and new game plus) This is my review. I have played all the Batman Arkham games many many times. I loved them. This is not one. Not even the same timeline. However for those of you who have the combat will feel very similar. This is more like Batman Arkham mixed with another triple a RPG like Fallout or skyrim. I read the reviews for this game before playing to see what people who liked the Arkham games said. I loved the game and they did so many things well. Definalty up there on the my favorite Batman game. So here is a pro cons list for this game all of my own opinion:

- SO MANY COSTUMES! I loved this! It made getting new armor exciting cause there is a chance it will have a new look. You have bot armor with a set of looks that can be customized with color and gear and whats called a transmog which will change its look to be like a another suit if you didnt like the style. I believe 16 different suits. This was where I spent most of my time collecting legendary gear of each type. I loved this part.
- 4 different characters means many many more replays of this game.
- I liked the dialoge it seems more human. And the cinimatics and characters physically acted more human too. From small face gestures to body movements. I really enjoyed that.
- I actually liked the story I made me feel like my character was really growing as a knight and the civilians around made that clear with there approval over time.
- The ending credit scene was dope. It had my chracter in every suit that I had used throughout the game. Such a nice touch.
- This game had a new look for the usual batman villains. Harley is more refined and has a post joker image. Freeze was pretty much the same and so was clayface. I loved making penguin more of a mob boss like the older comics. Fits him so much better.
- BATGIRLS ASS , well to be frank she has cake. I played 2 playthroughs just her. To get all her costumes level 40 and other reasons. I did enjoy her, and if your are looking for a more Batman Arkham experiance I would sugest Batgirl. Her abilities reflect more of a Batman more than the others.

- Gear leveling. So now that I played new game plus. My character was OP for the entire run. I ended the normal game with legendary gear level 40 and that carried me through new game plus no sweat. Maybe the enemies could be tougher and the story line should have mostly Veteran / Champion enemies to fight to add a bigger challenge. Ultimantly new game plus should be harder not just scaled to match your level. Thats all it was. The same game just scaled to match your level. Not hard.
- Graphics. So I have a I9 12900k overclocked to max, A 3070ti overclocked, 32gb of 3600hz ram, and only NVME SSDs I should be able to run the game fine on 1080p High or even maxed graphics with ray tracing. Instead im on Medium/high settings no ray tracing just to be able to play. I own other tripple A games and I have no problem. Kinda sucks, cause at the time of writing this I can only go up to a 3080 or 3090 and I shouldnt have to need that to get those settings. Thats not the purpose of those cars. They should be able to smash those settings my card should simply be able to run it, but whatever maybe they will patch it. I have had 3 patches since playing that have fixed some of it. But still cant do ray tracing on my RTX card cause it lags.
- Glitches do exist. But It hopefully will be ironed out soon.
- Hair looks odd. Maybe its my settings but it looks jagged and not complete. Alfred slightly changes hair colors at a distance.
- RED HOOD, so I have played only a little bit with red hood to unlock his abilities and complete his knighthood story. He seems broken AF, IDK if the developers saw this coming but pretty much you can just aim down sight with his guns and do stupid damage. I have him with level 40 heroic gear that does about 1/3 the damage my batgirl with legendary gear does and he 1 shots most enemies with his guns. His fast shooting abilities decimate large groups of enemies like crazy. None of the other 3 have anything close to this powerful.

Overall I loved this game. All the way through. Im excited to do another playthrough as red hood cause his story looked really interesting and I want to see how it ties into the main story.


Definitely the best treatment of Batman and his family I've ever seen. If you love these characters, or even just one or two of them, you'll love this game. Moving around the open world feels great, the combat fun, challenging, and clever, and the plot is well done. But the best part is the portrayals of Dick, Jason, Tim, Barbara, Alfred, and even Bruce.

It does have performance issues, but the fact that it crashed once every few hours really just helped me pace myself and remember to eat and sleep.


When the game isn't constantly crashing trying to play co op, you have to fight through a bunch of other bugs. Once you actually get the opportunity to play the game, you have to deal with a bad movement system and a sub-par combat system

praisemastergaben [ENG]

+somewhat good story
+good characters, goons + Villains models (except manbats towards end, they legit only changed shading)
+good Voice acting
+Cosmetics are awesome
+being able to switch character is cool
+City looked amazing
+separate scenes for each character at parts

-The dialogue and story were the bat family has a iq of a sponge at times
-Lack of Villians, only 4 i think
-the people who done the movement and targeting need fired, worst iv seen in a while
-combat is meh
-fusing stuff is terrible, cant fuse purple (rare) to make heroic or Legendary. stuck with 20+ purple item addon capped at lvl 30 all with same stats
-getting crafting recipe of duplicate looking armour and equipment, making the crafting 50+ of items you will never craft
-Moving around the city is awful, think grappling to point to point. Fast travel makes it slightly better. Y
-side mission collectables were doodoo, collecting batarangs, looking for hidden pages. At least the Arkham games were fun for the puzzles.
-lack of diverse voice acting lines in crowd or batman training
-Jason Todd hat his laces for his hoodie glitched to be erect, ruined cutscenes for him.
-They put so much investment in using 4 characters, But who the hell will want to play the 3 more times
-Heroic items improve with level up, but a lvl 30 item cant improve. makes them uselesss especially when they give you them as challenge rewards as they only allow 1 slot for addon, compared to crafting a legendery item with 3 slots.
-vantage takedown are dumb, they still alert goons, your better still using stealth takedown.
-climbing and dropping are dog doodoo, getting caught and trying to drop down and your clinging to the rail, then drop and cling to something else; all the while the goons are peppering you with bullets and explosions

ways to improve the game
*let me combine and improve the same addon slight better each combination
*Let me fly the fast travel drone to tranverse
*Make Most wanted criminals appear more often, I got 1 when doing 6+ very hard missions
*Carry on New Game+ addons, and all side mission collectables done assuming you did it first run. Letting you only need to play main missions
*remake movement to be more precise
*Should have made Alfred a bonus playable character at end for lols
*speed up the bike after mister freeze, Jason did say he added his cooling tech into it. makes doing side mission more appealing
*More villians
*Bruce could at least do voice lines for training, less than 20 of them. Not just use the same line.
*sort by recent for items
* cut down list of crafting to much duplicates and filler

4/10, buy on sale at £20

Gobblin' Iggy
Gobblin' Iggy

I cannot recommend playing this game at this time. There are a lot of hiccups and graphical issues that I seem to be running into so maybe if I update to a better graphics card or something because even on the LOWEST setting and having played 3hrs, I just finished the mission where I can access multiplayer mode and it crashed on me for the 12th time right at the end of the mission while it was on the mission complete screen. I say give it some time or maybe someone with a better graphics card than me can confirm if this game really does stutter like a truck.

I will also say, fans of the Arkham series never wanted to drive around in these batman games after Arkham so why are we still trying to double down on that feature? Maybe it's better optimized on console but on my PC it is not going smooth at all.

Also 4 player coop should have been with the game from the start and the fact that it is only 2 player at the time of this review and the game is STRUGGLING loading in basic geometry makes me worry about how things will be once more players can play together in this game


TLDR: The game would be fine, But you should wait for a sale, and maybe some more patches, It could have been worth the asking price if like nearly all release these days, they gave the game a bit more time for polish, and QA.

The wall landings are clunky, and always lag when you try to do some fluid zipping around
don't run into anything in the environment either (air vents, fire hydrants, etc..) you'll stick like glue holding the interact button can be easily over run or if you pivot the camera the action starts over. There are just countless little things like this that drag down the experience.

And some specifically design choices to stretch out the game without giving you more content.
Level cap is 30 in regular game, which is not enough to complete the skill tree, want to do that, play the game twice so you can get those extra 10 levels.

The Mods, it doesn't take long to hit the level cap, and once you do, these become almost pointless, the mod fusing never results in anything better than what you have, and though you'll end up with like a 100 purples, those can not be upgraded to higher tier.

There are more issues, but this is enough to make the point.


The game crashes a lot in the middle of fights or becomes extremely laggy. Items in game are not working right like the mod chips all i got was the same one over and over even when i did missions with better rewards it always came up health mod for suits, elemental build up for melee and critical hit for ranged.( This Game Needs Work wait for a $20 Sale before buying,,BUYERS BEWARE)


I found this very fun to play. The story is engaging and flows pretty smoothly with the side missions and nightly patrols. It does not feel disconnected. The combat feels good (not great). Each hero does feel unique but not totally distinct. The animations could be a little tighter and really needs the ability to lock target, especially when fighting larger groups (With Elite targets) and you need to tactfully dispatch troublesome units. My biggest complaint is the clunky movement. Animations seem overdone when they don't need to be (trying to turn or move into position for an intractable) and flaky when to do need more fluidity (Mantling ledges, or jumping off grappling hook).

It does not have the polish of Arkham games but I still enjoyed playing.


Very fun until I got to the spinning blades in the Labyrinth. I've literally watched 3 videos on how to do it, and read 2 articles. I've died literally 50 times. Screw this game, screw the developers. I'm never ever buying another game by this team. Of course, what do they care? They already have our money. Another crap game by a crap team.


A really fun RPG with that perfect Batman Gotham atmosphere. Don't listen to the reviews on the performance, I haven't had any issues at all and have a 3070 gpu and a ryzen 5600x cpu. Make sure after getting the game to optimize graphics in Nvidia GeForce Experience app and it will run at 100+ fps. Really really good and detailed graphics and the combat is really fun. I really love the atmosphere in this game and it brings me back to being a child and getting soaked into the atmosphere of The Batman Animated Series. No, you can't play as Batman, but you can play as his side kicks with each character having a different play style. I haven't tried co-op yet but I can imagine it will be really fun.

Tasty Vengeance
Tasty Vengeance

Great story but it runs like DOG SHIT. I'm on an RTX 3080ti maxed RAM at 64GB and a high-end 12th gen i7. 60FPS should be EFFORTLESS for this game at 1080 and yet it CHUGS HARD at points, usually when loading assets. I've heard this is due to a CPU issue in which only one core is being utilized. I mean... pretty major bug imo. So yeah I can't refund at this point so hopefully they fix this crap. TL;DR currently is a state of shit optimization, avoid or buy on sale.


Try it for yourself. Yes the crashes still happen but not as often as it use to.I have a lot of fun. I'm not done with it cause their is some much to do. The crimes and the story-line as a lot of potential . Hopefully dlc news will come around new year


the game is fun, it's not as polished as arkham and doesn't tell it's story the best, but it's a fun game with an interesting map for gotham and good story beats. with a few updates the glitches and some problems will be fixed and I hope they continue the story to the world more interesting, maybe a game that truely focuses on the charicter you play as


The story itself was decent. It felt like a Batman game but the emotion and "surprises" seemed forced and unearned. The twists were predictable and the pay off at the end of the story was lack luster.

Combat feels ok, Jason's guns are the strongest weapon in the game which is ironic considering Batman's stance on guns. Otherwise, dodge register most of the time and if you are a few levels above the enemies you are fighting you will hit hard. If they are even or above you, it feels like punching water.

The knighthood abilities are a joke. Batgirls gliding is clunky and slow, robin's teleporting is slow and ineffective, Nightwing's glider is horrible to control, but Red hood's mystic leap is what I expected from a movement ability like that.

Crafting is a weird addition to this game and I would like to see more transparency about how to get specific materials.

All that said, if you like batman and want something vaguely reminiscent of the arkham games, play this. I have fun clearing the city of crime each night even after completing the story!


I apparently used way too many words to review this game. This game is definitely good at first glance and for the most part is a good game. The end game and the grind leaves a lot to be desired. The Most Wanted is definitely the most broken part of this game besides the performance when you're using the batcycle and grapple hooking around. There's a ton of things wrong with this game, but I had a lot of fun with it up until the Most Wanted hunt. So I'm giving it a positive. Bring a friend and enjoy the game. Ignore the most wanted, for the love of god it isn't worth it.


finished the main story without any large issues besides minor crashes, then the game decided to completely stop working. tried every fix, not working. asked friends, they have the same problem. don't waste your money.


Honestly after finishing Gotham Knights completely I think it was actually really good. Gotham Knights wasn't supposed to be an Arkham game so it shouldn't be treated as one. I believe that the combat can be engaging and fun even if it is just health bars being depleted. The story wasn't too great but I found myself connecting with the characters whilst watching the Knighthood cut-scenes. This game has some phenomenal boss fights, especially during the side missions, like Clayface and Freeze as well. Gotham Knights, while having its many glitches, was very fun and entertaining to 100% and I think that if people want to play the game then they should just have fun and experience a great game.

Overall 8/10


Not sure what everyone is talking about regarding performance issues - game ran EXCELLENT on my machine at high settings. Combat is fast and fluid. If you liked the other Batman games you will love this one - good story, good cut scenes. I highly recommend with the DLC also.


It feels like the general rating for this game is pretty accurate... Game play starts feeling repetitive fairly quickly into the game. Haven't dealt with many bugs in my play thru and the sound has been pretty good as well. This game just simply makes me want to play the Batman Trilogy all over again as the Gotham Knights just don't have the same pop. 6/10 with it feeling like a 7/10 when you are in a grindy mood.


As long as you don't expect it to be like the Batman Arkham games its really fun. definitely needs some updates an stability fixes an could use some more variety with future updates. but overall an enjoyable game with a decent story. playing with friends is what makes this game really fun an adds more value for sure.

Elemental Joker
Elemental Joker

You have to go into this game seeing it for what it is. A sidekicks game. Not a batman game. It is a lack of batman game. The combat is good. The world is amazing. The story is good. But it is not batman. You will not have all of the top end gadgets and all of the fun stuff you had in the batman games. This is a game full of sidekicks. If you go into this game looking at it as the hand me down abilities and at times very out numbered combat, the game is actually enjoyable. But if you are expecting batman, just remember. He dies in the first 10 min, in a video. That is all the batman you get. so again. SIDE KICK GAME!!!
Lastly, Robin acts like your emo little sister, Batgirl acts like your over controlling little brother, Red hood acts like the bull from school that just wants to beat everything up because he has a small...... and Nightwing tries to act like he is in charge but he is to scared to do anything about anything.

Red Panda
Red Panda

I hope this game does well enough to get a sequel, sure it isn't what i expected but a sequel does give a chance to improve plus i would like the chance to face more of Gotham's rogues gallery there is a lot of potential and since Lucas Fox is mentioned and Jacob & Catherine Kane appear i would hope of some more of the BatFamily is included like Batwoman, Batwing, Orphan/Black Bat, Spoiler(who is referenced) and maybe have Tim go by Red Robin.


While it does have its issues, this game has a magnificent story. It's so good that you wanna keep playing, despite the flaws. The biggest ones being the combat and power scaling. All of that can be overlooked as you will see as you play. Could it be better? Yes. Is it bad? No. Is it worth the money? YES. To me, the pros out weigh the cons. One way to find out for yourself!


The entire game was a blast to go through and the story was entertaining and fun to play through despite its few bugs here and there. Nonetheless, I would most definitely recommend this game if you're into these type of games. Combat is decent but at the same time it's not. (You'll know and understand when playing Red Hood) In terms of replay-ability, it totally differs from person to person but for me, I would like to replay it once in a while. I'm hoping for future content for this game as it has the potential to still be better than it is today.


Game so far is not that bad, whjat actually makes the game bad is the poor glitch solving and the huge amount of bugs , conmstants crushes of the game and a lot , a lot of game proggress lost, the most recent bug: The game suddenly crashed and will not start anymore, all my porggress deleted and no way to acces the game


My initial thoughts are that the concept is good, some of the execution is reasonable, but the rest isn't great.

I like the idea of the opportunistic and premeditated crimes across the map, and the system of interrogating people.
I also appreciate the concept of the gangs aligning themselves with villains and receiving certain buffs as a result (i.e. Mr Freeze giving them ice elemental damage). Some of the minor details are also nice, such as the police arriving to crimes once the area has been cleared, which in turn encourages the player to act fast once the crime is cleared.

But that's about all there is so far that I like.

I have to mention the optimisation, it's not great, I don't expect top of the line performance on my rig but fluctuating between 25-40 during combat at random intervals is a bit iffy. As well as the fact that I had a few cases where the game temporarily flatlined to about 5 FPS, and one case where I had to quit the game because it got stuck at 2FPS permanently mid-fight (judging from task manager it was seemingly caused by it randomly duplicating the EOSOverlay task).

Secondly the AI varies from serviceable to atrocious. And some design choices in terms of AI seem really questionable.
There have been cases of NPCs blatantly ignoring me when crouching. And in one instance I found a zone where the AI pathing for some GCPD SWAT guys bordered an area for some regulators. But it seemed they were designed to not engage one another, I could lead both right up to each other and neither would engage the other, and moving into the search area for one resulted in the others losing track of me, despite me still being right next to and in view of them.
As someone who enjoys AI battles and is all for immersion, how hard would it have been to allow the player to lead groups into one another? I would have loved to lead the SWAT to a crime and have them fight it out with the criminals.

All in all it's an alright game marred by weird design choices and engine limitations.


Tons of fun. Lots of stuff to look for and collect. A little grindy, but not that bad. Wish it was a little longer/more fleshed out for story, but what you do get is straight forward and feels like a good variant of some classic Gotham storytelling.

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