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Release date
1 December 2023
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60 (6 972 votes)


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古龙风云录 system requirements


  • OS: Windows7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-9100, AMD Ryzen3 3100
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForece GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 570
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 30 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Audio Device
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Yamahiro Senpai~!!
Yamahiro Senpai~!!



游戏运行:整体还算顺畅,也没遇到恶性bug (一些过场运镜还是会有飘移问题,不过不频繁),7/10


伙伴剧情:个别角色存在太过薄弱,比如朱停,胡铁花。建议下个游戏削减伙伴至10以下,但单个伙伴的内容可以加强。其余角色可以以庄客等辅助npc登入游戏。建议参考Persona系列的伙伴好感和登入 6/10


游戏节奏安排:本作最失败的部分,前中期就能挑战应该在后期才出现的高强度boss,导致后期的敌人强度明显不符和主角团的练度,以致最终boss强度不够,boss战毫无吸引力 3/10


Too many UI problems for a game released in 2024. I can excuse missing things like voice acting and graphics due to lack of a budget, but a nearly ancient UI isn't forgivable. Things like being forced to use WASD for a game that can be basically point and click, things like having to use the ESC button to exit menus instead of just clicking on an exit button. Clipping issues on stairs, a certain locked door can be clipped through, but leads to failing a mission. The worst thing is that the difference between amount of content in the first 3 chapters and the last 2 chapters is huge. Chapter 4 and 5 has very little content relatively. Weirdest thing is that there is a whole town that is only accessible in Chapter 4, yet has very very little content in it.

Lastly, considering how many famous characters Gu Long novels have, there are so many who are missing from the game. The lack of 丁鹏,铁中棠,谢晓峰,花满楼,萧十一郎,西门吹雪,公子羽,傅红雪,方宝玉 is quite unexplicable, when many lesser known characters were included.

I would only recommend this game to others who grew up with 金庸群侠传. Maybe even Gu Long fans might be disappointed.


Just way to much dialogue to read. In my four plus hours of game play. I think I spent around 2 hours on reading alone. It's just not fun when you are forced to read instead of playing the game. Either way, the game "Wandering Sword" is way more fun and simpler


1小时体验:很古龙很河洛 先好评为敬
10小时补充:看起来是给河洛粉/武侠迷/古龙小说读者定制的 正好属于三者 一个字 值
【无脑】喷对白文案的都是没看过古龙小说的煞笔吧? 没看过原著不要紧 好歹别拿无知当个性 本作称得上是完美还原古龙风格 你不喜欢瞎凑个勾八热闹 回去看你的龙傲天修真小说去 这盘好菜不适合你
25小时补充 隐藏元素丰富 战斗系统瑕不掩瑜 另外特别提一点 每次重大剧情过后仁义庄里主要队友对白会全部换一遍 可以看出很用心 有点轨迹的感觉了 另外 我25小时才在第二章开头 大部分时间在探索做支线传闻 目测没100小时玩不通 量大管饱好评



Feral Cat
Feral Cat

No English language yet. Played the game in original (Chinese) language.

Been a few days and a few small mini patch that did't fix much. Still a lot of bugs, crashes and did not see any respond from developer. Should not be a full release game for sure.

"Gu Long Feng Yun Lu" is a Chinese Wu Xia (martial arts and chivalry) open world game with tactical combat. Yet to play far, not sure how open world it is.

I usually will play a few hours before review. But the control and the camera angle is very frustrating. Players are allow to move with "WASD" but not rotate with "Q and E", no setting for that and camera angle can't be change too. Basically control or hot keys can't be change at all. Rotate camera will be with mouse only, you can point and click to move around too. Maybe can just play with mouse right? But nope, when you enter your inventory or map or whatever menu, to exit or close it, players have to press "ESC". No "X" anywhere to close with mouse click.

No voice acting yet, no character customization too. The character don't even blink their eyes, during one of the first cut scene your MC basically stare at you like you owned him money.

Story is kind of lazy. Story started off with hundreds of martial artist getting lure to a place, rumors to have a sword manual or scroll named "invincible sword". In English "invincible sword" sounds alright actually, but in Chinese "Wu Di Jian" ”无敌剑“ sounds very dubious, something a kid will name when they are messing around. Yet hundreds of people are lure there and fight it out for a rumor? with such a dubious name?

Play a bit more and more strange and silly it gets.
First fight you gets to choose weapons with spear as one of the option, "click" spear and NPC refused to let me choose it. NPC yada.. yada.. about weapon reach and his height and what not. So whatever man since hes's a kid, choose sword as my weapon next.
Enter combat and use a AOE fire attack skill, cool jumping attack skill and after landing surrounding area will burn and caught fire. Cool right? except after landing, MC will be in the middle of the fire and burnt together with the enemy. That's the only skill you have too, at that point of game. Seriously not sure whats behind the logic, especially that early on in the game.

Hard to continue, and kind of disappointing. Since He Luo Studio is a very experience company. It's 2024 but a lot of design don't make sense, be it Ui, Control or game mechanics. I understand it's not a big company, so im not going to mention the stiff graphics.





The game's voice acting hasn't been officially updated. That's why I'm not deep into the game yet.
I don't want to get halfway through the game and have to start again because the voice acting has been updated.

I've had a cursory read of the reviews on Steam and have noticed that some of the people who don't recommend this game are doing so because of the script of the game.
For the developers, I have a suggestion.
In the Steam product tag of this game, you can add the tag "Otome". This can provide a psychological basis for those who are new to this game before playing, and this game may not have as many negative reviews.

This is, of course, only a suggestion.
After all, if the developers really do this, it is estimated that the reduction will not only be the negative reviews.




开了个头。 我是游戏发售一天以后才玩的。为啥推迟了主要是被那些差评吓得退却了想着等重大补丁以后再玩吧,但是最后还是选择遵从本心来看看有多烂。说说我的看法, 我也算是资深玩家了,评论说的音效问题我没有遇到, 打斗是有音效的只是没有配音。游戏是完全可以玩下去的。从游戏里我看到了河洛群侠传,侠隐阁的影子,是着实有进步的。视角一开始的确有点蛋疼希望后面可以修改。总的来说这盘菜被端上来的时候并不像是差评说的半成品顶多就是还没加葱花。 当然有些没葱花不吃也没有问题。 如果你是武侠迷,古龙迷,那这款游戏是可以大胆食用的。




1. 目前为止进入游戏正常,没有死机,没有闪退,没有恶性bug;
2. 我个人对程序优化没有研究,不过就我1660 super的显卡跑中等画质都不觉得卡顿,那3xxx,4xxx跑起来应该是小case了;
3. 3d建模和场景虽然不是质的飞跃,也比河洛群侠传细致多了,特别是人物和小地图中的物件,不过穿模和衣物过于钢板/铁桶化的问题确实是有滴;
4. 游戏的确加入了推理系统,但相比较天命2来说要简单多了,至少目前遇到的推理线索都是在一个场景中;
5. 我不认为ui有什么严重问题,需要改进的都是小事,比如点击后自动装备饰品至首个空格就如同武器一样,感悟界面能够缩放到可以看见全5个感悟标识;
6. 音乐也是见仁见智,我也不认为有什么槽点,反而是挺有古色古香的,也能够随着剧情起伏而有所变化,也许是古龙的小说大多比较黑暗,所以没有太多的柔美;
7. 之前还有人仅因为不能给主角自定义名字就差评,请问你们是又穿越到金庸群侠传里去了?最近玩的逸剑是一部很不错的武侠类游戏,主角名字也不能自定义,你们怎么不去差评它呢?
1. 配音!全程配音显然不现实,就连不少的日式rpg都是重要情节使用,其它的比如支线任务就敷衍。虽说制作组提到一周后要加入战斗语音,不过我还是想建议至少考虑在游戏的: a)开始动画,b)第一场战斗的对话部分,c)所有主角的回忆,d)所有英雄每次升级的独白,e)每位英雄交谈的第一句,f)每次推理的结论部分,g)当然还有主角的口头禅“我知道了”加入真人配音;
2. 鼠标右键和esc!为什么鼠标右键可以在战斗中取消人物/招式选择,却不能用于跳出很多界面呢,而一定要用esc?
3. 剧情!就我目前玩到的来说,总体还是挺有意思的,只是因为线性主线,有些地方感觉比较牵强,有些地方感觉有点摸不着头脑,这一点我在游玩时间更多的时候可能还会进一步修改说明(我对大多数古龙作品不熟,只玩过绝代双骄和楚留香传奇);
最后一点是我自己的,4. 立绘!重要人物的立绘其实是做得挺不错的,而且同一个人也有不同神情的立绘这点该点赞!不过我从来都认为,只要是有名有姓的npc,就应该有属于自己的独立立绘,绝不共享


What the hell is with all the bad reviews? I have played the last few renditions of this company's wu xia games. While they are different from the Path of Wuxia (ie can't name your character) but as a story driven gamer I love the game! Especially the open world concept after the prelude!

I can read chinese and speak it but I prefer to type my review in English.










Review at 10hour mark, will edit as I progress further:

Whilst I usually wait until having beaten or spent god knows how many hour tl'ing a game before reviewing, the recent review bombing makes me feel important to try my best to give a more fair review of the game in its current state, I may revise my opinion further as I play more.

Heads up I am not too familar with Gulong's work, having mostly done Jinyong stuff before, so I am going in mostly blind to the lore and characters.

古龙风云录, which I guess can be translated to Tale of Gulong to go with earlier heluo title (and I'll use this name in the review) is at core a traditional CRPG, it is most similar to Tale of Wuxia Pre-Sequal. Where there is a linear story line, but open world to do a fair amount of side quest and exploring. Please do note unlike Tale of Wuxia and Path of Wuxia, there is no persona style time management/character growth management aspect, this is more like an old school rpg where you explore map and interact with NPC.

I'll have a more detailed analysis of the game below. While it has its flaws, I do think it is solid and deserve a TL, Hopefully enough Eng player gets interested to get a TL going.

Argubly most important part of an rpg game, this game has a fresh take in being in many ways more like a detective story, where you try to uncover the mystery of an event which lured most powerful martial artist to fight for a mysterious manual, which ended with none of those who went coming back. The writing style is quite different, but I do really enjoy the idea that you are almost a wulin detective.

The writing is pretty solid in most parts and does a good job to make someone not familiar with gulong like myself understand the world setting and characters, there is no time where I felt lost because I havent read the original works. That said, if you are totally new to Wuxia, some concepts and character motivation can seem a bit weird.

Seeing I haven't gotten far enough, I don't think I can fairly review the plot right now, but suffice to say it has kept me interested, and many side quests are fun and interesting too. (One particularly memorable one basically have you go do what is basically underground rap battle in ancient chinese)

Heads up there is no character customization, the MC's personality and more importnatly his identity has a important role in the story. Whether you like it or not is up to personal taste, but just keep this in mind. There are some choices in conversation, but they are mostly "in character" for MC.

RPG Gameplay:
Nothing new here, standard level up to get stronger, learn new skill either through level up and skill books from various sources. The open world is not massive, and its mostly just a zone to wonder to find hidden loot, bandit camps, and various location for side quests. The main story is linear, though you are free to explore and do side quests. I am too early to confirm if there will be major, meaningful plot branches, though some side quests can definately end badly or fail.

As you progress main plot, the world progresses and new character, quest etc appears, but even at start there are some higher level enemy and locations you can visit if you want to challenge yourself or farm levle, get skills or new companions from side quests. The scale is nothing compared to something like say, skyrim, but it does a fair job giving you side content to do.

Unlike say, Hero's adventure or taiwu, there isn't a lot of side activities that isn't a side quest. There are enemy that walks around map, unique bounty bosses and resource to gather (which you just walk around and click, which can be used to make/upgrade various gear and potion in a very simple crafting system). The amount of side quest is fair and most maps have some hidden treasure and secret to encourage exploration.

There are romanceble female companions though as I am still relatively early in all I can say its that its seems similar to PoW, where you level up affection by gifting, and at each threshold a event/quest triggers to advance the relation.

This is probably the most unique thing for a Wuxia RPG, a fair number of important quest includes a deduction phase where you have gather clue and put them together to reach a conclusion, you can also get the wrong conclusion if you aren't careful.

These are decently written, and if you enjoyed something like phoenix wright I think you can likewise find these deduction enjoyable to figure out. However, many clues are hidden in the scenes and it could be frustrating to locate them at times since they are not always obvious in the environement, and you could end up spend time walking around.

If you have played Path of Wuxia or Tale of Wuxia, the combat is essentially the same with some added mechanic such as terrain tale, a stance bar that you can break by attacking from specific direction a certain number of times to incapcitate enemy. The combat isn't amazing for a turn based rpg, but it is not bad either. With all the added system game is perhaps still a bit on the easier end, but you now have more skill slot open to you when compared to the previous game, together with a talent tree to fine tune your builds.

Party/Character Development:
Unlike earlier heluo game, this game revert back to a standard level up and allocate attribute/talen point system. This is simple but the talent tree is quite expansive and some perks interesting (those who have played hero's adventure will be familar with it). Each talent tree is also unique to the party member, so that is pretty neat, and they also have their own unique move set they can learn from leveling up.

In addition to skills, there are "mechanisms" which are unique accessory slot item that give you more unique and situation skills, ranging from an AOE bomb to a mechanical chicken that can act as a shield to restore your stance. These are cool down based so you don't have to worry about hogging all your consumables (though potions remain consumable).

Martial arts are grouped into Fist/Sword/Blade/Twin Dagger/Polearm/Throwing, though there are skills that are also not tied to a weapon, like a roar attack can be learned by anyone. MC can learn all skills while each NPC party member is limited to one. Each party member does have a unique moveset they can learn from level up and a unique signature skill to keep them distinct, which you can fine tune by teaching them more skills via skill books. There are also inner styles that can be learned that provide special buffs if your character's talent point allocation meet their requirement.

This leads to my biggets gripe with the game so far, skill books cannot be used to teach multiple character 1 skill, and character exp cannot be shared, made worse because Your party get massive early on, with at least 9 character you can recruit halfway through chapter one. Furthermore, some fight must be fought with specific character on the team, this means you are forced to rotate your roster from time to time. (Fortunately, I havent noticed any main plot that requires a specific party member)

The art and graphic is quite beautiful, especially the character arts are probably the best Heluo has put out. The move sets are about what I'd expect from PoW, though some move have unique camera work and are quite cool (sadly i dont think there is a way to skip moves atm).

Music is adequate but I don't think the track are nearly as good as some PoW tracks which adds so much to a scene, or are just good enough for me to listen on their own.

There are a few instance of bugs for me, nothing game breaking except one that caused a side quest to fail (fixed by reloading and talking to a different NPC first), and 1-2 CTD. I have no issue with lag or frame drop though I note the map loading time is quite long when you enter a large region/world map, some time taking a minute.


I really like Wuxia games however there is a recent trend of including all these "investigations" gameplay into wuxia games the major one being "天命奇御二". I did not enjoy this type of gameplay.

Also the main reason i play Wuxia games is to enjoy gaining power, martial art skills, legendary inners etc. A sort power fantasy, however in this game i dont get that feeling. Skills not feeing powerful enough, lack of options when it comes to skills (1 character only has 4 - 5 skills max) all contributed to this negative feeling. I think it felt more like a mystery, drama story at its core while in a Wuxia backdrop so the Wuxia theme becomes not the main focus. Perheps this is a main feature of Gulong stories (i am not that familiar with this writer) however this is again something i did not enjoy.

In terms of story and side quests i found alot of time it is overly complicated and convoluted. Actually the story is not that complex but the way it was written made it complicated for no good reason. It didnt add to the game experience at all at most of the time i just wanted to finish it and move on to the next quest. The characters were decent to good but i just could not get into the story.

Open world features were bare minimum, i really enjoyed the open world features from 河洛群俠傳 however this does not compare and i think is a step down. Combat was ok but as i mentioned above the limited skills for each character really made it difficult to enjoy. My first negative review for a Heluo game.


This is a quick review on the game.
I strongly recommend this game personally, except that there are some cons you should consider before buying it.
Pros: Good graphics. No bugs that affects the game play. Good story. Many skills to be learnt. Overall great.
Cons: Only supports English. Not enough endings. Does not contain all Gulong characters.
There are other pros and cons but these are the most important ones.
Overall score: 8/10 (for people who can read Chinese only)