HoneyCome come come party

HoneyCome come come party
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Release date
6 September 2023
Steam reviews score
67 (130 votes)

Discover the ultimate in character customization. Mold your perfect partner to your exacting specifications, then fall in love—or descend into the deepest depths of carnal desire...

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HoneyCome come come party system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: WINDOWS® 10 / 11 (64-bit required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 8100 serise or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 Series or AMD Radeon™ RX 480 Series (VRAM 3GB) or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Requires an Internet connection.
App type
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Windows PC
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$14.99 xDr: 48.00
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Current Review Mar 4th, 2024: Game is now working again for steam users.

The Character creation in this game is the best I've ever seen in a game & is the reason I purchased it. The only down side I've found to it is that it Needs connection to the Developers Server & sometimes an update can leave you unable to connect to the server which results in the game being unplayable at those times.

I'd love to see more stuff from the developer in the future & I hope they continue to do an awesome job like they have been.

Old Review Mar 3rd, 2024: Game is currently Broken as of FEB 27th, 2024. The Developer at this time doesn't appear to have responded or resolved the issue.
- If you purchase this game & are not a resident of Japan you will get the error message: "Failed to obtain Version Information" "Server Connection Failed".

From what I've been able to locate online other players have found other ways to play but both require the use of 3rd party tools which is not an option for me at this time.

If there are any other players who are running into this Error we should fill out the Report Game for being Broken as there is currently no warning from Steam about this game not being available for our Regions.

I'll Update this Review once the Current issue is resolved officially.


The game is good, but that doesn't really matter when you can't play it unless your location is set to Japan. I got the game before it was a problem so I might not even be able to get a refund. Trash developers who just want to scam you


Guess I'll start the review with some pros and cons:
(mostly compare to Illusion games since they are "much alike".)

1.Better modeling has been implemented.(Especially Skindentation,oof)
2.It seems like there are more detail customizations,some new accessories,and a few more motion sets.
3.The game seems to have undergone some refactoring that makes it feel more optimized than its predecessors.


1.There are apparently fewer clothing options available at the moment.
2.Exploring the game in the current version feels more like an interactive menu than actual exploration due to the lack of scenarios.
3.Subtitles are still absent during H scenes.(Still)

Overall Rate:
7/10---for those haven't played old Illusion titles
6/10---if you played and had said games

Some personal thoughts:
I don't really consider myself as one of the core audience of the genre since I didn't spend that much time on the old Illusion series,let alone experimented with some more complex mechanisms like modding and workshops.(though I've collect all products that're on Steam)
But when I heard Illusion's closure announcement,I did feel...troubling,bit upset by the fact that there might not be these kinda game in a while to expect what's new.
So part of the reason that I bought this game is simply as a gesture of good faith,and it's good to see the developers are still updating and maintaining the game.
I do value the amount of work that needed to develop a project like this(simulator-kind) than some smaller H-games,so I'm willing to pay a price that is commensurate with the quality and quantity of the content.

With all that being said,here are some rather personal issues I wanna mention:
1. I understand that this may be based on market research and I can read English without much difficulty,but still I would prefer the Chinese(Traditional) language option since I'm Taiwanese.
2.I would like to have some sort of visual indicators or hints when choosing H-positions to properly develop relationships with the characters.
3.The clothing textures are well-done,but would love to have more clothing options,such as stirrup-stockings and stirrup-thigh highs, yoga pants,and tights.

Alcatraz Spazz
Alcatraz Spazz

For the price that beats a triple A game, it is not worth it.
This is just a decent character creation game with some sexual scenes, but not even alot.
There are barely any clothes to choose from.
The "play" button on the main menu only brings you to an instant sex scene with no other content.
It is alright, if it was 20 bucks.


Whoa, finally a game that answers how those 3D Hentai comics are made. Wish there was more "Girl-Girl" stuff, but if your fetish is "Garry's Mod", then this my friends, is the game for you (as long as you buy the base game and DLC). On the bright side, I might end up with an Engineering degree before I "get my rocks off", and that's the real fun, LOL.


I didn't actually "play" it - I'm only using editor, Digital Craft and Free Sex mode - that's what I bought it for.


I understand people saying that 60$ is way too high for a game with so little content. Plus 30$ for DLC with studio mode (which you would expect to be included in the base game). So 90$ for a game of that scale... Yeah. But, I understand how much efforts goes into making such game - models, animation, customization system - all for very niche market. So yes, you have to put high price tag to not go bancrupt.


Not very much accesories and cloths - again, I understand. BUT - developes could solve this problem by adding convinient mod support, like Bethesda does where mod manager is official part of the game and mods are distributed via Steam Workshop. That's great way to solve the problem of lacking content

Digital Craft

The studio mode, called Digital Craft comes as 30$ DLC and it's... actually great.


Vanilla Steam version allows you to create only old ladies with D-cups, so if you want actually sexy girls - you have to download patch from official Japanese website. Unfortunatelly, even with that patch all ding-dong and wooh-wooh areas are pixelated.


Excuse me, are you quite all right over there Illusio... ehm.. I mean... ILLGAMES?!
$70 for this? This is far over reasonable.

This game is worth... let's be generous, and say $40.

Game is basically HoneySelect2 gameplay with upgraded Koikatsu visuals.
There is no real free roaming, unless you count strolling around the lobby as free roaming.

As for customisation items, barely any to speak of.

This price is so far over reasonable, spend it elsewhere, absolutely not worth it. Buy P*rnHub Premium or something, it'll satisfy more than this "game" ever could.

Even if you buy their "new up and coming studio" spiel, this is the most cynical pricing I've seen in a while, so that kinda makes it worse than if Illusion did it. Shameful display.


Alright guys, this is a better koikatsu game, customization (as base game), better and cuter graphics, and more 'playability', they will keep updating it weekly, just check their official website, you can get the hf patch too. Hope they will be adding things like studio and more 'free gameplay' other than just walking through 2 rooms. There are cute new cards everyday, the modders are doing it slowly but surely, so you can easily wait for some offer because this gonna take some time. If you like the idea support the devs! Even if they deny their own great community that supported them, but you will know why. Overall 8/10


☑️Try not to get addicted
🔳Very good
🔳Nothing special
🔳Just don't

🔳Will do

☑️Very good
🔳Not too bad
🔳Ear rape


---{PC Requirements}---
🔳Check if you can run paint
🔳Rich boi
🔳Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

🔳Doesn't have
🔳Nothing I guess
☑️Not greatly told
🔳Will make you cry or smile alot

☑️Varies a little bit from person to person
🔳Weapon OR character classes
🔳Creative OR Survival
🔳Melee OR Ranged

☑️Just press a bunch of buttons
🔳Significant brain usage
🔳Easy to learn / Hard to master
🔳Not so easy
🔳Dark Souls

🔳Only if you care about leaderboards/ranks
🔳Isn't necessary to progress
☑️A bit grindy sometimes
🔳Average grind level
🔳A bit grindy

---{Game Time}---
🔳Long enough for a cup of tea
🔳Depends on you

🔳Just buy it
🔳Worth the price
☑️Wait for sale
🔳Maybe if you have some spare money left
🔳Not recommended
🔳Don't throw money into a rubbish bin

🔳Never had any
🔳Minor bugs/glitches
☑️Few bugs/glitches
🔳Can get annoying
🔳Ruining the game
🔳The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs/glitches
So gameplay is just like HoneySelect but the graphic is like more improved version of Koikatsu, and the game has free roaming but not entirely like going everywhere. So its better to wait Steam sale to buy this game.
Don't forget to click Like to pet her once, and Award for infinite pets :)
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ___
     />  フ
     |  _  _ l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

Hank J Wimbleton
Hank J Wimbleton

This seemed like it was Fun but 70 dollars ok illusion you haven't learned since last time and now it requires an internet connection wow what a Dick move this Game has proven to me once anyone will do anything for Money it seems to us you don't Care its going to be the same thing for you again your going to go bankrupt and when it happens a second time dont come crying to us


If your looking into buying this game DO NOT buy it here, get it from DlSite. its also 50 instead of the 70 with a coupon they have and i belive if its your first time signing up you mike get an extra coupon. Its missing the "gameplay" element and a few customization features on the character creation. Its a lot like honey select 2 which i liked so that depends on you the buyer. The graphics are great, same character creation as koikatsu, and the animations have improved greatly but remain the same. seriously tho get it on dlsite but beaware there is no refund policy there and be careful not to buy the japanese version on accident.(Did that once)

❤️🫶呆呆向爱爱 🫶❤
❤️🫶呆呆向爱爱 🫶❤

you need premium patch in order to get the full experience. For the price you pay, you ain't getting community created characters like koiksatsu party. less costume even with patch, not really recommend you get it at full price. Add this to your wish list and wait for sales instead since the game is quite new in steam. Hope to see community made Mods in the future.


Really don't care about the problems everyone else has. I'm not here for H play. I'm here for Art just as all my work made in koikatsu.
Senran's Mirai
Tower of Fantasy OC
Future Miku

I'm not gonna sit around and cry over some "Gameplay" in a f***in hentai game which makes 0 sense when your little one track minds are all about sex.
Character creation is enough for me and I have plans to remake all my older work from koikatsu and more for character studio. That and maybe make them into vTube models in the future.
Just waiting for (actual good) mods.


okay, Koikatsu is def better and without mods this game is plain and can get boring quickly. not worth 75 dollars. however, this may change when mods role out. until then, I am sticking with Koikatsu.

Edit: After playing Koikatsu again I decided to refund Honey Come.

Yuri Revenge
Yuri Revenge

The game seems like a scam
1- they remove online feature so you cant download community cards
2- they force you to be online i guess so they can ban you or control over your game if you use mods as they made it against term of service
3- dont expect that this version will get mods
4- game as it is not worth 70$ but worth about 39.99$ at best as the features here missing and even they said there will be more customization in the Final game it surely has way less then koikatsu base game
5- there is no normal game play it just throw you into sex so the personality and mood has no effect

4 out 10


This review is subject to drastic change in the future.

Too early to be worth that $70 slap in the sack. It's a more anime-styled Honey Select 2, but without it's updates and additions. The system is solid, and I keep finding new things to play with in buried submenus. But there's a serious lack in clothes, accessories, hairstyles and decals to make it a really great character customizer.


this game feels so much better than Koi Katsu the sex scenes The character creation and most importantly the graphics.
I may be asking too much but I hope in the future we can see an uncensored version without the Mosaic filter


Felt like a wish version of "Koikatsu Party" with the clothes wanting to clip, some settings not wanting to work, and over all the fact that it is $70. If the Character customization fully worked, I would be all for this game but when it can glitch out and provide a male that has the same parts as Barbie's "Ken", there is issues.

MAYBE this will be worth the $70 (or whatever insane price they ask for at the time) later but right now, it isn't even worth $40 to me.


What is here is a good sex sim. It is however to expensive for what you get and feels like Koikatsu and Honey select mixed together. Ether of those is more worth the money even if you never use the mods.


I sort of wish there was a 'middle/maybe wait' option, since that would align more to where I am, but thumbs up gets close enough.

Basically, this release is a pretty bare-bones; there's not many personalities for the girls, only a few outfits, and the main mode is a mostly straightforward sandbox. For all those reasons, the price of the game is pretty wince inducing, and the big problem in my eyes is the lack of a Studio Mode (like in Koikatsu) which would have done a lot to alleviate some of the problems.

However, I do think there is a solid core to the game. The animations are great and varied, and while simple the sandbox does offer some options. And graphics and character model quality is actually pretty top-tier; Koikatsu worked for what it was, but I think there's been a real step up in terms of how everything looks. Likewise, I think there's some real good QOL improvements, such as a greater degree of customisation for clothes patterns/prints, and more 'layering' to character creation (such as being able to change make up and hair for different scenarios, which wasn't possible in previous releases (I think)).

SO, I think there's a really good foundation here. If they build off it (please, please release a Studio mode) I think it could be a really great product overall, though I won't deny they may have jumped the gun releasing it so feature-light.


While I will say that the graphics of this game are very impressive, a big step up from Koikatsu (not that I feel that it was needed), the price tag for this game is thoroughly not worth it...

My advise to anyone who wants to upgrade from Koikatsu Party to this spiritual successor: Wait for the sale.
I'm also sure that the uncensor patch developers for Koikatsu have seen this game and may eventually turn to it to continue their incredible work on it.


Definitely looks good, but at this moment it is just an overpriced glorified character creator. Also sad to see them trying attempting to abolish modding which was the reason their games stayed afloat on life boats to begin with. These games are too bare bones for you to be selling them at AAA price Illusion/ILLGames! So bare bone i can literally see the bone marrow!

Khakit Kiscat
Khakit Kiscat

i don't seen any problem while playing or maybe I lived with nudity to much than problem came)) so it make me feel like HENTAI COME FIRST NO NEED TO BLAME MISSING GAMEPLAY BUT ATLEAST I STILL CAN DO ONE HANDJOB WITH IT[/strike])) *AYO WHAT*

In the end,

a good game doesn't depend on how much it costs. But it's up to us to buy a price we're proud to buy . And yes, I bought it because I like porn games.

Toxic Coffee
Toxic Coffee

Koikatsu Party 2.0

this game is the result of a stunt, the devs shut down their old company (Illusion Games) and created (ILLGAMES), this might look like just a rebranding, but they did this to avoid legal backlash and all the lawsuits lol, its the same scenario as the General Motors (GM now) maneuver.

Absolute W devs for pulling this stunt.


I give this game a Thumbs-Up with a caveat. When fully updated and patched, the game is good and what we would expect from this sort of game. The lack of clothing options limits the character creation, but it is still detailed and you can create many different characters with a little time and imagination. With the inclusion of the Card Upload/Download option, you can share your cards and download one that others created. There are other ways to share and some people are very creative. The gameplay is familiar and the story is thin, but the game is not trying to be different. It's a Hentai game, after all. If you like this type of game, it is a good option as it is being supported by the publisher and will at least have updates through the New Year


Basic impressions:
Not a bad successor to KKP but if you already have KKP with mods installed and the like, this will not really stack up by comparison for quite some time. There are some features implemented in this game that I always thought would benefit KKP as well that were never added in a way that I'd consider user-friendly(Basically, making your own models/animations and crap in Studio mode while it runs at -10 FPS, with so many tools on the screen that you can barely see the "Scene" you're supposed to be working on...) But it severely lacks in the playability that makes KKP so enjoyable for casual play. It wasn't too long before I "shelved" it so I don't wind up resenting the purchase due to the time it takes for further developments, both official and not.

More details and potentially helpful info:
First off. like KKP, the game sold on Steam is a kind of watered down version of the end product and they offer a "Premium Patch" provided elsewhere for free that completes the base games content. Without the patch, the only thing the game will offer is an incomplete Character Creator and H Mode to initiate scenes. I played this version for about 20 hours and debated refunding cause it was very lacking. I felt like no matter what I did with my Sliders during Character Creation all the models come out looking roughly the same and the only thing I had a lot of creative freedom with is Hair Styles/Colors. Definitely don't skip the premium patch if you want at least a minimal amount of variety. If you have any problems getting it from the original source, you can also get it via the "HFPatch" Mods/Installer for this game just like on KKP. The "HFPatch" is obviously still in development kinda like the game itself sorta is so it's not gonna add 35GB's of polished content like on KKP but does add some basic animation tweaks(Including a really REALLY basic uncensor filter that is packed with glitches and awkwardness(Example: instead of male appendages "Squishing" after reaching a target point on the receiving model internally where it's not noticeable, it happens on the outside of the receiving model), menu changes and a handful of other plugins you can control the settings to via the in-game settings menu once it's all installed.

After installation of mods/patches and applying a full update, the game finally looks like it has potential(mostly due to Modders) but free roam still needs lots of work and is incredibly boring. The map is a sardine can consisting of a receptionist lobby and an atrium. It has a handful of rooms to enter(not counting the players room) which you can't really explore cause the doors are strictly there as a way to initiate "Events" within the rooms.

Interaction between characters has no depth to it either. The conversations you have will have basically no effect on their attitude towards you. the only way to alter any of their "stats" is through sex and once an attribute is maxed it can unlock new positions or alter interactions with those characters who have it maxed. For instance, once you max out "Friendliness" you unlock 3 new positions for Sex Scenes with that character and others who have it maxed, Once you max "Obsessed" it makes every interaction between that character and you end in a Sex Scene but it also keeps them from tiring out during scenes without using any of the items/settings you unlocked via the achievements and increases the odds they visit you in your room as you sleep.

Speaking of Sleep, it basically serves no purpose here. It can "advance time" which I put in Quotes cause there's no natural sense of Time to be found AFAIK. It's always the same time of day, day of the week, week of the month, month of the year, year of the century Etc...(Ad Infinitum) But "Time" advances at the end of any scene you initiate including peeping anyway. Whenever you initiate a sex scene or a peeping event, at the end of whatever scene you decide on first, you appear back in your room and it resets/shuffles all the characters and events on the map so free roam is basically pointless once you get through the little tutorial. Also, I don't know if it's the maps size that is to blame or what but the "community" consists of 5 individual Groups you can swap between, each Group has room for 20 cards but you can only ever have 1 Group active and by default, characters can't "repeat" across Groups unless you make duplicates in character creation. If you fill every available slot of your chosen Group then not all of them will spawn on the map at once, either so you're better off just keeping the arrangement at under 15 characters each(Literally the maximum amount of character models I have ever counted on the map at once, not including the "Concierge" at the front desk.)

Yeah, I'd say it has a long ways to go but Modders were pretty quick about making a basic HFPatch that was compatible so hopefully won't be too long now.


This game is mid

First of all the good things:
The game has more better models and shading compared to other Erogames, The H positions aren't that bad the best being the kissing positions, and there are options for bondage, femdom and basically fetish stuff. The audio quality is good and the game does feature customization which is good but limited, the backgrounds and areas are good looking with shading, lastly the music isn't bad at all.

Then the bad things
where can i start, firstly the price i think it's way too overpriced for the limited stuff it offers there are better alternatives like koikatsu which is made by the same studio formerly known as ILLUSION, other than the price the game offers too little content, other than sex there are no bonding between the characters just straight up sex, the game features too little dialogue where it ends up being too repetitive, the lack of customization options is a big issue as for the price of the game isn't worth it at all, my biggest issue so far is that there is no subtitles during H scenes and lack of story, the game also sometimes drops the frame-rate causing the game to lag.