I deserve a happy ending

I deserve a happy ending
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Release date
29 June 2022
Steam reviews score
91 (12 votes)

Play as a prince as he attempts to give his story a happy ending by finding love and claiming his place as the rightful heir of the throne in this fantasy Boys' Love visual novel.

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  • OS: Windows 7
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
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Windows PC
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So fluffy and cute, its a great buy

Mistress Merin
Mistress Merin

I've only completed one route (I romanced the cute elf) but its so cute and the end was so sweet!! its a rather short read but the art is pretty and I loved it. 10/10


Short but charming and very generous with the CGs for the lenght of the game.

Ertal Games
Ertal Games

This is a really nice visual novel! I've only got one ending so far (with the lovely elf), but it was incredibly cute. The character art is quite nice, and the rest of the art assets, although not original, look good and fit the story well.

As other reviews have said, it's a bit of a pity we don't get anything worthy of even a +15 rating, but if you enjoy sweet and cute stories, with adventure, romance, and a bit of drama, then this VN is for you.


This is a strange one. It feels more so like someone presenting their idea for a game to you rather than them actually giving you the proper game to play. The story has a nice basis, but feels a bit rushed at times and like you shouldn't think too deeply on it or you'll be facing quite a bit of things that don't seem to make much sense. The sprites are also strangely positioned in a way that you basically keep staring at chests, because their faces are so high up you'll be lucky to see a forehead. For the price I'd say it's a nice thing to try if you just want to waste some time on a short visual novel. But other than that? Can't say that it's good. It could have been with a bit more effort and tweaking, but.. it's not. Unless curiosity is slowly killing you from the inside, I'd say you skip this one.

Buttfart Princesspants VIII
Buttfart Princ…

It is a short-ish game, especially if you're a fast reader like I am. BUT that's totally reflected in the price and has a lot of great quality CGs that more expensive games don't even have. The choices are very simple so it's not particularly hard, and there's a couple bugs that crash the game to the typical otome game engine error menu, but pressing ignore removes them as issues whenever I faced them so they weren't game breaking in the slightest.

But in it's defence, the plot/setting was unique and refreshing, and the narration was surprisingly charming. Plus, there still aren't many BL otome games out there on steam, especially non-sexual ones like this. I really enjoyed myself and I'd happily continue supporting the devs in their further work.