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Release date
16 September 2022
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90 (429 votes)

Slaughter your way through nightmarish industrial mazes, transformed cityscapes and surreal alien structures to cut down the Growth in this ultraviolent, fast-paced, and merciless retro-styled first person shooter.

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INCISION system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: X64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
  • Graphics: DX10, DX11, and DX12-capable GPUs
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Windows PC
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This is a fun boomer shooter with very unique and surreal level design. It needs more polishing, but I see alot of promise in it. I would like to say to the dev was that I wish the movement didn't feel so stiff and maybe have options for camera tilting when moving, Otherwise very good.


TL;DR: If you don't like old school / boomer shooters, I don't recommend it to you. If you do like them, read this review first.

Really, this isn't the type of game like Vampire Survivors, Stardew Valley, etc. and in the "old school" "boomer shooter" "genre" it doesn't bring anything too otherworldly to the genre for me to say "buy this!" to people. It's not a Devil Daggers, an ULTRAKILL or a DUSK, it's just a Quake with, for me, an appealing aesthetic; but that's about it

Nothing groundbreaking. The aesthetic is great if you're into the art style mind you, personally reminds me of Silent Hill. However, if you're not into Quake/DOOM custom maps or wads and other "boomer shooters" you're going to be pretty disappointed and even bored. The game doesn't bring anything new to the table where I would recommend this over any other old-school FPS other than the fleshy bloody style and bathing in blood. PLEASE NOTE THIS ISN'T A BAD THING AND HAPPENS TO EVERY OTHER INDIE TITLE, THIS GAME JUST ISN'T FOR EVERYONE!

The game checks every list for the retro shooter genre. In fact, if I ran a company and I were doing a retro shooter of, let's hypothetically say, Warhammer, I'd probably hire SmoothBrainDev since I know he'd do a decent job in at least the gameplay systems aspect. I'm probably missing something in the story department because... well actually I'm unsure about the story, either I missed the messages or they didn't show for me.

The eerie OST is perfect for the game. It isn't a piece of groundbreaking work either, and I would even catalogue them as pretty bad in general BUT they're actually perfect for the aesthetic of the game, as counter-intuitive as that sounds.

In the looks department this is a 10/10. Sure it doesn't have the graphics of Ultra-Nightmare Doom Eternal but literally who cares, the game looks good for what it's trying to be. A bit annoying if you're on low brightness but still, that'd be like saying Outlast is annoying because it scares you a lot.

Overall I'd give this game a solid 7/10 in general and a 8/10 as a boomer shooter.
It really brings nothing new to the table other than the AWESOME theme. If you played through a lot of boomer shooters you might be indifferent to this game. For me, it's time to take a break from it and come back when I'm not burned out of boomer shooters, because yes, it can even be boring if you're burned out of every other shooter, and specially if you're not too much into it but just like every other boomer shooter really

ESTEEMED authentic bunger (real)

very meaty. very unhygenic. grungy? very bloody! very mobile. music is fairly noisy. game is overall juicy if you're into that sort of stuff.

game may be a fair bit difficult to those unfamiliar with the genre(s), but it didn't hurt my experience nor do i think its a problem. i think its very cool that difficulty affects enemy projectile speed, it makes encounters a lot tougher in a more organic way, like meat. the current saving system is fairly interesting mixed with lives and restarts (ie no quicksaves or mid-level saves) also adds to said difficulty.

i really like the meat


Man, there are so many retro shooters out there now... Hrot, Turbo Overkill, Prodeus, Cultic, Ultrakill... and all these games are great. As having played through all of these (some of them are still in EA) and of course also the older ones (Iony Fury, Dusk, Amid Evil), I can tell you that Incision now is in my top 5 list. Like Hrot, it keeps just the core-gameplay of Quake without changing a lot - which is a good thing. It plays fast, the weapons feel punchy and the movement system is responsive. I think that Hrot comes very close in terms of gameplay (although I think that Hrot all in all is still better). And yes, there is a lot Quake-like gore in this game as well. It terms of presentation / theme, it best could be described as a mix of Quake 2, Blood and Dusk, aesthetics and music are pretty unique (although I did not like all music tracks). The level design is creative, varied and mostly intuitive. However, when comparing it directly to Hrot, I think that level design of Incision is worse since I got stuck here 3-4 times (which never happened to me in Hrot). I liked that fact that there is a lot of verticality in Incision. In terms of difficulty the game is always fair but also quite unforgiving when making mistakes. Rocket damage and its radius are pretty high (which I liked a lot), but that makes some encounters (especially the final boss) really tricky. Maybe it needs some re-balancing here and there. You constantly have to pay attention to your environment, otherwise you´ll die - a lot. The final boss took me about 8 tries, it´s no cakewalk. Overall, Incision is an excellent game, well worth your time and the price, even if it´s still in early access. I think this could become one of the next big boomer shooters releasing in 2023! I´m really looking forward to episode 2! It´s a must-buy for all retro shooter fans!


Really fun game play. Doesn't hold your hand through anything, not really telling you any enemy weakness if they even have one. I am very happy I picked this game up, and I cannot wait for episode 2 and future development of this game.


IF You like some Bodyhorror,Lovecraftian/Steampunkish Games INCISION could be the right game for you.
A whole city is transforming into flesh and blood literally and you dear players have to stop this Nightmare. When it come to saves the Dev make it not so easy for us in my opinion.I miss a few features here that other games just have already.But all in all INCISION is to me personly one of the best new games I purchased in 2022 A.D. INCISION is dark,gritty looks pretty cool and has also blood,gore,monsters etc.All what I need in a modern FPS. Oh btw once more I recommend it to ALL of my Steam-Friends of course


a banger!!

stellar, satisfying as hell weapons, great feeling movement

exceptional atmosphere and level design that gets better and denser and weirder as the game goes on

i honestly really liked the *controversial* lives system, fits with the oppressive vibe and the feeling that you're going deeper into a hostile world - hope the dev doesn't compromise their vision on account of the haters

sparse sick azz lore too, definitely several cuts above average fps writing

def buy


If you like blood, guts, and lead, you will feel at home with Incision!
The game has this grim
There is a decent size arsenal of weapons that each has a special alternate fire to turn your foes into red mists of blood and a nice variety of enemies to ground up into meaty chunks. You'll be left wanting more, but at the moment Episode 2 hasn't released. Episode 1 is still jammed pack with juicy content and I'd recommend to give it a try! Well worth the price!


Excellent retro FPS shooter with very unique visuals, and satisfying combat and movement.

The games takes inspiration from Doom Eternal, with its insanely fast movement and live system, which brings you back to life on the spot.
Its weapons all feel great to use although the game favors those that are better at crowd control. Also the pistol, your starting gun, is one of the best starting pistols in an FPS.
Enemy variety is great, with all the enemies looking great and fun to fight.

The game only saves at the start of of a level, and while this on paper seems like it would be tough coupled with the live system, it is not.
The stages are pretty short and lives are abundant on every stage (at least 3 lives on every stage, and they dont carry over), and while the game is challenging your movement is so insanely fast that you can easily stay out of enemy fire. Honestly this whole no saves+lives is not an issue like everyone makes it out to be.

My biggest gripe has to be that the game is really dark, to the point that the flashlight stops becoming an option and is something you keep on almost all the time. Also some enemies can be hard to see in the dark.
It is fine on areas where thats the developer's intention but some areas not taking place in the underground could light up a tiny bit.

Definitely get the game, its a great rush of nonstop action.


Can't recommend right now. The checkpoints really suck and there are almost no graphic options to adjust. Game is way too dark and I have a hard time seeing everything, There is also too much blood and effects that get in the way when shooting which makes it even more difficult to see what's happening.


A great game, easily worth the price. It has nice movement and weapons. Personally, I found the rocket launcher to be the most useful. Although the alt fire on the magnum was fun at times.

Honestly, the world of Incision is fascinating . I know that boomer shooters usually don't place a lot of emphasis on the story. Yet I find that with Incision I'm curious about the world building and can't wait to see where it goes.

Basically, if you like Dusk, Amid Evil, or other shooters like that, then you'll like this too. 


Saw this on Civvie11's Cultic episode and decided to buy. Heavy helpings of Dusk and Quake in its entirety. Stellar art design and presentation, enemies and environments seem to take heavy inspiration both from the Strogg of Quake 2, Quake 1, Dusk and a lot of environmental stuff reminds me of Iron Lung and Dead Space. Movement is fast enough and precise and the weapons have a good variety. Gunplay feels great and has weight, all the weapons and alt fires are useful and each weapon has a place in the arsenal. The suggestions I would offer are the following: The minigun's wind up time combined with the slower movement limits its usefulness greatly for how rare its ammo is. The earlier levels fall in the easier side and I didn't feel very challenged by the enemy placement or resource management (played in the second hardest diff). Furthermore, some secrets can seem near-worthless for what it takes to track them down while others extremely useful to the point of broken (SPOILER: waterfall). On the larger levels they are often a pain to track down and discover so I can't scratch my completionist itch enough, haha. Another small thing is that I'd like a little more indication when monsters hit and damage the Doc, I often can't understand how much of an impact an attack has on me without looking at my health. Also I'd love some more narration (maybe voice acting if it's in the budget?) and storytelling as the world is very interesting and the Doc's observations and viewpoint give even more character to the game and elevate the experience. Solid boom shoot for me, with potential to reach even greater heights, can't wait for more polish and content. 8/10 on its current state, fun stuff. (Haven't completed at the time of writing this, will edit if I make any more observations).


I would be impressed with this game if it was made by a full team, let alone one guy. Everything in the game is very well done. Movement is great, the level design is really good, the weapons are all useful and feel good to use, and the game itself looks nice both artistically and aesthetically. $15 is a steal for how good the game is even in Early Access.

Nøva Nobody
Nøva Nobody

The shooting feels punchy af, there's a weapon that seems like a throwback to Turok Evolution, and lots of blood.
The levels design is awesome, and the atmosphere came out amazing especially in the later levels.
8.5/10, will update with the next episode.
My only personal complaint, it's a bit too dark at times.

Some other comments, I've played a ton of boomer-shooters over the years and tbh this one felt super original.
Would recommend especially once there's more episodes.


only about 2.5hrs long but really polished.

best parts:
weapons are fun and have useful alt fires too
mobility and double jump feel very satisfying to use
level design rules, gameplay and aesthetic wise
music slaps and fits so well
enemy designs are great and fun to play with, the game surprised me with how late i was still running into new enemies, too, a decent variety
interesting lore if very sparce/vague

bad parts:
bosses are ooookay. which is expected for an fps but yeah. arena fight right at the end of last level makes up for it though
settings aren't too great, can't change much
everyone has already said this but it's daaaark. wasn't toooo bad on my monitor but parts of the last level were really hard to see

basically if you like cool games get it


Theres something about this I really love. Best Level Design I've seen in a long long time.

However.... It is essentially unplayable due to not being able to lower sensitivity enough to even something remotely reasonable. In a game like this - that is utterly unforgivable. Also I went through 3 levels and then quit and when I came back the game had forgotten everything so I had to start from the entire beginning of the whole game.

Had to REFUND. If these issues are super fixed and its on a super sale again I'll grab it again... Too bad...


Well, it's got a certain aesthetic, that's for sure. All weapons feel powerful, and the monsters feel like threats. Monster design is interesting and care has been taken to make each type unique. Monster outlines, skins, and behaviors are different enough to make each type easily discernible. I'll give the devs credit for not pulling cheap shots on the player. When you take damage, it's pretty much your fault.

Cons are this is definitely early access. Mouse sen doesn't go low enough. I had to set mine between 0.1 and 0.2. At least, it's a slider, so I could get it pretty tight. No save games. Not a fan of the "lives" system. Especially since you lose the ones you've collected at the start of the next level. Would really prefer the traditional save game.

I'd say, for the most part, I like what I see. I'll be coming back when the game is further along.


Being a huge fan of "boomer shooters", I didnt particularly enjoy this game. As well mind that I just played it like half an hour, was enough for me.
Its dark, ammo is scarce. As well textures are way to embroided thus one can not make out where to kick walls for secrets. That itself is fine but if you gotta kick a breakable wall a few times to break through, to find all secrets one would kick every tile too long to find out if its breakable.

Even though at the moment I dont recommend it to ppl like me, this oppinion might change in the future as its still in an early stage.


As many old school shooter as We get recently this one is still worth to try. Quake inspired that's for sure with this industrial/metal soundtrack, gore and dark atmosphere aaaand meat mixed metal enemies(They put the fucking vore in this game). As for now there is only one episode of this which is 2-5h of gameplay. Would be nice to get more of this.


It feels like retro-inspired shooters are a dime a dozen these days. Moreover, the amount of them in early access makes knowing which one to invest in a game in itself. Incision falls squarely into the crowd from its single-word title, Quake-era visuals, and incomplete state.

I wouldn't normally spend time writing about an Early Access game due to being so prone to changes and outdating your opinions quickly, but from the moment I started Incision, I had a gut feeling this title will be something special. Something many games get wrong when emulating the retro aesthetic is the atmosphere. Developers would work with what they had and try to add as much of their vision into a world as possible. Incision captures that level of detail and avoids having the superficial feel of modern recreations of the bygone years.

That said, most of us don't play Shooters for the visuals, so what about the gameplay on offer? It has double jumping, alt-fires, a kick attack, and a complete lack of any hit-scan projectiles. None of this is unique to Incision, yet it captures the flow of combat very well. Your weapons feel hefty, and enemy attacks are readable, all while not wasting any time to get into the thick of things. I was surprised at the hefty battles that took place on the first level. It assumes you know the genre in a refreshing change of pace.

Asides from the art direction, the best thing about Incision are the enemies. Not only are their designs great, but so too are the style in which they fight and their potential role in battle. An example of this was the first time you meet a saw-blade-throwing maniac at the bottom of a staircase. Even if you try to approach from an angle, you will soon discover the blade projectiles can bounce, making them incredibly dangerous in tight spaces. That teaches you all you need to know about this foe and how to best take them down. It is also a display of the quality of the level design on offer here.

When it comes to visual options, it is quite limited in the control it offers to the player. All you can change is the resolution and Vsync. It seems they want us to play in the intended visual style. This can be a negative if you really dislike dithering or any other effect. Whatever the case, Incision runs quite well, and I didn't notice any glitches from what I've played as of this review.

Something that is quite controversial in this genre is having a life system. Many people simply prefer the manually save whenever they please. There is no saving in Incision. Every fight and jump across dangerous terrain can be fatal. Lives are a great reward for finding secrets and preventing save-scumming, but at the cost of options. Personally, I don't mind either approach, yet is something to be aware of. It being technically stable is a boon as well. Nobody likes losing progress due to a crash.

I didn't mean to turn this into a pseudo-review, nor would I treat it as such. This is more of an opinion piece on the current state of the game and to counter some negative reviews I've seen that I heavily disagree with. Incision is in my view an addition into the FPS genre that should not be ignored. I wouldn't go as far as telling you to buy or not buy an incomplete product in Early Access. That is your decision, and it is a shame Incision doesn't have a demo being so heavily retro-inspired. Nonetheless, this is a standout title any boomer shooter fan should at the very least keep an eye on.


Took me about 4 hours to beat the first chapter, very fun! I love the aesthetic, the story is interesting but not intrusive, and the arsenal feels very good to use! A hearty recommend - looking forward to chapter 2!

koffE slava ukraini
koffE slava ukraini

I can never recommend a modern fps that doesn't have decimal input for mouse sensitivity. Even 0.1 on the slider is about twice as fast as I want with 1600 dpi, and my sensitivity isn't that low.

Seems fluid etc otherwise.

Nick Starling
Nick Starling

INCISION is what you'd get if Silent Hill and Quake had an abortion and the remains were revived and raised by demonic aliens. It's like a David Cronenberg fever dream in all the best ways. It lives up to all expectations and stands tall as one of the best arena shooters of the past decade, alongside games like Doom Eternal, Prodeus, Dusk and Dread Templar.

The sound design and music are incredible, the gore is highly impactful and the world is just insane. If you were disappointed by how Super Gore Nest didn't seem very hardcore in Doom Eternal, strap yourself in, because this game is basically Super Gore Nest done right. Try not to spoil it for yourself, I'd urge you to grab the game and dedicate an afternoon or two to it. The game is currently Episode 1 of what I expect will be 3 or more total episodes, and what we already have is substantial. I can't wait to see what SmoothBrainDev brings us next.

One complaint, a big one: I ran the game with a 6900 XT, 5900X and 32GB 4000MHz DDR4 RAM off an SSD. I played on a 4K OLED monitor, and it usually ran between 32 and 70FPS, with occasional dips down to 28FPS or even lower. If the monitor didn't have such speedy response times, the game might've felt bad to control, but my monitor compensated. I tried running it at 1440p and 1080p, and I didn't see any improvement whatsoever to performance, and the game had very low utilization of my resources. I was also streaming at the same time, but if I can stream all the latest AAA games at Ultra settings without any noticeable dip in performance, I don't believe that had any impact.

I streamed a full playthrough of the current content on my Youtube channel, here's a link for anyone interested who isn't already sold on the title. (Spoilers, obviously!)


Incision's a fairly solid retroshooter with a dark, rustic gore-filled arstyle. Current content's short, but fun, Won't write a long review for the game, but I'd say its worth checking out if you're into the genre or want to try something new.

Only gripes I have at the moment come from - the game's brightness, lack of mid-level saving and the double jump being outright useless and cumbersome, the life system is fun and it's nice seeing some notes from Eternal taken in the genre that isn't just 'glorykills, dashing and weapon swapping.'

Glad to see Hyperstrange picked up a neat game, can't wait to see what's in store for the next two? Episodes!

Beta Cuck Alpha
Beta Cuck Alpha

The weapons, enemies, and levels are all very good.

There are some issues with the controls, where mouse sensitivity is not granular enough and the game does not remember your vertical inversion setting.

My main gripe is the visual aesthetic forcing on a dark red dithering filter the entire time that gives me a headache, and there is no option to turn it off. In every other Unity boomer shooter game there is an option to turn off these ridiculous shaders, but not here.


Fantastic fast paced FPS with amazing retro graphics. I highly recommend this to anyone that likes FPS games and wants to have some fun. Can't wait for more content. Took about 4 hours to play through first time.


I feel like I've been playing a different game to some of the reviews. It's generally been a great time but it's a lot faster than you would think. Understanding how fast your character moves and their aerial mobility is key and I feel that's what trips up a lot of people.

Maybe its because I played DUSK on Cero Miedo, but I felt like default projectile speed in this game (100%, most recommend bumping it down to 75% or 50% though) was reactable enough since your character moves faster than Usain Bolt. I thought I had auto run on, but turns out default walkspeed is just really fast and sprint is ludicrous speed which allows you to ultra instinct pretty much every single enemy and boss. It also makes backtracking significantly less annoying since you can clear distance incredibly quickly and most the level design is corridors. Double jump is... unconventional, but it works. It's essentially a hovering button that you hold instead of the typical second jump, which allows you to basically fly through arenas with the aforementioned ludicrous speed sprint. I have NO idea why people say it isn't good; it's a miracle and key to avoiding swarms of projectiles in the later fights.

Enemies are alright, pretty much what you'd expect. The soldier that fires basic projectiles in a burst, the heavier guys that fire bouncing saws, the heavier heavier guys with rockets, the doglike enemies, the melee enemies, so on. A surprising annoying one is the turret enemy that feels like it takes just a bit more punishment than it should and also fires small exploding projectiles which can be irritating.

There's no traditional quicksave/quickload/checkpoint system, just lives you collect mid level. Losing all your lives restarts the level. Some of these levels can be pretty long, reaching about 12-15 minutes on first playthroughs, so I can understand the frustration of losing to the last encounter or so. I feel like the lives are well spread out enough, but I wouldn't mind a difficulty setting of sorts to enable quicksaves.

The visuals honestly aren't the best to me, there's the usual grainy TV filter but you can't turn it off and bumping the resolution doesn't do much to it. It's more a nitpick but it is an option in other games like this. The actual art design is great, a flesh and metal fusion nightmare that's sure to poke just the right amount of uncanny yet similar architecture. Good job on that.

Weapons are satisfying, but tends to have the problem I'm starting to see a lot where the weapons that are the most effective in every scenario (in this case, rockets and machinegun/chaingun) are just so plentiful that you never really feel the urge to use the rest of your arsenal. The shotgun isn't too great since the rate of fire isn't very high and enemies tend to be in groups of 4 or 5. Kitten is a weapon that is crowd control focused using sticky bombs or a stationary sawblade, but has a gimmicky blood ammo system where you gib enemies to refill and it doesn't do as much as just whipping out your 32 ammo rocket launcher. Every weapon has an alternate fire of some kind. The magnum has an interesting one where it spins a few times and on a glowing spin it will deal very high damage, but waiting for it often doesn't compare to just pulling out your machine gun. The shotgun unloads four shots on the alt fire like Shadow Warrior, but individual pellet damage already feels so low that it might as well be the default fire for it. I actually found the machinegun's alt fire to be pretty good for clearing corners. It's an incendiary grenade launcher so it won't instakill like the rockets, but a single fire does still deal with enemy groups all the same.

I haven't finished yet so I can't fully comment on level design, but I never felt lost outside of guessing what switches did. Despite all the gross blood architecture, it felt cohesive somehow. There's just enough usual "can I jump to that out of place platform and skip this part" of momentum shooters to make you feel clever while also not soft locking.

The music is good, but it's still the "Hushult metal sound" a lot of these games tend to have, and starts to just blend in. I did have a good ear and notice it added dynamic layers as you get further through the level, so that's a nice touch.

Overall pretty solid title so far, just needs to fine tune balancing.


This is really good! Hard hitting weapons, fun enemies. Good variety.

I played it on the highest available skill setting and found it to be just right, but I also play a lot of boomer shooters. It looks to have lots of difficulty sliders so definitely use them as desired.

Fast and frenetic gunplay with guns that are fun to use. Some of them could be tutorialized a bit better (I'm still not sure I really know how the pistol works, haha) and a few of the levels were quite dark, which my old person eyes struggled with sometimes, but the aesthetics are top notch. Very well done.


Unpretentious, shoot the monsters game.
Not a movement shooter, which I like.
I'd call it a Quake-like I suppose.

Work "OK" on the Steam Deck. Controls are weird, but some homie made a good layout.

No cloud saves yet.

I like this game a ton.


Gross, rusty, disgusting. Almost everything in this game is perfect. But the save system seems to be the big issue here. Maybe don't add a save system that's more traditional, but instead create something that offers a challenge like some kind of mini-boss in between levels that grant you a save. Encouraging people to fight and rewarding them with a save in return. Or maybe add something like dread templar where there are shrines scattered throughout the level that allow you to save, the tumors could also grant a quick-save that's an idea. Also the weapons look stiff maybe add a tiny bit of sway like an ounce.
Other than that the game visually looks really nice in a gross way, the guns themselves feel powerful and punchy, and the enemy variety is actually done very well. I don't think adding a normal quick-save system will make the game better, don't let people save scum, just maybe add a way to let people save in the middle of the level since the levels can be lengthy


I can't heap enough praise on this game. It has the fundamentals right and offers its own unique spin the boomer shooter experience with extra lives, longer maps and no saves. I think the lack of saves is really useful to the immersive experience of the game.

The weapons feel fantastic, they sound solid, are well balanced and carve out their own niche in the gamut of guns. A weapon you receive half way through the game makes the early guns feel relevant again due to how its ammo is replenished.

The enemy roster is varied with most enemies presenting as a threat for the duration of the game. The progression of baddies and the difficulty curve in general also works well. New enemies are introduced just as the player gets comfortable.

One of the main ways INCISION differentiates itself is how each level feels like a tense journey. The extra lives, larger sprawling environments and lack of saves makes each level super satisfying to conquer. I really hope they keep this system and don't add saves. I feel like the tension it introduces makes the game so thoroughly enjoyable. I played on the second hardest difficulty and thought the challenge was in the right place. I'm going to replay the game on easy to get familiar with the route of the game and then I'll play through the hardest difficulty.

The music is also EXCELLENT. The composer 'iNI' really nailed it. There are just so many bangers in the soundtrack of this game. It really compliments the art direction and aesthetic of the game.

The visual style reminds me of Shadow Man for the Nintendo 64, especially those Asylum levels. The whole industrial grindhouse style is cranked all the way up with INCISION.

I don't give many games the DEVO stamp of approval, but this game cops the stamp right on its asscheeks.



I've barely scratched the surface and it's easy to say that Incision has a lot that makes me happy. Gameplay that feels very Quake 2-like, and an aesthetic screaming Silent Hill. It's fast, chaotic, and relentless. Add awesome immersion and an outstanding soundtrack and you're gonna have a wild time. Check it out!


Welcome to Quake SPEW!


Incision is what one would class as a boomershoot, an incredibly simple boomershoot at that, but it is also one of the most utterly uncanny ones I’ve played thus far. Where several other games of this style are adding quirky mechanics to their roster to stand out, Incision stands out by being so primally repulsive that it should repel you, yet it happens to poke at that part of the mind, the lizard brain if you will, that revels in extremely simplistic actions without any higher thought patterns. It is unbelievably raw in its delivery, but that does come with some technical issues and some design quirks that may be off-putting to some. While I am recommending it, bear in mind it is for an absolutely specific audience, and you should look very carefully into as many descriptions for the game before pulling the trigger.

I’m describing Incision as uncanny and that is largely because everything about the game just feels slightly “off”. On an aesthetic level it is clearly a gore-soaked mess, taking place in a world that feels like Quake 2 if it went completely off the rails (I’ve been affectionally referring to it as Quake Spew) to the point where Trent Rezonr’s alleged accusation of old Q2 having no atmosphere is more than eclipsed here. On the topic of Reznor, the audio from the music to the sound effects are a confusing mess of industrial hell mixed with grotesque gurgling and squelching, like the whole game is based in a huge abattoir that crossbred with a funeral parlour and gained sentience. This is all enhanced by that early 3D, highly dithered low colour / low poly style to add to the unpleasantness.

The uncanny nature of the game goes beyond the simple aesthetic. So much of the game’s systems also reinforce that odd feel. Movement in these types of game is usually fast, but Incision, once you figure out the always run key, is extra nippy. The jumping is also slightly off, where you can not only double jump, but once you hit the peak of the jump the character just kind of floats there for a brief time before gravity turns back on. If you have ever played Super Mario Bros 2, think of Princess Peach’s jump, and yes, I can imagine that comparison gives a degree of tonal whiplash. This makes for a game where, especially if you crank up the FoV (110 gang!) makes it feel less like you are playing a regular videogame and more you are the alien at the end of Alien 3 zipping through the tunnels eating the prisoners.

When you combine the aesthetics, the odd mechanics, the bolted together world that does not explain itself you end up with something that never settles into a state of normality. While I know some titles such as Cruelty Squad goes far further with it’s dedication to chaos and ugliness, that is so far off the deep end it eventually becomes normal. Incision is just that little bit closer to what could be considered normality for it to feel far odder. It is less like a regular game and more like the recording of someone’s REM sleep or an AI that has tried to simulate what it thinks FPS games are based off too much time looking at Doom Eternal’s super gore nest.

What has been described thus far will likely have polarised people. You will either be quite excited to sample this odd mess, or you will look at what has been written and have already bugged out. That in many ways could be seen as Incision’s strengths and weaknesses, but it more than anything signals its niche. What has been described thus far can be argued to be positives, but they are more a description of the game’s feel to the best of my ability. In contrast to the above is something which I could class as a negative, but again is less likely because it is either objectively good or bad and more that it could cause some folks to want to avoid the game.

The save system in Incision is divisive. The game effectively saves your progress at the start of each level and, well, that’s it. While it is not too stingy on health packs, enemies hit very hard (normal here is the equivalent to hard in other games) and it is not uncommon to die very quickly. Once you die, no matter if you are in the first room or right at the end of the level, it is going to send you right back to the start. Thankfully there is a lives system baked into it, somewhat live the ones in Doom Eternal, and if your health is reduced to zero you instantly respawn in the same spot with 50hp and you have roughly 4 to 5 seconds of invincibility. This can be useful, and it does offset the constant deaths while going back to a checkpoint issue other games have, but on more difficult, longer levels it does mean you can get wiped out by particularly nasty encounters at the end and then suddenly launch you all the way back to where you started. Since some levels lasted over 15 minutes for me that can be a rather bitter pill to swallow. Similarly if there is a problem that occurs in the real world, be it something demands you stop playing or if the game crashes, it is back to the start again. I suffered a hard crash one time playing while I was on the ending screen to a level and, when I got back in the game seemed to demand I played the level again from scratch. At that point I rage quit.
Again, this is not an objective bad in ways. If you are of the “git gud” disposition I imagine the system will be somewhat appealing as it will force you to get it right first time, but for me where there may be IRL concerns popping up, I find it a bit too harsh.

On actual objective issues there are some bugs in the game that seem to cause it to crash. The above crash I described was frustrating, as was a situation where trying to load into the game from my last playsession crashed the game. Also there seem to be some odd moments where it was not clear if some harsh damage was supposed to happen e.g. against the second boss encounter I set alight with 120 health, which the game then burnt through, and then continued to burn through the 4 lives I had stockpiled. This stuff I imagine will be fixed as the game goes through the early access period, but at the launch bear in mind there may be some oddities. Check the date of this review and look at the date of the last update to just be on the safe side!

At the end of the day Incision with be for a very specific audience. It is not original, it is not big, hard or cleaver, but for those who know what they want it scratches that itch superbly! Imagine it as music, where a lot of big artists are trying to plumb the depths of the human condition, giving concept albums that seeks to hit as many people as possible with their artistic beauty. Incision however is more like the following:

Ugly, repulsive death metal that cares not if it upsets you. It cares not if you don’t like it. It cares not if you think it vulgar and for unsophisticated beings. For those it appeals to they will revel in it’s ugly, chaotic and socially unacceptable filth. This is not high minded, this is not current issues. This is primitive and instinctual and if you can penetrate the ugly exterior, you will not want it to change for anything. If it bleeds, YOU CAN EAT IT!

Blood for the Blood God, Cum for the Cum Throne!

kostival lékařský
kostival lékařský

+ great level design
+ smooth boom boom gameplay
+ overall sick atmosphere

- no save system
- too difficult on lowest difficulty


Very much enjoying this so far. Feels like Event Horizon by way of Prodeus. Your standard pistol, shotty and machine gun so far, but the alt fires are pretty cool and overall the guns feel good. Was a bit tough to get into and maybe they toned things down a bit with a patch, but managed to get a couple levels done today and am really enjoying it. My only gripe is that we don't get more graphical options. I certainly love the look of the game, but there is this # looking stuff on a lot of the areas that is kind of obnoxious. Almost like looking through a screen door or a small screen resolution on a large monitor. IDK, it fades into the background, but every so often its eye bleeding out in front. Doesn't seem that bad on others I've seen playing it so maybe just my rig.

Environment is really cool. Everything is bloody and gooey. Saw people say this looks like Dusk and while I can see the resemblance, its more akin to Golden Light in style I think. Haven't played too much GL but this feels more like that.

Looking forward to more!


8 / 10

"A Wild Blend of Survival Horror and Boomer Shooter"

Current Gameplay Specifications for INCISION:
Total Playtime: 3.7 hrs
Progress: Episode 1 Completed
Difficulty: Overcoming through Overconfidence
Experience With Genre: Pretty fair-- I've played a lot of modern boomer shooters and played Quake growing up.


If you're familiar with the classic boomer shooters you grew up with, INCISION is a must have. It's perfectly familiar to the golden days with a greater punch to compensate for the time since then. While for players a little more unfamiliar to the genre it could be harder to get into, the game itself a classy, simple experience that won't take up too much of your time, allowing for a fun time in quick moments.


I'm making my review a little more different from my other ones because I have just a metric ton of thoughts I want to get out, but I had to keep re-writing / revising my review because Steam has a character limit. So I'm writing things out in more simplified chunks to try and get it all out clearly without making me sound like I'm rambling like a crazy person.

How I Found About INCISION

Dave Oshry gave INCISION a shoutout on Twitter and I was pretty entranced about the concept of the game. The idea of "Steel Growing On Flesh" sounds so intense and unique I had to get into it. I've been riding off of a bit of a high recently because I've been playing through just about everything New Blood has been releasing, from ULTRAKILL, to Dusk, and Amid Evil. Alongside being released with Realms Deep, how can INCISION stand out from so many other shooters like it?



and Fear.

I'm going to explain all of these and more later down the line, and I want to explain that anything "Negative" I say in this review isn't me going "this part sucks, this ruined my experience", but more me just trying to understand something I currently don't. There are things that I would change, and I will discuss those.


Some major moments in games I love always know how to use presentation correctly. One thing I feel everyone reviewing or developing games should know is the difference between plot and story; Plot is the moment to moment events that occur in the experience. Story is how the plot is shown to you. Story can't be good unless if there is good presentation to back it up. INCISION does have incredible presentation.

The setpieces of the game are very unique and follow an artstyle I feel is greatly underappreciated; Not the bloodstained and meaty caverns or red swamps the game is filled to the brim with, but rather the era the game seems to set itself in;

This industrial, cold, heavyweight world-- One with technology that feels like it could exist, it doesn't feel like science fiction or fantasy really, it feels like it's present day, real technology, real weapons, real people. Already from that, the game delivers a unique impact; I feel as though so many different games try to be the most dismal and dark universe but in turn become satires of themselves, but INCISION doesn't have that. INCISION feels real, brutal, and it takes itself seriously.

The only main issue I have with it is the graphical style, which I have no grounds to speak of considering that the entirety of the game was developed by a single person-- a monumental feat in and of itself. And it's understandable as well that the low-poly graphics were intended to replicate the feel of the original classics the game is inspired by. The only issue I truly have with it is that sometimes the set-pieces feel pulled back and don't provide as much impact because they can't be recognized or given the glory that they truly deserve. A giant meat spire, a trench in the ground built from corpses, a foggy, distraught garden, most of these I wasn't able to tell exactly what they were because their construction is so unfamiliar.


The Developer, Sami "Smoothbrain" Malaska has a perfect understanding of what makes a boomer shooter, and has totally accomplished it. This feels totally like it belonged to the 1990's of PC gaming and hits the nail on the head for achieving a true Boomer Shooter.

From the weapons to the movement scheme, the enemies to the pickups, everything is so incredibly familiar to those great games of the past, while still providing a little new here and there. Enemies are fast and threatening, weapons are punchy and powerful, and they all have unique properties to them allowing more destructive capabilities.

If you are even remotely familiar with classic games, picking up INCISION and understanding it will come back to you incredibly quickly.


I mentioned in the subtitle of the review that I called this a Survival Horror. And I will stand by that; Levels are long and difficult, with a single try available to complete them. If you die, it's back to the start of the level again. Enemies are aggressive and come in hordes, able to kill you with ease. Environments are dark and quiet, it doesn't take much for you to become overwhelmed and taken apart.

The sense of fear and dread kept a rush going, knowing that beyond these massive setpieces lay another, teeming with something new- a new enemy type, weapon, or trap awaiting you. INCISION brought something truly unique with it's take on that, and it's absolutely immaculate.

My One Major 'Issue'

Like original games, healing and ammo pickups are found scattered through the world in committed locations. However, this can be a bit of trouble because it ends up making encounters feel scripted, and as though the player is being shown the weapon and play style they should be doing for the current encounter.

If you find minigun ammo, you know there is going to be a room with a lot of enemies ahead. If you find rockets, then there's likely going to be heavy enemies. Having devoted ammo can just make the game predictable, and almost in a way easier considering they're usually built for the situation you'll be placed in rather than a contrast to make it more difficult (You won't get Rockets in a tight area section, you'll get shotgun ammo, because that just makes sense!).

With ammo being as sparse as it is, the consequences for using it should feel dire. And rather regaining health when the game offers it to you in proper locations, it will take some kind of maneuver or skill to regain it. Keeping the players on their toes with a certain technique needed to recover necessities not only increases the amount of thought put into actions, but allows more freedom in their weapon choices, while having more cause and effect in them as well.

Last Thoughts

I'm running out of review here, so I'll make it really quick; I outlined my one major problem with the game and that was with the health and ammo system feeling scripted. Otherwise there are very little flaws that I have with the game.

While having long levels with no checkpoints or means of saving feels really discouraging when you die, it ultimately does improve the quality of the game; only major change I would make in the future is to change enemy spawns or enemy spawn types so that every retry through the same level isn't always the same.

Speaking of which, the game does often have an issue of major hordes having enemies come all at once, making it often feel pretty overwhelming. If there was more acute timing for better sub-encounters rather than a massive one, combat would feel a lot more smoother.

Other than that, I had a really great time with the game! It was cool as hell, super interesting, and most of all, fun! If you made it to the end of the review, the game is at a steal for base price and totally worth it. I would more than recommend playing it!


"Kitty" demands blood for the blood god! ahem...
I think what a good "boomer shooter" needs is a unique aesthetic and this game has that it in spades.
but if I had to break it down probably quake 2 meets blood.

If I had to add some constructive criticism it would be that the game really needs mid level checkpoints at the least.
I can deal with it.
but I think a lot of people wont and that would be a huge loss to the potential audience this game could have.

Also triple barrel shotgun feels kinda weak.

oh not a criticism but the magnums alt fire is "chiefs kiss"


Whereas DUSK feels like a wonderful modern take on the first Quake, this beauty feels like a modern take on Quake 2 with its emphasis on body horror and facing down legions of enemies that are horrific amalgamations of flesh and steel that were once human, topped off by the potential Quake 4 element of our main character apparently enhanced to some degree with the same 'flesh steel' that composes his enemies, seemingly just so he can stand a fighting chance against this growth.

Additionally, the magnum's alt fire is fucking GOD-LIKE, the shotgun feels like Daikatana's quadrupal barreled shotgun done right, the machine gun has some seriously satisfying stopping power and a very fun/useful grenade launcher feature, the rocket launcher just feels GOOD, and you can get a living weapon creature that you name kitty and can pet ala Opposing Force.

All in all, INCISION's first episode left a wonderful first impression in every regard and has me eagerly awaiting what the finished product will look like when it comes out of early access.

Additionally, let me just say that the premise of this game has hooked me and really makes me want to see how the entire situation unfolding is going to end. A lot of people say stories don't matter in FPS games, especially 90s throwback shooters like this one, and I get that, but I also feel that an interesting set-up for WHY you're shooting legions of enemies can go a long way in keeping a player invested. Like... I WANTED to unravel the horror that enveloped the town of Dusk, I WANT to know just what the hell is going on in HROT, and I WANT to get the full picture on just WHAT the hell this Growth is, who those mysterious figures that whisked our MC away just as he was about to destroy the grafting throne were and why they did that, the exact nature of our main character's biological status and whether he'll be okay long-term, and I ultimately want to see our main character succeed in his crusade against this cancerous growth that's consumed his world.

All in all, among the MANY throwback FPSes you can find on steam these days, INCISION has already begun to stand out and I am all around VERY pleased with my purchase.


This game is absolutely crazy. Bloody, barbaric, unsettling, and pretty damn fun. It has a body horror aesthetic and, with its dark areas, it can get pretty creepy. This can also be genuinely hard as well. I would recommend playing normal because the enemies hit hard and there is no mid-level saving. Incision has extra lives pick-ups to help keep it from getting frustrating, but if you run out of lives you have to redo the level. The only thing I really wish it had was a brightness slider because there were times it was to the point of being too dark.


This game is incredible! Even with just one episode available, it's worth putting up there with Dusk as among the best retro shooters on the market. The atmosphere is intense, the shooting is satisfying, the music is otherworldly, everything is just done at such a high level it's amazing! I cannot recommend highly enough!

☣ Err0rkatze ☣
☣ Err0rkatze ☣

Before I get into it, let me start by saying this is a blast, easy 8 or 9/10. If you liked Project Warlock, Dusk, Quake or Painkiller, you're gonna have a great time. Also, for the price? It's a steal, play it.

• Awesome graphics.
• Awesome soundtrack.
• Fantastic weapons.
• Cool Quake, Dusk and Painkiller inspiration.
• Great enemy and world design.
• No-nonsense oldschool. (No dashing or sliding, although I wouldn't mind a UT-style dodge.)
• Great length.

• Could use a save feature.
• Menu's aren't entirely clear. ("Load Game" I think is actually Restart.)
• Slightly too difficult on 'Normal' difficulty, maybe.
• No 'true' long range, or effective 'lobbing' weapon. (Could be fixed if revolver had 100% accuracy.)
• Could use some metal in the soundtrack too.

Expanded Feedback (Includes Spoilers)
• The catacombs/Death Cult level could use a little work. Tunnel section was a little [i]too[i/] maze-like and took me out of the game slightly.
• The terrain/enemy placement after emerging from the tunnels in catacombs/Death Cult felt kind of bad to me; you can't really see where the enemies are until they're already attacking and you can't push straight out to avoid the attacks and strafe because of the uneven terrain and debris.
• Final boss is just ..not fun. The AoE/splash damage is way, way too high from the rockets/fireballs, feels almost impossible to dodge, especially since it's impossible to look in two directions at once (even with 100 FoV and high sensitivity.) It also doesn't really feel like fighting a boss, just fighting 4 ridiculously overpowered turrets. Made worse by the lack of a long range or weapon that has 100% accuracy, Kitty is also useless for the fight.
• Alt-fire for machinegun should be a regular/explosive grenade, like the Painkiller stake launcher. Incendiary just feels a little useless with how quick enemies attack and how little damage it does.

TL;DR: It's a great game and I'm amazed ONE person made all this. Seriously, thank you for your hard work and creating such a cool title! Go play it!


This is without a doubt the best boomer shooter I have played. The soundtrack is ambient like Quake but with a disturbing electronic twist. The atmosphere is fantastic. Its industrial and dark. The gameplay is fast and challenging but not unfair, It just makes you think in every battle. In short this game is fast, bloody and super fucking fun! I'm not addicted you are.


You move fast and your health moves down even faster from the slightest scuffle. There are no rainbows here; only darkness, metal and damp flesh. As a singular focus, it might be the intense fight you're looking for.
I'm hoping as the game develops it receives a good amount of spit and polish. Some kind of optional save / checkpoint system. Small improvements like being able to fast-forward the stats screen at the end of a map. Pickups radius seems quite small. Enemy homing rockets need to stop being so tenacious.

Fun in its early state and has massive potential.

Some Nerd
Some Nerd

Important pro-tip: the 'easiest' named difficulty button sets projectile speed and damage to 75% of baseline, but because the dev is self-admittedly smoothbrain, 75% of his idea of normal is still a problem for a lot of folks. However, you can ignore the named difficulties and just move the sliders around below them. This lets you get down to 50% for projectile speed/damage, which imo should be accessible for most people with decent boomer shooter experience.


(…) And so it came to pass that the bountiful flesh of the CANCER GOD was soaring through the far reaches of the Starless Void, and it was searching. (III) And its tender tumors did twitch in semi-orgasmic bliss, as they hearkened to the call of yet another celestial body, and it did respond to that call. (IV) The flesh of the celestial body groaned and pulsated, under the yoke it did so, and the CANCER GOD knew the body did yearn, and that this yearning was good. (V) Yet the flesh of that body was yet to be blessed by the loving caress of the Proliferating Ones, and so the CANCER GOD promised to deliver that salvation to the yearning body, for the CANCER GOD was good.
— "The Pulsations of Flesh I", Book of Metastasis


A brutal, white knuckle shooter that deserves to be elevated alongside the best of the retro revival genre like Dusk and Amid Evil. Freaking bravo, this game absolutely rules.


Very good game. I like it. There actually are noncombatant humanoids within this run-and-gun boomer shooter. Hopefully they can create more NPC variants. Maybe a noncombatant quadruped? That'd be nice.

foofaraw and Chiquita(ARF!)
foofaraw and C…

Incision is a game I regret buying, but perhaps for somewhat less common reasons than typical. I’ve been playing this genre since Castle Wolfenstein about 1985, and I can’t imagine how many versions of it I’ve owned and played. But what virtually every one of them has had, until Incision, is humor. Not always obvious or blatant, but humor, nonetheless. Unfortunately, Incision does not, and that regrettably tends to make for a much less compelling or engaging experience than the past four decades have prepared gamers to expect.

As well, this genre generally has had a build to games that Incision generally lacks. Incision’s story seems to hint at this progression, but locations, encounters and enemies largely lack the sense of sequence that is necessary to generate continued interest, creating a feeling of repetition very quickly. (Perhaps this comes into play later in the game, but if so, what’s the point in making players wait?) Players want to feel their adventure has a purpose or reason, but Incision generally lacks this “why am I here?” feeling, both in the game and IRL.

What else Incision lacks is controller access (which is murder for many of us with physical issues, if you’ll excuse the pun), and a save feature. The lack of controller use and saves are deliberate, and not very accommodating of a market containing dozens (if not hundreds) of excellent examples of similar games containing both just in the past few years. Admittedly, I bought Incision on a whim, and did not do the research that would have prevented my purchase. Perhaps this honest review will help prevent others from making the same error, as well has guiding those in favor of both omissions (should there be any such gamers) toward Incision.

The game graphic conceit seems acceptable and even interesting for creating atmosphere and mood, until you realize that Incision’s featureless enemies can’t be seen at any distance against a background (even when not matching) until they move. (And getting right up to an edge is actually “going over the edge” in many instances.) And other than for a couple of enemies, they do nothing particular interesting. (The buzzsaw guys are really cool though, and practically the only enemy of continued interest.)

We’re told to turn on the flashlight in the dark, but no reason it should be turned off otherwise. Why not just leave it on permanently, if it needn’t ever be turned off? Such things seem to just be throwaway features to add unnecessary detail.

And as far as secrets (which have been a part of virtually every iteration of this genre for nearly 40 years), they are either hidden too well, or so obvious to be ridiculous. (Flashing lights? Really? “Dented walls?”) And when they’re discovered, they consistently contain less than is found lying randomly on the ground. And many areas that are actually “discovered” are put to absolutely no use whatsoever. How many times did I leap to a walkway circling a building (or similar) that has not enemy, adjacent locations or goodies? It always seems a letdown, and effort wasted.

It also seems unfortunate that while sound is consistently and interestingly used within the game, there is generally no way to tell warning or notification sounds from the ambient noise or soundtrack. The enemies rarely make adequate use of any signature sounds, depriving them of character or personality that would make them of more interest as that very thing that they supposedly are: compelling enemies.

The ammunition balance is poorly thought out. At an early point I came across a large box of shells…at a time when my shells were already maxed out. The same with “magnum” bullets later on. Typically, a player breathes a sigh of relief at such times, or when secrets are discovered, because resources have run thin. But not in Incision. And what’s the point of using the melee weapon against “tumors”, if players have to be told exactly what to do? Would not any weapon be as suitable, but without having to break the fourth wall? Over and over and over?

Those things said, I appreciate that blue lights are used to tell an ongoing story, and the use of difficulty sliders is well thought out. Much more so than the “sometimes” double-jumping, which sometimes sends one against a ceiling, or is restricted because a higher location was not made use of. (And how many other times have I jumped up to look on a higher location…to find nothing there. In truth, almost always.) Perhaps the reason for lack of controller is that movement commands in Incision are optimally basic. There’s no finesse to a double jump, but instead a very mechanical “space, space, W”. Perhaps controller use would give the game away?

At least the developers were generous enough to put a reasonable price on Incision, though since they admittedly made the game for themselves, perhaps it should have been free. (Or just enough to cover the Steam $100 fee. Maybe about a dime per copy.)

I may play Incision more in the future, but with games like DUSK and Forgive Me Father in my inventory, I may not.

Thank you.


Game is awesome. Gunplay is great, Music is great, World design is great, Feels like Quake 1 + Painkiller. Both 10/10 games. Truly is a very fun game. The mechanics are spot on. I can't wait to play the full game. The guy making this game clearly knows what makes these types of games fun and has a passion for what hes doing. Its in this game for sure. Went into it because I liked the trailer but half expected to refund it. Less then 10 mins in I was happy with my purchase. Game is awesome and I'm glad I own it.


There are no mid mission saves. Just to alert folks who need to be able to fully quit the game regularly. If you can roll with that the game is great: intriguing, hostile setting, fun combat and weapons. Only negative is that there's only one episode, but hopefully the rest will come.

Edit: Upon finishing episode one: damn, this is great. Took me around four hours of pure running and gunning pleasure. Highly recommended.

Archie Cuntingham
Archie Cuntingham

The game is quite hard, even on easiest difficulty, but some of that could be due to not enough information when taking damage atm, and also for me being bit too slow for a shooter that needs constant movement.
(I also noticed I hadn´t been using run speed, I thought the character was already running for being so fast. "Always Run" would be a nice option to have in the future. :> )
EDIT: oh it was there already x3

Also the sound design could use some work, now it´s hard to tell if it´s you or the enemies getting shot, and if someone is shooting behind you or it´s just debris or projectiles exploding.

But these things are still being worked on I think, as the game is still in development.

Also I wasn´t sure about the lives system like in old arcade games, but it can work in the place of a saving system.
It adds to the intensity of the game, I think the game just need clearer indication of your health and when taking damage, because it´s even more important than usual here, to know when you are doing well and when you´re getting in trouble.

Overall I like it, I wouldn´t be listing things that I think need work otherwise xD
I love the atmosphere of the world and the action, even when I´m not very good at it yet x>


##Quick Early Access Review##

The first episode of Incision was great.

A cutting challenge with a great sense of flow to the levels, it had me gripped. Weapons feel great, although a few could do with some better sounds. Enemies are all really interesting and varied and I'm looking forward to seeing more. The game is fast and full of secrets but strangely I had a much easier time finding secrets in the later levels than the earlier ones.

This is much closer to what I wanted from the later stages of DUSK, where I thought DUSK would've gone, even.

If you like these sorts of games or want something fast AND challenging to play you'll like this a lot.


It is very good. Guns are fun to fire, all have specific pros and cons, each weapon seems to have specific uses. Level design and aesthetic is very engaging. Gore effects are fantastico!


Nowadays I don't often write reviews, let alone negative ones. Not sure if playing around 30 minutes makes this a valid one to begin with. But here lies the problem: Of this limited time I have played this game, I did not enjoy a single moment. Usually I start boomer shooters on "Hard" difficulty or the respective equal of the game. I appreciate that the selection of the difficulty actually shows how it will affect gameplay in form of two sliders that read something along "Enemy Projectile Speed" and "Enemy Projectile Damage" in percent, "Normal" difficulty being on 100% each going scaling up and down as you adjust it. I actually backed out and went with Normal. I played the first two levels from start to end, taking around ten minutes each I think.

Did not find a single secret to the point where I thought there are none, just to be proven wrong at the result screen at the end. I am not the best at boomer shooters but also not the worst. I can kinda get into the mind of dev and find at least a couple of them, you know? A lot of games have a really obvious first secret to showcase the fact that it can be worth it exploring the world. Either I overlooked a huge red flag or hint or something but I was just unable to find anything. And not like I didn't try to find something. I tried interacting with objects and walls in the first level segment and could not find anything. It still kinda bugs me to be honest.

The next thing is the gunplay. You start out with a revolver that has a pretty cool twirling animation when you press ALT fire with it. As far as I could test it, it is purely cosmetic, I used it close to an enemy to see if it might deal some damage, but I could not see any indication of that. I mention that specifically because as stupid as it might sound, this twirling animation was one of the reasons I actually bought this game, thinking "Wow they really put a lot of love in the weapons". The revolver seems to be the only gun that has that, as other weapons have "useful" ALT attacks but more on that later.
I guess it deals decent damage, I guess. Two shots usally for the first enemy type you encounter, more for the beefier ones. It also seems to be the only weapon you need to reload by either pressing "R" or just all six rounds.

Next weapon I found was the shotgun, or "Quad Barrel Shotgun" as it is called. To cut it short, it is probably one of the worst shotguns I have ever used. All about it felt wrong. The damage, the sound, the visual feedback and especially the ALT fire. ALT here makes you shoot all four barrels rapidly in quick succession. You can not interupt it once you shot that, meaning if the remaining three shots go wasted into nothingness. Maybe I was too harsh by saying the feedback of this weapon was bad, you still turn enemies in meaty salsa up close and pulling the trigger, but it really did not give me any satisfaction.

Next up is the machine gun. The only weapon I felt was on point. Decent damage, ALT and you lob a grenade (from an underbarrel?) that seems to explode on impact with enemies and bounces off the enviroment. Pretty normal stuff.

For close combat encounters you get a quick kick mapped to Q and some sort of hacksaw on a stick which you swing for a normal attack and rev up as ALT. Sadly I had to use it quite a bit as I was running out of ammo rather often, on all of my weapons. I am really not a wasteful person, yet still I ran out of ammo a lot, at least in the first level. Once I got my hands on the machine gun, it was a bit better.

Quick edit here, as I am writing this and this dude with the long beard is presenting the game in a broadcast. He mentioned that the ALT on the revolver crits when you twirl it and it turns white for a short moment. Probably would have helped me with my ammo problem, but how am I supposed to guess, this mechanic exists in the first place? Nothing I am aware of has indicated to that. You can double jump which is explained in one of the first rooms via on screen text in order to proceed. Why is there no quick text that explains the crit mechanics? Did I oversee that? Anyway, back to the doublejump. It feels a bit off to me. Not the normal jump itself, but only the doublejump. It almost feels like you hover a little bit in the air on the peak of the jump, almost like Yoshis' flutter jumping. Not that it is a bad thing, it's just not how I would imagine a doublejump.

I had to backtrack and got lost a lot. I did not enjoy that, so much I can tell.

Another "interesting" thing about this game is, it features a "LIVES" system. You can find 1UPS, once you die you get instarevived with 50 lifepoints. Cool in concept. Problem is, you can not save in the middle of the game as you are might used by other games of this kind. No normal save, no quicksave, no quickload. Not my cup of tea, as I like to experiment and test things out. If you die with 0 no extra lives left, you need to restart the level. Oh well.

All in all, pretty impressive what a single person can craft. It did just not grab me in the right kind of way.


my first thoughts are: this game is very good for being unfinished. however, it REALLY needs a save system.


Imagine if Super Gore Nest and Silent Hill gave birth to a baby whose life's goal is to cause you claustrophobia and PTSD

you can trickshot with revolver


Hella Jeff
Hella Jeff

love the vibe and general looks but this game needs a rebalance, way to much starving for ammo. also falling feels wierd.


A new game for the fans of the boomershooters! the game felt balanced and the levels are unique. Old school FPS design with good movement and solid gunplay! The art style felt like a mix of The Thing and Virus and Dusk blended in together!

Do I have any complaints? There is an interesting choice by the devs to remove mid saves from the game. Meaning if you die, you start from the beginning of the level. There are collectible extra lives in the levels tho! This choice didn't bother me but maybe for some people, this can be a big problem because there are some nasty surprises in the game.

Episode 1 took me 5 hours to finish and now I desperately need more! GG and lyhyet sotilaalliset taputukset!


Wow I didn't expect that - and by that I mean such an incredible athmosphere. Jesus this is creepy and disturbing - and the music is something else. The whole thing comes together so well, it's pretty phenomenal. I genuinely feel like this is something very special, even in a (fairly) crowded wave of old school FPSs. But PLEASE add some kind of save or checkpoint system!!!


Good game, great aesthetic
no save system at all blows
I recommend but you better not play if you got shit to do


Gameplay definitely feels good. And the music contributes really well to the atmosphere, despite me not being a fan of this art style. Definitely has potential. Hopefully the game gets complete soon enough.

Note - if you already own Dusk, you get a good discount on this game. Keeping my eyes peeled for its full release.


Brutal and deliberate in both game-play and style. Punishing game-play with a very big emphasis on "kill them before they kill you", every weapon is chunky and satisfying, and all enemy types are unique and challenging, killing you as fast as you kill them. As for the style, the music is good and always plays to the game well. Levels all follow the same "meat and machine" thematic while staying well varied, both in visuals and playing fields.

The only real downside I can think of is that it's early access. This game is a steal for 13 dollars, and at full launch will most likely be well worth the $20 if the first episode is any indicator. Good stuff.


Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this game for now. While the graphics and atmosphere are cool, I have some serious problems with the game. The first is the lack of a proper save system (a similar problem to Prodeus - saving during a level is impossible. There aren't even checkpoints in Incision).

I don't quite like the rather linear level design. But the design of the enemies or weapons is really nice. Some of guns have really cool animations.

Refunded for now, but I hope the game will be better and better. Good luck with this project!

Count Von Chaos
Count Von Chaos

Though INCISION is currently in Early Access, the existing episode on offer is a fitting next chapter in the ongoing retro-FPS revival. The game has come a long way since the demo release, with many more weapons and enemies, tighter controls, more balanced combat encounters, and there is a surprising amount of variation in level design given the overarching theme of "meatpocalypse."

Set in an unspecified, European-style, decaying urban metropolis overrun by hostile biomechanical horrors and crawling, inchaote masses of red meat, INCISION casts the player as a lone, armed survivor who has decided to end six months of isolation in their crumbling hideaway and make good their escape. Through a handful of notes and environmental clues, we can infer that our character has spent the prior months studying the plague and the nature of its monstrous minions.

The first episode takes us from rotting high-rises to industrial complexes, oozing fleshpits and darkened catacombs far beneath as we trace the origin of the plague to its hideous source. Along the way you'll find a variety of nasty enemies with familiar mechanical roles in combat- weak grunts, fast-moving melee attackers, turrets, slow, durable rocket-users, and the like. The arsenal is mostly familiar as well- melee weapon, pistol, shotgun, automatic, rocket launcher and minigun with added alternate fire modes for tactical flexibility (though the pistol's alt fire is just a twirling animation for funsies), as well as one unusual fleshy weapon that relies on gibbing your foes to replenish its ammo.

Enemies do respectable damage but ammuntion and health are plentiful and there is an autorun button.

I only found a small handful of secrets on my own, but the level progression is sensible and flows well, similarly to standout games of this genre like DUSK and HROT- no senseless, samey eurojank mazes to be found here. It's almost always quite clear where to go and what a given switch or lever does to facilitate this.

While it features no manual saving, INCISION does have a lives system- extra lives in the form of green glowing skulls can be found scattered though most levels, and dying with at least one in your possession will resurrect you on the spot with a reasonable amount of health. It also has a notably high degree of air control and and significant aerial hangtime, letting you cover a large horizontal distance- this is necessary to reach some secret areas. While I oppose the absence of quicksaving on general principle, if INCISION maintains a steady difficulty curve beyond what is currently playable I don't anticipate much issue. Most of my deaths were to the final boss and the fight is both easily restarted and easy to figure out.

The other two deaths were to the rocket-firing enemies as well as exploding myself with the rocket launcher's quad-shot alt-fire due to my chronic difficulty with judging explosive radii.

INCISION as it is a quick, punchy and tightly-designed experience, at least on its equivalent to "normal" difficulty. I don't expect that to change going forward, but I do hope that publisher Hyperstrange stays out of the grubby mitts of Tencent, the Embracer group or whatever other opaque holding company might set their sights on it. Regardless, props to SmoothBrainDev on successfully capturing the smooth, refreshing taste of 90s FPS.

Sheriff Vegas
Sheriff Vegas

The product of someone being locked in a basement for ten years with no video games but the Quake series and Silent Hill 2.

Genuinely one of the best retro FPS I've played. The aesthetic is so utterly grimy, the atmosphere so tense and apocalyptic, and, most importantly, the gameplay is just GOOD. The enemies all pose unique challenges, every weapon in the arsenal has its own distinct use, the levels wind in and over and around themselves in brilliant and even strangely beautiful ways. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up--just be prepared to struggle at some points, as it can get pretty damn hard.

|-|3££ioT [] |2.!.P.
|-|3££ioT [] |2.!.P.


+ Violent FPS
+ Gore, Blood & Gib
+ Quake II clone
+ Great Ambient music and gun sounds
+ Alternative gun shot
+ Classic AI and enemy placement
+ Varied Character and behaviour
+ Secrets
- Saves at the end of the level only

Sneed God
Sneed God

Easily stand out among the sea of modern retro shooter with it's atmosphere akin to Silent Hill. The current episode will roughly take you 3 hours to beat and some more if you wanna perfect every levels. Easy recommend


Had a great time! Movement feels amazing I love sprinting around. Levels were solid and thought the visuals were fantastic


Very fun game with a really awesome vibe! The graphics are extremely unique and I'm personally a massive fan of the style.

As someone who has never played the original Doom or Quake games, I really enjoyed the movement and the feel of navigating around the game. Everything is incredibly fast and it takes some getting used to, but afterwards every other game feels slow and washed out in comparison.

One issue I have is that I spent like 60% of my time in this game just trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go lol. The levels are very dark and moody and highly non-linear, looping back on themselves regularly. You'll have to hunt for a tiny little button hidden in some dark crevice that opens... something somewhere else in the level.


Im going to give it a positive review but they really need to fix the guns not pulling out glitch. its killin my ability to play

The Mike
The Mike

It probably needs a checkpoint system, but with or without it, Incision f*cking SLAPS. After playing the demo I thought the blood and rust textures would make this game boring to look at after a while, but it really doesn't. In fact, I would say the visual style is one of the best things about it.

Also there's a living gun that pukes explosives and feeds on blood named "Kitty."

Kshyh [PL]
Kshyh [PL]

+ level design
+ fun gunplay with extra mechanics for some weapons
+ sounds and music
+ design inspirations from classic FPS games
+ reasonable price

- no checkpoints during level, no manual saves, lives system
- weird difficulty curve (earlier levels feel harder to beat); even basic enemies hit a bit hard
- sometimes inconsistent weapon damage and/or hitbox placement
- revolver secondary mode should be explained to player
- no brightness setting, I've played most levels with flashlight always on

Mr Hanky
Mr Hanky

By far the best "retro" FPS I've played yet. Top notch atmosphere, level design, OST and sound design with fun as fuck gameplay.


The aesthetic is incredible. Took me the whole first chapter to realise how the revolver alt-fire works lol. I also love that the game disallows save-scumming and provides extra lives in each level to compensate.


INCISION demands attention. Brutal, fast, precise, and difficult as all hell, INCISION immediately immerses the player in its twisted, gory landscape and you'll never look back. Each level requires you to complete it in one go, meaning no manual saves. But you'll be assisted by a generous Extra Lives system, along with the most fluid and tight control scheme I've ever used in an FPS title. Don't forget that your double jump can get a little extra hang time if you hold the jump key on the second jump -- you'll need it.

INCISION does not f*ck around, and you'll be sweating, swearing, and swimming with anxiety as you run through each massive level. And then you'll feel a victory so glorious at the end of each stage that you'll want a cigarette when you do. Cannot recommend this game enough, even at this early stage. 10/10 and I can't wait for more.


Brutal as hell. Bloody as a Quentin Tarantino film. As much action as the first Predator movie. As dark and lovecraftian as Hellraiser.

I first bough this game and refunded it. I found it too hard. I found it too fast. I felt the enemies hit too hard. Then I realized, I cant play this like all the other boomer shooters. They all like to claim they are brutal... THIS IS BRUTAL!

The artstyle is consistent and the enemies are from nightmares. Its got a Quake feel on crack. You cant just run and gun, you better plan ahead. There are no saves within the game. Only checkpoints when you beat a level. This is where the lives system comes into play. You can play great and save up those lives but if you die, you start the level over again with just one life. Now, it doesnt make it impossible... now you gotta find all those extra lives in the level and be more careful.

The game is punishing and makes you swear when you screw up... but the game didnt screw you.... you did. Ive never had an unfair death in my 9 hours. Some say it took them 5 hours to beat. Well I guess I just suck, And if I suck this bad and Im getting better and enjoying it... maybe you can too. The developer has recently added in options that lessen enemy projectile damage and speed of those projectiles so you can tailor the game to your liking. And there are 4 modes of difficulty.

If you like old school FPS, give this a chance and have patience. When you do, the shooting is superb. The movement is the best, rivaling Dusk. I dont like to compare brothers.

Get it. Get bloody. Discover the scourge. Die. Do it again.


Filthy, dreadful, gory! Ugly!
Play this with loud volume. The soundtrack will provide you with different emotions, and when the action hits, it hits you hard in the face and ears.

Good +
Gory, filthy setting in retro
Soundtrack is something else (Heavy ambient industrial shit)
Brutal and explosive gameplay, Punchy guns
The more agressive you play = the more action
Hardcore no save system (with extra lives)

Negative -
FPS drops on an RTX 3080
Occasional crash
Secrets are kind of hard and boring to find
1st boss fight difficulty not in line with progression
It's short
It's an emotional investment - gore and dread can overcome you


Its good i have a few gripes but its Early Access so maybe it changes

+ great levels
+atmosphere / Mood
+ interesting world and Lore


This takes the best of old and new "boomer" shooters and is put together so well that I am so excited to whats next.

- Solid fast paced gameplay very much like DUSK.
- Weapons all felt great and unique and never left in the dust by others.
- Enemies all stood apart from one another in all their aspects.
- Levels are huge and are well put together throughout with great enemy placement, fighting spaces and clear direction even when going needing to circle back to previous locales.
- Atmosphere and environment are top-notch able to go from heart racing action to heart racing anxiety at times (especially when health is low).
- The music is amazing, blends great with theme and fits perfect in every moment.
- Art style give off the classic 3d shooter style its no doubt going for.

As with any newly released early access game there are issues but what's there is great. No major problems stood out to me and all the issues I do have are rather minor QoL related, such as an "always run" option, clearer UI, a bit of variety to textures in some levels and a way to not lose progress when needing to quit.
Solid game so far from a dev that knows what makes a good shooter and recommend it highly, even if there isn't much at the moment.


I like this game, I really do.
But I have to voice some complaints.

Look, man I get that we aren't in 1996 anymore and that we can make huuuuge maps but should we really?
I think the gameplay is pretty good but it's being weighed down by how long the maps are when they're both huge and have 100+ enemies on every level. It can take up to like 20-something minutes to finish one level while killing everything and by that time I really start to get bored of the level rather than enjoy it.

Also the game is way too dark at times, especially in the penultimate level of episode 1
I had the flashlight on all the time just to be able to see stuff.

However, I really liked the atmosphere and the soundtrack was good too. I like what you're going for in style.

Solid 7/10 game in it's current state

Accursed Pariah
Accursed Pariah

Kitty is best friend.

Only time I came close to game over on normal was final boss of episode.
Anyone calling game too hard is a weenie, and this is pre-0.4.2 I did this, so no, I haven't even seen what the damage mult fixes or whatever has done, but if it smoothed difficulty more, Hard is what I'll be playing on.

Highly enjoyable game to explore and play so far, reminds me a lot of the feeling I got getting lost occasionally in Quake, and adds in rusted flesh. I enjoy, 8/10, even with it being short right now.


Hey kids! You like shooty shoot? You like Nine Inch Nails? A f*cked up amalgamation of techno and body horror that would make Tsutomu Nihei from his early years give you a kiss on the cheek?

Well then, INCISION might just be the game for you. It's in Early Access as of me writing this, but what's here is top notch.


-Soldier G65434-2

muh grafix

It looks like a 90s FPS, but the style and atmosphere is on point. Can't go wrong with nightmarish industrial hellspaces. Only criticism I have on this front is the catacombs map being way too dark even with the flashlight. Aside from that, good sh*t all around.


*Chef's kiss*


You know what an FPS is, so I'm skipping that explanation. The controls are great and the arsenal gets the job done. The revolver has to be one of the most fun weapons I've used in quite some time.

An interesting decision is to not include any kind of mid level saving. If you die you start the map from the beginning. You can find extra lives on occasion, those act as an immediate resurrection similar to Doom Eternal.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature, but sometimes extra lives will carry over to the next level, some times they won't. If you exit the game and load a save all your extra lives will be gone.

I've seen people complain about this, personally I don't mind starting over as long as the maps aren't too long (so far they aren't). The only time I got irritated was during the first boss, because there's a small section of the map you have to replay each time if you get killed. The rest is fine.

Difficulty-wise I played on the "intended" difficulty and it was pretty much what I expected. Challenging, but not too difficult. Took a while for my FPS skills to reactivate, but once they did it was smooth sailing. PROTIP: explosions are a b*tch.


Refer to the very first paragraph.


Settings need some serious bulk. The mouse precision starts at .5 and goes down to .1 in .1 intervals. That's like....extremely limiting. I had to mess with my dpi settings to even get a sens that works at all.

Besides basic jank -- the gameplay is just set too hard with checkpoints being too far apart. It's just too difficult. Even the easy setting is like "BUT IT'S NOT TOO EASY!" or something. I'm old -- I play boom shooters to zoom and boom.

Refunded -- dear god let me pick more than 5 mouse speeds you weirdo (no the ones above .5 don't count as .5 is set so ridiculously high-- like, 1inch 360 high)


Game is absolutely excellent. I can't wait for more episodes.

There's no need for a detailed review, if you like fun, get this game.

Angel of Death 🗡
Angel of Death 🗡

It's pretty good!

Short, for now. But I got a solid couple hours out of it. My only criticism is the way the game handles extra lives. I was never a big fan of DOOM: Eternal's extra lives system, especially when a game like that has checkpoints and whatnot.

Incision doesn't have that, which is fine. It can get tough sometimes but ironically, I personally feel that the extra lives system trivializes the game a bit. On the final level, I died a good three or four times and it was mostly meaningless because by that time, I'd collected like nine extra lives.

It was still impactful, but the system doesn't sell the more difficult experience I think Incision wants to be - "ultraviolent, fast-paced, and merciless". It's difficult to be merciless when I picked up an extra life, so when I "die" I actually get 75hp, a window of invincibility, and I get to keep going.

Personally, I'd vastly prefer a checkpoint system, kind of like Ultrakill's method. I love a good checkpoint where, when I die, the game doesn't waste my time and lets me get RIGHT back into the action with the press of a button. Dying is so convenient!


Love it so far, the only thing I dislike is where the flashlight is placed downwards instead of being in the center of your crosshair, I hope there’ll be a feature where you can adjust it to your liking but everything else is goretastic so far so good. Also would be cool to see if there would be more weapons like a duel wielding 12 gauge 1887 Winchester lever action shotgun that spins like the revolver with a gambling critical damage system… not necessary just a concept but would be cool though.


WOW, this game is awesome. It looks cool, sounds great and the gameplay feels very good.
And the awesome soundtrack is just the cherry on top.
I am very excited for what`s to come.


Really fun FPS so far. The double jump + weapons let you do a lot of cool dodges while fighting the creepy enemies. The setting, a world terraformed by some alien menace comes through via the pixel art.

Dr Doctor
Dr Doctor

Pretty damn good. Has a nice degree of difficulty that feels perfectly fair, and the lives system is refreshing among a sea of shooters that use quicksave spam or checkpoints at every room. Enemy design is varied, each with easily recognisable silhouettes that allow them to be easily discernible from one-another.

Only negatives I can give it so far, is that a good chunk of it is rather dark which necessitates the flashlight for most of the game, and that only the first episode is out (but I'm patient enough to wait, if the rest of it will be as good if not better).

Also, add it to the list of "starter weapon is secretly one of the best weapons in the game", because damn, the revolver is great when you know how to use it.


This game is fucking good. I suck at shooters in general. I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and dying a lot. Just finished the first level. Been a long time since a shooter hooked me like this one.