Infested: Space Colony

Infested: Space Colony
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Release date
22 October 2022

Infested: Space Colony is an intense action top-down shooter in a dimly-lit environment where aliens roam in shadowy darkness. Explore various sections of the colony ship. Hunt down aliens before they hunt you down.

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Infested: Space Colony system requirements


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 8-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Windows PC
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I just can't get into this. There is an Options button that is greyed out and non-functional meaning there are no configurable options - not even Audio control. This just isn't acceptable.
The game gets loud and without any volume control I cannot hear any videos I may be watching on another monitor or anyone I may be talking to.

If this get's addressed I'd be happy to try the game again.

Ratchet Lombax
Ratchet Lombax

This game was a pleasant surprise. It plays like Hotline Miami, with one hit kills, throwable weapons and one weapon limit but slower paced, with clear inspirations from Dead Space. Didn't expect the music to be that good. I do have a few problems though:

• In the first level I couldn't see the pipe I had to pick up, I thought a scenery prop on the next room was the item but wasn't able to. Kept playing the level with my fists until the third attempt where I saw the small outline to pick it up.
• The pipes that go off with steam can be quite loud.
• The console by Lt. Carter didn't have a prompt and no tutorial for interactions so I had to try buttons until I pressed E.
• In the Laboratory level, the arrows on the... Extractors? go off and don't come back if you have no Blood Sample yet.
• I was streaming at 720p, but the framerate tanks if there are too many aware enemies (About six or more) or many active blood splatters, about three or four. I think Marvin was supposed to open the door earlier but since the framerate tanked he answered later than he was supposed to, I think. (EDIT: Improved with the update)
• In Section 11, you drop through a vent and have to defend a guy for a little bit, could we PLEASE have a checkpoint when we drop from the vent? That section is quite hard, i'd love to know how you did it. Triple A'ing that level must be a b*tch. (EDIT: Fixed with the update)
Most importantly, once I was done defending him, Dr. Allie speaks and the game locks up, I can't exit the conversation. This happened twice and I don't know how to continue, could you please help me, Ziggy? (EDIT: Fixed with the update)

But don't be discouraged, you have a good game here!

EDIT: Thanks for the update! More troubles and typos (Posted about the typos in the Community Hub) arose:

• I tossed a shotgun with one shell remaining near another and I proceed to pick up the other one. The one shell shotgun turned the other one into another one shell shotgun. It happened to me twice.
• I've had dead center shots that didn't connect, happens mostly with the door guardians and the H.R. Giger inspired aliens.
• Level 20, the Cargo Bay can't be finished as the locked door doesn't open, I must've missed an enemy as I heard their steps but couldn't find it, twice. I was able to continue by glitching myself into the door with the sentry.
• Destroying more than one egg at a time still brings frame drops.

By the way, I finished the game and the Options menu is still greyed out! I thought it was a new-game plus thing but no.

That song in the Pirate Ship, holy sh*t, can I buy the soundtrack just for that? Who made it?

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