Kitsune Killer

Kitsune Killer
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Release date
30 July 2021

Kitsune Killer is a 2d slasher game in which the player needs to quickly and accurately cut his enemies, thereby accumulating the hearts of his enemies in order to be able to go further and defeat them all, becoming the main one among the ninja killers.

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Kitsune Killer system requirements


  • OS: Microsoft Windows
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 1800 MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage: 30 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectSound Compatible
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard


Recommended requirements are not yet specified.
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Windows PC
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Better as a mobile game. Only buy on sale.

Kitsune Killer is a very basic game. In some cases, basic games are okay. However, this feels like an overnight burst of motivation rather than a well rounded game. This game is only moving around and clicking while the gameplay becomes more and more monotonous and inconsistent.

There are three enemy types:

    • Yellow enemy - does nothing and runs away from player
    • Purple enemy - runs towards player and only attacks upwards occasionally
    • Red enemy - purple enemy but has a shield that deflects attacks that sometimes goes away. can push you into a corner that you can't get out of

The main attack in this game is a dash and slash attack. Its hard to control the distance of the slash, oftentimes leading you into the flying masks that rise up from the bottom or through the platforms. The frequency in which you can attack varies. I've had times where I can chain two or three attacks in a row and other times where I have to wait a couple seconds after only one attack. Sometimes when you attack, you'll go straight through the bottom of a platform or through the side leading you to your death. The edge of the platform doesn't have any walls nor does it have any indication that its the end of the platform. You'll fall through the ground into your death. One hit from any enemy means that you have to restart the level.

The gameplay of Kitsune Killer is basic and grows more and more monotonous as you progress through the game. Outside of the enemies listed above, there is nothing to change up the gameplay to make it more interesting. The method to beating this game is to stand on the middle platform of each level. This allows you to attack the enemies that spawn on each side and also have more time to avoid the masks that fly at you. The enemies in this game are dumber than a box of rocks. Most of the time they'll be frozen for a second or two when they get near you and then commence an attack. They also can't comprehend jumping from one ledge to the other most of the time, allowing you to lure them off the platform and to their death. There's a bug near the beginning of each level where after you kill 5 enemies, two purple ones appear. If you don't kill both of those, the game is stuck at 5 or 6 kills and won't spawn any other enemies until you die. Another bug is that at the beginning of the game where I assume there's supposed to be some context to preface the game is that the text moves way too quickly, not allowing the player to read the text. For such a basic game, there's a surprising amount of bugs.

The goal for each level is to kill (x) amount of enemies. With each level the amount is increased by 10. There are five levels, meaning that the first level requires 10 kills and the last one requiring 50 kills. The only difference in each level besides the kill requirement is that the layout of the levels change. No new enemies, no new attack patterns, no story changes, just the same stuff except you have to kill 10 more enemies than last time.

This game is very loud when you first open it. I recommend either turning it down in the Volume Mixer setting on your computer or turning off the sound in the options menu. If you do choose to have sound on like I did, you'll probably get a headache. For the entire playthrough, it's the same music with no changes. There's no change of music in between levels or any change from the menu to the main game. Imagine Hong Kong 97 but with a longer song that loops over and over again. The sounds the enemies and player character make sound weird as well, almost as if someone sneezed in front of a fan and recorded it. Listening to all of this loop for the over an hour I spent playing Kitsune Killer, I felt like I was going to go insane.

The only thing I liked about this game was that the blood splatter on the background was cool and that after a bit it starts to droop downwards. That was a nice touch.

TL;DR: I bought this game for 50 cents. That's the max value you'll get out of this game. Better as a time waster on a mobile device instead of on PC.

The FluffeyPanda
The FluffeyPanda

Attempting to play the game here:
First off there's a major glitch always at 6 hearts if an enemy suicides they stop spawning I also unfortunately found out on stage 4 at 34 hearts and 39 hearts it glitches as well. I gave this game my best attempt, but stage 4 they are so suicidal it's annoying and no longer worth the effort. Dialogue at the start is WAY too fast as well. This is just personal preference, but I really wish you had to platform to the enemies instead of being able to dash through platforms with your slash. I like the concept of the game and when it works it's pretty dang cool I like it enough I'm not going to refund it even though it's broken, but as it is right now absolutely cannot recommend game is broken.

3 Slug Wolf
3 Slug Wolf

I understand that the game is only $3. I get that this is not a game that I should expect to be over the moon. But ho boy, it should not leave this bad taste in my mouth. The only real reason I was even interested in it, is because I like Japanese Culture and I am studying the language, but alas, the only other language available is Russian. But I can forgive the game for that at least. Anyway on to the review.

The point of the game is that you kill an amount of kitsune (狐/キツネ fox in Japanese) and collect their hearts to move onto the next level. All while not getting killed yourself by the kitsune or the flying onion ghosts (I know their not called that but whatever IDC). You have to kill them though, otherwise if they fall and die, you will have to wait for them to respawn. If you die, you have to start the level all over again, though at least you aren't thrown back to the beginning of the game.

There are three types of kitsune, Yellow, Purple, and Red. Yellow are passive and make a rather low effort to run away from you. Purple will actually try to attack you unlike yellow and they are the most common. Finally, red acts exactly like purple, only they can only be killed if they are right beside a blood splotch on the wall from either dead kitsune or onion ghosts.

And that is ultimately all you do in the game, which by itself for three dollars isn't bad. However...

The Good

1. It's Cheap.

Whelp, that's all I got there guys.

And now!

The Bad

1: Kitsune don't respawn sometimes when they fall before you collect their heart.

This is huge problem in the game, not only does this break the game, but it means you have to purposelessly die to retry. I noticed that its always when there is more than one kitsune on the screen, if its just one, it will respawn no problem. But get three at a time, you better pray to God none of them fall off. This infuriated me every time it happened, because this glitch is not random and it will happen should an enemy fall when there is more than one on the screen. And when it happened while I had 65/70 hearts collected, it made me want to punch my screen, no joke.

2. Jump Height is all over the place.

This is mostly a non issue, but you have an onion ghost above you and you all of a sudden get launched into him on the second or third jump, that does not lead to happy times. Not sure what causes it, but I can tell you it never happens on the first jump at least.

3. Blood splatter sound effect is garbage.

Honestly, the blood splatter sound is one of the worst I heard. It sounds like somebody is sucking through a straw, or the wind blowing effect in Dragon Ball PP by OneyNG. It is rather hilarious, but it doesn't sound like blood being splattered against the wall, sorry.

4. I sometimes got 20 hearts randomly.

I have no idea how it happens, but it happens sometimes.

5. F@#K the onion Ghosts.

There is always and I mean ALWAYS two ghost that move in the area at all times. They spawn to the side or below you, if you kill one another will spawn instantly. Because of that, one can end up spawning directly to your side or below you, immediately after you kill one and if they touch you, you die instantly, forcing you to restart. What makes them BS is that you can't see the whole area so you cannot track where they are, and if you over shoot your attack to the bottom or top, you better pray there isn't one waiting for you.

Review in the works. But to spoil it for you for right now. I don't recommend this game.