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Release date
22 October 2021

Lifing is a challenging turn-card-roguelike base game, set in a mix of fantasy/sci fi/random universe breaking limits of card and deck manipulation. Explore, fight, upgrade, repeat.

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Lifing system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000
  • Storage: 700 MB available space


Recommended requirements are not yet specified.
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Short version; it's not done. In theory the mechanics and assets are there for a game. Sadly it fails at a basic level. As in I don't know how someone put in so much work, but ever actually got it working.


This game is an incredibly unique and complex roguelite deck builder. It does however have a few flaws right now, but despite that I still think it's a solid game.

The lack of a tutorial for mechanics as well as there being no reference for what card symbols do/mean (there's a tooltip when scrolling over a card but it only explains the first symbol) makes it very hard to get into.

Jumping from island to island feels fun, but the fights themselves could use some tweaking. So far there's no way to tell where enemies or resources will spawn on an island. You can bounce to the next island and have no energy/draw resources spawn near you (energy is needed to play cards and you don't draw cards naturally), which can end your run if your deck isn't ready to deal with that. I've also had my farthest run ended instantly because I hopped onto a new island and the enemy guardian spawned directly next to me and was able to one shot my guardian (which is a game over), no way to survive at all for my guardian.

Despite the previous issues, there is a ton too like about this game.
The complexity seems astounding, you're deck contains both creatures and structures with a multitude of varied abilities. You've also got a space ship that you install modules onto that give passive benefits for example, you can completely negate spawning near no energy/draw resources by installing modules that give you energy/draw. To top that off, you can change all your cards and modules with modifiers that add bonus effects.
There is also a good amount of depth to the battles themselves. There's a constant tug of war going on for tiles and resources that requires good strategies to stay on top.
Every run you will learn more that will help your strategy for fights and deck building in your next runs, just like any good roguelite.

I'm really not sure what the only other review means by "it fails at a basic level" but in my opinion, the game is incredibly fun so far and most of my failings have felt like my fault, causing me to improve my strategy each time.
My advice? Give it a try! You have two hours to play before you can't refund it.

EDIT: Game seems a little buggy (Some costs for the additional features you unlock are wrong and some quests rewards are different then what they say).
But I am also now able to see everything on an island before I jump to it as well as tooltips showing all card attributes/abilities properly.
Overall, game improved drastically overnight! Can't say that about many games.


I would be more forgiving if it was early access, as this doesn't feel like a finished game. There is no tutorial or explanation of what you are / should be doing. While there appeared to be depth in the mechanics, i found it to be more confusing and frustrating rather than engaging and fun. The progression also felt slow; I played two runs and both times died several islands in on the 2nd planet and only made it like halfway to leveling up.


There is something fun here but the game doesn't make it obvious. It seems like there is a chance for some deep strategy or character/deck building but I feel like I am missing something because there is no tutorial aside from some tips on the cards and sometimes actions happen that I don't understand. At the time of my review (Jan '22) there have been no updates for 3 months since the initial release. If updates are made to address some issues then I recommend the game at its listed price. If it is abandoned then wait for a sale.