Lila's Tale and the Hidden Forest

Lila's Tale and the Hidden Forest
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Release date
10 November 2022
Steam reviews score
100 (13 votes)

Help Lila and her friend Flee exploring the Hidden Forest of Solaria to save the Guardian Owls from the hands of the evil thiefs. Discover hidden passages, beat enemies and challenge yourself in this magical 2D platform game. Game demo still in development, leave us feedback!

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Lila's Tale and the Hidden Forest system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or FX-4350
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 4GB NVIDIA GeForce or 4GB AMD Radeon
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Really fun platformer for a fair price. I love the music and cute graphics and the gameplay is good. It also runs really well on my potato laptop so that's nice. If you are looking for a quick cute relaxing platformer then this is for sure worth it.


Jogo curto, simples e muito eficiente no que propõe. Os gráficos são muito agradáveis e os controles são ÓTIMOS, o que considero fator principal pra ter garantido tanta satisfação durante toda a gameplay. Uma coisa que considero um dos poucos pontos fracos são o primeiro e segundo chefes que são rasos até demais, mas o terceiro é muito bom porque ele é muito mais uma fase do que um chefe, pique as sessões de perseguição do Rayman Origins ou do Meat Boy.

E outro ponto fraco é a falta de fases, poxa! Queria poder consumir mais conteúdo desse jogo porque o level design é muito bacana.


Don't let the price fool you, sure the game is simple and short but it's very much worth $4 if you're a fan of platformers. The movement feels really good and each level introduces new gimmicks. Recommended

American Dung Beetle
American Dung Beetle

I like how you made a game for kids, except your first 3 customers are myself and my 35+ friends who play casual games where you save animals. Look, it's not a bad game, it's cute, it has decent controls, some collection content including a ton of achievements, and even a few nice character skins that you can unlock, plus a coop mode, although I have not tried it. Nothing wrong with it really, just don't expect a ton of challenge, it's very much a casual collection game with very little resistance.

The actual game is about 90 minutes for a total of 9 levels (some of them are boss fights), you can get a bit more if you wanted to 100% everything. I assume those are owl eggs which gives you some street credit, you are saving owls, and using owls to fly and hover - owls are cool, and that is objectively true. The only problem I had were the random frame drops, I thought they were put there to make certain sections easier, but I am guessing it just lags in some locations (granted it was not frequent). If I can give my perspective, don't limit your game design to a younger audience, I mean take me for example, I finished battletoads when I was like 8, and all PS1 horror games when I was 10, if anything kids are much better at games and perfectly fine at overcoming any challenges, there is no point limiting your game design and difficulty to a certain audience when they are playing more mature games than I do.

Surprisingly the visuals were not bad, very good feel to the animation overall, very clean I would say. That said, I thought the soundtrack was kinda lacking, just felt like filler to me, needs to be more complementary to the game.


(+) Actually good controls, and almost no issues (yep, I said almost)
(+) Hey good achievement support, and some collection content too.
(+) Looks alright, I thought the animation was cute.
(+) Coop/optional character skins


Nitpicks: - sometimes the game gets very slow, I am not sure why, does not happen a lot though. Would make more sense if you would not lose eggs at all unless you completely restarted the level. I felt the game was a bit too short, needed at least one more zone, maybe snow levels. For the most part, I think the music didn't complement the game.

Overall Thoughts: 7/10

Anyway, I can't take this review too seriously, for such a low price it's alright, I kinda wanted it to be just a bit longer, maybe just one more location, but not bad overall, assuming I was still a kid, I am 32 this month XD. Don't be afraid to make the game a bit more challenging, these devils are better at games than I am, if you make a good game, they will still play it, no matter who it targets.

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