Mango Mischief

Mango Mischief
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Release date
20 June 2022
Steam reviews score
81 (11 votes)

Mango Mischief is a turn-based, retro, role-playing game that both pays homage to, and satirizes, classic JRPGs.

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Mango Mischief system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
  • Processor: IntelCore2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9/OpenGL 5.1 Capable GPU
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 1280x720 or better


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In all seriousness its a good game and i appreciate the work that was put into this game considering there were other commitments to deal with at the same time :)

I hope you make more cool things in the future


I don't know if I'll play this game any longer.
Oh, I should start from the beginning: At first I wanted to quit this game after playing for 1 hour...because it was way to unbalanced. But than I played and played....and guess what the game is still unbalanced.

The game plot is simple: a merry band of 4 wants to ask the king...only he is on a mission to find some artifacts.
Of course the band (YOU) follow him and start searching for the same artifacts.
At the start of the game you have hardly anything to equip...heck it takes some time till you get the first meager coins from wining a fight.

The most important part of the game are the jobs your party members can do....not that they are so different...just a few different skills/spells.
Your character doesn't level's the job that rises your attributes. But after 10 levels it's over. Meaning you must choose another job. Of course all your stats drop! In the end you must do that oh, can't remeber..around 20 times. Till you reach Master classes.
Sounds good? Yeah!!!
Oops, a little detail....even with Master classes and best equipment your party sucks. You see your enemies in later dungeons get stronger too. And because there are 6 different types in each encounter each with a different weakness you don't do much damage. Usual it takes all your MP points to finish the fight....and than you must run back to a save point that replenish HP/MP or use items (oh, but you can only have 10 of each item!!!).
That means you must constantly run back or if that isn't are stuck.

And the rest of the game: there are some side-quests..some of them in the form of a rhyme.
Constant breaking the 4th wall (the running gag).

In the end this game has not enough substance to ensnare me.


Why didn't I buy this game earlier. I thought I would never see a good classic rpg adventure being released again but here it is:
The characters are very likable and the story enjoyable and fun. it's not supposed to be complex or to have 400 IQ professional quality characters and that's what I was missing. they're better than that they're just people that I like and that I would make friends with.
the fact that it's a parody only makes it better, you go inside a house in the capital and the main characters start questioning a mage about the elements. me and the friend I was streaming for completely lost it when they ask for a periodic table and state that the mage failed chemistry
I feel like that's what's missing in the entertainment industry today, specially outside of japan. I can like the game not rationally.


* This is an excellent fun little game that I recommend.
* $10.00 will get you about 25 hours of content (100% completion).
I could probably cut that time in half if I played it again (now that I know what to do for everything) but still decent length.

Makes fun of JRPG tropes very "aware" of itself. Story is fun, doesn't suck.

Fun game, worth the $10.00.


This game is pure nostalgic comfort food for me. The class systems are more for deciding what order you learn moves in (there's a section in completed quests in your journal that will tell you what jobs teach what and at what level). The full heal on level up and still getting exp for characters that are KO'd keep the pace up. The thing I like most about the combat is that status effects are useful against even boss monsters throughout the game. All these things, and the main party's actions in the game, make this something I highly recommend for fans of old school turn based rpgs.


This game is a nice parody of JRPGs. I really enjoyed finishing this ultra good game.
It has good dungeon design, brilliant and the tradional battlesystem is never boring because they
made the monster mashups really interesting.

I played 300 JRPGs before this and recommand it!


So right at the top, I met Mr. Mango a few months ago on Twitter. We both enjoyed old school Final Fantasy games, and he seemed like a pretty nice dude (he is) so I bought his game. We've chatted a few times, and he's watched me play his game a few times, but otherwise that's about it. I haven't received anything other than a game that I paid $10 for.

But yeah, so far I think that this is a fun little game and I don't feel like I have wasted my money. The class system in the game is reminiscent to Final Fantasy's job system and so I'm pretty excited about building a party in this game. In general the writing is pretty clever, and I'll often find myself being reminded of some trope or frustrating thing from something like a S/NES Final Fantasy or Gen 1 Pokemon that is then referenced in the game. I did have some awkward moments playing this game but overall I think this is a very solid first attempt at making a video game. There was obviously a lot of time, care, and effort put into making this game by someone that grew up on SNES era JRPGs. I feel like this would be a game for someone into indie or fan made games for sure.


The right amount of complexity to stay engaged but relaxed. Great game!

Devi Dearest
Devi Dearest

The intro to this game is just the worst. Slow, completely linear, uninteresting combat, the most bare-bones of story. The first actual area you get to has a sign that outright tells you to grind out some levels and money for gear since none is introduced in the first hour or so of play. I have no idea what the aim of the dev was since the game seems so disinterested in being compelling in any way.

On release day there are two reviews and one discussion post that are absolutely glowing for this game. I fully understand differences of opinion but each of these other entries offer levels of praise I might not even say about my favorite games let alone one that's clearly not a top tier entry in the genre. (Phenomenal writing? Really?) They seem like plants from friends of the dev rather than legitimate reviews of the game. I generally don't like leaving negative reviews on small projects but these seemingly fabricated reviews do a lot to allay any guilt I'd otherwise feel.

Much luck to Acute Mango on their next project. This ain't the one.


Endearing and addictive. I've had the opportunity to watch other people play this game and knew I wanted to play this through on my own. Despite having seen some of the game, my first play through so far has been amazing and I really enjoy the thought put into all the interactions your character gets to have, even with the NPCs that are just snoozing or chatting in the tavern. Definitely recommend to anyone interested in this genre and even to those (who are like me) that wouldn't normally gravitate to this sort of game.