Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
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Release date
18 November 2022
Steam reviews score
94 (8 184 votes)
94 (1 452 votes)

After the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, teenage Miles Morales is adjusting to his new home while following in the footsteps of his mentor, Peter Parker, as a new Spider-Man. When a fierce power struggle threatens to destroy his home, Miles must take up the mantle of Spider-Man and own it

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales system requirements



  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit 1909
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160, 3.6 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 950 or AMD Radeon RX 470
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 75 GB available space


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The KoJo
The KoJo

The original Spider-Man port played flawlessly on my system. I had minor glitches here or there, mostly with enemy stuff, but nothing game breaking. This, not even a full release on PS4/5, is priced for a $50 port on PC and is honestly a slap in the face of gamers. It crashes every single time you retry any challenge in the game - EVERY time, EVERY challenge. I lose both Miles dialogue tree and various enemy or other NPC support characters at times, forcing me to quit the entire game and reload it, or I can't hear any conversations that are happening on one or both ends, despite Ganke popping up on a cell phone on the HUD or being with the NPC that's conversing with Miles at the time. At one point I managed to jump ahead of Phin in a part where you cross a crane. She fell off, but didn't die that I could tell. I continued through the next cut scene and walk-and-talk, but as soon as we left the next cut scene and she opened a door, her model dropped dead on the floor. Nothing I have is out of date, I've reinstalled, I've rolled back - nothing fixes the issues. This game needs patching and shouldn't have been released to PC in this state, for this much money. I try to play once a day and see if anything is fixed or better or worse. I check for updates and continue to try updating drivers anywhere and everywhere, but nothing fixes the issues. Avoid this at all costs unless it takes a massive price decrease or has a huge overhaul on bug fixes etc. The game itself it much like Spider-Man, in that it is a ton of fun and changes up both the combat and feel enough for Miles that it feels like a different person and worth playing, while still retaining the element of Spider-Man in his essence. Miles' story is both interesting and fun, being a coming of age type tale where Miles grows into his own Spider-Man, while not becoming a total training simulator for the player where you feel like you've regressed from where the last story ended. It's nice that they remove Peter almost immediately without going the immediate route of killing him, giving Miles his own game to really become his own, which is very cool! I think the story is great, the gameplay would be great if the game didn't have so many bugs and glitches at the moment and if they fix the crashing issues, I would consider recommending this, but as it stands I just can't, regardless of how good I think a story may be.


Right now, can't recommend. This game crashes constantly for me. Pretty much any time I try to restart a challenge, the game crashes to desktop. It also feels like the graphics are actually a step down from the first game. I'm playing with an RTX 3080 and ray tracing on high. I'm still in the first act of the game, but because it starts in winter, it is an incredibly boring and grey setting that doesn't utilize ray tracing well. I think it will be a fun game at some point, but right now I'm just annoyed with it.


Having played Spider-Man on PS4 around the time it came out, Miles Morales definitely has the feel of an expansion pack. It's short, uses essentially the same map, and fundamentally feels very similar to the first game, all of which I'd say is a good thing, as Spider-Man PS4 was and is an incredible game with a fantastic gameplay loop. All of the satisfying elements of traversal and combat from the first game are present here, and combat is even more fun here thanks to Miles's wider array of techniques, particularly the venom-powered moves that grant him much better options for crowd control and dealing with the irritating brute enemies.

Story-wise, it's a little thin - the scale is naturally smaller, and despite Miles being on the job for a year already, it feels at times like he's only been doing this for a week or so, but his supporting cast is well-characterized and enjoyable to be around, providing some extra oomph to the story where the villains drop the ball. Like the first game, the core appeal of Miles isn't really the story, but instead is the combat and movement, both of which shine here. I can forgive the weak story because it's really just window-dressing for the core of the game.

The side-content is similarly smaller in scale, but unlike the main story, I think this works to Miles's great benefit - whereas in the first game I truly did not want to bother 100%ing it, with Miles the goal felt perpetually in reach, incentivizing me to pursue clearing the map entirely. The selection of suits is excellent, as well - Miles doesn't have as much comic history to pull from for his suits to reference, but there are plenty of great ones in the batch, including the Daft Punk-esque 2020 suit, the cel-shaded Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon suit, and, of course, the Into the Spider-Verse suit (and accompanying low-framte-rate suit mod), which I spent the vast majority of the game using.

On the whole, this certainly does feel like a "midquel" - "glorified DLC" feels a little mean, and inaccurate given the amount of playtime you can squeeze out of 100%ing the game, but it's certainly not a full-borne sequel, either. I can't justify its list price given the standard content you have in it, probably should have been $40 or $30, but assuming you catch it on sale to get down to those prices, Miles Morales is absolutely worth picking up. Play the original first, though.

Red Metal
Red Metal

[Insert funny thing here for attention and shit]

But in all seriousness, the gameplay here is MILES better than in the first game. Combos actually matter, venom powers spice up combat, the story feels a lot more tightly written, and I didn't hate a single character like I did in the first game.



Glorified DLC/Expansion for the og spider-man game
the main story is really short around 6h and beside that there is nothing new
same map, same enemies with a different skin same side activities and for someone who played the other game so recently and does not want to repeat the side stuff its just does not worth the full price

so for someone who want to engage with all side content, this is a worthy experience
for someone who wanted new stuff besides a short main story get it on sale


Even though it is a short game story wise. It is a good game to play to past time, the graphics, combat style, swing style spider-man does is amazing. I will say some of the training missions are a bit challenging for me, but i just complete them enough to get the skill traits.


☐ You forget what reality is
☑ Beautiful
☐ Good
☐ Decent
☐ Bad
☐ Don‘t look too long at it

☑ Very good
☐ Good
☐ It‘s just gameplay
☐ Mehh
☐ Watch paint dry instead
☐ Just don't

☑ Eargasm
☐ Very good
☐ Good
☐ Not too bad
☐ Bad
☐ I'm now deaf

☐ Kids
☑ Teens
☐ Adults
☐ All

---{PC Requirements}---
☐ Check if you can run paint
☐ Potato
☐ Decent
☑ Fast
☐ Rich boi
☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

☐ Press WASD to move
☑ Easy
☐ Significant brain usage
☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master
☐ Difficult
☐ Dark Souls

☑ Nothing to grind
☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks
☐ Isn't necessary to progress
☐ Average grind level
☐ Too much grind
☐ You‘ll need a second live for grinding

☐ No Story
☐ Some lore
☐ Average
☐ Good
☑ Lovely
☐ It‘ll replace your life

---{Game Time}---
☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee
☑ Short
☐ Average
☐ Long
☐ To infinity and beyond
☐ Depends

☐ It’s free!
☐ Worth the price
☐ If u have some spare money left
☑ Not recommended (Wait for sale)
☐ You could also just burn your money

☑ Never heard of
☐ Minor bugs
☐ Can get annoying
☐ ARK: Survival Evolved
☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs


It good game. Something about it makes it feel like I can replay it and have more fun than the first one. Some people would consider this a small game with not much to do. And they'd be partially correct, I believe that's what makes it fun to go back and try a new style of fighting or mix up the combat and stealth. Can't wait for the next one.


Finished 100% Ultimate New game + and all achievements unlocked. Wish it was longer & with more to do but as it is, it was still spectacular. Gameplay was great, graphics were also amazing (1440p maxed out + raytracing).


It's very short game, if you can afford to wait for the price to go down, I'd highly recommend it. I beat it in a single weekend on Spectacular. I like the game immensely. I just wish it had cost less. Buy it. It's a good game. There are endless crimes to stop, which is nice. If they come out with a DLC story line extension it will be worth it in the end.


Simply put, this is one of the best games I have played in my life. The movement is satisfying, the city is dense with collectibles and side missions, and the character of Miles is easily admired through the story.


Pretty amazing game. I loved collecting all the suits and doing all the side missions. The story was phenomenal with heaps of twists. Swinging through the city in winter is quite a spectacle aswell. Very good game. 10/10


Fun game, although the character choice is weak at best... Should have added some of spider man's most iconic villains instead of this "Rhino" and "Prowler" and the cameo of "Kingpin" like, who has even heard of these people!?!? Would have been much more enjoyable to play against the more iconic characters like THE WALL!!!


The gameplay is good. The story is okay. But this should be called Woke-man instead of Spider-man. The agendas are pushed too hard in this one. Sorry, but as a spidey fan I can't recommend it. Great power, but zero responsibility.


Enjoyed this just as much as the first. As far as repeatable missions go, this game handled them better than any I've encountered before by having optional goals you could try for in repeated missions (I don't remember if that was in the first). I also enjoyed the post-game experience. I typically uninstall after "completing" open world games, but this had a wonderful treat in the after-game I had to stick around for.

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