Mystery Trackers: Train to Hellswich Collector's Edition

Mystery Trackers: Train to Hellswich Collector's Edition
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Release date
10 September 2021

It's no ordinary train ride...

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Mystery Trackers: Train to Hellswich Collector's Edition system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Storage: 1098 MB available space


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Thumbs-down only due to length. It was way too short. Get it on a discount ($6 US or less).

Other than that, I thought it was a better-than-average game for the genre. Had all the usual elements. Lots of stuff to find. The mini-games weren't just the same ones you see over and over (though a couple were way too simple). It was a little too linear for my tastes, but not too bad.

🌸 Mia 桜
🌸 Mia 桜

I am a huge fan of HO games and this stroke me as really interesting. Sadly it wasnt as good as I hoped.

+ Art Style: Really well made.
+ Riddles: Most games or riddles were really good. Some hard and some easy a good combination.
+ HO: For me HO are one of the most important things about this type of games. And even tough there were less than I expected they were good with a nice art style and like the riddles a good combination of hard/easy.
+ Movies: There wernt a lot but they were well made. A lot of HO do them good and this one is also in that list.
+Map: This is a must have in my opinion but a lot of game either have none or a bad one where you cant "Teleport to the location you want on the map" or dont see which places are blocked or where you have to do something. This map allowed all of this.

+ Story;: The story started interesting with an interesting idea but it got worse and worse the longer time went on.
+ Characters: This is also one of the reason the story is here. We learn nothing about the characters. In most games we learn a little be it about the people rescued or the villain or suporting characters. Here? None, the only motivation my character has is cause he/she is a good person. The villain? Never met before just a random dude that is evil.
+ Music: Most of the time music is in the good part but this time it was a mix. A lot of music was nice and really fitting same, with sound effects.
+ Bugs/Crashes: My game crashed only once while playing about close to mid/endgame when I was using the map. I was scared before that I had to redo everything but dont worry the game saves automatically.
+Bonus: Not bad but it was still only a bonus which most HO have nowadays. It was nice to play but not overwhelming.

+ The Lentgh: It was way to short even with the "Bonus". I excpected a little longer even more with teh name "Collectors edition". It was one of the shortes HO I have played.
+The Ending: It was just bad. Connected with the characters it just didnt feel interesting and worthwhile. I myself got no motivation besides just finish the game and get over it.
+Achievments: This game had ingame achievments but not steam ones. I am an achievment hunter and love collecting those and try to play the game more careful and/or on a diffrent gamemode or multiple times if I missed something. Sadly this was not the case and I just brushed trough the game only once cause of this.

Overall it is a nice game but I only recommend buying it on a discount (Like I did) In my opinion it doesnt deserve "Collectors Edition" Dont excpect to much and I hope the next one will be better.


During a sale I picked up the entire Mystery Trackers series. Started with this one and it was overall a good HOG. Interesting story, puzzles are in line with other HOG. The train portion reminded me of the Ghost Train on Final Fantasy VI.


Typical game of this type. Some new styles of mini-games. Good solid plot. Now for the problems. I had two game crashes during play, but the game restarted almost exactly where it had crashed so I didn't have to do a lot of back tracking. One of the mini-games is buggy, it just didn't work, thankfully they allow you to skip. Some of the mini-games are not obvious as to what you are supposed to do, and the instructions are not helpful.

If you are the type that pounds on the keyboard when a game glitches you don't want to play this game, if you are more interested in the plot and taking some time to complete the game (about 3.5 hours for game and bonus game) then you should be ok with this game.

Plot is a 4.0, game play 3.5, QA 3.0. Does have some new mini-games, and standard Hidden Object games.

If you are looking for a way to kill time, this game will do the job.
(game was purchased as part of a package of all their games)