Naval Hurricane

Naval Hurricane
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Release date
16 November 2022
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94 (37 votes)

Turn based tactical game about war at sea between British Royal Navy and Imperial German Navy during World War I. Command powerful dreadnoughts, fast destroyers and stealthy submarines, conduct artillery battles, torpedo attacks and fight for the survivability of damaged ships.

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Naval Hurricane system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: x86 compatible 2.66 GHz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 11.0 compatible GPU with at least 1GB of VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Windows PC
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It's not ready yet.

1). On my PC it stutters dreadfully & has just crashed again (might be my fault - I tried to improve performance by lowering the res a little bit but it crashed loading up at the new res). This is despite the graphics quality appearing to be a much lower overall than Atlantic Battlefleet which I also have and run on a much higher res & spec.
2). In game damage seems overly complicated (too detailed) & damage control seems almost totally ineffective (and very fiddly to work) - get holed on the waterline & you will sink, the only question being how long it takes for you to do so - assigning damage control to the flooding seems pointless as it doesn't appear to actually do anything positive). And yet hits to gun houses that cause fires never seem to ignite magazines - despite these ships historically being a bit of a powder keg - I've yet to see one go BOOOM! despite a turret fire.
3). I've experienced some weird 'range' distances issues - one minute it's range 8.9 and my shots are hitting, then suddenly - and even though the range has reduced as both ships move towards each other - its range 10.0+ and all my shooting is falling short & missing. Then the next minute it's range 7.6 and I'm now shooting over the target & missing. It's odd and confusing and makes no sense for the range to vary so widely so quickly and randomly. The secondary battery seems incapable of holding the range and always ends up either under or over shooting when on 'auto-fire'.
4). The selection of playable ships seems odd - the Brits get a 'Inflexible' (a fast but thinly armoured 12" gun BC) but the Germans get 'Nassau' (a DN with heavy armour & 11" guns) - why Nassau and not Von Der Tann (Inflexibles nearest equal)?
5). Torpedoes do not exist. At least not on the ships I've played, but I do know they existed on the real versions of the ships ... maybe they will be added later?

Overall this game has great potential - I'd really like to see the finished article - but until its had its many niggling issues sorted out & the options expanded some more I can't recommend buying this game as yet - wait until its ready and you'll get a better game.


Just come across this, what a little gem. If you like sea battles with ww1 ships and can struggle with real time tactics or do not always have the time then this will be a real pleasure.

Its turn based which I like but with a feeling of real time. The graphics are good, not excellent but tbh most games that have superb graphics make up for it with a lack of gameplay and I easily get bored, not with this though, the ships as someone else has said look like the old airfix models with loads of details, the gameplay is highly addictive, only had a quick look as was supposed to be working and still managed nearly an hour.

As this is very very early access and a single dev this could easily be a classic, like other games if you like to support responsive indie devs who have passion and who appear to want to make a game that they want but that you will love then strongly suggest getting this, and the price is superb as well.

Good luck to the Dev, a great little game with huge potential.

Sgt Kelso
Sgt Kelso

Would definitely recommend this game to naval enthusiasts. The modelling is very detailed yet the easy to use interface makes it very approachable to everyone. Very good balance! It is a work in progress, but I has a lot of potential to become a great war game.

Please support this developer and this game! I see great things here.


Conditional Thumbs up.

(also - let us cut to the chase. If you can't tell the nations of the ships in the current promo videos just by looking at them then this is probably not the game for you. This is a game for Naval Geeks. If you are not a Naval Geek nothing will make sense and you will not remotely enjoy the game. Target audience. Make sure you are that person :D )

This game is (currently) in VERY early access. There is not a lot in the box at the moment. A handful of ship classes for each side and four scenarios. The plus side is these four missions are asymmetrical, so replay in swapping sides.

Impressed by the graphics. The ships tick my Warship Nerd boxes and the animation does a good job at reminding us that we are looking at thousands of tons of metal shaped into a machine the size of a block of flats powering through the seas.

Gameplay? This looks like a realistic 'game' rather than a hard sim. Things seem simple enough. The Turn Structure is IGOUGO and each ship gets a damage control phase, a move phase and gunnery. Cycle through each of your ships then the AI cycles through each of theirs. Each turn - based on ROF of the guns - is about 30 seconds I think.

This is... simple enough I guess. Damage control is... 'press auto and hope'. Not sure what is going on there. Some things you can't fix. Some things you can but... 'press auto and hope'.

Movement. Pick speed. Pick rudder setting. Press Move.

This seems a bit too simplistic. Was playing the Dreadnought vs Pre-Dreadnought mission (1 v 4) and the Nassau was being thrown around by the AI like a jet ski rider trying to impress girls on the beach. Hard to say as you don't have a lot of reference points but I feel safe in suggesting that 20,000 tons of warship takes longer than that to react to the helm and even the act of going from hard left to hard right rudder would take longer than the game shows.

Gunnery is... actually I have little idea what is happening. I mean it is fun. Pick target. Press 'fire' for each of primary, secondary and anti-torpedo boat gun batteries and watch the shell splashes vaguely near the target. Not fully sure what is going on. The game hints you have fire control for your ship and that putting a target under fire for multiple turns is a good thing.

There is clearly size mods based on your profile. There seems to be mods for changing your helm too often.

The confusion is that the game gives you manual or auto control. Sometimes auto control isn't possible, but manual is. You can adjust the elevation of your guns but the game seems to lack range tables or range finding data so manual control is a bit press and hope. Your shell pattern seems to be tight (suggesting central control) but the error to the target seems to change for unknown reasons. If no variables significantly change (ie neither of your changes course/speed, no significant range delta, same elevation of your guns) then you would expect the salvo to land more or less the same place relative to the target. This is the core point of 'straddling' your target once you have found their range. Once firing ships started to straddle they tended to keep straddling.

So... it seems to work, but not sure what is really happening in the game engine.

Damage... Yeah... Not sure...

Played the pre-dreadnought vs multiple destroyers mission. (Also, the AI refused to fire torpedoes... must report that) The destroyers were very accurate with their 88mm guns and put multiple hits on me. I took a while to work out the game system but eventually ruined their day one by one. However while I can accept that multiple small hits will damage exposed areas of the ship, the fact they seemed to be causing flooding damage didn't feel right. Since the game doesn't fully tell me what is going on I am not sure, but the way a Majestic class battleship is protected with belt and armoured deck I cannot see how 88mm shells are going to cause more then trivia flooding damage.

Also played the Dreadnought v pre-Dreadnought mission. One of my pre-dreadnoughts took a 5.9in hit that started a fire. To the best of my observation this was the ONLY hit she received. Yet this single hit seemed to spread over the entire ship to the extent I was dead in the water with flooding. Again since I don't know what the game is trying to do I don't know what logic was used. A fire on the deck should NOT reach the engine rooms in the time frame.

I think...


So, summary:

Earlier Access - accept the terms and conditions of this.
More a game then a hard simulator, but a game that respects the era and weapons.
Some fuzzy game mechanics.
I had fun and don't regret my money spent.

Hopefully the devs will add more ships and a few tutorials, but happy with the current content/money ratio.


Solid game with a lot of potential for future growth. If you liked Atlantic Fleet this is the same basic idea but with a lot of refinements and QoL changes to make it more playable

-Intuitive and easy to use UI. I jumped in with no Tutorial and was shooting and moving in just a few minutes
-Accurate historical ship models
-Main, secondary and tertiary batteries can all target different ships, making the most of your different guns
-You can select the formation of your ships before the battle

-Limited number of ship types
-Damage control seemingly does nothing, if your ship starts flooding or burning it will sink eventually
-Difficult to hold formation between ships
-AI is very derpy

Overall, the mechanical foundations are great, most of the issues lie in how certain systems are balanced or polished. The lack of content may be off-putting to some, but it's the sort of thing that can be fixed steadily with patches. At only 10 dollars (9 for release discount), it's a great bargain, you can go wrong dropping such a small amount to try it out and support future development. If you're a naval history buff, a WW1 nut, or just think boats are cool, it's worth a shot.


This is off to a good start and I certainly like the general direction it is going. I am still learning some of the elements of the game but so far the initial mechanics and depth of the game are to my liking. It is still early days as far as content goes and from what I can see there are still some great features to come. If you enjoy WW1 naval warfare and understand that this is still early access and is turn based game then I can certainly recommend it.


Liking it so far, no bugs encountered. Gameplay is similar to Atlantic Fleet. Easy to learn. Detailed damage model, e.g hole at ship waterline will let water in, hole above waterline wont let water in. No formation controls, so you have to manually guide multiple ships if you want a formation.


Off to a great start!
I'm very early in the Early Access, however I can see potential for this gem. It builds upon and improves the highly praised Atlantic Fleet, adding damage control, secondary batteries, more indepth planning map and dynamic world campaign, announced for a later date.
There were a few small bugs, nothing game breaking or computer-crashing, some things still need a bit of a polish, but it's all expected from a very Early Access game. I have no doubt this will become a highly vaunted ship sim.
Unpopular opinion: at release, with all the announced features, this game will be worth MUCH more than right now, and I hope the developer will increase the price as the features get added, since they deserve more support.


Sweet little game, exactly what I was looking for, a 3D sophisticated game of battle ships. I was going to learn to coded just to make such a thing, now I don’t have to, thank God. There are/maybe a few bugs, not sure, or it could be the fact the developers are not English speakers, or I’m an idiot, as some things are not as intuitive as they could be. Though it does not diminish the game. I usually find it comes from someone familiar with something explaining something, forgetting they are familiar with the thing. Something to remember for all of us. 😊
I think some ranging issues popped up, and the damage control was not obvious to begin with. Plus, as a Brit I want to know why the jerry’s got dreadnoughts in the custom battle and my boys don’t, but that just national pride being rubbed up. Either way, it will suck you into a few hours of fun for a limited cost. Buy the game and give someone or people some cash, cos they deserve it for the effort. And it is not some faceless corporation who wants to suck out your soul. Totally worth the money, I’m sure I will spend many more hours try to blow virtual reality ships out the water. Buy the Game, there one of use, lets make them a bit richer!

Vanu Kaos
Vanu Kaos

Atlantic Fleet on steroids! Lots of potential here in this title but also a lot of work to be done. The developer is keen to crank out patches and listens to the community so I have faith that this game will be fleshed out and grow.

As it stands you have a choice of 8 different ship classes, 4 on each side, from the First World War era. Britain and Germany go head to head with Dreadnoughts, Pre-Dreadnoughts, Battlecruisers, Armoured Cruisers, Light Cruisers and Destroyers. The developer has said that the game will probably take about 2 years to reach fruition so the journey has a long way to go but already I would say this title has a lot of potential.

Turn based naval warfare games on Steam are rare, WW1 turn based naval warfare even more so. If you enjoyed Atlantic Fleet you should enjoy this. The campaign is still to be embedded but you can play skirmish games with varying time of day and weather conditions to contend with. The wind being a factor in aiming so you really do have to take that into account before you sling your shots. One of the interesting aspects of gunnery was that the Pre-Dreadnought takes an extra turn to reload the 305mm guns so that was fun to take that into account in my tactics.

The enemy AI is reasonably sharp but can have it's odd moments but on the whole you can fight out a battle and if you take similar tonnage on each side it won't be a cake-walk. You can turn off the retreat option for both sides for that cruiser clash to the death but if retreat is enabled the AI will make use of it when they take a bit of a battering. The way to stop this is to actually hit the drive-shafts, boilers and steering gear as each critical component of each ship is modelled and damageable. I still have an image of my Battlecruiser going up like a giant firework as a lucky hit on the aft magazine detonated something and a loud and fatal result was the only outcome. Still very enjoyable battle and I am really looking forward to what the developer comes up with and how he polishes what is already a little gem of a game.


Fantastic value and plays well hopefully the developer will add more content and flesh out how things like gunnery and Torpedoes, damage control etc actually works . Graphics and sounds are impressive. Fantastic foundation to build on.

On the to do list

Dedicated spotting top available in all friendly phase giving an estimate of enemy course, range and speed
Ability to lay smoke
More Classes
Ability too create and dissolve squadrons
Campaign map and game
Increase number of ships allowed in a battle
Post battle report with breakdown of percentage hits etc


Early Access turn-based naval simulation, like Atlantic Fleet but with WWI ships

This game is still in Early Access and is not nearly a finished product yet, but I bought it because I couldn't wait to try it and I wanted to have input on the game's development. Right now this is playable and enjoyable, but with bugs. This seems to be a labor of love for the game designer who has been working on it for awhile. I had a minor suggestion and the designer responded the same day. The price is very reasonable even for Early Access. If you really wanted a version of Atlantic Fleet with WWI ships, give this a try.

Úr Corvus
Úr Corvus

As it reads in my profile, I'm an old tanker; primarily M-60 A1s and M-60 A3s ...
... the old "horse drawn tanks" as a young soldier once told me.

In Naval Hurricane, you can command single or multiple ships against other ships in a 3D kind of environment. The ships use stereoscopic rangefinders, in an abstract fashion, just as we did in our old tanks ... for the most part. This game took me to " back in the day" so to speak ... only in sea fashion as opposed to a land fashion.

You choose vessels, weather, difficulty and other game factors and press "BATTLE" to begin. The game is turn based and each turn has phases that need to be addressed. They are: Damage Control (if needed), Move, and Fire for each of the weapon systems you have available if you are in range. An additional step is Confirm Orders for damage control when applicable. The screen shows you a telegraph control for setting speed (like what was available in real old time ships,) a device for setting rudder angle, the weapons at your disposal, and a device for lowering or elevating your weapons for firing.

The graphics are gorgeous and a lot of attention is paid to the details. These include ship interior systems and a map to show where things are and what information you had, from the previous turn, that gave you a firing solution (read that as a hit) on enemy ships.

The game seemed very intuitive to me.

My hat is off to the developer who seemed to give her/his/their best efforts at a great WWI naval combat simulation and hope they continue their efforts.

Maybe the developers could expand into other areas of Military History ... water, land, air, or even space.

This game is a true gem.


I like it, it reminds me a lot of Atlantic and pacific fleet, but is alot prettier. Whilst there isnt a great variety of ships and the damage control system in particular is a bit hard to grasp, for an early build id say it is showing great promise! Definitely worth the money.

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