OASIS: Tokyo

OASIS: Tokyo
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Release date
3 November 2023
Steam reviews score
96 (26 votes)

OASIS: Tokyo is an FPS with a focus on inventory management that has roguelite elements. Complete procedurally generated missions in a shady underworld.

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OASIS: Tokyo system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: 2.5Ghz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 3 GB available space


Recommended requirements are not yet specified.
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Windows PC
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I do recommend this game, but with a strong caveat that this thing is very obviously unfinished.
The missing features include:
- leaning
- proper medical health system [may be optional idk]
- AI being smart
- crouching, prone, stance management
- more maps
- npc loot

As it stands the game is really fun anyway, but it would be elevated if it had these things in it. Scratches the itch of Tarkov partially, albeit a greater variety of maps would be nice too.

Blast Hardcheese
Blast Hardcheese

People are sleeping on this one. Was a bit put off when I realized you couldn't loot bodies, but there is enough loot scattered throughout the map that adding full loot on kills would slow the game to a crawl. Shooting feels good, and there are a wide variety of firearms. Some are better than others, and some balancing is a little weird. An UMP-45 (SMG) takes two headshots to kill while a Colt 1911 (Literal starting pistol if you skip the tutorial) takes 1 despite being the same caliber. As of writing, there is no lean or crouch function, the former being slightly more odd of an omission than the latter because of how Tarkov-esque the firearm damage and healing system is. Some of the randomly generated maps can get repetitive, but the core gameplay loop is so addictive that it doesn't matter that much after awhile. Combat in this game is quick and deadly, and sometimes you're better off fleeing with your stuff than getting caught between waves of reinforcements. Still plenty of room for this game to grow, but for $7USD, this is an easy recommendation.

TTV KairosObjective
TTV KairosObjective

I managed to play the tutorial and a bomb defuse mission. Not too bad but some objectives could be made a bit more clear. For instance, after traversing the station I didn't even know I was in bomb defusing mission till it was a bit too late lol. Still not too bad for the price.

Gameplay impression: https://youtu.be/A93aYMOf4IE


Ayyyy! Not too bad of a game.
Think Escape from Tokyo instead of Tarkov.

A.I. needs work. Plus level design can be flesh out a bit since we're dealing with bots.

But overall really digging this game. Really enjoy the vibe it brings.
Seems it'll be a great comfy looter shooter after a few more updates.

Thumbs Up!


So I have only played three contracts or missions as of typing this I thought the game was actually really fun. The immediate tutorial is a little jarring but upon review of some of the info after hitting escape I got it all figured out although there are some weird things such as not being able to loot enemy bodies but there is plenty of loot scattered throughout the levels but a setting to maybe turn off lootable bodies and lootable enemy weapons would be very cool. Although i understand it would probably mess up the current in game economy as of now. Now to the gun play it does feel like a simpler weighty version of tarkov but in a yakuza subway mafia type setting its very pleasing to be honest but every time i played a mission all I was thinking was i want to lean around corners with q and e and I want to be able to crouch the stamina mechanic also slightly doubling as a health/shield is fine but the movement just feels limited if you can polish up all those things this game has a bright future although for six bucks its still worth it as of now.


Well worth the asking price.

OASIS: Tokyo blends elements from big publisher games that we're familiar with into an original and engaging game for a price well below what you'll play elsewhere. The game operates on a mission system similar to the raids of Tarkov, where players will deploy to wipe out gangs of thugs, assassinate high value targets, or upload viruses in server networks.

To assist you in this there is a wealth of weapons and weapon customization, cybernetic implants, and a hacking system reminiscent of Cyperpunk. I enjoyed min-maxing different cybernetic builds for my character; I lost track of time grinding missions in order to afford a new rifle, and then lost track of time again fleshing my rifle out with scopes, stocks, grips and other attachments. Getting back to my apartment and sorting through my stash after a grueling mission was extremely satisfying and with enough work I built myself up to a tuxedo and armor-wearing John Wick eliminating gang after gang with my rifle and sidearm only to get wiped out by a Setcom tactical team and start from square one again.

As others have said the AI has room for improvement, and I'd love to see improvements to movement such as a lean and crouch/prone system. But overall the game is a blast and seems to be a real up-and-comer.

also 10/10 smelmart good drank


no budget single player escape from tarkov in mildly cyberpunk alternate timeline near-future japan; take on a series of randomly generated raids to build to an endgame endurance run to the stalker zone and the endings.

theres also some roguelite side modes and an endurance mode but theyre not very fleshed out. it is buggy; there was a bug where random enemies would be invincible, but it seems to have been stealth patched out. also the end game enemies like the cleaners will totally glitch out into distorted horrors so the only part you can reliably hit is their head.

also the balance is wonky, with most of the skills being useless, the cyberdecks being way less useful than "killing your enemy with a gun," & m4 supremacy.

despite flaws i still had a lot of fun shooting thousands of cops in randomly generated offices for gun parts and i cant leave a negative review for a true indie game unless it is absolute garbage by a garbage person


It needs a lot of work in some areas, I.E you will die to enemies that aren't pointing guns at you, Enemy NPCs can spawn right next to you and instantly end your run, and the meta is to sit behind a wall because the enemies are programmed to walk straight towards you immediately, and they'll often kill themselves when 20 of them try to stand in the same spot


This is honestly so much fun. I've been looking for a single-player Tarkov experience and this scracthes that itch. Gunplay is solid, I don't see any issues here at all. Inventory managing works great as well. Graphics aren't anything to right home about but the music is fun and the overall atmosphere is on the cusp of cyberpunk if you like that.

Oh and as a big fan of cyberpunk-esque stuff in general, the cyberware feature (that's part of the normal game) is awesome. The fact that you can create builds from cyberware/augmentations is *chefs kiss*. The developer also included more than one game-mode (I believe there are three: a rogue-lite mode of the endgame, a survival (think OG MW3) game, and one more). Not even a necessary addition but the dev decided to make it and I'm grateful for the above-and-beyond. Best bang for your buck on Steam in my opinion.

I'm really happy with this game and am looking forward to whatever updates may come out of it. One thing I'd like to see is looting NPCs! And, if possible, a leaning mechanic.