Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey

Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey
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Release date
28 October 2021
Steam reviews score
95 (22 votes)

Escape the grasp of the Barbvarians! Plan B from Outer Space is a stellar adventure in the style of an interactive book and takes inspiration from classic science-fiction stories and Bavarian culture. Every decision will affect the outcome of your mission; to leave this strange planet unscathed!

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Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP/Vista (32 or 64 bit)
  • Processor: 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 260 GTS or Radeon HD 4850 - 512 MB of VRAM or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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Funny little game that allows you to experince life on earth in the shoes of a little alien, while making a few bad choices that will lead you to problems on the way. Played for nearly 3 hours (with some breaks) and did NOT get a (bad) ending just yet. :D


A quirky, humorous choose-your-own-adventure game. It's fun to see how your choices play out. It seemed pretty limited at first, but there are more branches than I expected. I got it for less than $2 and it's most definitely worth more than that. I'm not sure I'll discover all 19 endings, but I will definitely play around with it more!

That Craig Girl
That Craig Girl

In spite of the running infantile joke about the ASS computer system in the game, this is a good game. The English is surprisingly excellent throughout most of the game. It is multiple choice in many spots, so it results in numerous endings. Other than the childish bit of humour regarding bodily parts, the humour is often good.

You play an alien from one of three backgrounds. You can choose your natural appearance from 4 different possibilities of body, eyes, mouth, and an accessory. After that, numerous things could happen!


I'll be honest, I was a little hesitant to get this at first, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. It's a visual novel and sometimes can feel clunky, in a sense that it's not always obvious why a certain dialogue option did or did not appear and not every path is necessarily clear from the get-go.
However, the dialogue is quite enjoyable to read and thankfully, there's a skip option as well. I understand that the mix of genre and theme (B-movies and Bavaria) are very niche. All over it is quite polished for what it is and wants to be, with a few minor weird design decisions. I'm not saying you're going to 100% this, but I bet you would have some fun with it if you gave it a try like I did. Can recommend for a few relaxed sessions.

Sciaenops Ocellatus
Sciaenops Ocellatus

A quirky little interactive fiction/visual novel/narrative whatever game the blends player choice, humor, Bavarian folklore (this game taught me that Bavaria and Texas both have a similar mystical creature in the form of a rabbit with antlers, which is weird that its happened twice) and pulpy sci-fi fun. I got my first playthrough in 30 minutes, and was surprised to hear that it was just one of nineteen possible endings (all of which have widely-branching decisions and shenanigans, based on what you - the player - decide is best). So the game can be as quick or as drawn-out as you like.

Definitely one of the best hidden gems from 2021, and I love it to pieces. Highly recommend you check it out if you love the old choose-your-own-adventure style books and campy vintage sci-fi action!

(Review written for Steam Awards 2021, where I nominated this for...Visual Style. I already had another choice for Story Rich, and I do absolutely LOVE this game's visuals and animation, and I wanted to nominate it for SOMETHING because it was such a gem, so it all works out.)


Only run though it once but would very highly recommend. Seems to be the same great character design I’ve seen in the Innsmouth Case with the same jokes and just great writing.


Good creative writing, humorous and many different endings depending on your choices.