Roar of Revenge

Roar of Revenge
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Release date
4 October 2021
Steam reviews score
100 (33 votes)

A game that puts together Rastan's action with adventure elements inspired by Faxanadu. An old school tribute for every lover of 8-bit classics!

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Roar of Revenge system requirements


  • OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
  • Graphics: 128 MB di RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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I wish I paid more for the game, it is very very good.
If they ever sell a physical version for Switch.
I would buy it again.

My only problem with the game is that on Linux with Proton, using a 8bitDo NeoGeo controller with Bluetooth everything is working fine, but when using the included 2.4ghz dongle, the character is stuck eternally moving left. I checked the mapping in Steam and they are both identical, so there must be a little bug somewhere in the code.


Short, but very nice platformer game. Friendly to casuals as you can die as much as you want and the gameplay isnt difficult. It IS however, difficult if you want to get the best ending, which requires you to die less than 10 times. Every ending is unlocked based from how many times you die through the playthrough.

My only slight complaint is the swimming mechanic is awfully clunky, you cant swim down but you can swim up so you have to watch for sharp objects above because if you swim up there, you will inevitably die.




This retro throw-back to the likes of Rastan tries its hardest and just barely hits the mark. There is an evil half-breed lion-man wreaking havoc across the world and it's up to you, the barbarian, to collect the ancient relics to gather the power to save the land! That's all well and good, and there is a neat gimmick of the amount of deaths you suffer determining which ending you get, but it fumbles numerous times along the way.

The game is very short in regards to how many relics and powerups you gain, without giving you enough levels to play with them. There's a few neat segments where you use them, but other than the jumping boots, and the magic power up, you don't use much else. The merman headband is used to gain access to a level so it's not really a power up, and the shoulder charge you need to be extra careful with because it lasts a while, travels pretty far, and can force you right off a ledge or into insta-kill spikes. The sword and combat works fine, although there are times where I thought it could just be one or two pixels longer when striking.

The level design is nothing too spectacular. Uses a lot of simple coding for basic platforming sections with timed hazards like retracting spears or dropping spiked blocks. The level theming was nice, and it gave it some needed flavor, but the game itself progresses along a very predictable route, with a soundtrack that's just "there" in the background. Of all the barbarian hack and slash games, I would say this is passable, but bottom of the barrel.

As for the story, it's there to be there, and give everything context...Beating the game however, I couldn't help but laugh at the bluntness with how things are worded. There were also a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes scattered about as well. If the premise of your game is about discrimination, I wouldn't make the moral of it center on a demonic half-lion half-human which insinuates bestiality. It does not make your villain sympathetic. No one feels bad for the Minotaur when Theseus slays him, just like no one feels bad for Leohman, or whatever his name was.


Slightly Recommended




I fell in love with SEEP's Kenseiden tribute, Katana Soul. I love stiff platform games with sword-fighting mechanics. I haven't been on Steam as much to see their more recent products, but when I saw Roar of Revenge I was instantly enthralled.

I love Rastan, I love Rygar, I love Legendary Axe, I love any game that's punishing with stiff jumping controls. Roar of Revenge scratched that itch.

I feel like being pretty skilled at these games I did well unlocking four of the five endings within one play through. I plan on returning to this and completing it without any deaths soon.

SEEP, please make more games like these! These are the types of action games that make me feel alive!

Andrew R
Andrew R

I'm a SEEP fanboy but I'll try to be as fair as possible with this review.

Overall, if you like old school action / adventures, you probably will not go wrong with this. I found myself dying quite a bit early game but it's not because of cheap deaths or unfair's because I screwed up. Gotta Get Good. :P


Another quality retro action game from SEEP.
Maybe a bit easy, but still quite enjoyable.


Another awesome game from SEEP. This company always makes amazing games. If you like hack and slash platforming with chiptune music then this game is for you. I had a blast playing it.

Neman (RealSovietBear)
Neman (RealSov…

Pretty simple and straightforward Rastan-like title. Made me interested in the other games from the developer and they're nice quick retro experiences.

Erzengel Tyrael1982
Erzengel Tyrael1982

It feels like a classic Nintendogame like Castlevania. I love it


Good quick game for the nostalgic gamer that want something new but reminiscent of what games used to be in the 80's. Nice quick story and easy to get into and master.


I've found this game while searching for ones to complete 100% achievements and got really surprised by what was coming my way.

Roar of Revenge is an excellent 2d, 8 bit themed/built type of game. If you had a Sega Genesis and played during the Golden Axe era, you'll get the point. It can be me, but this game made a lot of Sega Genesis references like Golden Axe, Shinobi, Phelios, Last Battle and such - which got me really nostalgic whilst playing level by level.

A very interesting dynamic is that as you progress, the difficulty increases and you get introduced to new villains. It's also an awesome game for old school players that are returning to play via Steam using a controller and to kids.

I'll be looking for more SEEProductions games for sure. Thanks for developing and bringing this fun and amazing game.