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Release date
6 October 2022
Steam reviews score
89 (56 votes)

RU77 is a Bullet Hell VR action in the post-Soviet era, filled with primal ultraviolence, furious fights and adrenaline gunfights. Immerse yourself in a world in which you are alone against everyone.

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RU77 system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD equivalent or greater
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
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Windows PC
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I really hate to do this to a smaller dev, but the state this game currently in is pretty much unplayable for me. There is the bones of a cool game in here, however I have to speak my peace so anyone on the fence at least was warned.

I played this on a Meta Quest 2 via quest wired link

- game doesn't run well. There is a pixel density setting that you can boost to make it look ok, but cause weird studdering and overall performance issues . Combined with some strange effects and animations really leave it just feeling broken a lot of the time.

- picking up weapons is a total crapshoot. The aim of the game is to basically one-and-done as many weapons as you can get, which would be a fun way of keeping you on your toes and providing a little strategy, but more than half the time I would try to grab a weapon only for nothing to happen. This leads to you getting killed a lot, and just ups the feeling of jank right through the roof.

Same thing with throwing weapons as well. The game ( smartly) put in a system that if you hold down a trigger, will hurl whatever you have in your hand at an enemy. Just like picking up weapons, this works a quarter of the time and more often than not leave you standing there getting smacked.

- Enemies don't make noise???? This was a weird one and maybe is some kind of glitch thatll be patched or whatever. but while I hear enemy voice lines -they make no sound outside of that. This really sucks because you could be dealing with one dude in front of you meanwhile having 2 way bigger threats silently coming from behind. Plus they do this thing where their movement speed is increased while engaging you, and then once they do move into a slower combat speed. This just means you're constantly getting blindsided unless you stick to corners, or never stop turning around.

I absolutely do think this game could be patched or fixed into something awesome, but right now I didn't find it worth playing.


An excellent wave shooter game to pickup and play a quick game of. Extremely fun gun play and super stylized with enemies becoming pixelated when body parts fall off and almost a borderlands esque cell shading style. 9/10


I really liked this shooter!
The game is as violent as possible, the developer immediately wrote that the game has ultra-violence
Playing this game with VR glasses is very cool, the graphics are just on point

Of course the storyline of this game amazed me
I've never played a game with violence and murder as its main plot
In the top ranking can only be reached by killing and dismembering as many players as possible
By the way, this game has a really diverse content
For a while I felt like a drug dealer, because I was shocked by what was happening

As for the graphics and sounds:
Everything is worked out perfectly, I did not find any bugs in the game.
The storyline, graphics and sounds are on point.
Just can not pick on anything.

The only thing but, the game gets boring quickly.
Constantly playing it you will not)
Not every player can watch the endless violence, but it is possible that I am wrong.

In a word, quite adequate and playable game.


haha is this cyberpunk in russia?
There is vodka, but where are the bears?
I like these dynamic fights and a lot of humor and satire
these guys definitely know how to make good games
You want me to go out there and kick these guys' a**es? Huh?


Satirical game with lots of humor. Selected and high quality humor
+ Multiple Weapon Types
+ Several unique and surprising locations
+ Sophisticated killing techniques
+ modern graphics
+ affordable price
I have to say this is the best I've played in the last 3 months


Not a super addictive game, somewhat reminiscent of cyberpunk, my verdict is a one-time game


A good anti-stress game that you can go into after a hard day at work and throw out all your negativity on pixel people who obviously like it, because they will come to you for a new portion of blows again and again.
I recommend


While the games presentation is pretty interesting, the gameplay itself is just a generic arena wave shooter. Both maps I tried had the same fatal flaw of only allowing enemies to spawn from two set points on one side of the map, meaning that you get caught in a cycle of pushing into the area to clear out the enemies, then you have to back off so they can respawn, often behind you as you leave the area, rinse repeat. That's the entire game. There appears to be no upgrade system or progression mechanics as far as I can tell. So once you've played a map once you've pretty much seen everything it has to offer.
In my short time with the game I found a handful of enemies, of which there are three notable types. Enemies with guns, enemies with melee, and the boss. None of these require any different tactics or strategy. You shoot them in the head, or hit them with melee.
In the games favour, it is fairly cheap. But I already own enough arena/wave shooters and this doesn't really bring anything new to the table unfortunately.


This game looks cool. Smashing enemies is the best way to spend a weekend evening.
Good graphics
Funny AI
Easy and fun


Hmm, I think I've played something like that but I've never seen such dynamic gameplay
** amazing mechanics:
+ Pick up a tool
+ Pick up a weapon
+ Drugs, alcohol in the form of stimulants
+ Post-Soviet atmosphere
Amazing!!! Dude, I don't know who you are, but you made my day.
100/10 killed marginalized people.


Funny game, dynamic and meat showdowns with bandits in the arenas, accompanied by driving music. I like when the weapon impact is well implemented, it seems that you have a real weapon and you are dangerous. A game for those who want to relax and feel like a superhero in their neighborhood)

Talk Man
Talk Man

This game is awful. The graphics are bad. The gameplay is so clunky and you can not interact with all the items in the apartment. To me it not playable and just so bad in general. Do not by this game. Such a lack of creativity in a game.

Finn the Cat
Finn the Cat

Quite an interesting idea
There are interesting mechanics and opponents that challenge you and make you sweat.
Well-designed visual component.

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