Sea Horizon

Sea Horizon
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Release date
19 October 2022
Steam reviews score
84 (93 votes)

Sea Horizon is a Roguelike turn-based RPG. You can explore the world by choosing different characters. Every journey can be unique and legendary. But don’t forget the darkness is lurking. Choose your path wisely because every single step is essential.

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Sea Horizon system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 / Widows 8 / 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Direct compatible sound card for audio
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TLDR; Sea Horizon's open world adventure gameplay is very fun, however it doesn't do much in the way of deckbuilding as it might appear to, and is very easy. I recommend it because it is unique and fun, but don't play this expecting difficulty.

Essentially you have a mana system and a small pool of attack/defend/buff/recover moves with 3 characters, so you go between 3 "hands" of moves and equipment for each that rolls x# of 6 sided die with varied faces depending on worn gear.

There is a food system, essentially functioning as movement points, but so long as you keep doing battles you can easily buy food at camps. Since there is no sense of urgency and no run-down on things to do as enemies and items appear randomly at random times, you can kind of just farm kills and money and win every time.

Even when trying to not do this, the fights are very easy and so long as you pick the right skills and put the right gear on you have nothing to worry about and it's very easy to replenish lost hp doing these kinds of tactics as well.

Lord Gek
Lord Gek

A fun cards/dice hybrid roguelike. Your character can have up to 5 skills each powered by combinations of elements. Your character’s equipment (weapon, armor, shield, trinket, etc.) each provide you with specialized dice (the 6 sides of each die providing certain elements or nothing) and maybe some passive effect. Roll the dice and use them to power your various skills in Slay the Spire like combats as you traipse about the sea looking for trouble.

Good fun!

Aeon Yap
Aeon Yap

Need some time to understand the mechanism to feel the fun. Good & fun game as it can be quite challenging in sensing the probabilities. I would recommend all to try out the first hour to see if this is your cup of tea


Preliminary game review (top 3 characters + a dungeon pass)
A simple game that is actually quite fun to play.

Variable character combinations
A thoughtful skill set
Dedicated monster mechanics
Decent graphics
Variety of enchantments

The battles were rather ordinary
A lot of repetition in the early stages
Less of a storyline

All in all, recommendable for the price. For those who like to equip and fight, it's worth buying.
If you have any other ideas later, I'll fix them.

Feel free to discuss or reply!

Chicken Chaser
Chicken Chaser

First I want to say if you are debating buying this game, it has a free demo available that is basically the full game just limiting your character selection. If you like the demo, you should get the game as I believe its definitely worth the price for how many hours I expect to get out of it.

As for the game itself, I have been having a great time and am incredibly happy I happened to check the steam store the other day. The game looks, feels, and functions a lot like For the King, which i'm more than fine with, good art style and map design.

-Good art style
-Unique combat and equipment system that gets more fun and interesting as you develop your character and find new gear
-Leveling up gives the player the choice of 3 different abilities, These can be swapped in and out of one's set up, allowing the player to experiment and change builds at any point out of combat.
-Pretty good Rogulike reward mechanics, upon completing an adventure, either through victory or death, you can pick one piece of gear you had equipped to transfer to your next new character. And you can find special coins in any adventure that allow you unlock some cosmetics in the main menu.
-Multiple varied characters, each with their own story mode adventure, and the ability to play with 3 at once in a party for the ultimate Dungeon crawl mode.
-Good music and satisfying sounds from combat (A surprising contribution to the combat not being ultra repetitive).

-Not a lot of enemy variation: While almost every enemy and encounter has some unique mechanic, You will be fighting the same dozen or so enemies for most of the game, excluding boss encounters and such.
-English version seems poorly translated: lots of grammar issues and typos, even on the ability cards where thorns is referred to as throns on half the cards. For the most part it just makes the story read like a kids deviantart novel, which honestly made reading the plot a bit more fun.
-Combat can get repetitive: Really an inevitable issue of these types of games, this mainly happens at the beginning of an adventure where you have no real build yet, and the end when you've been using the same build for an hour.

All in all, a great game so far and definitely worth the price. My only hope is that the devs keep updating this. Aside from a few missing images, and the english version needing a little revision, what will make this game great is really just expanding upon what they have. Add more enemies with unique mechanics, more interesting abilities that can open up new builds, and maybe add some more world encounters, and bang you just gave Sea Horizon countless more hours of replayability.

Thank you devs, I look forward to seeing where Sea Horizon goes!


I've been eyeing this game for a while and was waiting for reviews. Surprisingly there are just a few of them. The game is really fun and different from others in its genre.

You will always have to consider whether the symbols of your equipment match the cards you choose. If you do that right, you can play a lot of cards and win.. more often. If not, your character or party is going to be in a nasty position very soon.

The only downside for me is the lack of 4k support (3840x2160).

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