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Release date
1 August 2021
Steam reviews score
92 (14 votes)

SEDOMAIRI is a first-person action horror game in which you wander through a randomly generated world that looks like an old Japanese house. Use the radio that can detect the distance and direction of the enemy to escape from the enemy, catch all the straw figures, and escape from the Sedo.

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SEDOMAIRI / せどまいり system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 3 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 4GB VRAM
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
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Windows PC
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Starting to think it is impossible to find the dolls. in 35 minutes i played i was not able to find single one of them and you have to find 5 of them if i remember. take in consideration i was playing in the easiest difficulty. also the ghosts seem to go back to place where they spawned always that restricts you from exploring and trying to find dolls there.

Might give this a another try, when the frustration has worn off, but if you are looking challenge that seems nearly impossible go for it.


Cool game and great concept just super difficult. I am a dumpster fire at these types of games but normally I can fumble my way through and complete it or at lease get pretty close. Not with this one. I played through multiple times on the easiest difficulty and could not collect a single figure. It also ran great and looked good as well. The randomly generated maps adds some replay-ability as well as some more difficulty. This isn't really my cup of tea but I would still recommend it as a super difficult survival horror game for people to check out if that is what they enjoy. I also tried it out on the hardest mode and died in like 10 seconds. Yeah so if you are up for a challenge this would be a game for you play. If you want to see my attempt at the easy mode you can watch my video below.


This game is tight, the gameplay concept is so cool but it doesn't match up with the setting of this game, it's almost a waste. The atmosphere is awesome, the sound design is really good and again- it's a shame. The game runs like a charm too, you would only find trouble running this if you played it on one of those touch screen calculators.

Buy this game if you want a cheap scare for a little bit, but unless you're really into it I doubt you will finish the game because it follows a cheap gimmick, that's the biggest problem I have with SEDOMAIRI. You have to sneak behind the ghosts, the level design doesn't help you because it's a maze, you could use the radio but it only shows you a general direction and in some cases with the convoluted map design it will work against you. The AI doesn't follow an obvious pattern, their view distance is larger than yours so if you're in front of them but can't see them, they will still spot you and trigger a hunting sequence. Here's the gimmick, you NEED to trigger the hunting sequence to reliably eliminate the "child"/ghost, you will trigger it and then run into a hiding space- that's if you can remember where they are, then hide until they lose you, leave the hiding space and then sneak behind them and drive a nail into them (you need to find these nails which isn't so bad but a really cheap way at motivating you to explore).

I think the game could be amazing, but I won't knock on it for being lesser than my idea of what it could be, this game is creepy, sounds awesome, runs like a charm and the best part about it is the price, $7 AUD? Just get it if you want a low-cost adrenaline dump in your system.