Sexy Heroine! Part 3

Sexy Heroine! Part 3
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Release date
21 April 2022

Select one in 4 different heroines (with their own strengths and weaknesses) and embark on a quest that will take you into the depths of a dark dungeon inhabited by evil forces.

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Sexy Heroine! Part 3 system requirements


  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound


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RPGMaker game. Obstensively a sequel to the first two. Sprites are a bit… bouncy. You choose one of three classes to try and clear a haunted dungeon for a new king. Have bought the DLCs, but they don’t appear to be options, yet… You can choose to rename them, or keep the default one. Combat is RPGMaker standard, the dialogue has a lot of double meanings, and the plot is… adequate. Decent for what it is.


Super imba game! Reminds me of number 1 and 2, if you liked the earlier games you will like this one! Oh, and if you are stuck, you can buy the guide and other things.


Warning: I tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but I do believe, that few things could still count as a spoiler.
The third part is here and you may call me crazy with the K, but I bought it on the very same day, when it show itself on the shelf and spend whole weekend playing it. So, why did I give such a long time before write this? Well. I wish not to write it immediately after the finishing the game and also I tried the second part again, just to remember, what make me despise it. And I think, that I get it.
First thing first - the game itself. This game is best from all three parts. Bigger, far longer and perfectly balanced (at least for Victoria - I did not play any other heroine yet, apart starting with Georgina). The maps are far more easier to get oriented in and there is far more companions - and not all of them are men, althought the female one is highly uninteresting and I got a feeling, that you can left her behind (maybe not I did not try it, I just saw a possibility). The companions will exchange as story continues and there are even times, when you do not play with main heroine. All this is great.
Next thing - story. I know, that it might be surprisirng to talk about story in such kind of game, but it was the story, that keeps me in. First game was a short funny adventure with some interesting 4th wall breaking twist at the end. It keeps me going, because it was funny. The second one was boring. Even after finishing it for the second time I still did not fully get it what the story is about. My guess is, that it is similar to the first one, but handled far worse. I finish it just because I hoped for a change the whole time. But the third part did not repeat what work in first and did not work in second game and came with something new. And I really like it. It start simply - no demons, no danger to whole country, just go and find a lost crown in a cellar. And from here the story gets slowly bigger and bigger and end i a real crisis. False ending is somewhere in the begining of the second half of the game. And real ending was so surprising for me (althought I expect, that you can immagine the ending far sooner - I´m just a sucker for twists) that It gets me really bewildered. And I do not know, if this is the end of the whole Sexy Heroine franchise or start of a part 4. Let it be surprise.
Companions are great and (what is far more surprising) interesting. During the story, you will learn at least something about them. Who are they, why they do decisions, that they do. I do not wish to overdo it. It is still very simple. But it is far more than in any previous parts. They are far more likeable than in second part. I even start to really like two of them during the second half of story, where they became (partially) a good guys. So this is finaly a real RPG.
Even the main heroine is back as I like her in first part. The story did not cancel the second part. But it make heroine to take some experince from it. Grow up a little bit and get some of her dignity back. I like the part where one of her companions ask her, if she is a virging and she answer that being constantly naked make it kinda impossible. Also, I like how they handle the nudity here. She gets stripped a lot during the first part of the game, but never for long. And in my opinion this is great - stripping is far more sexy than being nude all the time.
And with this, we move to the the naughty bits. Well, this is not the first game. Heroine gets her share of groping, non-consesual sex and humiliation as in a second part, but it is handled far better. Game do not go full out - there are still just few pictures - as in the second part. But this time there is also a lot of "fade to black" mechanic. When something real (not just a stripping and little groping) should start, the game just fade to black for a two or three seconds and after that story continue after the situation (of course there are comments from companions or the heroine itself). This help you to arrange situation to your liking. Use your imagination instead of having everything on a silver platter. So in the end, this is not a porn game (like the second part), but erotic (like the first).
And for all those reason I recommend this game. Very solid 7/10 (and please, do remember that 5/10 means mediocre, not bad).
Yes I know, that there should be some cons, but actually I do not feel like talk about them, because I would pickup a small things - to much grinding sometimes (although that was highly lowered in compaere to second game), reality that during the story main heroine bacame more and more unimportant and from one part of the game really stop being the main focus of the story until the very end or just the reality that the game was put on shelf in unfinishable state :D In my opinion, what was destroyed by second part was largely saved here, but also the standart gets higher and (of course) I expect even better game next time.