Silver Blue

Silver Blue
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Release date
11 November 2022

Silver blue is a BL visual novel 15+ with anime style, containing adventure fantasy content.

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Silver Blue system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Core i3
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: XAudio2 supported


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Interesting cast of characters with well-built backstories, everyone has their own role and things are connected as a whole in the end. Cyan interactions with the LIs are well presented and natural. The LIs have different personalities which gives a diverse experience in each route, also help showing different sides of the main character Cyan. However, the story pacing is not as well written as the characters. Most of the story is told at a moderate pace, but there will be chapters that are a bit slow or fast, which is partially affecting my playing experience. There are routes that are heavily focused on emotional development but there are also route that just focus on plot explanations. I recommend playing all the routes to get a full picture of what really happened. Leaving the dating-sim part aside, I think Silver Blue plot is good enough to stand alone as a story. The game still has some flaws and things that can be improved but the dev shows that they are willing to listen to opinions from others.


This was a super satisfying game to fully complete. Each character has a unique personality and flaws, even Cyan, as endearing as he is. Playing all the routes is really important to get the full story. One route may end with you thinking one way. Another route will reveal information that can completely change your mind. There is a bit of overlap in Hagan's and Sei's routes however, there are enough differences in the flashbacks and unique revelations to make playing them both worthwhile. Even the bad endings from later in the game, while sad can reveal more about the story.

Hagan's willingness to be Rex for a Cyan that has completely forgotten him, is so sweet. It really drives home how devoted Hagan is in his own way,

There are even funny moments, for example (I will paraphrase):

Cyan (about Aster): "He's too beautiful it's unnatural",

Ethan (looking at Cyan, the guy who literally made his well-warned sister exclaim he was more beautiful than described):"....."

Cyan: "What. Why are you looking at me like that?"

There are also different tragic stories in addition to the main plot that is revealed through the routes. Ex. The three kids, Calla, Kaiden and Aster etc..

Also, the epilogues are very enjoyable.

My one nitpick would be that the grammar isn't perfect, but whose is? There are a few instances in Hagan's route where "Don't think I won't" would work better than "Don't think I will" or the other words used. Also, it would make more sense if the one option was "Sugarcoat things for Hagan" or "Comfort Hagan" instead of "Sugarcoat Hagan". Those are the only ones that stood out to me though.

To wrap things up, I really enjoyed playing this game. It has pretty art, fleshed-out characters, and excellent music. Also, the unlockable title screens, and memories are an extra fun touch.


So far so good! The story is entertaining and I'm excited about this game since it was in development, I'm currently on Sei's route, which I'm enjoying very very much. (Cried twice already)
Story related I am enjoying it even though it kinda gets confusing at times but it is understandable since EVERYONE keeps secrets from poor Cyan cinnamon roll...
However I've noticed some type errors in the following scenes...spoilers below

When Cyan is in the valley and certain character appears, when they escape, Cyan asks where is Hagan (instead of Sei)
Besides that there are very very few instances where Hagan is confused by Sei. I just remember that one at the top of my head.
I haven't played the other routes yet so I can't say about typos In other routes.