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Release date
30 October 2022
Steam reviews score
96 (26 votes)

Smash your way out of Hell in this unique physics-based combat game!

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SKULL CHAINZ system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz dual core or better
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated GPU with OpenGL 3.3 support
  • Storage: 150 MB available space


Recommended requirements are not yet specified.
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William Cross
William Cross

It's such an elegant brilliant idea that I almost hate myself for not coming up with it. Can have a ton of fun with this one even tho there is such a limited control scheme.

Note that you should play this in short sessions because otherwise your wrist or thumbs will start to ache depending on your control method.


- Surprising gameplay depth & variety on top of the super simple premise & control scheme
- Cool unique artstyle, reminds me of claymation a bit
- Bangin OST
- Enormously satisfying VFX & SFX juice
Quick-playing arcade game that's very clear about what it's striving to be, and very good at it. Not me though, I suck at it badly


First things first, this game IS NOT for mouse and keyboard. I spent about 50 miserable minutes stuck on the 2nd level past the tutorial with mouse and keyboard, then immediately after switching to game pad beat the game in an hour and a half.

Each level (Besides the tutorial and sloth) requires thoughtful choices on each ability, taking into account how you'll deal with each enemy type whist maintaining a viable skill set for the boss at the end of each level, and while the limited pool of upgrades seems shallow, it actually goes a long way in allowing you to plan out levels whilst relying on the desired upgrades to show up.

The price is pretty good for what you get. A couple hours of base game, and enough variation in levels and upgrades to allow for at least 5 hours of play, though in pursuit of challenges that could be stretched well above that, not to mention the bangin' soundtrack.


Make no mistake, this is a fairly intense game. You start the game using a control scheme that you're likely unused to, moving a smaller skull around with your mouse/thumbstick while at the same time swinging a big skull that you use to attack and block with. You go through the first level, Sloth, and you get hit a few times, but it's fairly easy to complete. You get to use a few really strong power ups too.

And then, the second level, Lust, hits you like a truck as the first roadblock of the game. The enemy numbers goes way up, and not being aggressive will just make more enemies spawn. But being too aggressive will result in mistakes, causing you to get hit. However, there is some leeway, each level is made up of 3 normal stages and 1 boss stage, with 6 individual rounds per normal stage. You heal up at the end of every stage, allowing you to take 2 hits in every stage before a third hit takes you out, resetting the level. You learn how to move better, start looking for specific power ups at the end of each stage, and hopefully you also learn how to throw the skull to deal with enemies in a wide area. It's highly advisable to use a controller if you haven't already, as that will give you better control over the movement of your skull.

Once you do complete Lust, you'll be well equipped to deal with the rest of the game, and the content after don't disappoint. Each level is full of individuality, having a specific color, their own custom song track that fits the theme of the level, and the enemies in every level follows a certain theme as well. It's a real joy to experience each level and the creativity behind each of the levels.

With enough time and perseverance, you will eventually finish the game, typically within a few hours. However, some of the more hardcore players might have looked at the achievements and noticed a certain achievement. Namely, one that requires you to beat every level by perfecting it, a.k.a beat the level without taking any damage and without throwing your skull. For those who are completionists, you are going to have a heck of a time.

*Note: As of this review, there seems to be a bug where the achievements won't pop up and be attained right as you get them. But you will still get the achievement in steam once you close the game.

Trying to perfect a level means 2 things. First, you lose access to throwing, which gave a lot of options to control the area and take out enemies from a range. It also makes the 'Auto-aim' power up completely useless (thankfully it's the only one affected). Second, enemies and bosses become much harder, as you will need to avoid getting hit entirely (unless you have a shield power up), while being in close proximity to them to deal damage to them.

But here is the thing, the level and enemy design is completely fair, they either follow specific behaviors/patterns, or have weaknesses/openings that should be used. But you have to study them in detail to figure them out when before you have the extra hits to use to brute force your way through. Certain power ups changes in their values as well, for example, shield is now much more useful as it provides a buffer, and even shoot has its uses in certain levels, while also providing range damage which you are lacking. Going for perfect gave me an appreciation for the design of the game.

All in all, it's a great game. If you love challenges with a fairly novel mechanic as well as interesting level and enemies design, pick this game up.

Aggressive Goat
Aggressive Goat

The concept is great, the gimmicks are varied and plentiful, and the game manages to be difficult without straddling the line between BS and fair. While it is short (my initial playthrough clocked around 40 minutes, with an additional 10 or so being idle at the menu), I liked what time I spent on this game.

Just please don't use this game's short duration to refund it afterwards. Indie developers really do need to eat and this arcade game has so far flown under the radar of a lot of people.


Pretty darn great!

The concept is simple but the execution is competent, the stages are varied and it just oozes style. The soundtrack is amazing and adds so much to the experience. The dev is responsive and was quick to fix the one technical issue I encountered.

I mean, it's a skull on a chain. It's great. Get it!

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