Song of Life

Song of Life
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Release date
5 October 2021

A small visual novel about the adventures of a guy named Leon, who wants to change his past. During his school years, a lot of interesting things happened, there were a lot of girls, and where is all this now… That's what Leon thought until he found an amulet that could send him back several years.

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Song of Life system requirements


  • OS: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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Miss Zi Bunney
Miss Zi Bunney

(Just a heads up: I played this game in Russian... So that I can remember how to read it in the first place. XD... In Russian the game is REALLY understandable, as I read in one of the reviews that English isn't so much...)

First of all, the graphics/backgrounds are amazing. They are superbly well drawn and they feel good to look at. Music/references are fine... I actually recognized some too...

Now the story... I had an idea where it MIGHT go... And I was somewhat right. It starts off with a character that reminds me of me... Minus the smoking. Then he gets an amulet and... Time travel! Can you change the past? Not all of it... But you CAN make different choices/options to see what happens...

Like for me... I got one of the ends I actually liked. I noticed that there are other available CGs that I haven't discovered yet. Those guys in the bar were hilarious though! (The trio).

But although I got the ending... I got questions... Also, it feels like it ended abruptly? I am guessing it's open to one's interpretation? Honestly, if this game expanded on some things... I think it would be pretty good. It's not bad like this and I wasn't bored by any means... (believe me, that's A BIG ONE!) It's just... You read the story, look at the pretty graphics and then start to ask questions.

What I am trying to say is... I didn't mind it. Oh and when they say "pinch of romance"... They mean it... Don't go in here thinking you will get some heavy romance... No no... It's from a guy's perspective after all... Not saying guys can't have stories with heavy romance plots, I am just saying this isn't one like that!

I was also wondering about the amulet itself... And the mystery around it? Maybe if I choose other options it will tell me? Perhaps.

I am too lazy to translate all of this into Russian, but if someone cares, I guess I can do it. XD

Otherwise, thank you! Spasibo! :D =) :3


Unfortunately, I can't recommend Song of Life because in English it's just unbearably painful to play it. It looks like a poor quality machine translation, I don't want to believe it's the result of a real person's effort. The English text is just literal translation of Russian, so it doesn't only sound weird, sometimes it's just impossible to understand anything as idioms are translated word by word, so their figurative meaning is lost; total mixture of pronouns :(( lots of Russian slang just written with English letters, because I guess Google Translator doesn't know such expressions. Welp, it was a pain.
And it actually hurts AGAIN to see a visual novel created by my native devs in such a state, I get it, indie devs may lack necessary funds but in this case just release the game in one language you can afford. Sadly, I was said by some Russian acquaintances they are fine with machine translation as in this case they still may grasp at least the general idea. I'm still astonished, it's not reading, it's deciphering. Quite often to understand the plot I had to retranslate the English sentences back to Russian in my head to guess what's meant. Sometimes it didn't even help. I'm not sure at the end of the game I got the meaning of all the endings correctly. Plus there're lots of cultural references of our reality, even with a good localization I'm not sure the necessary image could be created for a foreign player but with this 'translation' it's a total disaster.

Perhaps if I played it in Russian, it wouldn't be a negative review as art is really nice. Some CGs are quite pretty. The idea of the story has some potential, it's not new but it's always fun to imagine what if... One of the reasons I love visual novels, it feels good to try out different choices, to experience what they lead to, to realize how my decisions influence my life, to be able to replay if I'm not satisfied with the outcome. To think something like this could be possible in real life, to make a choice but it's so logically intertwined with the very core of the story. Nice feature.

But still this game (especially in English version) feels more like a draft, it lacks so many essential things. Like, for example, the gallery. This novel has quite a number of beautiful CGs buut... there's no way to tell if you got them all. For example, I finished the game, visited the store page and realized while watching the video there that I haven't encountered some of CGs in the story yet. Though I was so sure I tried all the options. I'm still not 100% certain I don't miss some.
It's a short story but it still has lots of endings and it's awesome buuut... there's no list of endings, no achievements, no guide. How to figure out I reached everything? On the one hand it felt a bit exciting to find several endings when I was already so sure the game is over xD A huge element of surprise. But on the other hand a completionist in me can't rest easy 'cause there's still a chance I haven't seen all the content. Annoying.

--machine English translation
--no gallery, no list of endings, no achs, no guide
--'Sexual Content' tag just for a boobs' CG? Other CGs were quite 'modest', textual description of intimate scenes was too short and kinda meh. So if that's the reason you wanna try this game, don't, you'll be disappointed.

+pretty art
+potentially interesting idea
+short, if I haven't convinced you and you gonna play it at least your suffering will be brief.

Perhaps, after the serious editing of the English text the game could be recommended, for now it's in unreadable state.

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