Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors
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Release date
7 November 2022
Steam reviews score
91 (8 614 votes)
88 (870 votes)

Face the Lords of the Void and their endless minions, collect their Soulstones and become a god! In this Action Roguelite, unveil secret spells, craft mighty weapons, unlock multiple characters, discover game-breaking synergies and conquer the power of the void.

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Soulstone Survivors system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 / AMD FX-8350
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 580 / AMD HD 7870
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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I want to give this a middle thumbs, but I am giving the game the benefit of the doubt I do not give EA games often and currently rating it thumbs up.

The current content is good, but it is limited. That's fine if they continue to add in the new stuff they clearly have planned. For example I have actually been able to beat the hardest difficulty but you sort of have to spend an hour or more doing this extremely slowly. There are legendary mats, epic mats, rare mats. None of which can be used right now.

I assume once we can use these materials (I already have max skill tree, millions of extra of the games money, and 100s of voidstones, along with thousands of the high end mats).

Really excited if they do a update soon for new gear to craft, if they don't well I guess just another EA flop.


i wanted to wait, and play long for the review content, but i would rather you know that if you loved Vampire Survivors for what it is, this is going to rock your socks off.

It's deeper, VS has gold for after-death upgrades. This game has 6 different currencies, in the form of crystals, which can be farmed level-specific to the ores you need.

The enemies are by the swarms. You need them, as much as they need you.

You get 6 major-spells,/ abilities,
And then passives, which are the upgrades to the said abilities.
Best to get them organized by type- in the beginning, so that you can just keep strengthening the roots of your build.

The passive upgrades you get are plentiful, from the cast % tick, to Area of effect, Multicast %, Crit chance %, Crit extra %,
You usually get choices of 3 , with some careful reading required to help you differentiate between two different upgrades for the same spell,
It's really incredible,

I want you to have fun! If you loved VS, you will enjoy getting wrecked by this.

You also get Dashes. 2 Max via the after-death upgrades, and then sometimes, you get the chance of getting an epic upgrade dash in-game.

Levels, are chaotic. for best setting, just turn the spell visibility down by one notch, and game is clear. There's a LOT of screen noise.
I'm surprised they don't warn people with epilepsy,

The performance of the game is still under construction, and usually after minute 8 you're knee-deep in many things so you are dashing for your life.

The playstyles can vary so much because with each of the different characters, come UNIQUE spells that only certain characters can access :) it's not like VS- where each char starts with something unique to them, but every other person can also get it, etc. There are 3 major spells per character-class, and the ugprades that support them are each wonderful.

This game will keep you entertained for many moons to come.


Having a great time with the build diversity and challenge of the game. I loved VS, but this definitely finds a better balance of "Auto-Fighting" versus "Bullet-Hell". There is just enough to do that it stays engaging the entire time (Dash is brilliant). Great work to the designers on this one.

Plays well on steam deck, but some of the menus require you to use the touch screen and it can be a pain to "mouse-over" things for information.


It's the typical entry to the survival-roguelike genre but with some neat twists to weapons and types. It costs a bit more than the average game in the subgenre but compared to other games all together, still much lower on average.

Does it do a lot of things differently? Not especially but given the large community and easiness to get into the game, it's worth a buy if you've been into the genre lately (plus the promise of more updates of course).


Vampire survivors with more demanding graphics/processing requirements. I love that there is no cookie cutter build but each class has an identity of their own. Can't wait to get more content because the future of the game looks bright. Some people may have issues running the game though on older pcs (even some newer ones).

JP the Pirate
JP the Pirate

Early Access 100% Completion Review

To be blunt, the state that the game is current in—Early Access—it may not be built out enough yet for some. Despite that, I could still easily give it a 7/10 and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Roguelites. With everything that is present in the roadmap, I feel like this game could easily become 9/10 or even a 10/10!

I'll list some of my pros and cons that I see of this game, but if you are looking for a Roguelite that can be played super casually or hardcore, I say this is more than worth the price—even before full release!


    • Extremely easy gameplay to get into
    • Character designs are fun!
    • Enough mechanics to be interesting, but not overwhelming
    • Different levels each have a unique style
    • Clean and easy to navigate UI
    • Good customization for target reticle and SFX
    • Has pets


    • Maps don't offer unique gameplay (same boss pool regardless)
    Void Presence curse feels more anti-fun than a challenge, especially as a summoner or The Assassin
    • Too much healing reduction for how few healing options are available
    • Minor soulstones and Prestige stones(?) are a bit too plentiful in my opinion
    • Needs some optimization


    • They add a way to handle excess resources, such as single use buffs/unlocks
    • Add Rune presets for characters
    • Add skins for characters (maybe tied to prestige or heavy soulstone cost)
    • A True Chaos mode, where you start with random curses, character, and skills


Imagine if Vampire Survivors had twin stick controls and 3d graphics and you'd get Soulstone Survivors. SS also adds a few different game mechanics that I feel improve on the formula of Vampire Survivors and is shaping up to be one of the best games of the genre.

Dollop of Mayo
Dollop of Mayo

if Vampire Survivors was a car it would be a comfortable, fuel efficient sedan

if Soulstone Survivors was a car it would be that same sedan, but with no seatbelts and a giant rocket engine strapped to the back


I will recommend it in its current state, its a fun game. However there are a couple of issues that keep it from becoming a very good game, especially in higher difficulties. Like most 'vampire survivor' inspired games, there are modifiers to your weapons. And in this game, most enemies broadcast their attack via a red area around them.

The first one being the area modifier can cause some of the player abilities to completely cover up the attack broadcast of enemies, effectively eliminating anyway of telling whats going on, as it gets very chaotic at times. Most of the skill ceiling of this game is being able to dodge the attacks.

Secondly, there are a few attacks that the game bosses do, that show a broadcast area, but do not properly address how far the ability actually reaches. Which leads to another issue.

There isnt a very noticeable or clear way to tell that you are taking damage when the game gets very chaotic. Often times when im doing well, suddenly I am very damaged, with no idea of where or what caused it.


After nearly 6 hours of play, I can tell you this is a good game.
Others have drawn parallels with Vampire Survivors, but while this title certainly shares quite a bit of character and mechanics with that game, this one is still very much its own beast. Depth of possible progression and build strategy runs deep. The various characters are each cool and interesting in their own individual way. And maps are thematic and atmospheric while not being obtrusive. I am excited to see where this game goes with future content updates.

I recommend it as a solid YES to buy at full price, and a STRONGLY RECOMMENDED buy at discount.
Either way you won't be disappointed, and you'll get your money's worth in play time.


The game is interesting at the start, but it just becomes tedious and annoying by the end. Once you get even a little into the game there are too many effects in such massive AoEs to even be able to see your character, which makes dodging AoEs, skillshots and telegraphed attacks pretty much impossible, which is pretty important since they start one-shotting you on higher difficulties pretty quick. Past that the game starts lagging really quick, even with Windows 10, 3.79Ghz processor, 3080 graphics card and 16 GB of RAM, all of which are way past the recommended specs for the game. The game has potential to be fun and room for a lot of new content to be added with the weapon crafting, skill tree and runes systems, but its really not there yet, early access standards.

P.S. Achievements still dont work on steam so thats also pretty sad.


Man, this game runs like ass.
on a 1060 6GB im getting 20 FPS dips, this is somewhat unacceptable on a game that looks like... this (Especially when u run a slam build or a fire build, or a lightning build.... or anything that has more then 2 partical effects per skill basically)

other then that, yeah, this game is fun, its an improved Vampire Survivors, which was improved in all the right ways. Only complain i got gameplay-wise is that the upgrade are way too linear.

The FPS issue is somewhat inexcusable however and ruins the whole experience, so maybe hold off on buyin until they fix it.

Ratty McRat
Ratty McRat

The game starts really well, it's a great mix of blowing stuff up and leveling up your skills. But the more you play the more boring and tedious it becomes. The biggest issue is that whatever you do, you end up with a flashing mess of explosions on your screen, to the point of turning of VFX just so you're able to see what's going on.
It's a great game to pick up for a couple of hours to play, but don't expect much from it.



Absolutely amazing.
Its like Vampire survivors on steroids.
Such a juicy slaughter with great mechanics and amazing soundtrack.

Game Devs - game is already perfect. Make it more, don't try to make it better.


I think i am in love


Amazing fun game. It's like an ARPG where instead of spending 20 hours to level up a character, you finish a run in 10 minutes. I feel this is an evolution of Vampire Survivors- graphics, # of spells, passives are reworked and done in a much better way since there are not "slots" for passives. There are a huge number of spells and only certain classes can use certain spells. There is a rune system where before a run you can select a certain amount of runes. Many things need to be unlocked. The curse system is also done much better in this game than VS. Overall really top quality and fun game. You can also create builds which you couldn't really do in VS.


this is by far one of the most fun roguelikes i have played in the past 5 years.
art style is solid
character design is great
skills feel responsive and equally powerful to use
pacing during levels is consistent and does a great job of making you feel like you're goin crazy 24/7
definitely worth the 9.99, try it out

Optimus Pine
Optimus Pine

Yeah, the game feels great initially with it being a mixture of Vampire Survivors and Torchlight. But after only maybe 5 hours you've exhausted all the content and every single run feels absolutely identical, regardless which of the many classes you chose: Circle-strafe in a circle around the bosses, spam the dash button and keep going around in circles forever until the level ends.

I was really drawn into the game in the beginning since it has seemingly a lot of character and weapon choices, but of all the Vampire Survivor likes this one seems to have fundamental flaws in the gameplay loop, since after 10 minutes into each run every character, weapon and skill combination feels identical and makes no difference to the circle-strafe gameplay anymore.


curse iv is a dicksmack. can't beat any map with any of the characters. bored of grinding for prestige cuz the runic system is shit. whoever created the backpack bomber guy, yer a dickhead. done with this game i think. kinda want my money back.


You think you have a good PC? No you don't. This game is Vampire Survivors on crack, way more engaging and fun, only thing there's TOO much going on the screen, prob will drop another 50 hours in this easily


Gameplay is simple, but fun and addictive, and the progression path provides enough incentive to keep logging back in for a while. I imagine I'll get 20-30 hours out of this, which for 10 bucks is fantastic value.


Vampire Survivors walked so this game could run. Even if the developers added nothing else, this is an absolute steal at $10. Tons of content already, runs smoothly, and is super addicting. Easily the best bullet heaven out there right now, and will only get better with time.


This game is great! I spent $70 on Modern Warfare 2, but i've had a much better time on this game! This is probably the first game ive played in awhile where i really just have fun and decompress. Excited for the future, well done Devs.

My Bulwark
My Bulwark

Fantastic action Rogue-lite, telegraph dodger! Runs like a dream until endless 12 then it can get a little choppy but at that point you're dealing with some chaotic builds :P

Slightly short on content in terms of progression in it's current state but I'm really looking forward to watching this game develop!

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