Stronghold: Definitive Edition

Stronghold: Definitive Edition
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Release date
7 November 2023
Steam reviews score
87 (4 983 votes)

Greetings sire! Your stronghold awaits you. Build a castle economy, besiege unforgettable villains and return to the 'castle sim' that started it all. Experience this classic RTS with upgraded visuals, modernised gameplay, Steam multiplayer and a new campaign.

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Stronghold: Definitive Edition system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel i5-3330 3.0Ghz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD7970 (2 GB VRAM)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
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MeowMeowCat is a mass murderer
MeowMeowCat is…

Thank you! We finally waited! After so many years, you listened to the community and gave us what we really wanted. Remastered game from the childhood full of nostalgia. Really thank you, guys! I wish you good sales, you deserve it.

Rens Agatha
Rens Agatha

The classic always finds a second wind in a definitive edition!

 Before you think that buying this game will give us the game we've all been waiting for (of course, it's the Crusader game), mind if you check this image link. Anyway, I'm a man of my word. I played the game when the first demo came out and provided feedback to the developers. I promised that if they added the option to change our player color in single-player mode, I would buy the game on day one. And here I am. However, if you were hoping for a skirmish mode, I have some bad news.

Review :

  About   Description
 The Stronghold game had the best castle simulation gameplay I had ever played. There's no other castle simulation game that keeps me coming back and spending hundreds of hours like Stronghold does. It's an RTS game with main features such as villagers doing their work with amazing animations and progression, unlike many other RTS games that often involve going back and forth without achieving much. Stronghold breathes life into the castle simulation genre.

 Seeing your kingdom progress from nothing into a grand European castle was the best view you had back in the 2000s. If you're familiar with SHC, you know that this game only uses 'Crusader' units, which actually forces you to go through a building process, search for resources, set up military workshops, collect tax money, and then build units. For me, it does feel a bit slower than SHC, not to mention that event missions, economy, and food can pose a pretty decent challenge. But hey, I had the original Stronghold and never finished it due to hardware optimization issues, so gameplay-wise, it's fine!

 Graphically, it looks amazing. The new designs for each unit and building sprite are blowing my mind compared to the original ones. You can now zoom in, a feature that 12-year-old me always wanted, and it's finally here. It looks amazing and great.

 The main problem, though, is that I'm not a fan of the Lord cutscenes. For an easy example, I hate the opening intro this game still uses. It's just an upscaled old file without creating a new one. Some backgrounds are brand new, and I appreciate that, but some cutscenes still look outdated. Seriously, I have a 1990s porn file that looks sharper than the intro video. Come on, Firefly, I know you guys are focusing on 'Stronghold Unreal,' which I have no interest in because I'm a big fan of Stronghold Crusader. Please, move all your resources to make Crusader DE.

 Well, that's the problem with the Stronghold game. You can't play against AI like in SHC. However, the good news is that this game has made multiplayer easy, so you don't need to install GameRanger. While I'm not into PvP in SH because I wasn't in the past, you can now play multiplayer, whether you're a new or old player, without any issues.
 No problem using, Keyboard and mouse. Played it with modern control.
 The older game took 19 to 23 hours, depending on your playstyle. I do need to mention that the game may receive some updates in the future, which could lead to different playtimes.
 Pig and Wolf, the most annoying lords in SHC. I'm sorry. I'll use SHC as an example because I know that the majority of Stronghold fans come from SHC. So yeah, you've got four lords to fight against: Rat, Snake, Pig, and Wolf (that's a lord's name, I know, probably Firefly Studios were having some fun back in the day). I mean, I don't think they're based on real historical figures, because I know medieval history was too brutal, you know, with things like torture and witch burnings. Yeah, I have no problem with the European British story, but come on, Firefly, give us Crusader. Let us conquer the Holy Land once more!
PC ᴘᴏʀᴛ  
Tested OS
Windows 10 Pro | 64 Bit, Version 22H2.

CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5700G

Performance Test
 • 60 FPS.
 • Run on SSD.
 • HD resolution.
 • CPU | Medium usage
 • GPU | Low Usage

Game Optimization
 Run well m'lord.

 ✓ Playable with disability
Speaker config
 • none
Sound Setting
 • Master
 • Music
 • Speech
 • Unit
 • SE

 ✗ Deuteranopia
 ✗ Protanopia
 ✗ Tritanopia
 ✗ Custom
UI Option
 ✗ Dark
 ✗ Scale
 ✓ on/off
 ✗ Scale
 ✓ Contras
 ✓ Brightness
 ✓ Advanced graphic setting

Motor/Body disability
Control type
 ✗ Simple
 ✓ Complex
✗ Slow reaction
✓ Binding custom control

 I can't mention anything about visual accessibility, but I did want to mention that they do need a UI scale setting like modern Stronghold games.

 • Many old glitches are still available for use
 • There are few official maps
 • There is NO AUTO event setting for free build modes
 • The old cutscene movies have been upscaled and look terrible.
 • There is no skirmish mode, which is the reason they should have released SHC.
 • The Knight sprite looks like a British person knocked out from meth.
 • Player colors still use Dark Blue even if you change your color through the settings
 • On the developer's side, they have said that some missions "may need to be beaten" by using these glitches. they mentioned that on their YouTube channel
 As far as I can tell, it's only for the side story of Pig and Wolf (Future DLC). I'm not interested unless it's for SHC with a new lord. Come on, Firefly!
Region Price
 ✗ Overprice
 ✗ Buy it on Sale!

Community Health
 ? Toxic
 ✓ Moderator/Developer Problem

 ? Toxic

Note :
"Oh yeah, I want to mention a problem with a moderator on their community who literally said:"People should buy the game at the price I paid for." Then you should have the same income as people in Argentina or Turkey. Now you know why I had an issue with the moderator.

 Well, I'm impressed with the regional pricing. However, other things like bugs and features are currently lacking. Since it's the first release, it might get better in future patches. And once again, Firefly, give us Stronghold Crusader DE. We don't care about Stronghold Unreal. If you're a small team, stop the new 3D Stronghold game and give us the masterpiece!
 Yes, m'lord!
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I've probably played over 700 hours over all the Stronghold games over the years.
It feels great to go back to the one that started it all. The game looks and plays better then ever and for 13 bucks we couldn't have asked for more (okay maybe skirmish mode :P) Having mod and multiplayer support is huge and the extra campaign is very welcome! Post release content is on the way aswell. They went above and beyond on this one.

If you enjoy city builders and/or RTS games, this is an absolute MUST play


This is simply a case of 'typical Firefly Studios', sadly. The usual - no imagination, no upgrades other than some terribly performed and generic story lines and with a 'do as little as possible for a maximum amount of money' attitude, this really is everything I expected it to be - a disappointment.

These days, there are literal one-man developers whom make incredible games and Firefly Studios seems to be forever behind the times and lazy. Take a look at the comments section on any of their social media - they completely ignore the criticism's and focus entirely on the fans with the lowest IQ. They pump out these horrific games and 'upgrades' but the reality is that this is hardly any different from the original Stronghold. Why not add being able to put your troops into formations? Why not add a couple of extra buildings into the game? Why not think of something new?! Because it costs time and money, that's why. This game has the same aura as COD games - rinse and repeat the same maps, the same engines, the same everything other than a quick polish. Pathetic.

These guys really do need to start again at foundation level and either hire a new and fresh team with talent (instead of the decrepit and ancient team that has clung on for 20 years - see their YT channel) or move on to making appalling Apps because this game does not currently fit in with the 'gaming' market.



It feels so good and I mean SO GOOD to be back in Stronghold 1!!!
With updated Graphics. I'm currently doing the good, old campaign and it just feels right!
A lot of effort went into this game in the past and now!
Thank you Firefly team!

There is no Spoon
There is no Spoon

This game is amazing! Loved it back in the day, love it more now with the remaster! Just wish I could switch from new to old graphics and vice versa with the press of a button like D2, CnC 1, and Starcraft Remastered. Now Firefly, PLEASE ADD A SKIRMISH MODE PLEEEEEASE! Love you guys!

My overall verdict? BUY THIS GAME! You will not regret it....trussssst me


Unfortunately, the biggest feature - a skirmish mode - is missing in the game.
I bet many players expected a skirmish in a definitive edition and they'll be disappointed.
The graphics and the gameplay are better though

Setorrs The Lollygagger
Setorrs The Lo…

Even tho i played Stronghold 2 first and that resonates with my inner child more that this game, playing this right now with the upgraded graphics just gives me some nostalgia vibes. Really glad this was made and at such a affordable price. I hope to see a Stronghold 2 DE in the future.



I played Stronghold since I was a little boy at the age of 7 and you have no idea how long I have been waiting for a proper remaster of this amazing classic.

I'm 25 years old now and I am so so so happy that this remaster happened.

I swear Firefly Studios has the best devs ever and they can actually listen to their community.


I bought the game immediately after launched,
Played my first multiplayer match and I felt my childhood then I realised why that game was amazing, why it was masterpiece

Because it is not just a game that you create soldiers and fight or similar build order for every game

No that game is an amazing immersive RTS


The good old days are back, I'm glad that the developers are returning to the classics, the graphics of the game are very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. I'm really looking forward to the Stronghold crusader grind, definitely worth the money and my time


If you enjoyed the original Stronghold, a must buy. The bad reviews are mostly people complaining about Stronghold Crusader stuff not being added to the original (Skirmish mode), or the game not being this "high quality super amazing remake" as they expected.

It does carry over some minor bugs from the original version and the new content is a bit lacking, but i can't really complain about that considering how cheaply they priced this thing.

Really excited for the new DLC's they announced in the future, which it seems will also be priced fairly.


Phenomenal game ! Worth every penny !

Hopefully this will end up super successful for them and they will develop the series further and introduce new content or a new game based on these foundations !

Cant believe that this remake actually happened ! So many memories with this game !

Cant wait to see what they will introduce in the future !

Maybe you could take on Creative Assembly :> ?? Wink wink !

Please support them if you can afford it !!


I played more than 30 minutes and so far got to build one building before the computer crashed completely.
and my PC can run Stronghold Crusader 2 and much higher demanding games, so it isn't a hardware problem

IMHO very good remaster. Just same but more HD graphics, support 4K (must have for my 42,5" 4K display). I welcome new “Modern” controls. Also some new playable content and built-in multiplayer is cool. :-)


I'm having a lot of problems with multiplayer. Players have been dropping out of every game I've played. Hopefully, you can fix the issue quickly. Of course, I understand it's the launch day, but there could have been some way to prepare for this... But still, it's very nice to be able to play after 20 years.


its like coming home after 21 years. no other game does castle building or production like this. i hope one day we get a skirmish mode, but the new campaigns, and coming campaigns with DLC are more than i ever expected. i never thought this would happen but here we are and its beautiful. I hope this can re-invigorate love in the Stronghold franchise and bring in new people so Firefly can get paid, and we can get more Stronghold.


Love that this game is back :D It looks and sounds wonderful and the new content will be fun to breach into as wlel as reliving the old campaign, so stoked it looks and feels like everything I wanted form this. My only gripe is no Skirmish AI mode (that was the bulk of my stronghold playing in the series, especially S2) so hopefully they add it in or a steam supported mod puts it in.

If you like old games and castle sims, it doesn't get better than Stronghold.


I played a little bit of the game before writing this review. It is definitely playable, runs pretty fluent on my system and gives a "similar" feeling, just like the original. (why similar you'll see in my list below)

Was running the German version on 1440p@144hz, so I'm not sure if the audio issues also occur in the English one.

 Current Issues 

        • I have a keen eye for detail, and one of the most bothersome things are the oversharpened textures, especially on buildings like the hunting hut. The old game had one thing it nailed perfectly: a harmonious design throughout every visual aspect of the game. I've already noticed a lot of mirrored textures (e.g., the recruitment building HUD) and, as mentioned, oversharpened buildings or units. They don't blend well together, which I hope will be fixed because this is probably the first time I can't stare at my screen for a long time without feeling exhausted, and I'm 26.
        • The dialogue volume decreases throughout the game while other sounds remain at the same level.
        • I really dislike having to zoom out every time I start a new mission or map. It always starts at the most zoomed-in option.
        • The UI elements of the cursor also scale down with the UI scale setting, which shouldn't happen. Please let me change the HUD of the game and the cursor elements separately.

Other than these issues and some strange animations, it is a good definitive edition and definitely worth the price. I sincerely hope they won't abandon this game after a few months because I see similar potential to what AOE 2 is right now.


Be wary purchasing this game - Multiplayer lobbies completely bugged currently, Half the lobbies currently display as: 1/ and that is the only information showing. Less than ideal. The other lobbies that do show correctly when joining will ping you into a completely different lobby than the one you selected, also less than ideal.

No AI available for custom games with friends which forces you to use a broken lobby system. As one of the main changes introduced (Steam Multiplayer) to the definitive edition it falls flat.

If you are hyped for the single player aspect of this version it may be worth, however if like me you prefer the playing with friends aspect then think twice!

Bob Kazamakis
Bob Kazamakis

I mean what can I say? It's just Stronghold 1 (HD) with some much needed QOL fixes and slightly different graphics. For it's price 100% worth it. I spent hundreds of hours as a child in SH1 and crusader, love the series so buying this was of course a no brainer.
So if you loved that then this is worth picking up! There is also a new campaign but haven't tried that yet. Will update this review if there's anything strikingly bad about it but if not then yeah :D
My ONLY gripe so far is the new rally system seems a bit fiddly, but it's nothing too major. Other than that haven't ran into any significant bugs.
Also Steam multiplayer is supported if that's your thing. Haven't tried that and don't think I will, so can't comment on the stability of it.


Amazing and brings back priceless memories. I was happily surprised that it could handle my full 5120x1440 resolution. Firefly Studios did a great job remastering this game. They even went above and beyond and added new content. 10/10 nostalgia!

CrAzD  -  Without Jesus I Suck
CrAzD - With…

Fantastic remaster/remake. Only a few mission deep, but man does it bring me back and remind me why I loved this games growing up. It's worth at least double what they asked for it, and then some.

Pick it up, put the game on very hard, and figure out the puzzle that is each mission. I've never touched the MP portion, and have no interest. So if you want some MP fun review, I'm not your guy.

💢 ӍơʑĥȁǻǟЌ 💢
💢 ӍơʑĥȁǻǟЌ 💢

Ka-ching! Couple things missing at the moment

    • Voicelines & videos in campaign screens.
    • Difficulty setting in campaign missions.
    • SCIRMISH!!!

Will wait for ^1 and ^2 until continuing playthrough.
1 bug i found, Rat's party disapeared briefly after spawn in Kill The Wolfes mission at classic campaign
Asside from that smooth sailing on Linux (Proton)


The devs need to address a few things

1. Every game has players lagging out causing the multiplayer game to freeze and lose connection. Never once finished a game with all players getting to play it out entirely.

2. Your Discord has no available chat channels or LFG. The lobbies in game are non existent. Let us find players via Discord.


It means a lot to the 4 year old me of the past who grew up on Stronghold to see this game run so fluently and so clear.

This touch up was already a welcome addition to my library but to see the QoL updates alongside NEW content in the form of campaigns and maps made this an easy purchase!


More wood is needed!! :D
I simply can't get enough of this classic.

The art style is fantastic and there is so much satisfaction when you build your castle and hold it.
Additionally it is highly replayable in single mode and you will definitely have fun in multiplayer.


The game is good, no doubt. I just wish they updated and added some more features like Match Finding, or fixing the server system which there are some bugs when you can't ready up or see the server players or joining issues and also the team up system which in you can't put castles on the map freely. if only these minor bugs get resolved it will be heaven.
Also, are the Arab soldiers available in multiplayer?


The game reminds me of my childhood. However i encountered several problems?
-task manager showed me an ever increasing of RAM usage from 1.5 GB to 2.3 GB where i had to exit or it would crash
-the cinematic intro and cutscenes are lagging or stop working completely
-wrong usage of cinematic regarding character.

Overall i recommend the game


I cannot express in words how much comfort this game brings me. This game as well as the other stronghold games were my childhood. I can vividly remember the hot summer days at my grandfather's house. I had installed this on his computer and I would play for hours till my grandfather would get fed up with me and tell on me to either my mom or my grandma. The soundtrack for this game is one that brings me peace. I would never have imagined that this game would ever get remastered. I still own the original and play it from time to time but this is the ideal way to play now. I hope to play this game with my kids eventually and hope they love it as much as I do.


The stronghold you know and love with some extra polish and updates! So far I have had no serious bugs and am looking forward to see what campaigns and stuff they add on as time goes by. Though I really wish they would put on a skirmish vs AI mode of some kind. That is my favorite thing that crusader added and this would benefit greatly from that.


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Stronghold Definitive Edition is a nostalgic trip back to the classic castle-building real-time strategy (RTS) game from 2001, and it's a delightful experience for both returning fans and newcomers. The game retains the essence of the original while offering significant improvements in graphics and controls.

One of the standout features of Stronghold Definitive Edition is its attention to detail in recreating the medieval atmosphere. The improved graphics breathe new life into the game, with intricately designed buildings, lush landscapes, and charming character animations. The visual overhaul makes it clear that the developers put a lot of effort into modernizing this classic title.

אני שותה תה
אני שותה תה

1. I am a lord!
2. Characters' new voice lines
3. The legacy of the original Stronghold is preserved very well!
4. Game is very smooth
5. Music is great along with the storytelling
6. Huge number of campaigns, regimes and maps to play
7. It is just so fun!!! And I only got started

1. Richard doesn't raise his axe when I win lol

I would love to see here Arabian troops one day, it would add the diversity we had in Crusader!
I also don't know what's with the multiplayer, I won't ever use it


"We are in danger my lord!" - yes of danger being once again addicted to this game!

Such a classic, this game aged like a good wine; they just cleaned the bottle from dust. And I must say I am suprised by the price, I bought two copies one for me and one as a gift.

Love it!