subROV : Underwater Ops

subROV : Underwater Ops
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Release date
2 December 2022
Steam reviews score
96 (28 votes)

Pilot a Remotely Operated submarine and explore the oceans. Chart unknown regions, sample hydrothermal vents, discover new species -all while defying the darkness, crushing pressure, and freezing temperatures of the deeps.

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subROV : Underwater Ops system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970 or above
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Prince Corwin
Prince Corwin

If you are a fan of the Underwater genre, like exploring and dig tech, then I would recommend this game. I have had this on my wishlist for a while and was really excited to see it came out. I have not been disappointed, have enjoyed every minute of my first 3 hrs. As an early access title, its pretty polished and I am looking forward to seeing what is still to come on the road to 1.0. Nice work Devs!


Not bad at all as a time filler to relax after work. ROV controls are smooth, movement is believable (a bit too little inertia imho). ROV drifts, even in forced stable hover mode if the current is strong. Lighting is nice, on the rover and the "mothership" (tether management system). A full mission can take hours ("make 8 dives in the map area"), but is automatically saved, should you choose to exit at some point.

Yet... There isn't much mission variety, at least I haven't seen much yet personally). Haven't seen any of those wrecks they tout.
Seafloor is rather barren, really hope they populate seafloor better, the engine feels like it has some resources left, without slowing down.
So far looks like the base elements are nice, now if they work on filling this with more content, this is going to grow into an excellent edutainment/relaxation game.


Responsive Devs

Game looks cool but is unplayable. I have an ultra widescreen monitor and I can't use my native 3840x1080 resolution, the screen is blacked on both edges. I have reported it and put it in a reply in the discussions. Devs seem pretty responsive, but based from this reason I cannot recommend it to any of my Ultra widescreen mafia brothers.

Within hours of my request, the devs were able to make the game playable. I am glad they did, because even though I only had time to play the tutorial, it was the immersive submersible game /simulation I was looking for.

It is my recommendation that not only should you now play this game in ultra-wide but that you at least give the tutorial a shot, if you like it, fine. If not return it. With what little I saw, I highly recommend this to anyone.


The atmosphere in this sim/game is very immersive :)

Be sure to play it in a DARK room and with headphones that close out all other sounds.

The graphics of the ocean-floor and the limited visibility is pretty good. You can even throw up dust/sand with your rover-propellers.

There's a great sense of being deep down under lots of water.

Compared to videos from deep-sea roving I think the visuals and feeling are in the category we would call realistic.

The static bio-life, which is all I have encountered in my initial training to become a certified 'rover-pilot', is the only thing so far that I think doesn't look very good.

The barren sea-bed, however, in the vast darkness, is great though. You do get a sense of the water throwing some 'mass' around (It is not crystal-clear water, but water filled with 'particles' that give a very good sense of being surrounded by water without looking distracting. That aspect is superbly done)

The rover is very stable, although there are currents that will make you drift both laterally and vertically.

There is no rotational instability though (Pitch, Yaw, Roll), so no wobble (I have to say I do miss the rover wobbling just a little bit, to give a sense of being more 'free-floating' in water. But it's really no big deal, and would probably just make some of us sea-sick rather than having fun diving :) )

The control can be done via mouse or keyboard (Or both) and thankfully you don't need to learn endless pages of manuals to work out the controls.

There is a few intro-missions (A very well-made and well-structured tutorial) that will teach you what you need to know.

I run it on a Nvidia GTX980, on an i7-CPU from 2015, and it runs smooth at highest graphics-settings :)

I use a keyboard with lights in the keys and when playing this in a dark room... it completes the immersive level fully :)

A really good title if you're into simulations and like to take your time to go through things nice and easy and at your own pace.
(I have tried diving-games where you need to complete things while oxygen is ticking away at stressful tempos and they are never really any fun because you never have time to explore and just be in the moment)

This title is very relaxing if you're even the slightest geeky in nature :) )

I recommend this! :)


would recommend to anyone who likes the ocean. a few problems though:
there isn't a lot of missions that are centered around wildlife/isnt enough wildlife in general. i've only seen two animals in my 2.1 hours of playtime
a free dive mode might be nice, where you can just dive wherever you want. the map could have locations of interest marked on it.
mission ideas:
more missions where you search for wildlife
a mission where you observe a whale fall perhaps?


A relaxing scientific fantasy, underwater.

I started playing subROV expecting a hard simulation experience. Being at the helm of a submarine vehicle, controlling every knob, every detail of the machine configuration. I was delighted when I discovered a relaxing sim-lite experience. subROV is the fantasy of a high seas scientific vessel and its expeditions.

The pace of the game is quite calm. This is not a combat simulator or a space trader experience. We're here to enjoy the dive and to rejoice when a new animal or plant appears in the sonar and we manage to track it and scan it. The inclusion of a small catalog supports the scientific angle of subROV without being pedantic or dense. I never thought I'd get giddy after discovering a sponge!

This title reduces the complexities of the operation of an underwater vehicle and makes them enjoyable and interesting. subROV introduces its controls quite gently in a couple of brief scenarios and then opens into a collection of semi - guided expeditions. These expeditions have objectives to achieve but the game expects you to explore the seabed driven by your curiosity. This is science and we're here to discover.

I'd personally recommend to play this title with headphones. The audio is important in this game.


Its a fun game! Very early access but overall I enjoy it. I would say though it would be great to have a sandbox mode. It would be awesome to if eventually they add a human submersible submarine to explore in.


A good low key realistic exploration game. You pilot an Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) down into the deep sea to explore, service equipment and collect samples. There are missions with set objectives and you can also just move around the sea floor to try to discover all the items in the gallery. It has a decent amount of content for an initial early access release with more to be added. I've found the game to be quite stable and haven't had any performance issues. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to pilot an ROV, this is the game for you.


This game is an actual passion project from a solo dev, the scientific and technical rigor and the attention to detail is amazing, it's a must have to anyone interested on submarine exploration and simulation games

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