The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant

The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant
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Release date
1 December 2023
Steam reviews score
97 (1 351 votes)
98 (255 votes)

Living as a slave to the Monster Princess in a colorful cohabitation lifestyle! An enriching and exciting time management love development game.

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The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 64bit OS
  • Processor: Core i3
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: HD Graphics
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


Recommended requirements are not yet specified.
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Otto van Chesterfield
Otto van Chest…

I spend all my money and time playing Steam pornographic games (in fact, I think it's a good way to ensure happiness, in the sense of Saint Augustine: "enjoy what you can have") . It's a tiring and sometimes shameful journey, but very rewarding since every day I discover so much about myself, my hidden flaws, the origin of my insatiable desire, the love that springs from my heart, the violence in me too, my frustrations...

I hope I can guide you in this world full of scams and deception. Believe me, there are some real gems here too.
So I'm going to do a review of this game since I finished it recently.

The Arrogant Kaiju Princess isn't a scam, but buy it during the sales and play it on windowed as an appetizer.

This is a fairly 2D well-animated hentai-style management game with regular recurring H-scenes between decent mini-games.

The Kaiju Princess remains on her throne at all times, with the exception of certain interactions and sexual relationships. You'll work for her and yourself every day, with a limited number of action points to spend on various activities: exploring, fighting, training, making Kaiju happy and easier to please in bed, spending money on sexual benefits and boosts… and intercourse with Kaiju at the end of the day, of course.

The non-sex game mechanics are functional and balanced, but it's mostly filler (which I appreciate, I'm not here to play 10 hours for 1 minute of sex).

There's a small 2D map where you'll conquer a few towns to satisfy Kaiju, find free stuff and money, and be rewarded by banging a new village chief each time (very consensual hentai vaginal sex, with a bit sadism sometimes). This will be an opportunity to get new clothes for Kaiju and unlock bonus sex scenes. The hero you play as is a GenZ boy, too thin, with long black hair and no charisma. Thank goodness we only see his dong during scene H.

This journey is interspersed with funny-to-annoying dialogue in a few different environments, mainly with Kaiju. You won't read everything (especially if you're in a horny ascendant mood), you'll click, click, click until it's finally done.

The daily Kaiju Sex Workshop falls somewhere between satisfaction and boredom. It takes time and effort to unlock all the possibilities, so it will be repetitive for a long time.

After a few hours, you will be able to unlock everything and enjoy sex a little more without wanting to win mini-games. You can also return to your sex gallery at any time.

There are a lot of bad "hentai" games on Steam, as expansive as they are empty, ugly and lifeless. On the contrary, Kaiju is quite decent and deserves your attention, without too many expectations.

Number of true orgasms achieved while playing it: 3.


Started playing as a meme because I was gonna stream it as a "ha-ha" porn game thing in discord with my friends. The story turned out to be actually compelling and pretty well written. Sure there's translation errors every now and again, but it never feels like it takes away from the romantic comedy or even the genuine fun I had while playing the game and experiencing it. It's practically criminal that the soundtrack is actually good, and even more amazing that the art is as great as it is. Worth every penny.


I was a big fan of the first Kaiju Princess and was awaiting this game's release. The story was fun to go through and the gameplay is simple. I have found that many H-games make you go through a ton of mundane tasks and dialogue but I didn't get this feeling with this game. Expeditions are very straightforward and seemingly impossible to screw up, yet it's engaging enough to have to train, produce troops and time it with the mission.

I was a big fan of how you're able to choose whether you want to progress with the mission or just take a few days to just fool around with the princess. It is a sex game after all. The h-scenes are nicely animated, though, I wish there were some more. The actual sex mini game is interactive, has multiple positions and contains the same concepts as the original game which is a plus. The more you play with it, the easier it gets.

Game is a solid 9/10 for me. Have always been a fan of the Kaiju Princess series and I'm looking forward to the next game.


A step above Kaiju Princess with better L2D animations, more sex scenes, lewder illustrations, a greater variety of characters, and a much more intriguing story.

    • Gameplay is similar to Kaiju Princess, but better by being a little more challenging and adding a few more mechanics to the Expedition (Travel) system, like unit type combat and resource attrition. Game design is also similar, but because of these added mechanics, you can do more in this game. Progression is still linear like the first game.
    • User interface, graphics, and aesthetics remain similar to Kaiju Princess, but have more smaller details that add more polish and visual quality to the game.
    • Soundtrack and music (I think) are actually produced in-house this time around, compared to Kaiju Princess that used open-sourced music and SFX. Developers going out of their way to hire composers and pay them to produce music for this game is a massive plus from the first.
    • Daigneux and all the new characters in this game are fully voice-acted. Every cutscene and dialogue line is voiced.
    • Story is funny and engaging, characters are written decently well, and you will always get some new illustrated scene when a cutscene plays out.

10/10 - would pamper and bend the knee for Daigneux at her beckon call again

P.S.: Before releasing this game, developers went out of their way to openly ask for feedback from their playerbase on whether the current asking price of 14.99 USD for this game was a fair increase from 10.99 USD for Kaiju Princess. They were also transparent within reason with their playerbase by answering their questions the best they can. Introductory discount applied to this game on release was a result of this feedback and transparency.

These actions alone spell out where PantyParrot stands with their brand and games.


I'll have to say, this is one of the best hentai games I've ever played.
The hentai is good, and the gameplay is satisfactory. Usually one of the two will be subpar, so a game that sticks the landing in both aspects is great.


The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant is a H-Game that has a major focus on a single character, and that is slightly different than many H-Games I've played in the past that have a large assortment of characters to choose to focus on and/or get all of them Harem Style. I would say that is a negative, but it makes the scenes that do have other characters that much better when you acquire them throughout the story, they are one time use scenes, although you can always watch them back in the gallery, but they are story focused scenes and thats it, there is no pursuing other cast members, the scenes will get unlocked as you play and although the interactions with the main girl are solidified very very early in the story, there is much to unlock. I was a bit put off at how the game was set up to just allow you to enter "sexy time" with main girl anytime you wanted, because usually that is a reward you have to work for throughout the game, so the game already had a small negative for me, but as the game progressed, milestones were hit, new things/items/positions/outfits/etc. were unlocked I began to like the progression system the game had. I also didn't expect to get invested in the story, but that ended up happening. While cliche in some areas it harbored enough interest that I ended up paying attention more to the story than the H-Scenes. While the game is quite short, (100% Achievements in under 6 hours,) I believe it is worth the small price it is listed as, I wish the game was more fleshed out, and there were more routes you could take, if the game had that kind of system and depth built in I would pay triple its original price. But for what it currently has the price is worth it and it is an enjoyable experience. 8.5/10


The game has exceeded my expectations, I started playing this game not long after the completion of "Kaiju Princess" and was quite satisfied with the game itself, and I decided to try out this game as well since I was feeling bored anyways and I wanted to see when does this story take place compared to Kaiju Princess (as well as a way to support the developer). After completing this game, I was actually impressed, from the scenes, to the storyline and world-building. Now of course, there are still some things that I think should be improved(such as the expedition game mechanics, most of the time, we only required to use one type of unit that has a higher advantage against the enemy unit and straight up just abandon or never used the other unit types, which makes the gameplay slightly boring imo. But again, it's a H-game, it shouldn't be too difficult or complex, but I still wish there was more to the gameplay itself). But compared to the first game, it was definitely night and day difference. The story is richer and more well written, the plot felt more consistent, and with the added bonus of multiple H-scenes with not just the main heroine, but also other characters as well, you can definitely tell that the devs really put a lot of effort into this game. Overall, the game is a sold 7.5/10 for me, it's not the best, the story telling and plot isn't anything too unique and there are definitely more things to add to make the game better, but it's still enjoyable to play and worth buying it. Really can't wait for 2024 so I can play Kaiju Princess 2.

*Since I'm not fluent in English and I'm also using google translate with some of the words I'm using. Please forgive me for my grammatical error*


Very Cute, Adorable with a bit of a kinky side to it, I rather enjoyed the scenes and the play and the characters, and the story development. Solid Hentai Title, with adorable ending credit art that I highly recommend watching all the way through, highly recommended if you are into hentai titles.


1. 从gal的角度来说女主cv的表现只有几处能听,比如63日和65日开头娇的部分,但53和57开头骄的演技完全对不上上下文。游戏开头的演技是灾难性的。氷青已經是入行很久了的,不應該有這樣的演技。會不會是指導的鍋?

2. 系統的細節還有很大的進步空間:文章不能换行而停止声音,文字背景不能調透明度,鼠標滾輪不換行,右鍵不取消選項



Personally the product is great but if theres more interaction with other characters would be great since once you get to the end theres really nothing to do when you are stuck with one character doing the same thing. But regradless great product waiting for more.


This was a definite improvement over the first game. Lots of actual lore being explained, Daigneux being a tsundere is a big bonus. My biggest complaint was that the other girls (the ninja, elf, the tax dealer etc) didn't get enough spotlight. I get the main focus is Daigneux, but the other girls could have atleast have time to shine in the game.

9/10 game. I'm excited for the next game thats coming soon!


In all: 7/10

4/10 Animation . Mostly bend and stretched images. Sadly there are better games in this area in same or cheaper price range.
8/10 Artwork. It looks nice and in all nothing bad really. Not look here for master work as well. In some areas it is.. odd looking and it is in places where you will look at. But in some places like main home it looks really nice.
6/10 Story : Nothing new. Nothing bad but as well not iritates. For this game it is normal story.
6/10 Gameplay. On Phone it were good and did get more points. On PC where i did play it feels .. klick and wait. Fome one might like it but i want the game mo not give me things free. ( Or give them free after using "Easy mode" )
4/10 Hud and interface. It is not bad but it is so simple made and not really detailed looking. I bet there is games with the same buttons and sliders. And some times i did look at it and was like " Where was that thing." Can get used to but when i look at what a simple game it is. Can be done better.
1/10 How you make your character. Face or not. Thats it. I mean.. ok.. But you mostly not see in animations your face.. so why not to change hair collor, eye collors or get outfits as well.
6/10 In sale it is ok. Full price..Not really. There are free games or even old flash games that do the same. I recomend wait for some sales.

In the ending the animation was nice in the feeling area. General end of story bit of stereothipical was nice in my opinion. So it did bit lift how i rate the game.
Cant say that i did met bugs or glitches.



After finishing the story, it's just plain endless days straight of s*x. But, I'm willing to pay for more content, DLCs or whatsoever

The control over the s*x scene is awesome! So many interactions (touching, using toys, f*ck obviously), and the best part is the SEAMLESS continuous multiple org*sms and cre*mpies. The "making the girl feel good" mechanic is so polished. I wonder if there's an option to c*m outside too in the main s*x scene (not just in event CG) because it will be so great to have multiple org*sms, cre*mpies and bukk*ke at the same time.


Do you like getting called "stupid" and "weak" and stuff?

Do you love kaijus?
I mean, do you LOVE Kaijus?

Then this Game is for you.

And if you answered two times no, then give it a try anyways. I did, and it surprised me with a really good story, enticing gameplay and deeper (lol) gameplay than i thought. For a H-Game, anyways :)

I'm not entirely through the story, but 12 hours in with a lot of grinding (again: lol), and i dont regret it anymore than any other H-Game i played ^^


The soundtrack is an audiophile's dream. The artwork is splendid. The voice acting is amazing. I was nervous playing the game at first, but the way the game's story line fluidly integrates a tutorial into the progression of the game.


Game is the embodiment of the meme: "When you start masturbating but the plot is really good." There's like an actual anime in here if you just take out the hentai elements. Good characters, good pacing, and has a pretty decent sense of humor. Doesn't require to play the previous game either to fully understand what's going on.


Phases when playing this game:

1) lmao what the heck stupid dictactor kaijuu queen
3) don't you think this is more difficult than the first game... (Actually not just do training a lot)
5) ooo real plot. Cool. Oh wait the music... Isn't it kinda... Banger?
6) is this really happening lmao actually decent story for a casual short nukige simulation time management? This is nuts

7) *play the main theme
"Listen carefully, I am...
The controller of monsters, the envoy of Daigneux. I am a famous Earthling detective!

...[proceed to continue a shounen manga finale]"

Anyway this game's great. You've played the first game you'll love this one more. You haven't played the first game you'll love this game anyway. Enjoy 🥂


Just waiting for kaiju princess 3

But seriously, this is such a massive improvement from the first one. Also, the character growth and ending are so cute that it got kinda touching there.

I have high hopes for the sequel. Great work.


In this latest installment, the developers added some good improvements over the previous Kaiju Princess game - new modes, better CGs, etc. It's biggest flaw was the disappointing lack of backdoor access.


I skip most of the H scene because the plot was so good, and i mean it. The H scene was good but this game also have a good plot. I'm glad that i played the original kaiju princess. Love this game so much.