The Wolf's Girl

The Wolf's Girl
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Release date
22 July 2021
Steam reviews score
64 (62 votes)

"The Wolf's Girl" is an intimate story that unfolds between two friends Sheen and Chloe. Chloe persuaded Sheen to go with her to the lake. Coming to the lake, Shin feels bad, he feels some changes inside himself ... Soon he will never be able to love her again ... as a sister ...

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The Wolf's Girl system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 RAM MB RAM
  • Graphics: with 1 GB VRAM compatible with DirectX
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX
  • Additional Notes: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
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A budget jigsaw puzzle game with some VN elements. Does the price betray the quality?

The game opens with a silly, short story that doesn't even have a proper conclusion. That is, though, of a secondary importance. The main part is to solve simple jigsaws. Unlike standard jigsaws, this one has pieces of random shapes and sizes. Number of pieces is rather small and due to their unusual shape it is rather easy to find matching ones. Also, you can only place each piece in its correct spot, making the challenge almost non-existent. I'll give it a positive for being relaxing at least. That's all really. I had low expectations to begin with, especially when the price is considered. Still, this title offer more quality than numerous similar puzzle games so I'll give my very tepid recommendation.

What is the most attractive aspect of this title is the art. The main heroine was done really well. Nice, simply animated sprite, bright colours and decent amount of detail. Also, pretty backgrounds. However, what the artist done to the male character is horrifying. Style of the male character is different and is devoid of any charm. Well, for the price asked, visuals are more than decent. Some nice sexual content included but all is just basic vanilla stuff.

Music is good too. Very calm and relaxing. Works really well in the combination with the colourful backgrounds. Nothing memorable but does its job well.

No bugs encountered.

To conclude, a very short and simple jigsaw puzzle with a filler story, pretty art and relaxing music. Among the budget puzzles of similar price it stands out a bit. Very tepid positive: 4.8/10

KiLLeR, eh
KiLLeR, eh

Part visual novel (with passable, if mediocre translations), part jigsaw puzzle and part watching short, repeating animations. There's certainly nothing terrible here and for only $1, there's a lot worse out there. If you like at least 2 of the 3 parts, give it a try.

Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai

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TL;DR: An impossible-to-fail-at puzzle game, Chloe's artwork is good while Shin's is not. The only saving grace ultimately ends up being Chloe's artwork, as the game struggles in the other departments that make up the game.
+ Artwork involving Chloe is great!
+ Has an opening cinematic
+ Includes a gallery mode
+ You can go back in dialogue if you want
- Artwork involving Sheen/Shin/whatever looks out of place and weird compared to Chloe
- You can't misplace any puzzle piece, removing the challenge of a puzzle (but you can still skip a level if you aren't good enough to beat it anyway)
- Dialogue is salvageable most of the time, but still not translated well
- Story ends rather abruptly with no conclusion

"The Wolf's Girl" is a 'puzzle' game that tells the story of a girl and her friend who has a secret that even he is unaware off-- he's a werewolf or something like that! There's less than a dozen puzzle to complete, a story which is incomplete, and a varying range of quality on the artwork itself.

Art-wise, I think the game looks great. There's a neat little opening cinematic, the dialogue as its carried out uses chibi-style character art, and the solo artwork of Chloe is also good! The scenes are erotic enough in nature and the quality of the artwork looks really nice in most of the images. There's also a gallery mode so you can enjoy it all afterwards.

I mention that the "solo artwork" is good, because later on as it involves the male partner, for some reason he is drawn in a completely different art style which makes him feel really out of place. This progresses through a good chunk of the later artwork, and even the one scene that involves intercourse looks really strange. The male genitalia is for some reason just a really long skinny wiener, so it's like she found herself a good skinny hotdog as opposed to anything else. It's just weird that he's drawn in a completely different art style.

As far as a puzzle game goes, I think it's kind of weird the way that they handled the puzzle segment. You're unable to incorrectly place a puzzle piece, meaning you just kind of spam click around until you find the right spot. This is kind of antithetical to a puzzle. I feel like a puzzle should be more about making slow progress to complete a larger picture, not just kind of spamming a mouse click until the game tells you that you did it. It's a strange design choice that makes it hardly really worth calling it a "puzzle." And just in case the easiest babby-mode puzzle isn't easy enough for you, you can hit CTRL+D to skip the level.

The dialogue portion of the game is the real puzzle of the game. You progress dialogue through hitting arrows on the side (or tapping spacebar) and I think it's pretty neat that you can go back through dialogue as well if you wanted to. The dialogue in the game is really rough, however. It's not the cleanest English translation, but in most cases it's pretty salvageable. So if a girl says "Can't you see where we came from? Is that only girls who understand the sensual?" you're going to kind of stare it for a moment trying to figure it out, but you'll get it eventually.

Yet there are also portions of the dialogue that contain things like "Harvest my chest, rip me out like a wh*re!" and "I'm your b*tch! Pull me out, don't stop!" in which case you stare at it, terrified that it might lead to some strange gore scene (it doesn't). I think the moments where the game tries to have erotic scenes is where the dialogue is at its worse.

That also arrives at the story's biggest flaw: It isn't finished. You get to the end of the game thinking that it's going to continue and it just abruptly ends. You get this kind of disappointed ending where nothing is resolved and more questions are had, but it really only wanted to showcase that one scene and be done. It's just kind of sad that it didn't go anywhere.

For a short and cheap lewd puzzle game, I almost want to say I'd recommend it, but the combination of issues above just leave a sour taste in my mouth. Having a puzzle game that you don't struggle with in the slightest and that you can't even begin to fail at removes the gameplay element from the game, and while I've certainly seen worse English translations, I think having a native English speaker proofread some parts to clean it up would have helped it benefit greatly. The artwork of Chloe really is great, but it's more upsetting that the artwork of Sheen/Shin is just weirdly out of place with the rest of the imagery that is a part of. And with an incomplete story, I'm left hoping there was more but disappointed at its abrupt ending.


Fun game for the family, reply-able and actually challenging puzzles, Hazbro needs to up their game after this.


6/10 fap


I played most games by hunny bunny studio and i recommend them all, this one wasn't it.
tells the story of a girl and her friend who has a secret that even he is unaware of he's a werewolf or something like that There's less than a dozen puzzle to complete, a story which is incomplete, and a varying range of quality on the artwork itself.
the rest of the studio has better puzzle games than this one


Nice twist on the usual anime puzzle game. Firstly the puzzle pieces are like shards of glass, not just squares, so they can be actually challenging. Second, there's an actual story. Not Shakespeare, and the translation is a bit rough, but it's cute and serviceable. The only real downside is half the artwork. For the girl it's nice and detailed. For the wolf man, it's garbage, looks like someone just airbrushed him in with Microsoft Paint.

If you want a nice little story to go with your puzzle game, you can't go wrong here.


Playing this game as a gay man: Did nothing for me.

Playing this game as a fan of actual human non-uncanny valley faces: F***ing terrifying. Shin looks like an even more Satanic Margaret Keane painting.

Playing this game while drinking with friends: Priceless; and the reason why this is getting a recommendation. Had more fun playing this game I got for under one dollar with like-minded individuals (read: disappointments to our families and god himself) than I have playing AAA 60+ dollar games.


This game was great. The puzzle was so fun and simple to do. The music was relaxing, soothing, and just went perfectly with the theme.

¡1 sexy sucubi!
¡1 sexy sucubi!

game its too long but good story :)


Another crap poorly translated shovelware game.
Might be a bitcoin miner too, takes almost 100% cpu when running.


Set of puzzles where you put together a fragmented picture. Doing so will allow you to continue the overall story, which is... interesting.


Too much of a simple game with low quality CG for its price. WIll not recommend to buy it.


Why not keep making puzzles? Puzzles with more pictures are more worthy.


A erotic visual novel/puzzle game, with decent puzzles, calming music and good artwork/fan service.


Story makes little sense why is it even there to begin with?

The Animated Cg's are okie but not the best

Overall I dont recommend this its a 4/10


The puzzle was decent, the story horrible, the writing even worst, the art not great ether.