Tree of Mu

Tree of Mu
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Release date
1 December 2022

Tree of Mu is a 2D Proceduraly Generated Open-World RPG which takes place in a viking land called Mu on planet Earth. This land was ruled by many kings and destroyed by many wars, but such cycle would not last.

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Tree of Mu system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 7600 512 Mb or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
App type
Steam APP ID
Windows PC
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Honestly. This game is great. Really fun. Not sure what everyone's problem is.

I was able to get to level 60 with one character after patch Patch Game crashed less and I no longer lost characters once I opened an empty container. Even if you reloaded the game, the character would enter a messed up screen.

I think there's still issues with teleporting around with the runes. Broke a character that way.

Skills are great and expressive, I just wish they went deeper. I'm a big fan of going deep in one class and I can see them doing so! Though Warrior is really strong in my opinion as it lags at times with a large NPC comes onto the screen. Thorns were just able to delete mobs on their own and I didn't have to do much. Was able to 'solo' an enemy race's HQ and get the crown but the game crashed at that point. (Went Warrior/Paladin. Paladin first.)

Looking forward to future patches, and when this game completes. Game is quick enough where you can reach end-game in a few hours. That I really enjoy as I work during the day and only have so many hours to play at night.

Only complaint is I don't understand the crafting/recipes. I can't read any, or don't know how to update the notes. Feels like it's just not working at all.

Hoping to have more skill trees, deeper classes, more combinations, an expansion on weapons, and hopefully start to have 'unique' weapons and armour sets.


I haven't played much until now but I don't see me changing my mind about that this is a great game. I didn't encounter any problems so far and the game itself is much fun and a bit challenging. You have to be careful who and how to attack etc. The story, about which the game is centered, seems more than interesting too. I'm looking forward to uncovering it.
To sum it up I can already recommend buying the game.


Only 5 hours in and I'm already having a blast with this game, could see myself putting a lot of hours into it so far. My only real complaint is the terrible frame drops on the steam deck when a lot of npcs friend or foe are around. It gets bad, like single digit bad which is weird considering the deck can handle games like Elden Ring on +30 fps pretty consistently. Tried it on pc and had no fps droppage below 60 so a fix or maybe an option to turn down the number of npcs would be greatly appreciated cause this game would be perfect on the go. I'm looking forward to updates cause while I've barely explored the map so far I'm already wanting lots of variety in biomes and places to explore and this game looks like it can deliver.


It's going to be a great game. But my main problem with it is it's respawning system, or at least how it is affected by everything else in the game. For example, I accidently hit an ally and aggrod the entirety of my faction. I died, returining to the beyond, and unable to teleport to my race's capital, ruining my save. They don't seem to forgive after you die, as I attacked the spirit guy to see what would happen and he still was a foe when I respawned. For a game with so much complexity I think a save/load is much more appropriate, but if we are using a respawning system, I would add a way to de aggro the faction, for example paying a bounty.


So it took a moment to realize how to select a weapon because scrolling down in the quest box wasn't obvious. Got my weapon after some time and accepted a kill goblin quest. Went outside to see if goblins were there, shot a fireball at an imp, died, couldn't res and had a death debuff. I figure it's new maybe it's a bug so i closed the game and reopened it. Character has been deleted. I laughed, chose my other character that I made for melee, game wouldn't load so I closed it. Reopened the game and THAT character was deleted too. Shame, it looked cool