Welcome to PINEHILLS

Welcome to PINEHILLS
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Release date
28 August 2021
Steam reviews score
36 (19 votes)

An unknown highway led you here. And now you are here alone. Or not alone?

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Welcome to PINEHILLS system requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB, GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent
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It is an unfinished game for sure, and likely abandoned. Even so, I got the game on sale and thought it was worth the price for what it offered. The part where the game shines most are the dream sequences where the large demonic goat head is looking over the area. Of all the games that add the same or similar character, the one in this game is perhaps the best well done as he looks menacing and awe aspiring at the same time. Most other games tend to make similar characters too ugly or poorly rendered, yet the silhouette look as a sharp contrast to the background and glowing eyes is well done.

The unfinished housing area reminds me a lot of what cheap cookie cutter prefabricated homes look like before any appliances and additions are added. Unnecessary large rooms, poor layout and such. That area is perhaps the most realistic part of the game. The silence and emptiness gives a sense of being in purgatory, and perhaps it is purgatory since the character can not die nor swim in the water.

Even at regular price with such an unfinished game, it is still better than many other games on Steam of a similar price, even the finished ones. Perhaps we will get lucky one day and the thing gets finished. Who knows. The game also loads a lot faster and seamlessly than most games these days. Practically no time at all.


Overall a great Early Access experience. You find yourself alone in a World just with your cool car and some great music, the atmosphere of this game is quite nice. I enjoy driving around a lot finding things, the game has a quest you follow, which is collecting statues. For whatever reason, cause i haven't figured that one out yet :) but i like how there is storytelling via environment. i have some suggestions to what would make this game more enjoyable but i will save them for later. For right now at the current price i think it's really worth it and i hope the development will go really quickly.
For now i think i just like the atmosphere and the overall look and style of the game, the puzzles are easy to solve once you figure out what you're meant to do.
3 bucks well spent :)
i will maybe update this feedback once i progress more in the game


i refunded the game due to lack of updates and everything. don't waste your money buy something good instead. sad cause this game had potential


So this game is basically a drive around horror game. From what I played it really wasnt very scary but that doesnt seem to be the overall point of this game. It is more enjoying the spooky atmosphere and exploring the map. I had a fun time playing it. You can checkout my gameplay video below.



I loved the aesthetics of this game: creepy road, noone around, tons of myst and a great music playing inside your car.

I was hooked by the psychedelic elements in here - I love when the horror game doesn't scare you with only ugly faces that jumps out of screen but when it scares you with the atmosphere and gives you a feeling "I have no idea what's going on but something is definitely wrong".

The main thing that I was afraid while downloading the game after taking a look on the screenshots and trailers is that I always will be in a situation "where the hell should I go?". I hate such confusing elements in the game and I was glad that I didn't find them in here - this game guides you pretty well: I felt myself lost but actually I was never lost. Perfect.

However some puzzles weren't obvious and it'll be nice to see some more elements that represents to player if he did something wrong or right. I heard that the Dev is going to add some stuff like more clues and more "feedback" from turning the switcheres or other interactive objects, so I think it shouldn't be a big problem after the full release.

[NT] Kunal
[NT] Kunal

Personally I love idea of this game and I do enjoy what the game has out right now I will be honest that the game needs to be updated hopefully it does eventually but I can't recommend the current build of the game I'll just say it's a 5/10 so I can keep it fair for if it does get updated.


the idea behind this game seems interesting. I started playing and drove around a fallen tree because the dirt road beside it blended in with the ground. I drove along the road to an amusement park in disrepair, and encountered some kind of shadow realm with the goat demon and a shadow person.
I then drove through the ocean and got the car caught on some rocks and had to SOS.
I feel like the church was probably meant to be revealed before I did all the shadow realm stuff so I was a bit confused.
The idea behind the game seems so cool and I would really love a full game, but currently I haven't found anything other that the one shadow realm place and a tunnel that sends you back out the front.

Biggest Gripes:
- Had no idea this was early access, very confused at first
- the doors don't open when you interact with them, you have to walk into them
- the car still slides when I'm not in it, a handbrake would be nice
- there's no context to what's going on, I think this should be told at the church. And the church wasn't the first place I was told to go, so it took using the SOS function to get there.
- dirt roads blended in with the ground, had no idea half of them were there
- the grass clips through the road, which I thought was a feature to make it spooky and weird but I think it's just a beta bug
- the stuff that I found that looked like it would have stuff in it (i.e. the lighthouse) didn't have anything in it

I'm saying I recommend it not because the game is good in it's current state, but because from the few things I did encounter, it seems like it could be something good


I really enjoyed the driving and music. The game looked great and ran well. It was just kind of boring. There wasn't much to do other than look around and find some statues from what I could tell. Maybe I needed to explore more but from what I played there wasn't much content in this game. If you want to see some game play you can check out my video below.


I love the idea of driving games combined with horror/mystery elements even though I get scared very easily. The gameplay feels very smooth and the world looks great so I hope the game will get updated with some more locations and plot elements to discover because as of yet, I don't think it's possible to find out what happened to the place.

Also some signs would be nice before corners, I often had to look were the other roads were. I hope there will be a lot more games like these.

Streaming Puppets
Streaming Puppets

The game is akin to one puzzle like you would find in Res Evil 4 and the whole game has been centered around it.

Find x number of angel statues around the game world and replace them in PineHIlls' church.

Problem is after that hiding three or four statues and placing some very empty stock asset structures in about about six different spots the devs never came back to scatter the remaining angels.

This should be Early Access but the empty discussion board suggests abandoned.


While the store page states it was released in August 28, 2021, it is not a full release. The files even state on the startup screen they are using the July Early Release. Therefore, this game is still "Early Release". I spent 2 hours going into every empty building, going along every road, covered the lighthouse and even went as far into the ocean until you fall off the map. The game only has 3 "otherworldly" flashbacks. The total number of angels you can find are 4 of 12. The game is impossible to complete because there are no more angels to find on the map. Once you find all 12 angles I'm guessing the trapdoor inside the church will open and you can complete the game? If you want a "complete game" with a similar map check out Titan Chaser. Your money will be better spent there unless the dev releases the complete game of Welcome to PINEHILLS cause right now this is not it folks!

Some other things to fix:

1. Rain pours into every building.
2. Several buildings are devoid of any furniture or anything in them.
3. When you leave the car running and get out of the car you must turn off the car and then turn it back on in order to begin to drive the car.